Dell :: Bought M4400 But Tag Does Not Verify

Aug 17, 2009

New Dell M4400 user (and new to the forums!)

After giving up with the 1280 resolution on the 13" sony I had for about 2 years, I bought a M4400 2nd hand from a reputable chain of stores in the UK.

It was actually as good as new - all the plastics coverings were still present and untouched both under the laptop and on the palm rest etc. Box was present with all the books/cds sealed
They get a decent supply of Dell and other brands in from resellers/suppliers etc and having worked there in the past, I have no issues with it BUT...

The service tag does NOT validate on the Dell support site. If I type it in another country, it knows that it does not belong to that country.
When I do type it in, it basically says AMERICAS and nothing else.

No warranty information is found, when I hit contact, it basically throws back an error to say the tag was not found.

Have i got anything to worry about?

On another note, while the laptop IS brand new, there are no stickers under the laptop - is this normal on a M4400? The Vista licence sticker is present but under the battery

If It was peeled off, you would know even if it was a slight bit of residue and given that the plastic laminate is still stuck on properly without any signs of it being removed...I am 99.9% sure it never had any stickers on it.

Other than that, I love the laptop - gets a bit warm in the front but it's great otherwise!

T9600, 4GBram, 250GB drive, 15.4 UXGA dual cathode screen@ 1900 resolution etc etc etc

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Dell Studio 1555 :: How To Verify That Battery Is All Brand New

Jan 28, 2013

I have bought a Battery for my Studio 1555 so how can I verify that

1. battery is Brand new and not tampered at all.

2. And any way to register the battery for the warranty.

3. What is covered under warranty..?

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Apple :: Filesystem Verify Or Repair Error

Feb 18, 2009

i was just going to clean some stuff up with onyx and it said my hd needed too be repaired, so i started up disk utility to see exaclty and got this gnarly error message.

What should i do?

bring it too apple?

Insert the leopard disk and do a repair from there

back up my hard drive?

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HP Pavilion G6 Recovery :: Recovery Manager Failed To Verify Disk 1

Jan 23, 2013

i have hp pavilion g6 notebook pc laptop...but it does not contain recovery disk and whenever i create recovery disk from recoverry manager it failed to verify disk 1 and show the message "insert another disk " it happen again and again ...what to do....

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HP Pavilion Dv7 OS/Software :: Windows Can't Verify Publisher Of This Driver Software

Dec 17, 2014

Pavilion dv7.  Windows Vista Home
The error message that desplays at the very end of the system recovery process is "Windows cant verify the publisher of this driver software." 
I have tried clicking the "Install anyway" button, at this point, over 5 times.  The process doesn't advance and I get frustrated and shut my computer off.
I started but haven't finished the system restore process, so there is nothing usable on my computer in terms of operating system. 
What should I do?

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Dell :: Anyone In UK Bought Notebook In US?

May 5, 2010

I was wondering if there are people in the UK who have bought their Dell notebooks either from and posted to the UK OR delivered to US Address and then brought to the UK

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Dell :: Took The Plunge And Bought An M1730

Oct 13, 2008

ya so specs are:

vista ultimate 32 bit
2x 200gb 7200 drives in raid 0
slied 8800gtxs
blu ray reader/dvd burner
psyx card
sound blaster audigy software
4gigs of 667 ram in dual channel mode.
intel wirless
smoke grey
wuxga screen
3 year complete care return to depot warrenty

total 4331. CAD.

EDA nov 13th :C

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Dell :: Those Who Bought The Artic White...

Mar 17, 2010

I'm probably going to re order once I get through all the bs I have been going through with Dell (read here: The continued adventures about a boy and his laptop... .

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Dell :: Just Bought My M6400 + Question

Apr 22, 2009

I just ordered my M6400. the beast will arrive next week. here's the spec :

CPU : QX9300 (2.53ghz Quad Core).
RAM: 4GB (2 Dimms , I may add 2 more soon).
Video : Quadro FX 3700M 1GB Discrete.
Screen : 17 inch UltraSharp WUXGA (1920x1200) LCD Display
HD: 320GB 7200rpm
Integrated 2.0 MP webcam with dual digital array microphone

I've heard many horror stories about the girth of the power brick. is there a smaller/lighter power brick I can get

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Dell :: Bought 7900 No Screen

Oct 10, 2007

I bought a 7900 for my dell e1705. When i installed it, there was no screen, but the monitor turned on. I pu tthe 7800 back in and it worked. I dont know what I did wrong, please tell me asap.

Bios are fully updated, A09 (i believe)

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Dell :: How May In India Bought XPS 1645

Dec 17, 2009

I just ordered SXPS dream laptop. I was just wondering how many in India have ordered this computer? How was thier overall shipping experience? How many delays and everything.

Also how is the laptop...any issues with the new one?

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Dell :: Just Went Nuts And Bought A Sub $400 Inspiron 1525

Jan 23, 2009

this was truly an impulse buy using the 20% off coupon Dell Outlet sent me earlier in the week. This is a Scratch & Dent model that I'll likely give to my kids.
After coupon, free shipping, and tax, it was $397.

What do you think?
Inspiron 1525 Laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 (2.0GHz/800Mhz FSB/2MB cache)Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home PremiumMemory: 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz (2 DIMMs)Hard Disk Drive: 250 GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)Video: Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100Modem: 56K DataFax ModemWeb Camera: Integrated 2.0 Mega Pixel Web CameraNetwork Interface Card: Dell 1395 802.11G Wireless Mini Card6 Cell Primary BatteryLaptop Screen: 15.4 WXGA Laptop Screen Display with TrueLifeMedia Bay: 8X DVD +/- RW w/dbl layer write capabilitySystem ColorJet Black

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Dell :: First Time Poster Just Bought XPS 1640

Feb 20, 2009

Just wanted to say i really like the community for all its info that i have been able to find before buying my new XPS 1640 its still in the BOXING stage but i am very excited about its shipping.

This i my 1st dell , but my wife has a 1720 which is nice. I got the following specs:

XPS 1640
Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz/1066Mhz FSB/3M L2 Cache)
16.0 inch Wide Screen 16:9 1080p FullHD RGBLED LCD W/2.0 MP
ATI Mobility RADEON HD 3670 - 512MB
320GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista with SP1 Home Premium Edition 64-bit
Intel 5100 Wireless-N
Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth .....

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Dell :: Inpiron 1764Review (bought At BestBuy)

Feb 28, 2010

After spending months, I finally talked the woman into buying a laptop. I am a decent power user, use Macs,

Windows and Linux. First computer (Atari 800) had a cassette tape as storage. I've used DOS, Windows 3.1, Win 95, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. I build my own desktops, and have since they ran at 266MHz. My first Mac was a 7100/66. Yes, that's 66MHz, lol.

As you can well imagine, it was my azz on the line for anything that did not pan out. I really had to make sure we got her what SHE wanted and not what I wanted.

First, I have to review the online shopping experience. Pretty awful. The HP website is a pure train wreck. I hated the website enough that I could not bring myself to even consider an HP. One major manufacturer down .....

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Dell :: Anyone Regret Buying A XPS 16 Or Wish They Bought Macbook Pro Instead?

Mar 1, 2010

Just curious

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Dell :: Bought 1540 And Tried To Re-install Vista

Mar 22, 2009

well, before i re-installed windows, my graphics and gaming graphics were at 3.8+ but now it's at 1

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Dell :: Bought Bluetooth 365 For Mini 1012

Apr 8, 2010

I am having trouble using the Wireless 365 BlueTooth card. I bought it from Ebay. I installed it fine.

I downloaded the driver R226746 from Dell and that installed fine as well. But I cannot open the bluetooth settings and when I try to add any devices to computer, it just stays searching and does not find any of my devices

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Dell :: Bought A Inspiron 1720 (w/ HD), Where Is My 2nd HD Caddy

Dec 23, 2007

Bought a Inspiron 1720 (w/ HD), where is my 2nd HD caddy?.. So bad Dell doesn't send with the 2nd HD ready to use, bahh.... does anybody want to sell me one?

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Dell :: Exporting Newly Bought Studio 1555 Outside The US

Jul 30, 2009

I recently processed my custom studio 15 from the Dell US site the other day and since Dell USA does not ship outside of the US I decided to have it delivered to my sister in California...

from there I'll have it brought here in the Philippines when someone goes home.

My concern is: During the processing of my order I did not tick the option " I WILL EXPORT THIS OUTSIDE of the US".

Is there any difference if I did? I mean, will my order come with a permit to export or something if I did choose that option? Apparently I cannot reverse that. I'm not really familiar with US Customs or if they would allow new and boxed laptop to be exported out from the country.

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Dell :: Bought Xps Keyboard (expected Silver) Got Grey. Wtf

Oct 7, 2007

I just ordered an XPS "Geniuine Keyboard" m1710, and it came and it isn't silver whats up with that?

My buds m1710 is silver. mine is gey.

did they change the part #?

what is the part # for the silver one?

and where could I get one .

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Dell :: 9 Cell Battery For The M1530 ... Bought From Ebay

Oct 26, 2009

so today I took the plunge of buying a 9 cell battery for my m1530 in ebay it was a 7200mah/85mWH. I was wondering if anyone bought this battery here before and if its any good?

i looked at genuine dell batteries and its out of my budget...and my 6 cell can only hold an hour of charge after 1 and a Half year of use.

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Apple :: Bought 2 New SSD'- Which To Use For New Macbook Pro

May 18, 2010

I recently bought a new Lenovo X201s and am getting a new Macbook pro 13" this week. I had ordered 2 new SSD's this week. I got a new Intel 160GB G2 SSD and a new Vertex 2 SSD 100GB. Which one would be better to use in in the Macbook Pro and which one would be better to use in the X201s?

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Dell :: Bought Studio 1537 Motherboard And Replaced 1536

Apr 6, 2010

I have a 1536 that I thought had a dead motherboard. I bought a 1537 motherboard, T9600 CPU & a CPU fan & heatsink. Finally all the parts showed up & I got it installed. Unfortunatly all this new hardware & still same problem. When you turn it on the media lights flash on & then off & the DVD drive makes some noise. The display doesn't turn on & no HDD activity. I know the 4G of DDR2 is good & the HDD is good as I tested them in another laptop. Any help would be helpful. I would think that I would get some HDD activity ( noise & HDD light ) if the display was dead.

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Dell :: Bought Refurb Studio XPS 13 With CCFL. How Much Worse Is It Compared To LED?

Dec 6, 2009

I have an M1330 with LED and love the display. I came across such a good deal for a refurb Studio XPS 13 that i could not pass it up - (P8800, 4GB, 500GB 7200rpm, 512MB N10M-GS,

Wireless 1510, Bluetooth 370 for $875 shipped). Only problem is that it has a CCFL screen instead of LED.

Will the difference be really noticeable? Am i going to regret it?

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Acer :: Just Bought An 5735-4624 And Want To Put XP On It

Oct 6, 2008

I just bought a new Acer 5735-4624 aspire model. It comes with Vista and of course I'm looking to move back to Xp. Only thing is I cant find any support drivers anywhere. Even on the Acer site--the friggin model is not even listed. I know it's new and all---but!

I have an e-mail in to Acer support but I already know about their famous support woes.

Anyone have an idea so I can move to little ol' XP?

Any drivers perhaps from other models that might be compatiable?

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HP/Compaq :: Installing Store Bought XP Onmachines

Feb 4, 2009

My HP recovery discs got corrupted. I read around about making new set by moving/renaming HPCD.sys and it didn't work. I contacted HP to get new set of discs and they want to me charge equivalent to USD50. I am in no mood to pay them this much sum.

A friend of mine has a store bought XP CD and I have trial version of XP. I was wondering if I install using any of these CDs and use XP key that my HP machine came with, will it fly? Has anyone tried it? Whats the result?

Plus, I must mention that my HP came with Swedish OS and the discs I have are English OS.

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Acer :: How To Install Xp On Laptop, Bought A New Laptop But Unable To Install Xp O

Oct 2, 2007

I have bought acer laptop.
1. This is Extensa 6702ZNWLMi
2. Intel Pentium M processor 735A
3. DVD-Dual double layer

Now when i press the power button it start and after some processing shows the following:
Linpus Linux Basic Edition v9.2 b060419c
[root@ localhost /]#

Now i dont understand this command [root@ localhost /]# and after this command cursor is blinking to write some thing.

I also dont know that how to launch that window in which i can change the boot priority. In my pc that i use in home i press del after starting my computer and a window comes where i change my boot priority and then boot from cd windows xp and install it. But in this case i dont know how to install xp. and my next question is that can i play cd in DVD-Dual double layer.

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Dell :: M4400 AS5

Nov 18, 2008

First take the battery out and remove the bottom part like so.

Then you have to take the fan off there are 3 screws to take out and unplug the fan connector.

After you take out the CPU heat sink "there is 4 screws".

Then the Video card heat sink 3 screws.

Once that is done I took the CPU out you don't have to take it out I just wanted to see it. You do have to take out all the extra thermal past from DELL from the CPU and GPU and the 2 heat sink like so.

I use a plastic card and paper towel to remove the extra paste and it workes grate.

Now for the AS5 put on each of the components you just clean as in the CPU and GPU and the 2 heat sink like so.

same go's for the CPU and GPU then jsut use a falt plastic card I just use a master card but any thing similer will do to even out the SA5 like don't try to get it all nice and flat just make sure it covers all the surface of contact of the CPU GPU and heatsink and you should be good, it soule look like that now.

Now just re insert the GPU heat sink and tight the 3 screws back.

After it's the CPU heatsink and it's 4 screws like so.

Now the fan 3 screws and one connoctor.

Close it all up and boot Hope it helps some of you.

Mine was 55 and idle and now 49/50.

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Dell :: 25W Vs 35W CPU On M4400?

May 20, 2009

Considering that this is a "heavy duty" notebook, how much would a 25W processor (e.g., P9600) increase battery life and decrease heat? In my experience, the difference has been very little for relatively similar notebooks.

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Dell :: Considering A M4400

Jun 28, 2009

I am considering buying a Precision M4400 but I've read about various audio problems, even with the audio outputs .....

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