Apple :: Running The IPhone 3.0 Beta

Mar 19, 2009

I know this isn't a cell phone forum but it IS the Apple sub-section so I don't know for a more suitable spot for it.

Anyone have the iPhone 3.0 OS up and running? I just downloaded it a couple of minutes ago and am installing it right now on my iPod Touch to play around with. I'm not sure I want to load it on my phone yet because it states it is impossible (or difficult) to go from 3.0 back to 2.2.1. I am interested in some of the phone features but I believe I will wait for the actual release.

More hits than misses in my opinion but still one feature that I wanted to become built into the "phone" page was voice dialing. Third party apps technically get the job done but I don't want to go scrolling through apps trying to find it. Landscape texting and MMS were my favorite of the announced features.

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Dell :: Anyone Running Win7 Beta On Their Studio?

Jan 9, 2009

How's it treating you?

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Apple :: Win 7 Beta In Bootcamp

Jan 8, 2009

What the likelihood of me being able to do this?

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Apple :: Encounter With Windows 7 Beta X64

Jan 9, 2009

I thought I'd give it a world. Xp and Vista run just great on my 2.53 Unibody Macbook Pro.

Not 7 though. Installation went just great, so did the Boot Camp drivers. No errors, no nothing, it was perfect.

Until I tried to hook up my Razer Pro|Click Mobile bluetooth mouse. W7 tried to connect to Windows Update, because it couldn't see the mouse at all. By default, 7 configures the computer to NOT BE discoverable. I unchecked the little tick box and again, tried to hook up the mouse.

It didn't work. Then I figured I'd take my dad's Microsoft USB Mouse. Your generic Microsoft USB mouse, right? Wrong. Windows 7 wants to connect to Windows Update to search for drivers. For an USB mouse? Made by Microsoft? So I let it, it searches Windows Update for 10-15 minutes, to find nothing.

I tried my external HDD through USB and it worked just fine. So it wasn't an Apple drivers thing with the USB.

So no Microsoft generic mouse. Okay, I found a really old LG mouse, still USB, plugged it in, next second, ZOMG I HAZ A MAUS. The crappy old LG mouse worked like a charm.

Okay, next issue: external display. I hook up my 22" LG W2234S. W7 mirrors the two screens. My external resolution is 1680x1050 though. I mess around in W7's display settings and when I hit "apply" after changing the setting from "mirror" to "dual-display", my LG goes into sleep mode. WTH? And now there's no more LG display in my list. W7 can not see my external display anymore............

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Apple :: Installing Windows 7 Beta On Am Using Virtual Box

Jun 6, 2009

after i do install the windows 7 rc i plan on giving my mother this macbook in mid july. I plan on doing a full system restore. bAsically whipe out the entire HD and reinstall os x. If i do this will it wipe out my w7rc? i would like her to have a good amount of HD space and dont want the RC on here at all when i do it.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro - Windows 7 Beta Install

Jul 8, 2009

Anyone have a quick reference guide to downloading/installing Windows 7 Beta on the macbook pro?

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Apple :: Windows 7 Beta (FREE) Virtualization

Mar 1, 2009

I just want to have some programs like Windows Live Mail and MSN Messenger on my mac since they are WAY easier to use on windows (Especially the brand new 2009 versions!!!!)

So a couple question for you guys:

-How do I install Windows 7 Beta on my MacBook? (Which Virtualization Software is the best? VMware vs Parallels seem to be famous)

-How long will Windows 7 Beta last before its closed? (usually a couple months between closing and release)

-How much battery power will this setup suck up?

-Anybody already doing this?

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Apple :: NVidia 179.48 Beta Drivers Now Support 9400M

Feb 11, 2009

I know that the modded INFs from laptopvideo2go have supported this, but the latest beta drivers released today from nVidia actually support the 9400M out of the box.

These drivers support the screen brightness controls (I had probs with this using the modded drivers) AND more importantly I can now use an external monitor and resume from sleep mode. The Apple drivers would not resume after the video card turned the external monitor off.

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Apple :: Finding The Windows 7 Beta Image (To Delete It)

May 3, 2009

I never got around to installing the Windows 7 beta image, but now I have no idea where I saved it on my MacBook Pro. I definitely did download it. What were the names for the 64-bit downloader (I forget if there was a downloader or how I downloaded it, it was official from Microsoft's site, though) and the 64-bit Windows 7 image? It'd be good to clear up a few GBs from my HD.

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Apple :: AT&T Finally Get's MMS For The IPhone

Sep 26, 2009

Finally, I can send and receive media to/from friends!

Also, my iPhone 3G seems to work just fine sending and receiving MMSs, while my girlfriend's iPhone 3GS doesn't seem to work. She can receive MMS, but anytime she tries to send one, she gets a red ! next to the photo saying "Error Sending Message. Try Again". I followed the same procedure to enable MMS as I did on my iPhone. OS 3.1 then updated carrier settings via iTunes 9.0.1.

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Apple :: PDF Reader On IPhone

May 11, 2009

Does any pdf file readers on iPhone has keyword search function?

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Apple :: Opera On The IPhone

Apr 13, 2010

I just downloaded it this morning. It seems faster than Safari, buts it's not as secure. Better do your banking and the like on Safari. The free WiFi at work is very temperamental with Safari. I'm hoping Opera works better.

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Apple :: Charging Iphone Thru Usb Port

Aug 16, 2009

I don't charge my iphone thru the usb port thinking it'll weaken the battery of the notebook even when its plugged in, am I right about this ?

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Apple :: Iphone - Optimizing Battery

Apr 15, 2009

it's iphone's battery

if anyone gonna follow the list, i somehow find this conclusion:

- don't use any function iphone offers...

what's the point of having an iphone then? or why a PDA phone in general..


Optimize Your Settings
Depending on how they are configured, a few features may decrease your iPhone battery life. For example, the frequency with which you retrieve email and the number of email accounts you auto-check can both affect battery life. The tips below apply to an iPhone running iPhone 2.0 or later software and may help extend your battery life.........

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Apple :: ITunes Update - Iphone 3.0

Jun 1, 2009

Well there is a iTunes update. Witch means we will probably see iPhone OS 3.0 next week. And maybe the real iphone 3g

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Apple :: Used Iphone - To Restore It And Start Over

Jan 27, 2009

I bought a used jailbroken 2G iphone for my wife. When I put my SIM card in it tells me to connect to itunes. Will I lose all of the apps and games already installed? Do I need to restore it and start over? I'm completely ignorant on this as I have never even owned an ipod.

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Apple :: New IPhone 3GS 32 Gig - Apps For My Macbook Pro

Sep 1, 2009

Just bought a new iPhone 3GS 32 Gig need apps for my macbook pro. I have just purchased the TOMTOM GPRS for my iPhone it's awesome.

Anyone know of a good app that will work with iPhone 3GS 32Gig and MacBook Pro Unibody?

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Apple :: IPhone Battery Replacment

Feb 25, 2010

Anyone use a third party to get their iPhone battery replaced. Mine's crackerhacked, so I think the Apple option is a no go for me. Unless I'm wrong? My battery is getting pretty bad. I've had it for almost three years. If I take it to work with light usage, it's half done by the time I leave. It used to last five days. It's the 2g so it's soldered. While I'm sure I could do it, I'm not the best solderer. Anyone have any positive or negative experiences?

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Apple :: IPhone 3.0 - Getting Connect Via Bluetooth To My Mb

Jun 18, 2009

I gave it a whirl and it works like a charm here in France using Orange.

Here's the speed test results.

I had some trouble getting my iphone to connect via bluetooth to my mb, so this test was done via usb.

Will work out the bluetooth problem later, but for now its a nice backup for when no wi-fi is about.

No hacking/jailbreaking is required, yet I'm not quite sure how legal it all is so if the mods find this topic out of order feel free to delete.

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Apple :: Macbook Sync With Notes On Iphone

Oct 27, 2009

Calendar and Contacts have their own icons on the Macbook but Notes is no where to be found. I did find a Notes folder in my Mail but nothing seems to Sync even though I clicked the Sync Notes Option in my Itunes.

Why can't something as simple as Notes sync between the Iphone and a Macbook?

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Apple :: Third Party IPhone Battery Replacment

Apr 1, 2009

Anyone get their battery replaced by a third party company or could recommend somewhere to get it done? My battery only lasts about a day, which isn't bad, but it used to last 3-4 with light usage. Since mine's crackerjacked, I'm guessing I can't send it to Apple for replacement, unless someone cares to inform me otherwise.

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Apple :: Best Iphone Headset - Thats Also Usable On My Macbook Pro

Jan 3, 2009

I would like an all inclusive iphone headset that also works well for movies and games on a pc. I do not care about size, but i dont want anything to bassy or cheap sounding. I have given up on apples products, the standard iphone headset breaks way too easily on me. (THE REMOTE PART). I was also wondering where all the new headsets (the iphone one with volume control, and the high end one) are that they said would be released.

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Apple :: New Iphone Review (from Chinese Site)

May 30, 2009


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Apple :: IPhone Application Fully Submitted

May 24, 2009

Hopefully it will go through in a few days. I'm waiting pretty anxiously.

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Apple :: How Do I Transfer My Iphone 3gs Contacts To A Macbook Pro

Sep 5, 2009

how do i transfer my iphone 3gs contacts to my macbook pro snow leopard contacts...?

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Apple :: Headphone Volume Control Now Works On IPhone 3GS

Jun 13, 2009

Just lookin' over the spec's on the new iphone and I noticed that the headphones now support volume control. I didn't see this fact listed before anywhere else or during the keynote... Its about time apple! The only major downside is that they are not enabling the feature on the 3G iphone. [url]

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Apple :: How Do I Transfer Events From IPhone To Google Calendar

Jan 30, 2010

This is a fail-safe measure that I want to take since I use iPhone calendar almost everyday and I need Google Calendar to have the same events data in case I lose my phone.

I follow the step on this page:

I am using a hacked 1st Gen iPhone with Tmobile network, no 2G or 3G, just good old-fashion Wi-Fi connection.

I just check Google Calendar on my laptop, it's still do I transfer events from iphone calendar to google canlendar?

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Apple :: Did My Itunes Sync Erase My Pictures On My Iphone

Apr 4, 2010

Originally i had photos from my iphoto synced up to my iphone. This was when i had the original drive on my mbp. Since then i upgraded to a SSD but i didn't restore from time machine. Recently i synced up my phone again to the new machine and since the photo album didn't exist in the new SSD, itunes erased the album. I don't have the photos on the old drive anymore since i formated the drive. Itunes made a backup of the phone before it synced but i looked through the backup and can't find the photos.

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Apple :: Embedded YouTube Videos Don't Work On IPhone

Feb 23, 2010

I've noticed lately that embedded YouTube videos aren't working in Mobile Safari. Now, I know that the iPhone doesn't have flash, but there is an embedded video player that works with mpg videos (HTML5 sites seem to work fine) as well as YouTube. That way you can just click the video in a website and it will open up the standard video player. But none of those work for me on the iPhone.

I also know that not all YouTube videos are properly encoded for the iPhone. But these are videos that work fine in the YouTube app, their thumbnail just won't load in Mobile Safari for me to click. I get the gray box with the line through the play button instead. What's worse, is there are now sites where this happens that I know for a fact used to work fine. But now I can't get a single embedded YouTube video to work on my iPhone. Is anyone else having this problem? Maybe you could go to a site on your iPhone where the embedded video does work and I can check to show you the problem.

I'm using a 3GS with 3.1.2.

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Apple :: Is Screen Burn Possible On The IPhone/iPod Touch

Sep 8, 2009

I'm curious on if I leave the iPod Touch screen on all the time on if it suffers from screen burn if the display doesn't change for a long time, like when showing the home screen. I know it drains the battery quicker, but I like knowing it's on when playing music.

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