Dell :: 1440 X 900 WLED Worth $125 Over The 1280 X 800?

Jan 2, 2009

I'm looking at Studio 15s for my Mom and trying to decide if the 1440 X 900 WLED worth $125 over the 1280 X 800? ?

I know it's a lot of personal taste and it's inconvenient to drag her into BB and bug a salesperson to bring up the internet to check, and sometimes it takes a while of "living" with it to know. She is going to use it for the Net, some word processing, etc.

We're trying to get the best balance between having to scroll and tiny fonts. Also, if resolution is lowered, or font size is increased, does the picture distort much?

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Dell ::1440*900 Or 1280*800

Apr 2, 2009

I'm just going to pick an e6400, but kinda struggle for the choice of screen resolution.

High resolution may have greater performance but everything seem to be so small, also keeps the higher price. I've never used high resolution screens like that so I need ur opinions..

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Dell :: Inspiron 1440 And Studio 1440?

Jul 20, 2009

I just realized that both the new Inspiron 14 and Studio 14z are numbered as the "1440". Usually Dell avoids duplicating the model number- Inspiron 1525, Studio 1535, Inspiron 1545, Studio 1555, etc.

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Dell :: Is There A Laptop That Will Give Me 1280 X 1024 Res?

Apr 25, 2010

rather, what I mean is ... how much would it cost (and what would i need to do ) to get a dell laptop with the above screen res ... I can't seem to find any on the dell site that offer that option

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Sony :: Vaio Z Horrible Text And Fonts On 1280 X Resolution

Oct 8, 2009

i just bought a Sony Vaio Z (1600x900 resolution) and noticed that the 1600x900 resolution is way to small for me, cant barley see any text on the screen

so when i change to the next resolution (1280x) all the text and fonts get horribly blurry and "loses" the crisp that it had in the 1600x

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Dell :: Xps 16 Wled?

Dec 27, 2009

Is the 15'6 inch full hd wled screen the same good viewing angles I hear about on the 16'' RGB? or are they different?

This is really important to me because I have allready returned a handfull of laptops due to rubbish viewing angles and a washed out black on darker images/websites,

really irritating me now! and the dell xps 16 seems to crop up as having the best screen, but I can't really afford the RGB screen, so was wondering if the wled is just as good viewing angle wise?

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Dell :: WLED Vs. RGB LED

Apr 7, 2009

Anyone have a side-by-side comparison (chart, pictures, anything) of the two screen types available on the Studio XPS 16? I'd be interested to see the difference, and my local Best Buy doesn't have ANY 16s so it's not possible for me.

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Dell :: RGB Versus WLED

Mar 30, 2010

Just wondering if someone helps me decide how much is difference between two screen type for Dell 16xx. Should you get Dell i5 with RGB or 15.6 WLED with i720?..
If usage is web browsing, movie watching, some digital pics manipulation (non-professional), does it make sense to get i7 with WLED or i5 with RGB?..
I know this has been talked about in various thread, but nothing really solid...

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Dell :: Cd Drive And WLED

Jan 10, 2009

I want to buy Dell Studio 15, but I have a couple questions. Somebody tell me about DVD Drive and WLED display. I read that the DVD Drive is very noisy and WLED display is very bright. ATI 3470 isn't a good card. Is it true?

What about chipset in Studio 15?

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Dell :: SXPS16 WLED

Aug 21, 2009

Ok so my screen is faulty. The colors are messed up (Windows folders are green, snow is blue, etc). Dell (India) is being stupid is having trouble verifying my problem.

So I need your help to prove the them (or maybe to me) that I am telling the truth (or am totally crazy).

Here is a link to a picture.

It is my current background on my SXPS16, M1530, and PS3/Samsung HDTV. On both the M1530 and Samsung the rocky part in the bottom right is a definitive blue (with the slightest bit of red). On the my SXPS16 it is a definitive purple. As seen in these screen grabs below (hopefully)...





Now obviously viewing on my SXPS16 and M1530 every picture looks about the same. My question to you is this, on your SXPS16 (WLED 1080p) is the SXPS mountain picture purple-ish or something else and is the M1530 picture bluer? Are the folders in the SXPS folders picture green and faded or something else and are the folders in the M1530 folder picture more manila colored?

It is my understanding that the windows folders are manila colored like real manila folders... I could be wrong and they could naturally have a green tint but that seems unlikely.

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Aug 13, 2009

RGBLED vs WLED, both 1920x1080. I already ordered my sxps16 on 8-4-09, I went with the WLED, I bought it when it was 25% off select laptops, couldn't pick RGBLED at that time.

I have been racking my brain about this, tried to cancel but it was to late. Should be here soon, ten days since order and still not shipped. I HATE WAITING! They told me after I recieved the laptop I could return it.

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Dell :: XPS 16, WLED Or RGBLED?

Aug 23, 2009

I just orderet an Dell XPS 16 with a WLED 1080P screen and i should have it on the 25. of August.

Then yesterday i went to dell's side and now they offer the same laptop at same price but with the RGBLED screen instead.

It seems its a new RGBLED screen as its not 16" but 15,6" as the WLED screen.
I dunno what to do. Would you guys return the laptop and order a new one with the RGBLED instead?

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Dell :: RGB LED Colour Simulated On WLED?

Apr 17, 2010

Since i've read that the RGB LED's green and red are more vivid, does anyone think that by adjusting the colour/contrast/brightness/gamma WLED screens might display colours like RGB LED?

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Dell :: WLED Screen Quality

Apr 8, 2009

Recieved my Studio XPS 16 with WLED screen today...and I want to assure those that are's still beautiful.

No, I haven't seen the RGB LED screen...but I put the same Windows screen (with a large range of colors displayed) of my 1720 next to the screen on my 16...and the 16 blows it away.

I apparently had no idea what "white" really was on a laptop looks so crisp and nice. And at maximum brightness, my 1720 can't compare to the maximum brightness of the 16.

So don't be crushed if you couldn't afford or couldn't see your way into paying the extra for the RGB LED's still a sweet looking screen.

I'm sure the RGB LED screen is probably nicer (for 250 bucks, it had well better be), but I'm FAR from unimpressed with the WLED.

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Dell :: M1340 2.0 Webcam + WLED :S

Apr 2, 2009

On my invoice is says that

Display: 13.3in WXGA (1280x800) - White-LED Display with TrueLife (thinner & brighter)
Camera: Integrated 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera with Facial Recongnition Software (Software install, no media)

Shouldn't it be CCFL = 2.0 and WLED = 1.3 or am I missing something?

If Dell has made a big mistake like this, should I then take advantage of the situation and demand compensation, because "I thought" it really was a 2.0 webcam and not a 1.3 installed in my laptop.

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Dell :: How To Tell The Diff Between WLED And RGBLED

Nov 5, 2009

my order is being messed up with a 15.6" WLED 1080p screen, but I asked for a 16" RGBLED 1080p screen. I read on here that sometimes Dell installs an RGBLED even though it says WLED. How would an end user tell the difference, apart from "colour", which is subjective? Like is there a way to show it in something such as Device Manager or is there a way to look at your part somehow? I'd rather not rip my screen apart, but if it's not RGBLED then Dell is going to have to send a tech and the right screen.

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Dell :: WLED 1080p Screen

Aug 21, 2009

I actually ordered an asus (don't hate lol) g51vx-a1 with a 15.6" LED 1080p screen, since you guys seem knowledgeable I was wondering how many manufacturers of 15.6" LED 1080p screens there were and maybe comment on the quality of them.

My asus g51vx-a1 has the AUO B156HW01 v.5 WLED LCD. It has some cheap bleeding. Here are some pictures.

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Dell :: Whats The Difference Between The 15.6 Wled?

Sep 7, 2009

So im having a hard time deciding which screen would be better. Is the 15.6 wled better than 16 rgb wled. Or is it the other way around.

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Dell :: Difference Between These Two WLED Displays

Mar 14, 2010

I've been looking at several different configurations of the Dell Studio XPS trying to find the right one to pull the trigger on.

Comparing the config of Corei5 vs the Corei7 i noticed a slight difference in the displays.


Edge-to-Edge FHD Widescreen 15.6 inch WLED LCD (1920x1080) W/2.0 MP BLKG15F [320-8330][421-0188][421-1010]


Full HD Widescreen 15.6 inch WLED LCD (1920x1080) W/2.0 MP BKG1510 [320-8330][421-0188][421-1010] .....

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Dell :: Dust Behind Your Wled Screen?

Apr 30, 2009

Friends do all of you have speaks of dust behind your wled screen?? I had on my first lcd which i replaced ...

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Dell :: XPS 13: WLED (SEC5441) Flickering On Some Websites

May 14, 2009

I've got the XPS 13 with WLED (The screens hardware ID is SEC5441)

Overall I think its a very nice lap, but the screen is flickering when I visit certain websites.

On for instance the background is flickering so much it's almost uncomfortable.

I've tried to change the refresh rate of the screen but it can't get above 60hz which acually seems a bit low to me. Also problem is the same both when AC is connected and when it's on battery.

Is this a normal thing for a screen like this, or?

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Dell :: 1080p WLED Is There Light BLEED?

Aug 21, 2009

I received my g51vx-a1 which has an AUO WLED screen which I think is the same as in the 1640.

It makes the middle to bottom portion of the screen to be washed out looking on any dark images? Pretty much the same as any cheap besbuy notebook .....

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Apr 23, 2009

I currently have an Inspiron 1720 with WUXGA (1920x1200) display. I'm looking at the Studio 17, which comes with either WXGA+ (1440x900) CCFL or WLED, or WUXGA+ (1920x1200) CCFL

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Dell :: SXPS16 Screen Color (WLED)

Aug 19, 2009

I got my Dell SXPS16 (1080p WLED screen) the other day and well I like it but there is something that I do not like, the screens color is WAY off. I have tried messing with the ATI catalyst thing and the control panel color adjustment thing and neither seems to fully fix the problem. I have checked other screens and my old M1530 for accuracy and the SXPS is off.

To give you and example of how the color is messed up the various links on notbookreview have a purple tint and are not the usual blue. The folders (a la my documents, sub folders etc), are quite green and faded as oppose to the normal tan color.

I reduced the gama in control panel but which makes the "purple link" appear a little bit more blue but the folders are still green.

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Dell :: Differences Between RGBLED And WLED LCD (1920x1080)?

Aug 3, 2009

Is it worth it to pay the extra $250 for the RGBLED? Or is the WLED LCD just fine for Blu-ray viewing?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 WLED LCD Supported Resolutions

Aug 1, 2009

I am considering the Studio XPS 16 with a 25% coupon. The catch is that the only screen offering is the "Edge-to-Edge FHD Widescreen 15.6 inch WLED LCD (1920x1080)".

I know that the best option is the RGBLED, however, with this coupon I get the configuration I want within my budget and I can live with just a decent screen, which I believe this one would be.

My questions are:
1) What people think about this screen in general?
2) Are the fonts looking too small in this one? and
3) Just in case I occasionally would like to use it in a lower resolution, e.g., 1600x900 is that possible? if yes, does it scale down good?

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Dell :: 15.6" WLED: 1080p Or 720p

Aug 5, 2009

I'm putting my order in for an XPS 16 next week. Spec:

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P8600(2.40Ghz, 1066MHz, 3MB)
4096MB 1067MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM
1GB ATI® Radeon™ HD 4670

320GB Free Fall Sensor (7200RPM) Hard Drive
Internal DVD+/-RW (DVD & CD read and write)

However, I'm pondering the screen size. 1080p on WLED is only £10 more expensive than 720p; but I'm wondering if it's worth it. I mean, 141DPI is massive over the 97DPI on the 720p panel, but can one see such small and finer detail on a relatively small screen? .....

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Dell :: Confirm The Presence Of A WLED Monitor

May 1, 2009

I just received my SXPS 13 today (13 days ahead of schedule, yay) and wished to confirm Dell had sent me the WLED option (as I had canceled a previous order on which the representative was misinformed of the product and included a CCFL monitor on the order).

Is there any easy way to do this? I thought I had seen this question asked before but I suddenly can't seem to find it.

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Dell :: Can Anyone Speak For The Inspiron 1440

Aug 1, 2009

I'm debating whether to get the Inspiron 1440 or the Studio XPS 1340.

Can anyone speak for the build quality of the new Inspiron 1440?
I like the magnesium alloy chassis and sturdy backlit keyboard on the SXPS 13, but it will cost me about $200 more when configured to similar specs.

This laptop will be my main PC when I leave for school: which means it needs to be light/small/durable enough to carry into classes everyday, with the power and adequate cooling to use as a desktop replacement as well.

I don't want any significant flexing and cracking sounds (which many consumer-grade black/silver plastic chassis laptops have) when picking it up around the edges.

These are the configurations I came up with in which the Inspiron costs about $200 less than the SXPS:

Inspiron 1440: P8600, 4GB DDR2-800MHz, 900p LED, 320GB 5400RPM, GMA4500MHD
SXPS 1340: P8600, 4GB DDR3-1067MHz, CCFL, 320GB 7200RPM, GF 9400M

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Dell :: Inspiron 1440 Wireless

Mar 25, 2010

My daughters 1440 works online for about 15min and then it loses connection to the router and wont show any available wireless networks,

I won't work until I reset the system and then it works for about 15 min again.I reinstalled the wireless driver and even tried to restore it to a few weeks before it started doing that but still does it.

Could the wireless card be bad? Has anyone had this problem before? Does anyone know which card is in there an ho to get to it?

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