Dell :: 3dmark06 On The M6400 Seems Low?

Jun 20, 2009

I know this is a workstation, and not a gaming laptop, but I still want to use this machine for some after-hour gaming.

What I find odd is that the HP 8730w (which was recently reviewed) got scored a massive 14,263 at 1280x800 resolution,

but the Dell M6400 seems to around 11,600+/-. Odd considering the Dell M6400 is a more powerful system?

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Dell :: 3Dmark06

Oct 22, 2009

I ran the 3Dmark06 test and I got 5345 on my SXPS 1640. I have heard of people getting much high. Am I missing something? I have the 4560Ati graphics and the T9550 Cpu. I ran it with it on the High performance power setting. Any help would be nice

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Dell :: M6400 And The M6400 Covet? Whats The Difference?

Jul 17, 2009

Yup me again, in my hunt to determine if M6400 is right for me as it costs just about as much as a used car, I want to make sure its a good investment before I buy it.

What is the main difference with the M6400 and the M6400 Covet?

I configured both with the same specs and the Covet is about $900 more in price?

Does orange paint really cost that much?

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Dell :: Low 3Dmark06 On XPS1330

Feb 18, 2009

I'm scoring about 1080 or so on my 1330 on 3Dmark06 with the nvidia 8400m gs motherboard. T 7500 cpu and 3 gig ram. Vista 32 bit. Right now I've got the 179.28 video driver, the others i've tried are similar..

Are these typical results? If I'm underperforming, what should I look at for improvements?..

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Dell :: 3dmark06 Score

Jul 30, 2007

my 3dmark06 score was 5321 is this any good? my setup is

t2300 1.66
7900gs bios flashed with gtx 600/800
1g kingston ram
100gb 7200rpm hd

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Dell :: Low 3dmark06 Score

Feb 16, 2010

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: t8500
Video Card: 8600m gt
Ram: 4 gigs
Notebook: Vostro 1500

3dmark06 score: 2300.

I'm pretty sure this is abnormal, what do you guys think is the issue? I tried several drivers: some 19x.xx drivers and some 18x.xx drivers, of which I'm currently using 185.85 dox. The speeds are all around 2200-2400. Default settings used in 3dmark06.

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Dell :: M1730 3dmark06

May 3, 2009

3dmark06(default setting):
SM2.0 score: 4334
HDR/SM3.0: 5605
CPU Score: 2111
Total: 10326

spec of my m1730:
OS: Vista Home Premium SP1 32bit
CPU: T8300@2.4Ghz
ram: 4GB@667Mhz
Graphic card: Dual GeForce 9800GT SLI (Driver version - 179.24)
DirectX 10.0
HD: 320GB@7200rpm

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Dell :: My M1710 3Dmark06

Dec 19, 2007

I'm curious as to how my M1710 is benching against others.


Core2Duo T7600 @ 2.3gz
4gb Mushkin PC2-5300
Hitachi 7200rpm 200gb
7950 GTX @ 615/700 v1.32
169.04 Drivers

3Dmark06 = 5734

Kind of wondering how much farther to push the card.

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Dell :: XPS M1730 3dMark06 Scores

Oct 10, 2007

Here is my latest score. This score is different from my first as my first run involved me goofin up driver crap and not having physics card installed.... Not that the card matter, but the scores are different.

My first test was 6506 (sorry I dont have a pic)

Here is my score with plain dell drivers, no overclock, just plain old sli 8700's...

Theres not a doubt in my mind with different drivers and over clock ability, that the 8700m GT sli is not a bad vid card.... People have been stating theyve got pretty good game performace... Best part is, the upgrade for the 1730 can only get better! ehehe

I must be dumb, but if anyone comes across other 8700m GT drivers that can do SLi, I would really like to try them

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Dell :: Only Getting 2963 3dmark06 Marks

May 13, 2008

I have a Inspiron E1705
GO 7900 GS graphics card
Intel Core 2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz
Vista 32 bit

Ok so here is the deal, I can't overclock my card with atitool...I try running it as administrator, everything, and it wont run properly for me. Anyways can you give me some ideas to improve this free? Or help with Atitool.

After fooling around with various websites and downloading multiple versions. I got it to work....i got the core overclocked to 570...and every time i click the (+) button to up the memory, my computer freezes for maybey 2 seconds tops, and it doesnt budge at all.....

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Dell :: Studio 14z 3dmark06 Performance?

Jun 29, 2009

I am looking at getting the Studio 14z at bestbuy tomorrow, its a pretty good deal for me since i dont need the upgraded screen and everything else is exactly what i wanted for a cheaper price.

Anyways I want he 3dmark06 performance numbers just to make sure it scores around 2000 like the xps 13 does with just the 9400.

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Dell :: 3308 3DMark06 XPS 1640

Aug 21, 2009

This laptop is almost brand new (a replacement for my earlier XPS 16 which has dead pixels).

P8700 2.53 Ghz

My earlier XPS 16 got 6500 3DMarks whereas this laptop of the same configuration only gets 3308 3DMarks.

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Dell :: 1730 Vs 1530 3dmark06 Tests

Jul 8, 2008

1730 (xpp_T8300_8700M GT) vs 1530 (xpp_T8300_8600M GT).

1530 reverted to xpp by Dell Tech Support ($40 Vista Ult option).

No overclocking. Dell drivers.

3dmark06 (Futuremark):
......................1730 1530
3dmark06 score...4973 4710
SM 2.0 score......21061935
SM 3.0 score......18261740
CPU score.........21322199

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Dell :: XPS 1730 880M SLI = 3dMark06 Of 8700

Jun 4, 2008

I reloaded my XPS finally (got tired of the dell build). I used the instructions from this forum. And the drivers. I used Vista Ult wSP1 builtin. I used LV2G driver 175.8 which got decent reviews on their site. SP1 apparantly includes the sli patch as it said I didnt need it when I tried to apply it.

Ran 3DMark. and got under 9K?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Temperature After Running 3DMark06

Nov 30, 2008

I don't know if this is normal or not. I don't use this laptop for gaming so i wouldn't know how high the temperature reach but i gave 3Dmark06 a try to see how my computer did. Here are the results.

Is my score and temperature normal?

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Dell :: 3dMark06 Scoresfor The Studio XPS 1640

Sep 15, 2009

If we could use a resolution everyone has avaible it will make it easier for us to compare!

You could also post what drivers/operating system you are using.

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Dell :: 3Dmark06 Performance SXPS16 With 3670

Aug 26, 2009

last night I ran 3Dmark06 on my SXPS16 with 3670 GPU, and I was surprised by the way it ran (in a negative way).

The machine is all standard Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit as it will be replaced by a similar machine with 4670 GPU. Specs are as displayed below (only with the 3670 GPU instead of the 4670) .....

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Low Score 3dmark06 = 2042

Nov 20, 2008

I`ve just got XPS 1530 with 8600gt 4gb ram and ssd 128gb 3dmark gives mi 2134points? Verry odd. I am testing it through VNC remotele but I doubt that it slows it so much. BTW Ihad problems runing 3dmar06 i gave me an error about dx9. Counter Strike gives me 83 fps on stress test I added -dx9 to the shortcut of 3dmark06.exe to be able to run the test

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Acer :: 6920g 3dmark06

Feb 8, 2010

acer 6920g owners

what are your 3dmark06 scores?

what are your specs?

whitout throttlestop running?

whit throttlestop running?

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Acer :: 8930 3dmark06 Scores

Oct 8, 2008

When I first purchased my 8930 I ran a 3dmark06 test and got a score of around 5500.
I upgraded the 9600m GT graphics card with the new driver from
179.13 Vista 32bit

It seem to install ok. When I ran 3dmark06 I only got a score of around 2500.

I then tried a fresh install of my system and I'm still getting the low scores.

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Dell :: Which Bag For The M6400?

Nov 22, 2008

i'm waiting for the M6400 I ordered. I didn't choose any of the Dell bags cause I wanted to get it myself.

So here's the question. Which bag to choose - especially regarding the big power supply.
I already did a search:

Targus - Atmosphere ....

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Dell :: If You Like Your M6400 Please Tell Me..!!

Apr 16, 2009

I guess I'm about to get a mobile workstation. I already got an M90 it is great. Only one dead/stuck pixel and the front panel silver button paint came off in a few month of usage.

But I love it. So I am thinking of getting an M6400. Can you back me up on this one..?? Please if you own one tell me the pros and cons.. Have you noticed any Dead/stuck pixels.

What about built quality, feel, comfort, performance, heat, cooling, fan noise, screen quality ( thinking of LEG or RGB LED)..

Any creeking noise while opening the lid or holding or working on the laptop?? Any thing you can tell me about this beast of a machine will be a great help for me indeed

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Dell :: M6400 Lcd

Sep 26, 2008

im about to buy my first laptop and just some things a want to clear out.

Whats the diffrent between a CCFL LCD and a RGB and E2E Silver LCD Panel?

And the diffrent between a LCD Back Cover : Silver with CCFL

LCD Back Cover : Silver with Regural LED?

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Dell :: My M6400

Oct 23, 2008

my M6400 is here - just wanted to post some first impressions.

X9100 - 3.06ghz
Quadro 3700M
1440x900 WXGA+
Wireless 5300
Bluetooth 370
DVD+RW slot load
Silver Color
Backlit keyboard
2x 80GB 5400rpm drives

2 Intel X25-M 80GB SSD drives will be replacing those 80GB's.

First - my first thoughts are that this system is Fantastic!

The screen is great - its an LG, fantastic colors, no dead pixels. Typical viewing angles for non LED screen, not great, but not noticeably bad either.

No noticeable bleeding, no graininess - very happy with the screen.

Ran 3Dmark 06 (1280x800, stock drivers) - 11,619

GPU temp was around 80 C - not bad at all.

So far, very happy. Putting the SSD ddrives in now - will post more thoughts as I do more. Will post pics ASAP.

Update 1: 2 80GB SSDs are in place - this has Intel's Matrix Storage which allows the creation of one RAID1 volume (which I will use for valuable data) and a RAID0 volume for the rest of the space - this is very nice - get the benefits of both types of RAID in one system!

Update 2: The power brick is completely absurd. Its HUGE - 210W. The good news is that I plugged in a 130W from a M4400 and although I get the popup about the AC adapter not being at least 150W, it does charge the battery and allow the system to run. To me, this is an acceptable alternative to lugging around the giant brick, at least for most things on the road - Later on, I will test the system with this adapter and see what kind of slowdown is caused.


RAID Setup:

Next to a M4400 (that I believe I'll be returning very shortly):

Next to an older E1705 - these are virtually the exact same size - its astounding what new tech can cram into the same space

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Dell :: RGB LED For M6400

Oct 7, 2008

does anybody know when M6400 will be available with LED option?

I read - in some post - that the LED displays have quality issues.

if I order the notebook now (with CCFL option) can I upgrade to LED afterwards?

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Dell :: Dead M6400

May 27, 2009

Whilst working away at my desk, M6400 docked it just powered down.

Pressing the power button causes it (the power button) to light briefly and then go out. Pressing FN+Power (as requested by Dell Tech) does nothing at all.

I've tried it with another PSU (I got 2, one with M6400, other with docking station) - and if you plug the PSU in, and then hit power on the laptop - the blue light on the PSU goes out - and doesn't come back on till the power is cycled. The M6400 does nothing during all of this.

The PSUs work just fine with my D820.

Dell techs are coming tomorrow to fix it. I'll let you know what they say!

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Dell :: M6400 And Windows 7

Feb 21, 2009

Any experience installing Windows 7 x64 with the Precision M6400..

the Vista x64 drivers will work on Windows 7 x64 ?, it's faster or better..

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Dell :: Ok To Install XP On M6400?

Jun 14, 2009

I've just bought a refurbished M6400. It comes with no preinstalled OS. I have a dell install disk for Windows XP SP2. Is it ok to install this on my M6400? I will then update to SP3 over the web.

I guess i will also need to install drivers for the graphics card, etc etc.

Please let me know if you have any advice and pitfalls to watch out for.

I'm also considering adding a second hard drive. What drive specification do i need?

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Dell :: M6400 Covet64bit?

Mar 10, 2009

I recently noticed that you can not configure a 64bit covet any more, which results in not being able to configure more than 4GB Ram. Also, the covet has only a few specified configurations that are allowed.

Is there an issue with the 64bit? Anyone know why Dell removed the 64bit options?

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Dell :: Can The M6400 Support 5GB Of Ram ?

Mar 2, 2009

In 1Gb+2x2GB config ?

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