Apple :: How Long-term Durable Is A MBP Relative To Other Business Class Laptops

Jan 9, 2010

How long-term durable is a MBP relative to other business class laptops like Thinkpads/Latitudes/Elitebooks?

I'm concerned that Apple's extremely short definition of (planned) obsolescence might be reflected in their product design and manufacturing... I mean, it's not uncommon to expect to get 5 years of use out of a Thinkpad, but I think I'd get weird stares if I told people I expected to use an MBP for 5 years

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Sony :: Simulating Long-term SSD Usage

Mar 14, 2010

I've been trying to fill my SSD's with data over the past several hours. I'm having some success with artificially introducing the slow downs that happen after long-term use.

I would like to use IOMeter to fill the drive as done at PCPer and Tom's Hardware since this seems to be the industry's consensus on how to do this. My attempts with BartPE have failed and I'm mostly Linux inept.

I need help from some forum member to either explain the steps to, or create me and ISO for a Linux-based loader with the ability to run IOMeter. I'm not sure if a modified Grub boot ISO would be able to run IOMeter.

Requirements:Some Linux distribution that includes the ability to adjust/create/delete partitionsBootable media must support the Intel RAID Matrix Storage driverAble to run IOMeter [url]

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Dell :: Corporate Class Laptops Are Pretty Decent

Jun 30, 2009

I'm pleasently surprised. Never expected dell to be a strong competitor on business notebooks. Whos tried them?

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Dell :: Business Laptops From Worth It?

Jan 22, 2010

im looking for a laptop to use in a industrial enviroment. are the Business range of dell laptops quite solid built? anyone owned a vostro?

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Dell :: Why Are Business Laptops So Expensive?

Dec 3, 2009

im looking at a mobile latitude here

core i7, 2 gigs of ram, low low end gpu - windows 7 32 bit

??? its not gold plated why is it $3,700

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Dell :: Home Vs. Business Laptops

Oct 24, 2007

What are the major differences between Dell home laptops and business laptops besides Home ones having fancier colors and media buttons?

Which would be more durable for a college kid?

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Dell :: Anyone Know Revenue Breakdown Between Business And Consumer Laptops

Mar 3, 2009

Specifically, between business, lower grade consumer (inspirons, studio), and XPS line?

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Dell :: How Long For Outlet To Ship XPS Laptops?

Apr 6, 2009

For those of you who bought a XPS laptop from the outlet, how long does it take for them to ship/ for you to receive it?

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Dell :: Declined My Credit Card- Difficulties Buying From Business When Not Actually Registered As A Business

Nov 27, 2008

I was attempting to buy a Dell Vostro 1510 yesterday, but Dell sent me an email saying they have declined my debit card due to incorrect details. Apparently this is something they've done to quite a few people.

It may be due to my having to supply a company name because I was buying through Dell business, and them expecting the company name I gave to be part of my official debit card address, which it is obviously not. I don't have an officially registered business.

In any case they are not being very helpful about it. I updated my details on my account on the website and removed my 'company' name and have asked them to try and redo the payment, but so far getting no response. I'm considering phoning them but I doubt that they will understand what I'm talking about and of course I will have to deal with the tricky aspect of my not really being a business, but ordering through dell business.

I'm concerned that they will ask me to repeat my order now that the special offer on the laptop is expired.

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Dell :: Small Business Buying Without Actually Being A Business?

May 1, 2009

So, being a consumer, how would I go about buying from Dell Small Business without actually being a business?

Is there anything special one needs to do to be able to purchase from Dell Small business?

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Dell :: How Durable Is M1530?

Mar 17, 2009

Have been using mine for over half a year now and my only hardware problem is that the battery wont recharge anymore but I've been wondering about the overall durability of the system.

It's because I hit my laptop quite hard, throw it, punch it, slam it. Mostly when something crashes (mainly IE 7), and usually my old notebooks started showing weakness signs within firsts months already, but this XPS doesn't seem to care at all.

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Apple :: Mac And Business

May 9, 2010

Do many business people use macs? Or is business usually a PC world? I am heading off to college, but plan to work on wall street afterwords....

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Dell :: In Term Of Quality : Studio 15 Or New Inspiron 15

Mar 24, 2009

=I'm from Canada and I'm about ready to buy one of these laptop but I'm interested in knowing which laptop between the New Inspiron 15 and the Studio 15 has the better build quality, which one is less likely to eventually fail ? I've read a few topic concerning the Studio, seems like there's some failure here and there but it's tough to tell for the New Inspiron 15, doesn't seem like there's alot of people who have it.

But basically, is it worth spending the extra 100$ to get the Studio even though they have the exact same configuration ?

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Apple :: 10.5.7 Updatehow Long

Jul 13, 2009

Ive update a Macbook from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7, but after the initial download (around 250Mb I think) and reboot, ive been looking at a progress bar of 3% for what seems like ages....maybe an hour at this stage.

How long should this normally take, im not a native OSX user? Im tempted to do a hard-reboot but am I being too impatient? Also, am I looking at a borked machine if I do a hard reboot, or does Mac OS have the same kind of safety features as Windows (ie Restore point)?

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Apple :: Do Macbooks Last A Long Time

Feb 11, 2010

buying a macbook pro and I wanted to know how reliable the machines are.

I assume they're excellent considering the 4 digit price tag.

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Apple :: How Long Will It Take For To Run New I Series Processors

Feb 11, 2010

Well we didnt see any updated from Apple other than iPad... So how long do you think it will take Apple to put an i series processor in their macbook pro's lineup ? I mean form factor is the same as HP envy 15 and those run i5 and i7 (second gen envy 15 have no heat issues at all) So when will apple finally update its outdated products?

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Apple :: How Long The Macbook Pro Battery Last

Mar 11, 2010

how long the macbook pro battery last. The 17" is 8 hours and 15 and 13 " is 7 hours. I would just want to know those who own a macbookpro. How is you macbook pro last according what it advertise?

I normally just want office work,web surfing, chatting, editing pic and youtubing and little game.

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Apple :: MBP - Long Startup - Procedure Used To Last For 35 Seconds

May 15, 2009

My MBP is now a week old, it's a 2.53 GHz unibody 4 GB RAM laptop. The startup procedure used to last for 35 seconds, but now it can take as long as 43 seconds. I don't have that many applications.

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Apple :: MBP - Prolong My Batteries Lifespan As Long As Possible

Aug 8, 2009

Now that I've got a new MBP with an awesome 7-hour battery, I want to prolong my batteries lifespan as long as possible (especially since it isn't user replaceable!).

According to this thread: Notebook Battery Guide

I should never fully discharge my battery to 0%. Apple's battery calibration tips [url], on the other hand, tell me to discharge to the cutoff point, then leave computer in sleep for 5 or more hours. Won't this discharge the battery to 0%?

I'd like to think that Apple wouldn't tell me to do something that would harm its own product, but I just wanted to double check for sure.

Also, what level are you guys usually draining your batteries to before charging them? The battery thread says 10-20%.

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Apple :: Long Load Time For Win7 - When Booting

Sep 28, 2009

If anyone experiencing long load times when booting up Windows 7? It takes considerably longer for me to boot Win7 than SL...

When Win7 boots, whether it be a cold boot or reboot, ill find myself hanging at a blank/black screen with nothing other than a blinking underscore in the top left corner for what seems like a minute, then it'll go to the normal "Starting Windows..." screen from there. Is a format/reinstall in order?

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Apple :: Non- Laptops With A MBP-like Touchpad

Mar 25, 2010

This is not an "us vs. them" thread, so please, let's not do that. I'm simply curious as to whether there are any other laptops -- save for HP's Envy line, of course -- which have a large trackpad like the MBPs.

Was just thinking of how it's an arguably good idea which just isn't used as often as you'd think. IMO, of course.

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Apple :: Aluminum Macbook - Taking A Long Time To Go To Sleep

Mar 18, 2009

I got the new aluminum macbook 2.4ghz and it is taking a long time to go to sleep. I cant figure out what it is. I close my lid and the apple logo takes about 4 seconds until is shuts off and another 30 seconds until the light starts to fade in and out. I've shut the lid of another macbook at an apple shop and they go to sleep instantly.

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Dell :: XPS Support First Class (replacment System)

Jan 1, 2008

When I bought my M1710 11 months ago, I was swayed to Dell because of the support (3 years next bus day onsite) If you read my previous posts, my M1710 started to develop some problems, screen flickering and memory problems etc. Dell sent a guy out..

On the first visit he replaced the Motherboard, LCD panel, CPU, Ram.

On the 2nd visit they replaced the Motherboard, Ram and Hard drive.

On the 3rd visit they brought some new driver disc's, XP MCE OS....

All of this still did not resolve the problem and in fact the system had dies and would not load a new OS onto the new hard drive...

Anyway I spoke to XPS support and to thier credit they were pretty honest with me and rather than give me a direct replacment they offered me the new M1730 with dual gaphics cards al loaded up, no arguments...

I quite often hear about how woefull Dell support is (I only have experience of the XPS side of things) But have to be honest, they really have been first class with everything. The Irish/Canadian XPS tech support is on the ball. I guess they get a bad rap when something goes wrong so I felt it was just to give them some "positive buzz"... Something to take into consideration if you are looking at a high end Dell system...

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Dell :: Treats Canadians As 2nd Class Or Lower?

Feb 8, 2009

add Dell to the growing list (HP is another) who doesn't care about Canadians nor Canadian customers as they restrict the options compared to Americans and what is available to U.S. customers.

E.g. M4400 has way less options for Cdn customers compared to U.S. customers. American customers can order 15.4" WUXGA TrueLife RGB LED display (1920x1200) while Canadian Dell customers are limited to only a 15.4 WXGA (1280x800) LED Display.

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HP/Compaq :: Dead Pixel Policy Onbusiness Class Netbooks

Feb 10, 2009

I'm looking into buying a mini 2140 and was just curious about the risk and warrant of bad pixels on the more business class models of netbooks.

I know the screen resolutions are smaller, so there's less risk of getting a faulty pixel, but I'm curious to my options if I purchase one and there's even a single dead or bright one on there. Am I able to exchange it? Is the policy different for business class models? Are bad pixels less common in these netbook screens (roughly 1024X600)?

Even more general, are bad pixels much less possible in these days of manufacturing? My last few displays were perfect and knowing my luck, the laptop I really want will have a bad one.

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Apple :: Laptops With Similar Battery Life / Aesthetics As Compared To MacBook Pro

Nov 30, 2009

Are there any Windows 7-native notebooks with a "clean" design (where "clean" is MBP-ish), a battery capable of seven or so hours like the MBP's is, and a weight close to the MBP's 5.5 lbs? Seems the closest thing as of now is the Envy 15, but from what I understand, the slice battery is required to get the battery life beyond a few hours -- and using it bumps the notebook's travel weight to ~7.8 lbs.

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Dell :: Next Business Day Delivery

May 26, 2009

So my Dell XPS M1730 finally got shipped this morning! (Yay). The thing is the dell person expedited my order and gave me free next business day delivery.

Since it got shipped today, shouldn't it come tomorrow (Hence the name next business day)? The dell estimated delivery date says the 29th ( Which I won't be home on )

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Dell :: Outlet Business Down?

May 9, 2009

Pardon me if this is in the wrong section. But I was going to buy a refurbished Dell Latitude, but when I try clicking on check inventory button, it says sorry page not found.

Is anyone else having this problem? I know the home section works, only the business section doesn't

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Dell :: Getting Out Of The High End Business

Sep 24, 2009

i have noticed on the dell site that they have replaced their high end systems with alienware...what a laughter for such a large company...cannot dell make there own systems anymore...even the high end desktops are being replaced with

alienware...its like chevy replacing there impala with a buick...bad move. lot of things dell had been doing lately that is non -consumer....sort of got to the point where i don,t look at the dells anymore...

so many notebooks that are non- amd,s cpu anymore, no doubt intels are a bit faster in the desktop., but amds would be a nice second choice,,,,and they are not that much slower.

lot of bad decisions by the top brass at dell...when i buy a system,,,i want some configuration a notebook, i usually want nivida, because i like to mess with linux...doens,t dell understand things like this...i don,t think they even think about it.

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Dell :: E6500: Vista Business 64-bit

Feb 10, 2009

I asked Dell Tech Support to send me the install media for Vista Business 64-bit for my E6500. They said that since my System Type is "X86-based PC," I won't be able to run 64-bit. Is there no workaround? Is that really true? My refurb laptop came with XP Pro installed as a downgrade from Vista Business 32-bit. It has a T9600 processor. Does anyone have experience installing Vista Business 64-bit on a laptop like mine?

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