Dell :: 1705 To I1720 To M1710

Oct 3, 2007

Well as some of you know I got my Inspiron E1705 replaced with an Inspiron 1720 because my E1705 was having major heat problems.

I always noticed that the E1705 ran pretty hot, but I started monitoring it latley and the CPU and GPU reached temps around 200 F...mainly due to the Geforce Go 7800 heat issues.

Called DELL and they were going to replace my system with an Inspiron 1721.. I raised cain and they sent an Inspiron 1720.

I was actually impressed with the 1720's looks. It is well built, and I loved the dual hard drive capability, as well as built in MIC.. and it had a faster burner DVDRW. I also loved the Chocolate..AKA Espresso Brown color.

I was VERY disappointed that it did not have HDMI or no longer DVI built in as I have a 52" Samsung LCD that loves to take advantage of this connection.

Well I am NOT a huge gamer... but I do like to occasionally game, and when I started doing benchmarks with Vista's performance analyzer and noticed video LAG while doing simple tasks but serious multitasking, I was very disappointed...............

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Dell :: NO 7200RPM On I1720 = On Crack

Sep 19, 2007

I'm trying to grasp this one... but my mind can not wrap around it, so here goes. I just got off the phone with Dell University sales and talked to the rep. Since the i1720 came out in July I have spec'ed and spec'ed and seen that IT DOES NOT COME WITH OR HAVE OFFERED A 7200RPM HD.

I have a e1705, my dad has one, my girlfriend has one, and my uncle has one... all on my recommendation. I have dabbled/worked in the IT industry since I was 10 and I can't believe that this speed RPM is not offered.

5400RPM existed clear back in 1994.

I just bought my GF a 7200RPM 7k200 200GB Hitachi HD with 16mb of cache for her e1705 from NewEgg.

When we ordered all of our e1705's we intentionally ordered them with the cheapest HD's cause we ordered 7k100 7200RPM 100GB Hitachi's from Froogle searches.

Am I the only one that can't wrap his/her mind around this one....

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Dell :: I1720 With 8600M GTbuy For $850 Or Skip

Oct 19, 2007

Dell is offering the i1720 configuration at the Outlet store for $849 (plus tax) shipped . Are there any Dell notebooks under $1000 better suited for video processing (incl some gaming)?

The i1720 includes Intel c2d 2GHz CPU, Vista business, 160GB SATA, 256mb NVIDIA 8600M GT, 17" WXGA+ TrueLife Glossy screen, 9 cell bat, 1390 wireless, burner.

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Dell :: IMM. Assist200GB 7k200 Hiatchi Vista Fresh Install MAJOR Iss. In I1720

Sep 21, 2007

My Inspiron 1720 is currently down....

I swapped the primary bay 120GB 5400rpm that came with the DELL for a 7k200 200GB 7200RPM Hiatchi 16mb Cache Hard drive.

No bent pins, reseated twice.....

ALL DELL diagnostics pass.... but when I try to launch Hitachi's hard drive fitness tests/diagnostics it fails to load when detecting the bays.... give me an OLD DOS COMMAND.COM error.... this software with my 7k100 works perfect on Inspiron E1705.

BIOS is seeing hard drive... as 200GB... Vista sees the hard drive....

I can even do a FULL FORMAT (not quick) through Vista's advanced command prompt install and diagnostics.....

it formats successfull...

HOWEVER!.... when Vista gets to the final phase of its install when it is @ the VERY last step... I believe its called Finalizing the install.... it just sits there with the three ... and the dots are animated... so the install is not frozen, just doesn't go anywhere.

This install on my e1705 /w 7k200 and 7k100 takes like 10 minutes TOPS....

I've talked to DELL hardware and Dell Software On Call support (first 30 days free).... I've worked in IT since the early 90's and I must be missing something here.

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Dell :: 1705 Mod

Aug 1, 2007

I know that many have done this mod on here and have created guides for which i have used for my situation. Now, the problem is that I have all my hardware in but not really have the correct drivers. 1) the bios version that I have if I'm not wrong is the A00. From what I read I need the A01 correct? Or is there a better? Also, the 7950GTX that I put in is recognized by the computer but doesn't perform well at all. For one, I know that I don't have the correct drivers for it. Where could i get good drivers for this card besides Dell? Is the whole problem a result from not flashing the bios? It doesn't have the XPS bios.

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Dell :: My 1705 Goes Zap

May 11, 2008

I got a Dell 1705 it since has been doing some really really uncool stuff. Like I'll be playing a game and it pauses with a click sound and sometimes I swear the darn thing is shocking me when I touch its side. It could be static electric but it seems to happen a lot. But, away I tried a friends Dell ac power plug and all the same stuff happens.

Anyone know what the deal is or maybe how to prevent what's happen? Using the computer isn't as cool as it used to be....

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Dell :: 1705 WI-FI Not Working, Help Plz!

Feb 2, 2008

I havent used the wifi for a long time, but now I'm trying to set it up and it isnt working. The little light next to the power button doesnt even come on. Not sure which drivers to download from the Dell web page either. I just got the basic wifi card when I ordered (not the fancy Intel model)
Any ideas on where to start?
The wifi is activated in the BIOS.

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Dell :: 1705 Warranty

Aug 14, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron e1705 with the following specs:

Dual Core 1.86
120GB HD
ATI x1400

The warranty is getting ready to end in a few days so I called Dell to see how much it would be to extend it. They gave me a quote of $169 for one year or $255 for two years (complete care would be additional).

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Dell :: 1705 Upgrade

Mar 21, 2010

I know everyone hates these types of posts, but I do need help. I am a desktop guy with a laptop. I am trying to decide what, if any upgrades I should make to my Dell E1705.

This thing is SLOW. It currently takes about 10 minutes to boot the darn thing and almost a minute to launch a web browser. I have to do something. It is to the point that my wife and I never turn it on. My desktop probably will be upgraded in about a year, so I am looking for a little bump rather than spending $1,000 on a new laptop. The current configuration is below:

Intel Core Duo T2500 @ 2.00 gigahertz
Windows XP w/ SP3
98 GB 5400 rpm hard drive (33 GB free)
2 GB of Pc-5300 RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 video card

My though was to upgrade the following:

4GB (2 X 2GB) of Mushkin Enhanced Essentials PC2-5300 Ram ($95)
WD Scorpio Black 320GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive ($70)
Windows Home Premium 32-bit ($100)

I know that it may only recognize 3.2GB of the ram, but I am willing to pay for even just the 1.2GB more. I do worry slightly about Windows 7 with my processor, which I think is one of the two major bottlenecks. Unfortunately it, and the second concern - the video card cost $300 +. So I figure for just under $300 I can breathe a couple more years out of it. I am not a heavy user, mostly multimedia and productivity apps like MS Office.

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Dell :: 1705 Video Drivers

Jun 15, 2008

i changed out the video card and in the process I did a drivers cleaner and deleted all the old video drivers now the problem is that when It restarted it did so without any drivers the card and the screen works (did a diagnostics test) but how do I go about reinstalling the drivers so I can get the display to come up after the Windows XP logo.

I can hear the wndows screen coming up but the screen is blank. The 7900GTX card went out so I went to to the 7800GS and I have the drivers just need to get them installed.

So is there something I can do to to bring everything normal?

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Dell :: REAL Max RAM Amount For 1705

Apr 9, 2008

FAQ indicates 4GB as max amount of RAM. But Dell's own data at [url] says 2GB.

To make things more confusing, some posts on notebookreview listed that exact URL as proof that the 1705 would use 4GB. So the Dell info was probably revised from 4GB to 2GB.

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Dell :: 1705 Blue Screen Of Death

Jan 25, 2008

I've been getting the occasional BSOD on my 1705 with the 7900 GS. Is there any fix for this? I saw the one for the 7950 GTX but I don't know if that works the same as the 7900 GS.

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Dell :: Replace My Inspiron 1705 FOR XPS 1710

Jul 19, 2007

if any diffrence between this 2 video cards for this 2 models XPS 1710 7900GS AND inspiron 1705 7900gs.

DELL will replace my Inspiron 1705 for XPS 1710 and come with 7900gs i have the 7900gs or ready in 1705 just i'm curious if the performace it's the same or more Powerfull.

And It's possible change the 7900gs for the 7950gtx, and where i can find it.

I want my XPS with the 7950 GTX

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Dell :: 1705 :: Windows Installer Wont Work

Jan 19, 2009

tried to reinstall XP on my 1705; XP had intall errors; now Windows Installer wont work, half the language in XP operating system appears to be Farsii,

and all drivers are gone; Internet Explorer wont run (takes me to properties page); best way to fix?

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Dell :: I Can't Buy M1710 Parts From SPARE PARTS W/o An M1710 SVC TAG #

Feb 21, 2008

I was going to be assembling an m1710 this weekend....

I called Dell Spare Parts a few days ago, and placed an order for the following;

HG345 Refurb bottom plastics, m1710
FF084 Refurb palmrest assy, m1710
J8841 Refurb speakers, LED, m1710
CF426 Refurb hinge cover, m1710

I've been watching the order on Dell's site all week, as it was scheduled to ship (on or before today) (2/21/08), and I opted for Next Day shipping.

When I placed the order, the woman I spoke with asked for my Service Tag number. I, um... don't HAVE one... I didn't say this, I simply said I don't have that information at the moment. She asked how I got the part numbers, and I told her from their own Spare Parts page.

Well....the order got cancelled today. Saw it online while at work, just before I left for the day. Another order number with the identical items was created, with a scheduled ship date of 3/3/08. WHAT?

The woman just called....she states they cannot process my order without a service tag number. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

I told her I don't have a tag number....she asked if I was building one. "Yes." To which I hear...

"Oh....well, I don't think our supplier will allow that without a service tag number, because we reserve those parts for people who bought m1710's."

I said "That's amazing...because I know a number of people who have done the same thing I'm trying to do, and had no problems getting these parts."

"Well, that's because they have m1710's"

*mad enought to scream at this point* "Um, no...where do you think I got the idea from?? I'm certainly not the first person to have this idea."

how I can get them to sell me some refurbished plastics? What's the secret password?

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Dell :: XPS M1710

Apr 24, 2009

What would cause the computer to come up with the blue screen of death and say system haulted and the number lock led to be lite up? all iw as doing was listening to music. temps were cpu 61c and gpu 54c.

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Dell :: New To XPS M1710

Nov 28, 2007

I just acquired my 1st XPS notebook this week (bought it used) and so far, I'm loving it. Not a huge fan of Dell desktops but I must admit, they have done something amazing with their XPS/gaming systems. And their warranty services aren't too shabby.

My current system is as follows:
Intel C2D T7200 @ 2.0GHz 4MB L2/667MHz
Go 7900GS
200GB 7200RPM HDD
Gigabyte wireless adapter (not sure which model but it supports 108Mbps)

Got it for a good price so I wanted to know the following...

Is it worth it for me to upgrade the CPU to possibly the T7600/T7600G? Is it worth it for me to upgrade the GPU to the Go 7950GTX?

I was looking into OC-ing my CPU and GPU but I haven't found any information on OC-ing the CPU. As for the GPU, the sticky here seems to be pretty easy to follow. I will try that tonight and see what I can push out of my system. I've never been huge into the OC-ing scene

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Dell :: No More M1710?

Jan 20, 2008

Just went to Dell's site looking for a M1710 for a friend. Sadly, it appears to be no longer for sale except on the outlet.

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Dell :: How I Get A Second HDD In My M1710

Dec 9, 2007

How do you mount 2 HDD in my m1710?

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Dell :: M1710 And Win 7

Sep 17, 2009

to install win7 on their m1710? how well does it run?

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Dell :: Fix Mt GC On My M1710 ?

Mar 22, 2010

I rebooted and noticed that there are now loads of lines all over my screen and when it loads to the next screen I see some green boxes.

I have let my Laptop cool down for 24 hours and its still doing it. I emailed a guy online who said he can fix for 100 so I am guessing he will fix the actual GC rather than replace.?

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Dell :: The Best OS For M1710

Jun 21, 2008

What is the best OS for M1710 right now i have Vista 32 and i will be doing reinstall and i dont know should i instal vista 32 again or maybe vista 64 will be better or maybe xp mce sp2

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Dell :: 4gb Ram For M1710

Oct 24, 2007

some ram to get for my M1710 or M9750 to move up to 4 gigs. I'm thinking of getting Geil, but reading the reviews I'm thinking otherwise.


i understand on XP I'll only get 3.25 but I figuire I'll just buy the bundle and max out rather then trying to find and buy another 2 gig stick a year from now.

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Dell :: XPS M1710 LED

Mar 12, 2009

Just purchased a XPS M1710, Great love it, just the LED's on the top cover wont come on?

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Dell :: M1710 Possible To Repair?

Feb 19, 2010

I own a Dell m1710 and my 7900GTX fried and burnt and fans are dead. Whenever i power up the screen is full of dotted lines and extremely off colored pixels. How and where can I get a cheap 7900GTX to replace, as well as fans. Dell charge me 500 bucks and my reply was NO

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Dell :: GPU Drivers For My XPS M1710?

Mar 25, 2009

I'm using the 175.32 drivers for the 7900GTX on my Dell XPS M1710, but was told by a friend that there are better ones out there. On the nvidia website it only gives me Quadra NVS drivers, which I'm told would give worse performance than my current drivers. I use my laptop for gaming, not rendering.
Any other driver suggestions?

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Dell :: 7950GTX / M1710

Aug 29, 2007

I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my 7950GTX. Any drivers I use in XP have problems. ALL the drivers I have used (93.77, 94.22, 158.18, 158.45, 163.44) have had my LCD go to Black then come back to the normal image, almost as if the LCD lost power and was turned back on.

However, When I put Vista on to see if that would fix the problem, I was plagued with nvlddmkm.sys has stopped responding and has recovered errors, with the same LCD problem as in XP.

Also, while I'm in XP, I MUST disable NvMcTray form starting up or I will blue screen after I login and see the nVidia icon in my system tray.

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Dell :: E1705 Vs. M1710

Feb 17, 2008

So I bought an Inspiron 9400 bout two years ago, its a piece of shi*t ... i've had i dunno about 6 or 7 service calls now .... ANYWAYS

When I went to purchase a laptop I was looking at both the XPS and the laptop I decided on (E1705), and the only thing I noticed that was different was that the XPS was substantially more expensive, and had a different look ...

Not to insult anyone's taste or anything, but the look of the XPS is tacky as hell lol ... I mean, its inundated with the word XPS everywhere (even on the touchpad ... ?), i've never seen one in person ... maybe someone can explain to me haha

Anyways, the purpose of this post isn't about the aesthetic differences between the two series of laptops lol. A friend of mine who is in the market to purchase a laptop has asked me what the differences were ... and I couldnt answer him (hence why i'm posting)

What i'm asking then is, other then its shell, assuming the CPU, GPU, RAM, display are identical what is it that makes the XPS better and at a much higher price? Is the motherboard better, or are XPSes less prone to random breaking? If anyone can differentiate the two for me i'd appreciate it, so I can help my friend out before he drops $2.5k on a laptop

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Dell :: M1710 Processor

Sep 27, 2007

Will the T7700 work? it's an 800 MHZ FSB so that won't work will it?

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Dell :: M1710 And New HD (sata 3gb/s)

Apr 21, 2008

the specs for the m1710 say i need a sata hd thats SATA 1.5Gb/s. i am looking to get a bigger hd, and WD has a 320gb drive thats SATA 3 Gb/s.. would that work in my m1710?

i assume i'd still be stuck with 1.5gbps throughput, but that doesn't matter, i just want a larger drive.

here is the drive im looking at :

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