Apple :: Parallels - How To Prevent OSX Opening Parallels/Windows To Access Programs

Oct 13, 2009

I just double-clicked a .xls document on MacOSX and despite having iWork installed it resirted to opening up Microsoft Excel in Parallels.

Now i know i can go and change what application opens up .xls docs permanently, but there must be a way to disable and completely prevent this action happening with any document on OSX.

Basically, i never ever want OSX to even consider opening Parallels to open a document. Does anyone know where that setting could be?

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Apple :: Running Super_pi On Macbookpro Parallels Or Vmfusion Windows

Jun 20, 2009

I want to buy a macbookpro laptop. Because I have to work with windows as well I am trying to get a sense of the processor speed running on Mac under parallels or vmware, especially on the 2.8Ghz or 3.06Ghz (but not only) processors.

Can you run super_pi (you can find it from one of the links at the bottom on this page: [url] in the windows virtual machine (parallels or vmware) with 2M digits and then post the following information:
- processor speed
- software used (parallels or vmware)
- windows os host (XP or Vista or W7)
- super_pi result (2M digits),

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Apple :: Summer 2009 MacBooks Running Vista / Windows 7 (or Parallels) - Battery Life

Aug 14, 2009

Was toying with the idea of getting a 15" MacBook Pro, but as OneNote is a major application with me, dual-booting with Windows 7 like I'm running now, or using Parallels, is required.

What kind of battery life are you guys getting with Parallels / Fusion (or running Windows natively via Boot Camp)?

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Apple :: Bootcamp AND Parallels

Jun 27, 2009

I have boot camp installed on my Mac, and it runs good enough for me. However, I hate having to restart my comp to just use word or something easy like that. So can I run VMWares, or Parallels on a pre made bootcamp drive? Like it will already have my Vista loaded, my word, my installs and updates and Virsu protection? If so that would be a great help to me. And If I do, how much RAM should I dedicate to it?

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Apple :: Webcam In Parallels

May 21, 2009

how do i get the webcam to work in parallels?

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Apple :: VMware Or Parallels For Maya

Mar 4, 2009

I think the question explains itself. I tried installing maya and I can't find the licensing program that I need to register it. And Maya keeps whining about the inability to launch the product configuration wizard. SO...

I may as well use it in windows since I have a working copy for that. However, I know bootcamp yields the best result but I want/need to be in osx also instead of isolating myself totally when I use Maya so between parallels and vmware, which would run Maya better? You can throw out a guess, doesn't have to be based on factual real life tests.

TLDR version: Which runs Maya better? VMware or Parallels?

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Apple :: Parallels & Boot Camp

Jan 13, 2009

I ended up installing Windows XP twice, once for Parallels, and once for Boot Camp. When I open Parallels now, there are two choices, "Microsoft Windows XP" and "My Boot Camp". When I use "My Boot Camp", it seems just like how it would if I would use Boot Camp normally (ie. having the same files like booting up from Boot Camp). When I use "Microsoft Windows XP", it looks like a fresh install with nothing there.

My question is was I supposed to install Windows XP twice? How do I delete the "Microsoft Windows XP" in Parallels? Will everything I do in Boot Camp be affect like in the "My Boot Camp" in Parallels and vice versa?

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Apple :: How To Install Parallels Tools In Kubuntu 9.04

Sep 21, 2009

i've installed kubuntu and when i click install parallels tools from the menu, the cd rom drive gets mounted but i cannot double click on the installer. i googled and i saw that i should go in terminal and type cd/media/cdrom. that didnt work as it said cannot locate folder or directory?

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Apple :: Parallels Desktop Or VMware Fusion

Oct 30, 2009

I've never used Windows on my Mac since I have my PC for PC things, but yeah, which is better in terms of speed and features?

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Apple :: Virtual Box - Run VMWare Or Parallels Off Of A Bootcamp Drive

Jun 27, 2009

if you can run VMWare or Parallels off of a bootcamp drive, however I CAN'T afford to buy that. So instead I got Virtual Box. Now virtual Box wasn't in the stickies so I think this should be ok to discuss, if not please feel free to delete it Mods. Anyway, I can't figure out how to get the Virtual Box to load from my Bootcamp drive. Anyone else use this and know what to do? I dont want to have to delete that partition or create a new one just to use VB. I don't have a large enough Hard Drive.

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Apple :: Use Boot Camp Withj Parallels Desktop 5

Dec 25, 2009


It's about Using Boot Camp Better With Parallels Desktop® 5 for Mac.

We know the run Window on Mac with Boot Camp and with Parallels Desktop has different advatages and disadvantages. For example, with Boot Camp method, can run high-performance PC-only software at full speed on my new iMac but unable to run both OSes at the same time. With Paralells Desktop, can run high-performance PC-only software at almost native speed in VM but can run both OSes without rebooting

However this advertisement is telling me that we can run high-performance PC-only software at full speed in a Mac’s native hardware environment without rebooting. I have been using Paralells Desktop 5 to run Windows 7 visually on my new iMac, but my PC-only software will never run at full speed in a Mac’s native hardware environment. I checked the perfomance on visual mode and found that Parallels Desktop allowed my iMac to use at most 1 Core or Processor (I have 2 cores) and 2GB of Ram (I have 4 GB). So it's not running at full capabilities of my Mac's hardware at all.

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Dell Inspiron N7110 :: Slow Or Non Opening Programs?

Mar 28, 2013

I have a Dell Inspiron N7110. Recently after updating my McAfee antivirus software my computer has been slow. The computer works fine when we first turn it on but after a few times of closing the laptop and reopening it to use it, the programs won't open. I try opening Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and my documents. Also the computer won't even turn off. It just stays at the blue logging off screen.

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: Prevent Users Access The BIOS On T520i And T530i?

Oct 28, 2014

In my business, we created supervisor password and enabled "lock BIOS settings" to prevent access BIOS on model T520i and T530i. But it's always possible to access on "read-only" to BIOS. How to prevent this access ?

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Lenovo ThinkPad L R/SL :: Access Connections 6.10 Window Not Opening On R61

Nov 20, 2013

For some time now I have had the problem that the Access Connections configuration window doesn't open. The icon in the taskbar does work as expected, it shows the configured profiles and I can switch between them. But I cannot edit them or create new ones, because the configuration window doesn't start. The access connections task is running in the background, but there is no visible window. 

I'm using version 6.10 under Windows 7, and the problem exists on several different ThinkPad models (R500, R61). Reinstalling didn't work.

In two cases I know that Windows 7 has been updated from Vista, I'm not sure whether this is the case for all of the affected machines.

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Apple :: .opening Encrypted Images In Windows

Jan 9, 2010

I'd like to encrypt my entire hard drive in this MBP. I use Time Machine, though -- and my understanding is that FileVault (a) is exploitable, and (b) requires that users be logged out for backups to occur. Both of those are big problems for me.

Behind that, the easiest way to encrypt things that really, truly should be protected somehow is to use Disk Utility to create a protected image, or such is my assumption. From what I understand, a .dmg can be converted to ISO within Windows (or opened with 7-zip). Is it at all possible for an encrypted .dmg to be converted/opened under Windows?

I ask because I'm not convinced I won't be on a Windows 7 notebook at some point, especially with updated HP Envy and Sony Vaio models coming. Could be wrong, but I like flexibility.

(I know that TrueCrypt serves a similar function to encrypted .dmg files via Disk Utility and is cross-platform, but still.)

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Apple :: Any Programs To Split Windows Evenly On The Desktop

Feb 5, 2010

I think that this feature is really nice in Windows 7 how you are able to split two different windows evenly on the desktop by just dragging each window to the left and right side.

With that being said, are there any programs/apps out there that can mimic this feature for Mac? Specifically the latest OS Snow Leopard?

TwoUp was program capable of doing this but has been discontinued.

Any fellow Mac NBRers know any others?

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Apple :: How Do U Prevent Mail From Saving SENT Emails LOCALLY

Feb 23, 2009

I used Mail for all my Gmail accounts (IMAP) and for each account, Mail created a "folder" called Sent.

EVERY mails that I sent is kept locally in the Sent folder. Problem is, this create a duplicate because now I have TWO copies of the same sent email:

"Sent" Folder
Gmail's "Sent Mail" Folder

how to prevent Mail from keeping this sent mail locally? It's already sync'ed by the Gmail IMAP folder anyway.

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Apple :: Prevent Pitting And Protect From Scratches - Unibody Macbook 13.3 Inch Late 2008

Jan 1, 2009

I worked my off to get this laptop. So I want to protect it as much as I can for as long as I can. I realize that since this is aluminum, it may experience corrosive pitting if I'm not careful.

SO, what case is the best to prevent this and to keep scratches off? I dont care if it changes the look, just give me the best one!

Another question, how are u supposed to pull out the magsafe anyway? Everytime I try to take it out, it always feels like the edge is going to scratch near the ports

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Dell Inspiron M5040 :: Windows Has Been Shut Down To Prevent Damage To Computer

Feb 27, 2013

My computer is about a year old. When I turn it on, it will Go to the home screen & then it will go to a blue screen with a message that says a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to the computer. Technical Information: STOP: 0x0000007E .How can I fix this so I can get back on to use my computer?

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Apple :: Add/Remove Programs On A Mac

Feb 5, 2009

I installed a program I want to uninstall, but I can't find an uninstall file for it. Is there an option on a Mac like the add/remove programs in Windows?

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Apple :: Programs Run Slow Even Wit More Ram

Feb 16, 2009

I just installed another gig of ram and it still runs as it did when i still had one gig what should i do?

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Apple :: Organising Programs

Mar 24, 2010

i have a whole ton of free apps in the /Applications folder now. the names are mostly obscure and 'esoteric' (to a windows user) i have a plan to make folders under the Applications folder called eg. Graphics, CD and DVD, Office etc. as thats how is have always worked. is that the way to go to organise myself.

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Apple :: Mouse Binding Programs

Mar 10, 2009

I've tried Steermouse, great app when it works. It keeps "disabling" itself every so often. I'm guessing it's a bug that has to do with switching apps. It works when I fire it up again. But is there another program that can allow me to specially keybind certain things to my mouse *AND* disable mouse acceleration? (oh I love you steermouse for removing mouse accel!)

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Apple :: Macbook - Camera Programs Not Responding

Jun 12, 2009

i got a macbook. Everything is fine with it, except when i try to use photobooth, ichat or any program that uses my camera. What happens is it will bounce as if it were to load, then there is just a question mark in front of the program. I have tried opening them up through spotlight, but still nothing is working. I have tried searching the forums and looked in my Everything Mac user guide.

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Apple :: Any Program To Delte Bits Of Programs.

Feb 20, 2009

after years of PCs clunking out on me I'm so worried about my Mac slowing down. Are there any programs I can get for free that will look through my hard drive and delete bits of programs that aren't deleted when I drag the program into the trash?

Are there any program that will in general look through my computer for things that I should get rid of, besides Onyx?

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Apple :: Snow Leopard - Opening Files In SL

Sep 26, 2009

Double-clicking files in the Finder under Snow Leopard launches applications associated with the types of the files regardless of which applications used to create those files. I like it but I can see why those users who have been using Mac for 2 decades hate it. Other than that it forces one to adopt a new habit, I think it makes sense both conceptually and practically to ignore creator codes for most users.

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Apple :: New To The World Of Mac - When Opening A Program I Get The Rainbow Wheel

Mar 9, 2009

sometimes when opening a program I get the rainbow wheel, is this a bad thing? I hope this is normal and harmless meaning nothing.

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Apple :: Superdrive Mechanical Noise When Waking Up/ Opening Lid

Apr 17, 2009

Alright so I just want to know if I should be worried or not about this:

Lately, when I open the lid, the drive starts "moaning". You know that sound as if you just inserted a CD or DVD into it. It does it three times with a couple of seconds gap in between.

It still reads just fine, I just tried it with a DVD, but I'm still concerned about the sound.

Usually there is just a small and short sound when opening the lid, just like when booting up, when (as much as I can figure) the head realigns to center.

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Apple :: Sharp Edges On Macbook Pro 13 Inch Latch Opening

Dec 10, 2009

i have a 13 inch macbook pro and the latch cut-out area has cut my finger... yes, thats right, it has extracted blood from my index finger. I thought that the edges on the latch area where sharp but this is ridiculous. I want to call up Apple and complain about this.

Any of you ever had any issues with this? Look at your aluminum macbook and see how sharp those two points are where the opening lid latch is and you will see what i am talking about.

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Dell XPS 15 :: Some Programs Do Not Display Their Windows On QHD Screen

Jan 19, 2014

I have a new XPS 15 9530with a Quad HD (3200x1800) screen running Windows 8.1.The Quad HD screen obviously requires some new smarts to display application windows properly because not all applications handle it well. "Beyond Compare" is a severe case in point - it seems that icons in it's windows are displayed very small and text box lines are truncated vertically, so much so that the bottom half (or more) of the text in these lines cannot be read. I'm guessing this is a Dell driver issue because of the newness of these screens. I'm a software developer and use Beyond Compare all the time. In some cases I can't even change the settings because the setting screen in unreadable with this issue.

There are other applications that exhibit the same or similar problem. Visual Studio 2010 has some issues, but the main problem I have with it is that some drop-down boxes are displayed extremely small. At least they're readable if you get close to the screen!the MS Office products I use all the time (Word & Excel) don't show any problems, but I wonder why these are good and "lesser known" apps have problems inadequate testing?

I develop in a dual-screen mode with a Dell U2412M monitor and the "bad" windows on the laptop screen do not change their perspective when I move them across - although during the drag they show as very large windows on the second screen until the whole window is in the second screen and then it shrinks to an "expected" size. It is this behaviour in particular that leads to think it is a driver "bug" that might be causing the window display problem.

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