Dell :: Cleaning The Fans On A M1730

Apr 5, 2009

I was convinced that i had some background program running that was using too many resources, or some anti virus running , so i basically disabled everything that could be causing my fps to drop and still the problems continued.

I had the laptop on my lap the other day and noticed that it was unusually hot, i installed Speedfan and it gave me an idle temperature of

80c for both GPUS (8800s)

This seems to be rather high and im keen to find out if my fans are blocked or not and this could be causing my fps problems.

I have never used compressed air on my computer because im worried about just blowing the dust further inside the computer .....

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Dell :: NEW M1730 GPU Fans Not Spinning?

May 25, 2009

I got a XPS M1730 with Dual 9800GT.
It is a great computer and I love it.
However, When I run HWmonitor, I get 73-76F at idle. And It has been running very hot..

I had this laptop for about a week and it's always like that.
So, I looked underneath the laptop and seems like the two GPU fans are not spinning at all.

Is this normal or something wrong with my unit?
Do I have to open it up and check the fan cable? Or is it something wrong with the bios? Only thing I did to this laptop is update the driver to nvidia's 185.85
Back of the laptop is so hot that I can't touch it with my hand..

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Dell :: Cleaning The XPS 16?

Mar 7, 2010

I just received this lovely beast and yes, it's true...

Most definitely a finger print, and every other print magnet!

Can you please share some good ways to clean this machine, including the keys, the palm rests and the RGBLED screen?

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Dell :: Cleaning My 1720

Feb 11, 2009

My laptop doesnt over heat or anything but I have had this dell inspiron 1720 for over a year now and I really would like to clean out the fans/vents.

I read people's posts and they make it sound so easy to do. Well i flipped my laptop over and i look near the vents. There are no screws near the vent.

I also checked my manual and it does not show you how to get to the fan without taking the complete laptop apart. Is the 1720 really this hard to get to the fan or am i overlooking something?

I really don't feel like taking the screen off and then the keyboard just to get the fan.

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Dell :: 1400 Fan Cleaning

Jan 18, 2009

i'm a noob at this so i need some help, my vostro 1400's fan would always make these noise that sounds like something is stuck in the fan and i think its because of the collection of dust....

so i need help to clean it but the bottom of the laptop has sooooooo many screws that i dnt even know which ones are the ones to open the whole laptop

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Dell :: [WTA] Cleaning The XPS M1530

Dec 15, 2008

i've been using this laptop for like a year, and i kinda used it unnormaly (dirty), so my question is how do you clean the metal surface and crums underneath the keyboard, is there a way to take off the keyboard?

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Dell :: Cleaning The M1530

Dec 1, 2008

I'm looking to clean my laptop, and was wondering how to clean some of the dust and other things that have gotten into the audio holes in the area directly above the power button, media controls, and XPS | M1530 sign. Can I somehow take it out and clean it without breaking the cover?

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Dell :: Cleaning My Studio 15

Sep 19, 2009

I have the studio 1555 and I was just wondering is there anyway to clean it as I am noticing the lid attracts fingerprints quite easily

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Dell :: How Many Fans

Aug 11, 2009

I have a speedfan program running and im trying to figure how many fans my M1530 should be running? it only shows Fan1 running

and does anyone know what the average temp your comp should be running at, while running basic programs like foxfire....

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Dell :: USB Fans?

Mar 4, 2009

I have a Studio 15, and I have a USB laptop fan made by Rocketfish, that one of my friends gave to me. I wanted to know if anyone here thought using a fan would be a good idea with a laptop...

is it really THAT much more beneficial? If I have my laptop just sittting on the desk plain and simple.

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Dell :: Cleaning A Notbook With A Vacuum?

Jul 4, 2008

I was looking for ways to clean my aging Dell 1710 and I came across a blog on the Dell site The person says that it is better to use a vacuum instead of compressed air to clean the heatsink and fan. I though everyone used compressed air, first time heard of sucking out dirt and dust.

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Dell :: E6400 Screen Cleaning

Jan 21, 2009

I ordered a certified refurb and the machine is great except the former owner attempted to clean the screen and left tracks all over it.

I've searched for the best method to clean the screen and the consensus seems to be using a 50% isopropyl alcohol solution onto a lint free microfiber or soft cloth and to go in small circular or one way motions.

Anyone have great success cleaning their screens with minimal smudging? Does this warrant contacting dell to get the screen replaced?

the smudge tracks are significant when the screen is off but otherwise when using the machine they are not noticeable. Otherwise no dead pixels and no other problems.

I'd like to clean the screen if I can, I've been meaning to clean my d820 anyway, I havent' cleaned that screen sine I've gotten it.

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Dell :: Cleaning XPS 1330 Faceplate

Jan 16, 2009

The 1330's faceplate [above the keyboard] attracts a lot of dust. How do you guys clean it? Sometimes, I find it hard to get it between the holes.

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Dell :: Cleaning The Vents Of XPS 1530

Dec 1, 2009

I think its time i gave everything a quick clean.

What is the best method?

Compressed air?

Do you take the back off and clean down the fans etc or does this void the warranty?

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Dell :: New M6400 And Case Cleaning

Jan 28, 2009

I removed a label from the palm rest of my M6400. Unfourtunately it left behind a sticky residue. In my defense it was the "regulatory information is under the battery" sticker and I am pretty sure it is supposed to be easy to remove.

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Dell :: Who Is Using Cooling Pad, With Fans For Their XPS ?

Mar 8, 2009

I'm now very happy owner of a cooling pad with fans. My temps are :

CPU : 29 degrees
GPU : 40 degrees
HDD : 27 degrees

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Dell :: New Laptop Fans = Quieter

Sep 12, 2007

So I've had my XPS Gen 2 which I've taken good care of for about 3 years now. Lately, I've been paying a bit more attention to my fan noise. It seems louder than when I first got the laptop, could be just me. And I know it can't be the infamous core2duo motherboard problem that the new laptops have since this is a 2.26 Pentium M.

So I'm wondering if replacing the two fans with brand new ones would minimize the fan noise and maybe even help with cooling (not that the current ones aren't doing their jobs). What do you guys think? And if you do suggest that buying new fans will solve noise problems or lessen noise problems, what is the part number? Or, is there a good alternative to buy the fans? (Ebay is a bit shaky since you get cheap imitations sometimes, but hey, it could work.)

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Fans Turning On A Lot

Sep 7, 2009

My m1330 fans have recently been turning themselves on a LOT - even when the computer is still cold and I'm not doing anything except browsing. It never used to do this... however I did have the motherboard replaced (under warranty - the old one died) and I could be mistaken but I've only noticed it after that.

It has been summer so I can understand it partly, but even today for example I just turned it on, printed a page out of a PDF and on went the fans - it hadn't even been on for 5 minutes before they started up. I've got a 9 cell battery in so it even has good ventilation .....

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Dell :: M1530 Fans And Windows 7

Aug 15, 2009

Does anyone else running Windows 7 experiencing slower fans? My laptop is getting hotter, which is alarming.

The BIOS with A12 should not have been affected during the change and I have the Dell OEM for Windows 7...drivers work fine, but just in case I'm asking here.

I also got a compatibility error when I tried to install the nvidia driver for my 8400GS with Windows 7 64-bit

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Dell :: Cleaning Ultra-Sharp WUXGA Screen

Apr 6, 2008

What do you use to clean your screens with? I have grubby little fingerprints ALL over mine, and it is especially annoying on black screens in movies/games and such.

I almost bought a pack of normal "LCD Cleaning Wipes" but then I noticed it had Alcohol in it and shyed away from it. Why? I'm assuming that Alcohol would hurt the sensitive gloss finish on the screen, but my assumption could be wrong (and hopefully it is, would be much simpler to use those wipes). I also tried just using a dry wash cloth and just gently rubbing the prints off, but it only smeared them, and I'm afraid I'll damage the screen if I push any harder than I already am. Using a wet wash cloth seemed to have no effect either.

So how about it? What method do YOU use, and find best, to clean your screens?

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Dell :: Aftermarket Laptop Fans For M1710?

Jan 1, 2009

I originally bought my XPS with the 7900 GTX but after having memory parity errors constantly happen after a year of ownership, Dell Support replaced my memory 4-5 times (errors in memtest86 on all new replacement ram.

After finally getting a good set of refurbished ram, the problems continued to happen. So after another call with tech support, they decided to replace my motherboard.

The motherboard was replaced and the problems still continued to happen. Eventually I realised it was the video card so we got that replaced (Luckily they upgraded me to 7950 GTX) and the problems went away.

Ok, so now 3-4 years of ownership and the problem occassionally happens when I play intensive games again...

My 3 year warrenty has ended so I don't exactly want to buy another video card.

I have the Notepal laptop cooler with aftermarket higher CFM fans then what came with the unit and if I turn that on when playing games it doesn't happen but sometimes I forget and parity error.

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Dell :: [?]E1705 : How To Control Fans In Windows 7

Aug 1, 2009

I was using I8KFanGui for a long long time to control the fans and it was doing a fine job. But it sort of stopped working after I installed Windows 7 RC2 as it can only force both the fans to run at high speed.

The manual option to run the fans at low speed at all times and automatic settings don't work anymore.

I tried speedfan too but the option to turn on Dell settings is not working either. The fans turn on only after the CPU goes above 65C or so.

So, wondering if anyone else using Win7 on this laptop and able to control the fans. BTW, there are absolutely no other problems and it runs smoother than the XP days .....

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Dell :: Fn + Z Combination Somehow Stops And Restarts The Fans

Jun 27, 2008

I don't know if this is something I did or that came part of the bios in the m1710, but I have the A03 bios and I had just installed and uninstalled I8kfangui , then, after I had rebooted and tried to clean out as much as I could, I was pretty exhausted and laid my head on the keyboard. I noticed the fans stopped then came back on. I did this a couple times before figuring out that this fn + z combination somehow stops and restarts the fans, even at gaming temps. sooooo, I'm wondering, is this by chance screwing up my normal fan control, my temps, etc? Did I do something to cause this? Is it normal? or did I8kfangui do it, and why can't I get rid of it.

Another note, it doesn't work right when I boot up, only after windows is running for a couple minutes.

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Dell :: M1710 Still Overheating...Fans Not Running

Dec 15, 2007

After recent, abrupt overheating issues with my xps m1710 I followed a guide here to clean dust out from my heatsync. There was indeed a lot of dust blocking the fans and I removed all of it. After putting everything back together I proceeded to format my pc with no problems. However, I am still experiencing extreme overheating with my pc while simply reinstalling drivers.

I inspected the underside of my laptop (obviously extremely hot to the touch) and noticed that neither of the fans on the underside were running. Is it normal for the fans to not run for periods of time? or should they be running constantly.

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Dell :: Any Way To Prevent The Fans From Kicking In All The Time?

Mar 11, 2010

I love the laptop but I was just wondering if the fan is supposed to kick in, slow down, kick in, slow down all the time.

It's not loud but I just find it weird since all I'm doing is Word processing. I tried Speed Fan but it refuses to open and freezes up the computer

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Dell :: Monitor/control My Fans On My Xps M1710

May 19, 2009

Monitoring Notebook Temps: nVidia & ATI, CPU, HDD - Do your temps worry you?

and other posts with people having overheating problems with their XPS's. I blew some canned air in through the vents to clear it and it helped a lot, but i still had a tech comeout to take it apart and they put new fans and a heat sink in. I want to check their speed and make sure they're working right before i stress the system, theyre much more quiet t han t he old ones i cant really tell if theyre working right

i tried both speedfan and rivatuner, neither one shows any data on fan speed or anything.

what am i doing wrong, is there some setting im missing? i checked a bunch of the plugins w ith rivatuner but didn't see anything, and speedfan shows nothing at all. how can i check their speed?

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Dell :: Cleaning Inspiron 1720 Media Direct Buttons

Apr 7, 2009

With my recent acquisition of a Studio XPS 16, I am selling my Inspiron 1720 to a friend of mine (yep he's getting a good deal and I am throwing in 200 or 300 bucks worth of stuff to boot because he's a good guy),

but I've noticed that my play and volume up media direct buttons tend to stick as if they've got some buildup behind them.

I hardly ever eat when using my laptop and I've never spilled anything on it so I'm guessing it's just normal buildup gunk but I'd rather take it apart and clean it to give it to him as clean as possible, if it's a relatively easy task.

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Acer :: 5920G Fan Cleaning

Nov 18, 2008

I have the Acer Aspire 5920G. Since my laptop is starting to get a bit too warm, I would like to know the steps in cleaning the fan for my laptop. I already got a can of compressed air. Can someone please tell me the exact steps to clean the fan?

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Sony :: Cleaning The The Vaio LCD

Apr 13, 2010

Any recommendations on how to clean the LCD panel in a VAIO laptop?

I own the new Z series laptop and some of the keyboard oil smudges appear on the LCD now.

I tried cleaning with a microfiber cloth and this does not seem to work.

Can I use a isopropyl alcohol solution to clean this LCD

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HP/Compaq :: Cleaning HDX16 Fan

Aug 10, 2009

The fan won't stop spinning at full speed.

GPU Temp: 48C
Core 1: 41C
Core 2: 42C
The humidity is 62%
City Temp: 28-30C

I've had this laptop for a few months, the fan's all dusty 'cause my apartment's dusty and I need to know if there's a video or another post that tells you how to take apart some sort of HDX16 or 18.

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