Apple :: MBP - Prolong My Batteries Lifespan As Long As Possible

Aug 8, 2009

Now that I've got a new MBP with an awesome 7-hour battery, I want to prolong my batteries lifespan as long as possible (especially since it isn't user replaceable!).

According to this thread: Notebook Battery Guide

I should never fully discharge my battery to 0%. Apple's battery calibration tips [url], on the other hand, tell me to discharge to the cutoff point, then leave computer in sleep for 5 or more hours. Won't this discharge the battery to 0%?

I'd like to think that Apple wouldn't tell me to do something that would harm its own product, but I just wanted to double check for sure.

Also, what level are you guys usually draining your batteries to before charging them? The battery thread says 10-20%.

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Apple :: Does Extended Gaming Reduce Lifespan

Dec 23, 2009

I am playing games like Modern Warfare 2, L4D2, GTA4, BF2 non stop. I have been playing for about 14 hours a day for the last 5 days, and obviously the fans are going at max speed non stop.

Will this extended heating damage/reduce the life of the laptop?

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Dell :: Parts For Your Batteries Vs. Generic Batteries

Jan 7, 2010

The battery of my D620 is finally dying after 3 years. I need a new one but don't wanna spend too much since that laptop will be replaced soon.

Dell battery is ~$135. I can find generic batteries for as little as $40.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Batteries

Apr 5, 2010

is wrong with the last generation macbook pro batteries? I love my macbook pro to death, but seriously, 100 cycles and it's in and out of complete failure (btwn 68% and 85% health).

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Dell :: How To Prolong Battery Life (when A/c Is Available)

Oct 21, 2009

I have a Latitude E6400 having Windows to prolong my battery life when I am at my home;

should I keep

1) Laptop connected to A/c supply even after its fully charged (with battery)

2) Remove the battery once it's fully charged and keep the laptop on A/c

3) Remove the A/c once the battery is fully charged and charge it next time
when its about 10%

My work at home comprises of net surfing and gaming.

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Apple :: Which One Lasts Longest On Batteries - MB Of MBP

Mar 1, 2009

Which one lasts longest on batteries

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Apple :: Pre-Unibody Macbook Pro 15" - Batteries Are Dead - Won't Even Charge

Jul 6, 2009

So, during the summer I work for my school. Last summer we got 2 MBP 15", and now both batteries are dead. By dead I mean won't even charge. They are literally dead. What can I do? We will probably end up buying new batteries, but what may be the cause of this?

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Apple :: 10.5.7 Updatehow Long

Jul 13, 2009

Ive update a Macbook from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7, but after the initial download (around 250Mb I think) and reboot, ive been looking at a progress bar of 3% for what seems like ages....maybe an hour at this stage.

How long should this normally take, im not a native OSX user? Im tempted to do a hard-reboot but am I being too impatient? Also, am I looking at a borked machine if I do a hard reboot, or does Mac OS have the same kind of safety features as Windows (ie Restore point)?

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Apple :: Do Macbooks Last A Long Time

Feb 11, 2010

buying a macbook pro and I wanted to know how reliable the machines are.

I assume they're excellent considering the 4 digit price tag.

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Apple :: How Long Will It Take For To Run New I Series Processors

Feb 11, 2010

Well we didnt see any updated from Apple other than iPad... So how long do you think it will take Apple to put an i series processor in their macbook pro's lineup ? I mean form factor is the same as HP envy 15 and those run i5 and i7 (second gen envy 15 have no heat issues at all) So when will apple finally update its outdated products?

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Apple :: How Long The Macbook Pro Battery Last

Mar 11, 2010

how long the macbook pro battery last. The 17" is 8 hours and 15 and 13 " is 7 hours. I would just want to know those who own a macbookpro. How is you macbook pro last according what it advertise?

I normally just want office work,web surfing, chatting, editing pic and youtubing and little game.

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Apple :: MBP - Long Startup - Procedure Used To Last For 35 Seconds

May 15, 2009

My MBP is now a week old, it's a 2.53 GHz unibody 4 GB RAM laptop. The startup procedure used to last for 35 seconds, but now it can take as long as 43 seconds. I don't have that many applications.

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Apple :: Long Load Time For Win7 - When Booting

Sep 28, 2009

If anyone experiencing long load times when booting up Windows 7? It takes considerably longer for me to boot Win7 than SL...

When Win7 boots, whether it be a cold boot or reboot, ill find myself hanging at a blank/black screen with nothing other than a blinking underscore in the top left corner for what seems like a minute, then it'll go to the normal "Starting Windows..." screen from there. Is a format/reinstall in order?

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Apple :: Aluminum Macbook - Taking A Long Time To Go To Sleep

Mar 18, 2009

I got the new aluminum macbook 2.4ghz and it is taking a long time to go to sleep. I cant figure out what it is. I close my lid and the apple logo takes about 4 seconds until is shuts off and another 30 seconds until the light starts to fade in and out. I've shut the lid of another macbook at an apple shop and they go to sleep instantly.

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Apple :: How Long-term Durable Is A MBP Relative To Other Business Class Laptops

Jan 9, 2010

How long-term durable is a MBP relative to other business class laptops like Thinkpads/Latitudes/Elitebooks?

I'm concerned that Apple's extremely short definition of (planned) obsolescence might be reflected in their product design and manufacturing... I mean, it's not uncommon to expect to get 5 years of use out of a Thinkpad, but I think I'd get weird stares if I told people I expected to use an MBP for 5 years

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Dell :: Average Lifespan Of XPS M1530 AC Adapter And Battery?

May 21, 2009

I was just wondering, among all the XPS M1530 owners. About how long did your AC adapter and battery (6-cell or 9-cell, please specify) last before they died out on you...

I've owned my XPS M1530 (6-cell batt) for about 8 month now, and I still have not encountered problems.

However, I've read other forums and even on the Dell Store and Website that many XPS M1530 owners are dissatisfied with their AC adapters and 6 or 9 cell batteries.........................

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X230 - Automatically Optimize For Battery Lifespan Works?

Oct 30, 2013

My current x230 is set to "Automatically optimize for battery lifespan" under battery maintenance. I read that for this settings, it'll set your battery to hover around 80%~ base on Lenovo forum under w530 section. However, i'm always seeing my battery at 100% when AC is plugged in; Remaining capacity: 62.47 wh ; Full charge capacity: 62.47wh. Is it suppose to be lesser? I suppose it not healthy for the battery to be constantly kept at 100%. Any x230 users experiencing this too?
Would like my battery to last at least 2 years. usage :70% AC plugged in,30% on the go. 
Updated to the latest Power manager 6.63.1

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Lenovo W530 ThinkPad W Series :: Battery Lifespan Mode And Other Settings And Tools Missing?

Jun 30, 2011

On my old W520, it had a setting for making the battery last as long as possible.  E.g. it didnt charge it to 100%.In my W530, which has windows 8, I can find no such option.  In fact, all the Lenovo tools which came with the W520 dont seem to exist on the W530 (eiter because they dont have them for Windows 8, or they dont have them for the W530, dont know which).
The only lenovo tools I have are th "solution senter" from red icon in the task bar (which has a battery icon, but the only thing it does is say "batter is in good condition", there are no options or settings, and the thinkVantage button, which just brings up somehting like some shortcuts to control panel items - no Lenovo tools (just things like update drivers, warranty infomration, keyboard settings etc).
In the wiondows control panel itslef, are just: lenovo system healthlenovo update drivers 32bit (I never use this as I have 64 bit)Lenovo airbag protectionLenovo microphone muteIn control panel -> Power options is nothing Lenovo specific, and no lifespan mode, it only allows you to set when windows switches stuff off.
What happened to all the tools which came with windows 7, including the thing which told you how fast the processor was running, the thing to change your printer etc. with different locations?

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Dell :: Why Do Batteries Cost So Much

Jan 29, 2010

(I'm talking about original and genuine OEM batteries and not cheap generic batteries. )

I find it odd that brand new, genuine OEM Dell batteries bought off ebay cost 1/2 or 1/3 of the Dell website prices.

How is it possible to get an original OEM battery from Honk Kong with free shipping and still only pay 1/3 of the original price? I simply don't understand how the chinese suppliers can make a profit out of that. At the same time UK retailers on ebay sell their batteries for about 3/4 the price of a battery from It's still a good deal, but not as good as the chinese batteries.

Take a look at these batteries for example:
6-cell for XPS M1330
9-cell for XPS M1330

I bought both of them for less than what a single 6-cell battery would have cost in my country and shipping from China only took 8 days! I've checked these batteries with Everest Utlimate edition and they show 0% wear and the battery life seems to be to spec.

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Dell :: Outlet -- New Batteries

Jun 6, 2009

i'm considering buying an e6400 from the outlet and i've been trying for days to find a configuration that i'm happy with. i've noticed that the hardest to get "right" are the screen and battery which is where this question comes in.

when i get an outlet "scratch/dent" or "cert refurb" are the batteries the original ones or are they new? i ask because if they're the old ones, there isn't too much of a point in getting a 9 cell over 6 cell because the batteries have probably lost a bit of capacity already.

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Dell :: Generic Batteries?

May 10, 2009

Anyone have experience using generic battery replacements to Dell's batteries? My Dell battery died (not gradual loss - it had a heart attack and died) about two years into getting my notebook. If I can spend $40 on an ebay battery that's comparable to Dell's $160, why not

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Dell :: Using Non-oem Batteries With My Xps M1330

Mar 15, 2009

is it safe to buy these of ebay because my 6cell has 65% wear after 13months so i need a new battery

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Dell :: Batteries For Inspiron 13z

Nov 30, 2009

On the Belgian website of Dell I can configure the Inspiron 13z with a 8-cell battery. But this battery sticks out form the bottom of the laptop. On the accessories tab of the configuration tool I can also select a 6-cell battery (451-10702) that doesn't stick out. But my Dell contact said this battery is not supported on this model. So their website must be faulty.

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Acer :: 3810 Different Batteries

Mar 15, 2010

since the 3810 is really noisy with AC plugged in, I decided to buy another battery to only run it on batteries.

But I found several different models running with the 3810 so I am confused and wonder if anyone has made experiences with original/3rt party batteries and would recommend a particular one. What I found so far are

4400 mAh; 6 cells; non-original EUR 34
6600Mah; 9 cells ; non-original; EUR 42
5600mAh; ? cells; ORIGINAL; EUR 115
5600mAh, ? cells; "100% New Genuine Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery" EUR 37

In particular, are the 6 and nine cells akkus of equal size or how much will it exceed the laptop?

And are original batteries worth thrice the price?

The original one has only six cells right? I did not find any ORIGINAL 9 cells battery or do they not exist?

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HP/Compaq :: Generic Batteries

Oct 3, 2009

I was thinking about getting a 12-cell extended battery for my dv5-1xxx series notebook, but they are very expensive for the HP branded ones.

I see a lot of generic ones, but I know a lot of them are not safely made and the quality is poor.

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HP/Compaq :: HP's New Sonata Batteries

Feb 25, 2009


From what I gather, can quickly and safely charge 80% of the battery in 30 min! 3 year warranty is also a nice bonus. I hope the battery shelf life and battery power is good.

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HP/Compaq :: Extended Batteries

Sep 28, 2009

Speaking of batteries, has anyone found a good outlet for extended batteries. I can't seem to find one for the HDX 18. You'd think manufacturers would make them readily available for these desktop replacements. Even in economy setting I barely get 2 hours before my regular battery runs dry.

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Dell :: Places To Get Deals On OEM Batteries?

Sep 19, 2009

Both my original 9-cell and the knock off replacement I bought for my Vostro 1500 have broken on me. Where can I get an OEM replacement for a reasonable price?

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Dell :: D620 Not Recognising Batteries?

Jan 1, 2009

I have a Dell D620, approx 2 years old that has been a real work horse....until recently. For some unknown reason it now does not recognise either of the two batteries I use in it. The spare one slots into the DVD bay when I need extra juice.

Now I know that batteries deteriorate around the 2 year mark but both of them on the same day doesn't seem right??? All I now get is the yellow flashing battery indicator and it only runs on mains powere.

I'm happy to buy another battery but would prefer to resolve the current problem first if at all possible - any suggestions greatly received?

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Acer :: Travelmate Eating Batteries

Oct 20, 2007

The battery on my Acer Travelmate 2310 has gradually been getting worse over time.

It got down to lasting just 2 minutes on the battery after a full charge.

Then one day it wouldn't start at all.

I bought a new battery, charged it overnight and it semmed to work ok until the battery ran out again.

I have put it on charge, but it seems dead again.

When I hit the power button the battery light just flashes.

Has it eaten another battery, or is there anything else that could cause this problem?

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