Dell :: M1530 Fans And Windows 7

Aug 15, 2009

Does anyone else running Windows 7 experiencing slower fans? My laptop is getting hotter, which is alarming.

The BIOS with A12 should not have been affected during the change and I have the Dell OEM for Windows 7...drivers work fine, but just in case I'm asking here.

I also got a compatibility error when I tried to install the nvidia driver for my 8400GS with Windows 7 64-bit

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Dell :: [?]E1705 : How To Control Fans In Windows 7

Aug 1, 2009

I was using I8KFanGui for a long long time to control the fans and it was doing a fine job. But it sort of stopped working after I installed Windows 7 RC2 as it can only force both the fans to run at high speed.

The manual option to run the fans at low speed at all times and automatic settings don't work anymore.

I tried speedfan too but the option to turn on Dell settings is not working either. The fans turn on only after the CPU goes above 65C or so.

So, wondering if anyone else using Win7 on this laptop and able to control the fans. BTW, there are absolutely no other problems and it runs smoother than the XP days .....

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Apple :: Heat In Windows And Time - Way To Control The Fans

Aug 23, 2009

I play games in windows but I can't seem to find a way to control the fans. Also, When ever I switch from windows to mac, my time changes.

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HP Lockups :: Envy 15 With Windows 8.1 - Fans And CD Drive Not Working

Feb 12, 2013

I have a 2012 envy 15 with Win8.1 Update 1 and a few days ago, i noticed that there was a newer version of my graphics card so I decided to update it.
After the installation, the computer screen became black and I only was able to see the mouse pointer, So i waited for almost half hour and then decided to turn of my computer. I restarted it and it kept seeing a black screen (the windows logo appeared during the boot).
As I couldn't do anything with my computer, I decided to Refresh it in hope that it will return to a good state. During the refreshing the pc restarted but the power light started blinking , like the computer was at Sleep, and when the refresh finished, the screen was good, but the light kept blinking.
I tryed to shutdow the computer but when i turn it on again I didnt ear the Cd rom making the usual noise and the lights where blinking. 
So i decided to maybe put it in sleep, but when i tried it, the computer screen when black for a few seconds and the pc went  wake immediately, and when i try to put it to sleep again, the Sleep option was gone.
Then I thought that something went wrong with  the refresh , so i clean install windows from a bootale usb drive since the CD wasn't working..
But that didn't work either, and to make things worst all my computer fans stopped working. So now I end up with a pc with a clean win8 install, the power lights keep blinking (both power button and the side light), no ability the sleep the computer, no cd drive and no fans..

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Dell :: How Many Fans

Aug 11, 2009

I have a speedfan program running and im trying to figure how many fans my M1530 should be running? it only shows Fan1 running

and does anyone know what the average temp your comp should be running at, while running basic programs like foxfire....

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Dell :: USB Fans?

Mar 4, 2009

I have a Studio 15, and I have a USB laptop fan made by Rocketfish, that one of my friends gave to me. I wanted to know if anyone here thought using a fan would be a good idea with a laptop...

is it really THAT much more beneficial? If I have my laptop just sittting on the desk plain and simple.

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Dell :: Who Is Using Cooling Pad, With Fans For Their XPS ?

Mar 8, 2009

I'm now very happy owner of a cooling pad with fans. My temps are :

CPU : 29 degrees
GPU : 40 degrees
HDD : 27 degrees

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Dell :: New Laptop Fans = Quieter

Sep 12, 2007

So I've had my XPS Gen 2 which I've taken good care of for about 3 years now. Lately, I've been paying a bit more attention to my fan noise. It seems louder than when I first got the laptop, could be just me. And I know it can't be the infamous core2duo motherboard problem that the new laptops have since this is a 2.26 Pentium M.

So I'm wondering if replacing the two fans with brand new ones would minimize the fan noise and maybe even help with cooling (not that the current ones aren't doing their jobs). What do you guys think? And if you do suggest that buying new fans will solve noise problems or lessen noise problems, what is the part number? Or, is there a good alternative to buy the fans? (Ebay is a bit shaky since you get cheap imitations sometimes, but hey, it could work.)

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Dell :: Cleaning The Fans On A M1730

Apr 5, 2009

I was convinced that i had some background program running that was using too many resources, or some anti virus running , so i basically disabled everything that could be causing my fps to drop and still the problems continued.

I had the laptop on my lap the other day and noticed that it was unusually hot, i installed Speedfan and it gave me an idle temperature of

80c for both GPUS (8800s)

This seems to be rather high and im keen to find out if my fans are blocked or not and this could be causing my fps problems.

I have never used compressed air on my computer because im worried about just blowing the dust further inside the computer .....

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Dell :: NEW M1730 GPU Fans Not Spinning?

May 25, 2009

I got a XPS M1730 with Dual 9800GT.
It is a great computer and I love it.
However, When I run HWmonitor, I get 73-76F at idle. And It has been running very hot..

I had this laptop for about a week and it's always like that.
So, I looked underneath the laptop and seems like the two GPU fans are not spinning at all.

Is this normal or something wrong with my unit?
Do I have to open it up and check the fan cable? Or is it something wrong with the bios? Only thing I did to this laptop is update the driver to nvidia's 185.85
Back of the laptop is so hot that I can't touch it with my hand..

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Fans Turning On A Lot

Sep 7, 2009

My m1330 fans have recently been turning themselves on a LOT - even when the computer is still cold and I'm not doing anything except browsing. It never used to do this... however I did have the motherboard replaced (under warranty - the old one died) and I could be mistaken but I've only noticed it after that.

It has been summer so I can understand it partly, but even today for example I just turned it on, printed a page out of a PDF and on went the fans - it hadn't even been on for 5 minutes before they started up. I've got a 9 cell battery in so it even has good ventilation .....

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Dell :: Aftermarket Laptop Fans For M1710?

Jan 1, 2009

I originally bought my XPS with the 7900 GTX but after having memory parity errors constantly happen after a year of ownership, Dell Support replaced my memory 4-5 times (errors in memtest86 on all new replacement ram.

After finally getting a good set of refurbished ram, the problems continued to happen. So after another call with tech support, they decided to replace my motherboard.

The motherboard was replaced and the problems still continued to happen. Eventually I realised it was the video card so we got that replaced (Luckily they upgraded me to 7950 GTX) and the problems went away.

Ok, so now 3-4 years of ownership and the problem occassionally happens when I play intensive games again...

My 3 year warrenty has ended so I don't exactly want to buy another video card.

I have the Notepal laptop cooler with aftermarket higher CFM fans then what came with the unit and if I turn that on when playing games it doesn't happen but sometimes I forget and parity error.

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Dell :: Fn + Z Combination Somehow Stops And Restarts The Fans

Jun 27, 2008

I don't know if this is something I did or that came part of the bios in the m1710, but I have the A03 bios and I had just installed and uninstalled I8kfangui , then, after I had rebooted and tried to clean out as much as I could, I was pretty exhausted and laid my head on the keyboard. I noticed the fans stopped then came back on. I did this a couple times before figuring out that this fn + z combination somehow stops and restarts the fans, even at gaming temps. sooooo, I'm wondering, is this by chance screwing up my normal fan control, my temps, etc? Did I do something to cause this? Is it normal? or did I8kfangui do it, and why can't I get rid of it.

Another note, it doesn't work right when I boot up, only after windows is running for a couple minutes.

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Dell :: M1710 Still Overheating...Fans Not Running

Dec 15, 2007

After recent, abrupt overheating issues with my xps m1710 I followed a guide here to clean dust out from my heatsync. There was indeed a lot of dust blocking the fans and I removed all of it. After putting everything back together I proceeded to format my pc with no problems. However, I am still experiencing extreme overheating with my pc while simply reinstalling drivers.

I inspected the underside of my laptop (obviously extremely hot to the touch) and noticed that neither of the fans on the underside were running. Is it normal for the fans to not run for periods of time? or should they be running constantly.

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Dell :: Any Way To Prevent The Fans From Kicking In All The Time?

Mar 11, 2010

I love the laptop but I was just wondering if the fan is supposed to kick in, slow down, kick in, slow down all the time.

It's not loud but I just find it weird since all I'm doing is Word processing. I tried Speed Fan but it refuses to open and freezes up the computer

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Dell :: Monitor/control My Fans On My Xps M1710

May 19, 2009

Monitoring Notebook Temps: nVidia & ATI, CPU, HDD - Do your temps worry you?

and other posts with people having overheating problems with their XPS's. I blew some canned air in through the vents to clear it and it helped a lot, but i still had a tech comeout to take it apart and they put new fans and a heat sink in. I want to check their speed and make sure they're working right before i stress the system, theyre much more quiet t han t he old ones i cant really tell if theyre working right

i tried both speedfan and rivatuner, neither one shows any data on fan speed or anything.

what am i doing wrong, is there some setting im missing? i checked a bunch of the plugins w ith rivatuner but didn't see anything, and speedfan shows nothing at all. how can i check their speed?

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Dell :: Tired Of Not Handling The Throttling/fans/overheating ;

Dec 2, 2009

Im not going to write my whole year long story here, but I will say that I am on my FOURTH e6400 and what do you know? The fan has lost its mind, having throttling issues and cant seem to get the temp down. Performance overall is declining, just like my last three...

Im so tired of dealing with these issues...I'm just exhausted and honestly, I feel defeated. They keep replacing my laptop (which I paid a small fortune for when they first came out last year) but the problem keeps coming back...

What are my options now? I feel like ive spoken to every person in that g-d forsaken company and its gotten me nowhere.

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Dell :: Windows 7 And New Hdd On XPS M1530

Jul 18, 2009

I am thinking of pre ordering a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for my 1530 to keep it up to date.

Here in the UK it's only 45 delivered, but rather than formating my Vista copy I was gonna get a new 7200rpm drive to put it on, cos it's a good excuse!

Anyhoo, my questions are;
Can I swap drives without voiding my 3 year Dell warranty?
Which version, 32bit or 64?
What are the pros of the 64bit over the 32?
Finally, will I be able to get drivers for my hardware, eg Dell bluetooth module and webcam etc, even on the 64bit version?

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Dell :: Windows 7 In XPS M1530

Apr 21, 2009

i have installed Win7 in my friends xps m1530 machine (Core 2duo-2.00ghz and 2gb ram, 160gb hdd with 7200rpm, nVidia 8400m gs) i didn't install any update or anything

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Dell :: Windows 7 On M1530 Mic

Dec 20, 2009

Installed Windows 7 but my mic is acting up. There's all this static and noise for some reason. I've tried different Sigmatel audio drivers but I can't seem to fix it.

I reinstalled Vista to make sure my hardware hadn't stuffed up but it's working fine on Vista.

I've attached a recording of 'Kalimba' from the music samples of Windows 7 which is playing from my speakers while my room is silent

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Dell :: XPS M1530 & Windows 7 ..

Dec 8, 2009

According to Dell's website it is recommended that I NOT upgrade to Windows 7...which I don't understand AT ALL! My machine is only a year old, it's not outdated to run Windows 7 and has the recommended hardware that Micrsoft suggests.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 & Windows 7

Jan 29, 2009

I Installed the windows 7 beta and had everything up and running smooth after i installed all my apps i went to add my music library to winamp. Now ahead of time everything works fine in vista and it seemed to work smoother and faster in win7 to this point. My harddrive with music is on a NAS drive that is on my linksys wrt610n router.

the three times i tried to scan my music from the NAS drive to winamp it blue screened.

I could not get it to bluescreen any other time but when i was trying to add my music library to winamp. Anyone expierance this or have any idea how to fix it?

It bluescreens and reboots so fast i do not even get any information from the bluescreen.

My m1530 stats are as follows
T9300 (2.5ghz penryn)
3 gb of ram
seagate 200gig 7200rpm drive
intel 4965agn (i believe its the intel N card)
default sound card

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Dell :: 32-bit Vs 64-bit Windows On An XPS M1530

Oct 8, 2008

how many of you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows on your XPS M1530 notebooks, and why. How much RAM do you have?

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Dell :: M1530 On Windows 7

Jan 15, 2009

I cant disable startup sound in windows 7, as well as logon or shutdown sound. I have tried to turn it on , and off an on.. but nothing.

and second problem is microphone..I am using Skype and it seems that mirophone level is set up too low...or maybe something with driver.
I've tried vista driver and the one from W update , the troubleshooting tool aswell, but it is still dead.

And the gadgets are dead as well. cant even run it..

Tried to install Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility like a first, then Chiptet driver -but unsuccsesfull..the Intel turbo memory driver installation had problems too. Dad to instal them in under "vista compatible mode"

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Dell :: For Windows 7 On An Xps M1530

Jan 13, 2010

Currently, I had to have dell fix/ replace my motherboard/ gfx card and the HDD as both died on me.

Since I was unable to recover data from the other harddrive I was thinking about upgrading to windows 7. Though unsure if it was worth it for me to bother with the 64 bit version thus sticking with the 32 bit if upgrading at all.

As when I was reading up on it, I noticed that the reason 32 bit OS reserve that extra .5 gb of 4 gb was for I/O or some other reason.

So What I am wondering is if I installed the windows 7 64 bit version, would it allow my processor to touch the reserved/ unaddressable section of the ram ( the .5 gb of 4 gb of ram I have installed windows doesn't recognized. In vista it recognized only 3.5 gb of it .....

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Dell :: Studio 1737 A07 BIOS My Fans Won't Stop Running Now

Oct 16, 2009

Yesterday I flashed my 1737 to the A07 BIOS because DELL says it gets the machine ready for Windows 7.

Flash went perfect, machine works fine. Heres the problem.

the CPU runs very hot now, web surfing checking emails in the 40C to 47C range

when before with the A06 BIOS I only cracked 37C 39C was with lots of video and Gaming.

So I will be emailing DELL to see whats going on, I am very upset about this. Oh and the Fan wont stop running now. and I am at 37C on Core 0 and 33 on Core 1, which is Cool. But the fan does not stop.

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HP/Compaq :: Zv6000 Fans

Mar 9, 2010

i was noticing that the center fan is always on and the one on top of the processor is always off until the computer gets too hot then it turns on. Is there any way to always have both fans on? Ive been having what seems to be overheating problems. I tried recovery my computer but is always turned off when formating the partition because the fans would spin like crazy until i stuck it in the refrigerator then it completed the recovery. No joke i know it sounds silly but it worked. i opened and dusted the computer and just flashed it with the latest bios. Is there any way to always have both fans on?

Speedfan reads: HD0 38-42C
Core 50-57C "Seems to hot to me"
Temp1 32c-35
On normal opporating.

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Apple :: MacBook Pro Fans

Apr 7, 2009

where I can get information about safe temperature ranges on my dad's MBP. Second, I'm currently using a program called smcFanControl to monitor said temperature and to manually change my fan speeds, 'cause the fans don't automatically kick in by themselves and can let the temp go to over 90C. I'm just wondering if that's dangerous and if there's any programs I can get that will automatically change the fan speeds to match the temperature.

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Dell :: M1530 & Windows 7 X64 Thread!

Jan 10, 2009

I am starting this thread for the discussion of Windows 7 x64 installation on the M1530. Please limit the thred to 64 Bit only.

I just took delivery of my 1530 this morning and now have it exclusively running Win7x64. So far, so good on basic functionality, but I hope to delve into performance and gaming issues tomorrow. I will be running benchmarks in order to compare 7 and Vista.

So far I have only installed Symantec AV 2009 Gaming Edition and Steam. Everything else is either stock to Win7x64 or came down via Windows Update.

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Dell :: Windows 7 Beta On M1530

Jan 6, 2009

Installed Windows 7 as my main OS yesterday. Its a beta 1 but its a lot better than Vista in every way possible (supports the 185.20 Nvidia beta driver).

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