Apple :: Formatting Performance - Makes It Spiffy And Snappy

Apr 12, 2009

it's pretty well known that if you are using a Windows machine and it starts to feel really sluggish, a fresh format makes it spiffy and snappy. Does the same rule apply with osx? Since the first day of using my 17" unibody mbp, osx has always felt more sluggish than windows xp. Not only that, it's kind of unstable especially with Firefox for some odd reason.

Would a fresh format with the included osx cd help fix the problem and make it as snappy if not snappier than win xp?

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Apple :: Formatting HDD

Jan 24, 2009

I bought a 500gb Western Digital HDD for my 17" mbp. I tried to run boot camp yesterday and I keep getting this message "The startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition.

Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again."

So I back up what files I need to keep. I open up my disk utility and I cannot erase, or partition in there. It simply won't work at this point I just need to reformat and make the Volume Mac OSX (Journaled) cause right now its just volume. Like I said I've backed up what I feel I need to keep cause I have my original HDD. First off, I just cloned the original drive using super and SATA to USB cable.

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Apple :: External Drive Formatting/Firewire

May 18, 2010

Ive purchased a 4TB external HDD for use with my MBP.

The unit has 2x2TB drives in it, and I have set it to mirror one drive to the other - so I have 2TB of useable space.

1. I always tend to use FAT32 in case I ever want to connect a Windows machine to use it, which isnt very often TBH - but at least I know I can if need be. I dont save any files larger then 4GB onto the drive. Should I stick with FAT32 or move over to HFS+ ? Are there any other benefits to HFS+ over FAT32 other then larger file sizes etc?

2. Is Firewire 800 Hot Swappable - or do I need to connect the drive with my MBP off, then boot up?

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Apple :: MacBook Makes Crackling Sounds

Feb 8, 2009

My MacBook has recently been making crackling sounds (very static-ky), especially when I use YM or play the Funk sound in the Sound Preferences. Generally, the crackling sound occurs when I get an alert or any short bursts of sound that quickly plays. After that, the crackling goes away until the next abrupt alert plays.

Also, when I play the Funk sound in quick succession, the systemwide sound altogether fails. I know it's not a speaker thing since the same scenario occurs even when I use headphones.

Could it be a software or logicboard thing?

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Apple :: OS X Performance

Feb 16, 2010

How come when i am trying to uncompress a file, be it zip, rar etc.. Whenever i try to watch a video using vlc, mplayer, Quicktime etc.. the video always skips lags etc...

But when i am doing the same thin on windows size it doesn't have any of these issues.

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Apple :: MacBook 13 SSD Performance

May 14, 2010

I've got my heart set on getting a Mac laptop but i'm struggling between the MacBook 13" and MacBook 15". Right now i'm trying to figure out whether I get a 13 inch with a SSD drive or a 15 inch with 7200rpm drive. I know the i5 processor will give me better performance in doing tasks like encoding AACs in iTunes and such but I'm wondering what would computer would be faster doing real world everyday stuff like browsing the web while doing abunch of multitasking at the same time. Would it be the i5 with the slower hard drive or the Core 2 with the faster one?

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Apple :: IPad 3G Performance

May 1, 2010

I am planning to pick up an iPad 3G this weekend but before I do I wanted to see if there are any issues with it when using it via 3G?

I have already read where AT&T is blocking some content via 3G telling users to use a wireless connection instead and in other areas, the video quality is degraded purposely I assume to use less bandwidth.

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Apple :: Performance/Mac OS X Software

Sep 25, 2009

I've had my mac for about 8 months, and its been slowing down recently and the odd time freezing. (I figured out 95% of the freezing issues was using the app 'Transmission')

I want to know what are good programs to help repair registries, defrag, and any other good must have programs for the mac. I think this would make a good sticky as well.

Right now I have:

Xupport - Light weight. Had it since day one, seems to work great at repairing registries and general maintenance also has the network optimizer but not sure how that works.

iStat - Light weight. Very cool montioring program, displays fan speed, memory, and temprature of my macbook (which dropped a lot after getting the little 'cool feet')

Appcleaner - Seems like a great lightweight program for erasing/uninstalling applications 100%.

Other great apps I have are:

Transmit - Great FTP Program, Love it.
Adium - Great chat program, can add MSN, AIM, Yahoo messenger all in one and it actually works great.
StuffIt - Good archiver program.
Cabos - Great p2p program.
Toast Titanium - Awesome program for burning and recording all types of media.

I purchased Drive Genius today haven't opened it, apparently its good for disk check, repair and de-fragging. A friend uses iDefrag which is about 1/10th the size which seems good to me as I like lightweight apps.

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Apple :: Mac - Difference In Performance - Cpu

Feb 17, 2009

In the opinion of you Mac experts just curious if the difference in performance between the 2.53 and 2.8 cpu's? Soon have to purchase the 15.4" MacBook pro for business and was just wondering.

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Apple :: Poor Flash Performance On OS X

Apr 15, 2010

I'm a little sick of sub-par Flash performance on mac. I'm aware of the Adobe-Apple catfight.

Using a mid-2009 15" with a C2D at 2.53 GHz alongside Nvidia's 9400 M, Firefox 3.6.3 on OS X 10.6.3. Flash version is -- the most recent release version. Have tried the 10.1 beta (and newer RC) with little change.

Streaming YouTube vids staggers every minute or two for a few seconds. This is not an issue I've had much, if any, of on a Windows box.

I've tried the about:config suggestion where you extend the time in which Firefox saves its state in case of a crash; still seeing the stuttering. Is this just a Firefox issue? Firefox + Mac issue?

I'd migrate to Chrome / Safari, but both browsers seem to render fonts smaller than Firefox does; Safari has a minimum font limit, but it seems like that's not always respected (or 9-point fonts are much smaller than I'd imagine).

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Apple :: Battery Performance Under Windows

Jun 21, 2009

how much is battery performance decreased when running windows?

What is the best option to run windows to achieve the least amount of battery decrease?

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Apple :: Getting The Most Gaming Performance Out Of My Macbook Pro

Apr 2, 2009

I am pretty much deciding between keeping my macbook pro (in sig) and upgrading to an imac 24" with the ati 4850. With student discount it would cost me 1879 + tax. I just dont know if its worth it for me. Most all the pc games i own can be maxed on the pro,Save for world in conflict, crysis, and some others (about 5). My 360 gets most of my gaming time anyway. I just am thinking that it would be great to have the extra power in the 4850 for some of my current titles and having power for future titles would be nice. Also who couldnt use more speed for final cut express and such.

One game that annoys me on my macbook pro is Unreal 3. It is an amazingly graphical game. The new patch enables comprehesive settings adjustment. The thing that bothers me is that I can max it but fps drops by 65% on the water level. I want a card that wont have problems like this. Im not expecting wonders with the 4850, i would still use the modpacks for crysis, and run WiC in DX9.

However am i just missusing the macbook pro? What windows operating system runs smoothest on it? I have tried xp 32 bit and noticed some glitches with the led keyboard and such. Would 64 bit be the better option? Would upgrading the ram help at all? Im pretty convinced it wouldnt because as for vram i got double the ram compared to most people with the macbook pro, and still notice about the exact same performace. Also drivers? I never even touched or looked at the drivers? How do install drivers on a mac? Do i just go to nvidia's site on windows? If i erase the bootcamp partiiton will it delete the drivers? Will it conflict with leopard?

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Apple :: Performance In Gaming With CrossOver For Mac

Jan 31, 2009

I've been hearing good things about CrossOver from a few people and wondered if anyone here could recommend it. Normally I just game under boot camp, but apparently this program allows you to game at full speed under OS X. Any truth to this? What kind of performance would I be looking at with a 9600M GT?

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Apple :: Leopard Performance Tweaks

May 6, 2009

Being digging around with my macbook this evening, figuring out ways to spruce up hardware performances, in the form of buying/installing latest and greatest hardwares (hard drive, optical drive, "expensive" ram etc ...) and it dawned on me about tweaking it, just like with Windows.

Yahoo-ing/Google-ing brought me to this blog, from which I played with some suggestions. A nice surprise, not that I had any complaints with OS X performance.

There are a few suggestions here that I had not yet tried, may be later.

--------- Quote:
Finder Tweaks:

The first batch of speed boosts come from minimizing the Finderís system load.

1. Turn off Spotlight.

This will save an older system with a slower hard drive the pain of indexing. Even after the first index, Spotlight needs to continue updating its indexes. It also uses resources to cache searches and be ready for use...................

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Apple :: Java/Shockwave Performance With Macbook Pro

May 20, 2009

I have a late 2007 MacBook Pro - 2.2ghz C2D (first gen with LED backlit screen). I have problems running internet games. Particularly, I have bad performance with and uses Java for its web-based games. I like to play WordWhomp, but it's annoying on my MBP. When I type, there is so much lag that half the time certain keystrokes get dropped. Also, all of the animations on the page are very slow. is a Shockwave game that is very similar to pictionary. I notice two issues when playing this game: 1. when I'm drawing pictures, if I try to draw a continuous line I get a spinning beachball, which makes it difficult to know exactly where my cursor is, and 2. the game causes my battery to drain in about an hour, versus the usual three hours I get doing various tasks, and causes the computer to become SCORCHING hot.

I know this seems ridiculous, but I'm concerned because my 2.0 C2D PC laptop and 1.6 Pentium M PC laptop both run these games without a hitch and do so with MINIMAL impact on battery life and heat.

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Apple :: MBP 15 - Bettery Battery Performance Option

Aug 17, 2009

I just got my new MBP 15 last week (my first Mac!) and it is awesome. I just have one question right now:

I noticed on my gf's MBP (2007) that when you click on the battery icon, there is an option for better battery life or better performance, but I don't see that option when I click on my battery icon. I don't see this option under Energy Saver preferences either. I updated all the software the day I got the machine too. Are these options just automatic now on the new MBPs?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro To Offer Core-i5 Performance

Jan 14, 2010


An e-mail sent to members of Intel's Retail Edge promotional program highlight a forthcoming MacBook Pro from Apple sporting a new Core i5 processor, AppleInsider can confirm.

The promotion was included in an e-mail sent out to members of the Intel Retail Edge Program. It reads: "January Prize Draw: Win a MacBook Pro. Pass this month's trainings for 2 chances to win one of 2 MacBook Pro laptops with the accelerated response of an Intel Core i5 processor."

Currently, the top MacBook Pro has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

The Intel Retail Edge Program allows retail employees who sell Intel products to access technical knowledge and sales tips, which allows them to earn "chips" which can be exchanged for products. The program also offers occasional contests and giveaways. It was also sent to Spanish members of the retail program...................

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Apple :: Performance On The New Mac's NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Card

Apr 13, 2010

Can the New Mac's NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M equal in performance as compared to the mobile 9800GTX ? or is the 330M worst off ? what actually is the 330M's performance like ?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro : Better Battery Life Or Better Performance Settings

Jan 18, 2009

I do predominantly web surfing, editing photos and rendering videos on my Macbook Pro.

I have it set for Better Battery Life.

When should I set it up for "Better Performance"? Gaming?

What do you have yours set up with and what applications are you predominantly running? If you are running Windows, also, does running with Better Performance make a difference?

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Apple :: 2.8ghz Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2009 Performance

Aug 6, 2009

I'm considering buying the model stated in this thread title. I know that the processor is an older T9600 model and not the more efficient P9700. What I would like to know from those of you who have this model is; do your notebooks run a lot hotter (and therefore noisier?) with this processor?

This would be my first Mac so I just want to understand how a particular advertised GPU feature in PCs translate to Macs; PC manufacturers state that their computers have graphics cards with (for instance) "512mb dedicated memory with up to 1791mb shared." If I understand this correctly the PC GPUs take memory from the RAM and that's what the "Shared" bit is. The Mac website doesn't mention anything about "shared" memory so how does this apply to macs? Sorry if this last question seems a bit remedial.

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Apple :: Switching From E7300 2.66Ghz Pc To 2.53Ghz MBP- Is This A Downgrade In Performance

Nov 21, 2009

im thinking of buying a 2.53Ghz 13 Inch Macbook Pro. Im going to be switching from a E7300 2.66ghz Core 2 Duo PC with 2gb of Ram and Windows Xp. I need something a bit faster then my current configuration and was wondering if the 2.53Ghz Macbook Pro with 4gb of Ram would do me justice. I will be using it mostly for music production, using Propellerhead Reason software, and of course internet use, and HD video. Would I get better performance Switching to the 2.53ghz Macbook Pro?

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Dell :: Got A Studio, Formatting

Dec 19, 2008

Wife and I picked up a Dell Studio 15 tonight, so we FINALLY have a laptop in the house. The catch is, it's in the box till the 24th. So, I've seen the sticker on the box that says there's a free evaluation copy of Norton something or other installed on there, and that's enough to make me want to format the thing as soon as it powers on for the first time..

My question is, whats on that restore disk? I think that was already answered here, that it's the same old crap that's already on the machine, but I'm wondering about the file structure. Is it Vista in one folder and all the crap in others, or is it just like an image so there's no way to install just Vista?

Second, I have Vista Business, so I could just use it, but the Studio comes with Home Premium. Assuming there's no 'just Vista Home' install option, is there at least a key in the box or somewhere in the registry of the laptop that I can use to install just Vista if I download it from the net somewhere?

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Acer :: Formatting 2920

Mar 5, 2010

i just bought a new laptop acer aspire 2920 and using a windows XP.. I received a CD write "acer aspire 2920 RECOVERY" after i bought the laptop.. i dont know what does the cd for.. and now on, i wan to format the laptop but i scare if i lost some important data or LICENSE install on my laptop... and the CD i received was scared me to format it... could u pls reply me as soon as possible? what does the cd for?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 Text Formatting ...

Apr 22, 2009

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 1545. When I type, it will open windows (such as a find menu, replace menu, or even a new document) or reformat my text (hanging indents, etc.) out of the blue.

It acts as if the control key is being pressed, but I am very careful not to hit it. At first we thought it was a sticky key, but replacing the keyboard did not fix the problem.

We reinstalled all the drivers, ran diagnostics, etc., but none of it did any good. Dell support said they had never heard of this problem. Nothing they suggested helped. Finally we had them send us a replacement.

The second computer arrived yesteday and it does the exact same thing. When I am typing in Microsoft Word, Excel or even Notepad, it erases text (sometimes the entire document), opens random windows, etc.

What is going on? I can't believe that three keyboards in a row would be faulty, but the problem does not happen when I use a wireless keyboard. It has been less than a month since we ordered the computer originally. Is there anything that can be done or should I just return it and look elsewhere?

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Acer :: 5920G - Formatting My Hard Disk

Jun 19, 2009

I own a 5920G. Recently, after formatting my hard disk, I discovered my recovery discs are damaged and I accidentally wiped out my hard disk recovery partition some time ago while installing linux. I managed to copy both the recovery DVDs into my hard disk (not completely), and managed to download some missing drivers & patches from acer & microsoft which were unrecoverable from the discs. The only missing file now is an Image file from Disc2 named D5E0A592.132 (around 50MB). It is the last recovery image in disc2, in a folder named 'Images'. I don't want to take it to Acer service etc because i need to use my notebook a lot, and because my warranty peroid is over.

to upload this single file (D5E0A592.132), preferably to any file hosting service? (eg rapidshare etc). I have been searching online for this file for days.

Model: Acer 5920G-602G32Mn

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

I don't think this is illegal, because I'm not pirating any disc or requesting any pirate disc. I do own a legal copy of Windows Vista which came with the notebook.

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Acer :: Extensa 5620 4025- After Formatting

Dec 28, 2008

I just formatted my computer, and reinstalled vista on my extensa 5620z(5620-4025) i never created a recovery disk and im not sure which drivers to install on it again,

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Acer :: Travelmate 2420- Factory Formatting

Mar 30, 2009

I have an Acer travelmate 2420, that I want to factory format but I can't get the back up cd's that I made to work and the Empowerment technology is no longer on the pc how can I factory format now?

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Acer :: Aspire 3000 Series - Disc Formatting

Jan 4, 2009

I'm an HP user myself, but my girlfriend has an older ACER Aspire 3000 series (about 2.5 years old). I recently reformatted it, and did a clean install using the recovery discs...

Everything seemed to go fine, until I noticed in the disc manager that the Hard Disc has 3 partitions... one is like 3GB, and the other 2 are about 27GB each... One is the Main C: Drive, and the other is called "Acer Data". This is driving me nuts! She only has 27GB of usable storage on her computer, and I can't figure out how to consolidate the 2 Partitions to make 1 large one. Can anyone please help? It's a 60GB harddrive, and I'd hate to see that go to waste for "Acer data" (whatever that is).

Also, the disc was formatted in FAT32... Is there any reason Acer chooses that file system over NTFS? I'd prefer to format the drive with NTFS... I'm just concerned that if I reformat the drive I'll lose all the drivers and stuff. The computer currently doesn't have any programs installed or any data that needs backing up, so I'm not concerned about that stuff.

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HP Pavilion Dv6 Display :: Fn F2 - F3 Brightness Hotkeys Not Working After Formatting

Oct 28, 2014

Since my laptop (dv6 pavilion 7090el) had to be formatted to another copy of windows 7 (64bit), i can't manage to make hotkeys for brightness(f2-f3)/volume(f9-f10).
I tried to install/uninstall/install HP quick launch software (with all the system restarting combos possible) and the software doesn't really seem to be installed, since it only appears in the Control panel but not anywhere else.
The BIOS "action key" option in System configuration is already "enabled" ....

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HP 630 Networking :: WiFi Lost After Formatting Hard Drive And Reinstalling Windows 7

Jul 29, 2014

I have a HP 630 laptop with Windows 7 64 bit ultimate . After formatting the hard drive of the computer, I reinstalled Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate.
Now it can't connect to the internet through wireless. I've tried all the basics: pressing the WIFI enable/disable toggle key on my keyboard, restarting my computer, enabling disabling the internet connection in the network area, etc.
Under Device Manager I see 2 devices related to the wireless internet:

1. Other devices > Network Controller - it has a yellow warning sign next to it - the error is for having no drivers installed.
2. Network adapters > Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller - "This device is working properly."
Below are the hardware ID's for the network controller that is not working: 
What should I do? How can I get my wireless internet to work again?

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