Dell :: Are These SXPS16 Temps Normal?

Aug 21, 2009

This is at idle (although it is about 85 degrees F and humid at my house). But this is with a Antec cooling pad with my SXPS16 on an angle.

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Dell :: Normal Temps For 1730?

May 28, 2009

I just got my 1730 today and it's quite awesome.

However upon downloading hwmonitor, it seems my temps usually hover around mid 60s and go to 75s quite often making the fans come on. Is this normal?

And I live in the bay area pretty close to San Francisco, so the weather here is usually pretty cool

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Normal And Max Temps? (CPU / GPU)

Mar 11, 2009

I've been fighting this M1330 for a while, and had the motherboard replaced once already to "fix" the GPU issue.

But I'm still worried about temps.

Sitting flat on a coffee table (not blocking the vents or anything) and playing Fear 2 demo

the laptop just shut down (presumably due to high temperatures) after only 5-10 minutes.

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Acer :: Are These Temps Normal For Ferrari One 200

Apr 1, 2010

i have already re seat my heatsink and replace the stock TIM with a better thermal paste which is the OCZ Freeze.

now i cant seem to remember and i also forgot to record thru OCCT the idle temps of the cpu at stock 1.2ghz clock.

i am wondering if it is normal if my idle temp now after my replacement of the stock TIM and reseating are ranging from 39 celsius up to 45 celsius while its load/slight apps would get these temps to 50 celsius going up to 54 celsius.

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HP/Compaq :: Are This Temps Look Normal At All With DV9000

Sep 17, 2009

i got into reading about copper mod and from that thread i was pointed in the direction of undervolting thread.... well i decided to try it out

i read like the 1st 15 pages or so and decided to give it a try... downloaded orthos and HWmonitor, did a 100% cpu load for 20 minutes to find my max temp at load and i had 69*C highest on my core#1 (core#0 always seems to be cooler by 2-4*C almost all the time

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Dell :: Sxps16 Gps

Jun 24, 2009

The SXPS16 I received today has a WWAN and in the dell connection manager it lists Mobile Broadband and GPS..

Why don't Dell advertise that if you have WWAN it also give you GPS.

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Dell :: New SXPS16

Sep 17, 2009

just got my SXPS 16 today.So what should I do now ? Update all the windows update ? or register for Windows 7 ?

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Dell :: SXPS16, Latter Models Not So Hot?

Sep 29, 2009

I'm wondering if I am the only one, but I had 2 SXPS16, an original and a replacement,

both were shipped with A08 bios, both seemed pretty hot to the touch like everyone talked about (still not unbearable, just a little uncomfortable) but this new one that was shipped with A10 bios seems way more manageable,

so manageable i don't even think about heat anymore, in fact it has been on my lap for the past hour and a half and no more hot than my 3 year old toshiba

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Dell :: SXPS16 BR Writer

Apr 7, 2009

Is there any way to configure the SXPS16 to have a BR writer? The most I see on Dell's website is just a BR reader.

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Dell :: New SXPS16, Critique

May 20, 2009

My notebook will arrive tomorrow and I plan to do a Clean install of vista, just want to make sure I have covered all my bases, so if there is anything I am missing please let me know.

So, I plan to do a clean install on my 1640, upon its arrival. I hope you guys will critique me incase i am doing anything wrong! Thanks!!

Couple questions I have are-
I must install the AHCI intel matrix driver when I re-install windows vista right? Anyone know where I can find the link? I'm having a hard time finding it.

Will mostly all the drivers be located on the driver disk .....

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Dell :: P8700 In SXPS16

Jul 9, 2009

Just read some info online that the P8700 can run Windows 64 bit but is not built on a 64 bit architecture! Is this true b/c if so, I will switch my SXPS config to the T9550.

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Dell :: SXPS16 WLED

Aug 21, 2009

Ok so my screen is faulty. The colors are messed up (Windows folders are green, snow is blue, etc). Dell (India) is being stupid is having trouble verifying my problem.

So I need your help to prove the them (or maybe to me) that I am telling the truth (or am totally crazy).

Here is a link to a picture.

It is my current background on my SXPS16, M1530, and PS3/Samsung HDTV. On both the M1530 and Samsung the rocky part in the bottom right is a definitive blue (with the slightest bit of red). On the my SXPS16 it is a definitive purple. As seen in these screen grabs below (hopefully)...





Now obviously viewing on my SXPS16 and M1530 every picture looks about the same. My question to you is this, on your SXPS16 (WLED 1080p) is the SXPS mountain picture purple-ish or something else and is the M1530 picture bluer? Are the folders in the SXPS folders picture green and faded or something else and are the folders in the M1530 folder picture more manila colored?

It is my understanding that the windows folders are manila colored like real manila folders... I could be wrong and they could naturally have a green tint but that seems unlikely.

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Dell :: SXPS16 Right Laptop For Me?

Apr 6, 2009

I have been shopping around on the internet for the last week looking for a new laptop, and I think the SXPS16 may be perfect.

The configuration I am looking at is basically the base config, without the RGBLED display, but with the ATI card.

I used to own an m1330, that I really loved except the screen was a bit small and I always felt like I was going to break the laptop.

Something about the size - although I left it in my backpack and it never broke, I was always nervous about destroying it

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Apple :: Windows 7 Temps Vs Windows Vista Temps

Jan 26, 2009

i set up this thread to compare the temps between windows 7 and windows vista. i googled for it but there's no comparison chart. please feel free to contribute.

windows vista:

idle: 62-65
under load: 77-85

windows 7:

idle: 55-60
under load: 70-80

i see that windows 7 runs noticeably cooler than windows vista. Please post your details so that other users can have an idea about what to choose if they decide to bootcamp windows.

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Dell :: SXPS16 I5-540m Or I7-820qm?

Feb 11, 2010

With the i5, you can get the RGBLED screen.

With the i7, you get the 15.6" WLED FHD screen.

I need to pull the trigger within days. So which is better? Which will run cooler? Which will have better battery life? Which will be faster?

I do a lot of 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis. Either will be spec'd with 8GB of RAM and the 256GB SSD.

Which one should I get? The cost difference is marginal. Will I regret not getting the i7? Will I regret not getting the RGBLED screen?

And why does not allow me to build an i7 computer with a Blu-Ray drive (says there is an OS conflict)?

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Dell :: Any Good Discounts On The SXPS16?

Jul 30, 2009

If you click on the dell "laptops and mini's" section and then click on the "25% of Dell SXPS systems" link you will come to this page.

I was able to build all this for just $1265

Obsidian Black High Gloss Finish
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P8700 (3MB cache/2.53GHz/1066Mhz FSB)

Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition SP1, 64-bit

Microsoft® Works 9

2 yr In-home Service after remote diagnosis + Complete Care

Edge-to-Edge FHD Widescreen 15.6 inch WLED LCD (1920x1080) W/2.0 MP

4GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1067MHz (2 Dimms) .....

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Dell :: Cooling The Sxps16 SouthBridge?

Jul 14, 2009

by what i read about the critical heating in the sxps16, i see that the problem is caused by the SB..

So.. anyone tried to cooling that component? Only with cooling pad? can't do a heatsink maybe linked to the heatpipe?

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Dell :: Hinge And Warranty (SXPS16)

Apr 10, 2009

my 1640 has a bit of a loose left hinge. I've read that a few others have had this problem as well. It's more of an aesthetic thing than functional, but it's worn on me, and I want to know if it's something I should be concerned about.

So, I set about contacting Dell via email. Turns out, my hardware support warranty has expired. Now, this is interesting, because I ordered it on 3/22/09, and received it 4/2/09. I have 353 days left of next-day business service, and 353 days of Premium XPS Technical Support (if that's what the P stands for on the warranty status).

I can't figure out how to contact this XPS Technical support...and, according to the website, I couldn't unless I ponied up some cash, anyway.

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Dell :: SXPS16 With 9 Cell Battery Installed

Nov 8, 2009

Can anybody post me a picture with the 9 cell battery installed? I found one picture but it doesn't really show how it looks all together from a distance Is there anyone willing to shoot some pics of it for me ......

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Dell :: SXPS16 Screen Color (WLED)

Aug 19, 2009

I got my Dell SXPS16 (1080p WLED screen) the other day and well I like it but there is something that I do not like, the screens color is WAY off. I have tried messing with the ATI catalyst thing and the control panel color adjustment thing and neither seems to fully fix the problem. I have checked other screens and my old M1530 for accuracy and the SXPS is off.

To give you and example of how the color is messed up the various links on notbookreview have a purple tint and are not the usual blue. The folders (a la my documents, sub folders etc), are quite green and faded as oppose to the normal tan color.

I reduced the gama in control panel but which makes the "purple link" appear a little bit more blue but the folders are still green.

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Dell :: New SXPS16, Media Keys Not Backlit

Sep 22, 2009

I just got my replacement SXPS16, the media keys (volume etc) all function but do not light up.

On my old laptop they lit up left to right then stayed on, that computer had bios A08, this one has A10 and im running windows 7, even on a bios boot they do not start ever

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Dell :: 3Dmark06 Performance SXPS16 With 3670

Aug 26, 2009

last night I ran 3Dmark06 on my SXPS16 with 3670 GPU, and I was surprised by the way it ran (in a negative way).

The machine is all standard Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit as it will be replaced by a similar machine with 4670 GPU. Specs are as displayed below (only with the 3670 GPU instead of the 4670) .....

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Dell :: SXPS16 Brighter Keyboard Lights?

Mar 9, 2010

I feel like the keyboard on my SXPS13 was MUCH brighter than the keyboard on my SXPS16.

I also had an icon pop up on the RHS of the screen that told me the keyboard light level (it would pop up when changing intensity 'off', '1', and '2').

I don't have an icon pop up on the 16, and the keyboard looks much dimmer overall.

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Dell :: Beware! Display Quality On SXPS16 Not On Par With Reviews

Feb 11, 2009

However measurements conducted using a professional grade meter severe issues:Yes the colors do pop but green is widly oversaturatedMost colors have incorrect hueYes maximum luminance is very high but black levels are very poor, so the contrast remains below 580:1Color temperature is too high (greyscale suffers from a greenish tint)

Those issues cannot be solved:Calibrating the greyscale to a different color temperature (65K standard) reduces the contrast significantly. Adding some red will fix color temperature but also increase black luminance and hence reduce the contrast.The color saturation and color hue controls do not alter the green color in any significant way.

While the display may be ok for gamers who like nuclearly inaccurate colors, the display is very poor for what it is supposed to do: displaying Bluray films and other video content (after all this is a 16/9 HD media laptop)The poor black levels mean the picture looks flat and 2 dimensionalThe color inaccuracies lead to radiating grass and foliage as well as incorrect skin tones.

I am including the details of my measurements below, as well as examples of ow the color settings of the ATI Catalyst Control panel affect the readings.

Black Level: 0,48cd/m²
White Point (maximal luminance): 270cd/m²
Contrast: 560:1

Unfortunately, this is merely average, as most competing non LED panels have contrasts of 600:1 or higher. Also any good screen should have black levels below 0,3cd/m² .....

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Dell :: Black Screen After Playing Game (SXPS16) Question

Jun 17, 2009

I have a Studio XPS 1640 that I bought approximately two months ago. It was working fine until today.

I was bored and was playing Chess Titans when the screen would all of the sudden go blank.

The keyboard would not respond and I had to do a hard shutdown. I played Chess Titans again and it was working fine for a few games but all of the sudden it went to the blank, black screen again and I had to do a hard shutdown.

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Dell :: Studio Xps 13 Led Vs Normal Lcd

Aug 16, 2009

My only question here is whether or not the LED version is noticeably thinner than the normal LCD version.

If it's not noticeably thinner, I'm not going to bother with that option. I know the LED is brighter,

but in imho, if it's not noticeably thinner, it does not warrant a $100+ premium.

edit: now I'm having second thoughts. Can someone help me pick? LED or 9500 GE? They cost about the same for an upgrade.

edit: I just ordered a refurb from outlet
dell studio xps 1340
13inch LED
2.4ghz c2d
320gb 7200rpm HD
4gb ram .....

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Dell :: CPU FSB Is At 166 But Rated At 666. Normal

Sep 16, 2007

I know this will be the bonehead question of the day, but...RAM rated at 667, runs at 333. CPU rated at 667, but runs at 166. Could someone explain how this all works?

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Dell :: XPS 1330, Slim Or Normal LCD?

Mar 23, 2008

Well i'm about to order a fully Loaded XPS 1330, but i'm confused on wether to get the Slim or the normal LCD.Which one is better?? and If I choose the normal lcd will it differ in weight?? and what's the actual weight of this laptop?

Finally, is this laptop worth the cash or shall I go for the Macbook?? I prefer the XPS due to the better video card.

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Dell :: Clicking HD. Normal Or HD Failure

Jan 16, 2009

When idle, my harddrive makes a very faint clicking noise. By "clicking", I mean the same sound it makes when it is loading something... you know, that "tik tik tik" noise.

However, when idle, it tends to make little "tik" noises every 2/3 seconds or so.

Now, according to the internet, clicking means my HD is about to die... but having looked on youtube, by clicking people mean very loud clicking, like i was turning a light switch on and off...

Now I don't know. Is "access" clicking every few seconds normal? Or should i get my hd replaced??

To clarify, the clicking i am experiencing is no louder than the clicking you hear when ur HD is accessing information. If I used HDParm and play with the settings, the clicking sounds becomes almost impossible to hear and less frequent.

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Dell :: M4400: Is This Noise Normal?

Jul 20, 2009

Is this noise normal?

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