Dell :: E1505 With X1400 Overheating?

Jan 13, 2009

I have been having some problems with my E1505 and graphics lately so i am running i8kfungui and see my cpu is peaking around 52 degree Celcius and my gpu is around 69 degrees celcius memory around 55 c and chipset at 49c..

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Dell :: What ATI X1400 Drivers To Use Now? E1505. (Using Omega Now)

Jan 11, 2010

Hey all. I read from alot of places when I talked about me still using Omega that I should switch since Omega hasnt updated in ages.

Now I remember finding a ati install file when I was looking for new Ubuntu 9.10 drivers that said it supported the x1400. (A real ati catalyst driver)

I cant seem to find it now tho..

So anyways, whats the best to use for gaming on the X1400 for my Dell E1505. And if you have a link? =) Omega hasnt failed me yet.. but doesnt supply anything new either, so if someone could link me to that ati catalyst driver I did find that was updated. (The one that DOESNT support ubuntu 9.10, I rem a older one kinda did, but you needed the later one for 9.10, which wasnt released)

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Dell :: X1400 In E1705 From E1505 Model?

Aug 31, 2009

Can I fit an X1400 in a dell Inspiron E1705 that came from a E1505 aka 6400 ?

My backlight burnt out on my laptop and on my external monitor there are Horizontal lines every where in different colors, like a redraw problem. So I figured graphics card.

I have a go 7800 and after a year and 1 month this happens >_<;

Is it cheap to repair a backlight? or Inverter board?

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Dell :: E1505 With X1400 Flash Video Freezes And Is Slow In Full Screen

Feb 17, 2009

It will work fine for awhile then all of the sudden it will freeze.

I Googled this, and people said tick Enable Hardware Acceleration to off.

I did so but now the video is slow pretty much all the time. What is causing this? I upgraded my video drivers in the hopes of it solving this problem, but it did not

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Dell :: E1705 W/ X1400 No DVI Out?

Nov 30, 2009

I was using a 7900GS in the laptop but that died...(excellent product from dell, dies after about 2 years)
Anyway I was just using it as a HTPC so I don't need gaming graphics.

Anyway, I was outputting fine 720p to my reciever and then TV, after replacing the card (with an X1400) I can't output anything to the recieiver. When I plug it in it says nothing is there?

I've also dried the DVI-hdmi adapter...instead of DVI-hdmi cable which shouldn't make a difference but I gave it a shot....

I tried plugging it in directly to a normal LCD instead of the reciever and still nothing

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Dell :: Can A 9300 Fit A ATi X1400?

Jul 21, 2009

I currently have the X300 in my laptop (inspiron 9300). I'm buying a second laptop for my sis and it's a dell 6400 and it happens to have the X1400 in it.

I was wondering if we can swap video cards...

Thoughts? I'm open to any modifications this would take to get it working.

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Dell :: Does The ATI X1400 Fit In The 9300?

Jul 17, 2009

I currently have the X300 in my laptop (inspiron 9300). I'm buying a second laptop for my sis and it's a dell 6400 and it happens to have the X1400 in it.

I was wondering if we can swap video cards... so that she gets the X300 and I get the X1400.

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Dell :: 8600m Vs X1400

Oct 19, 2007

How do these two cards compare?

I assume the 8600m is better but how much better?

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Dell :: Replaced My 7800go With X1400

Apr 1, 2008

my 9400 was overheating badly, and the screen was blacking out etc.

dell decided to replace the system

i receive an old crusty 9400 from the depot that looks like someone had used it for a place to set their coffee for a while, and the outer shell cosmetics are chipped,scratched, and generally low quality.

but, thats not my real issue....this laptop has an X1400 card in it.

my original system had a 7800 card.

i didn't think this was a "like-for-like" replacement, so i escalated my case. the supervisor i spoke with didn't understand what the issue was all about i guess, cause she kept telling me that i received the SAME laptop as a replacement

she even got some guy from tech support on the phone with us to have him verify the specs between the 2 cards....but after about 20 minutes of him saying that my replacement system has the IDENTICAL card in it as the original. (7800 and X1400 are different....thats why they have different names and part numbers...)

anyways, i asked that the tech support guy get the actual card specs for each one out so he can see that the 7800 is 256 dedicated memory and X1400 has only 128 dedicated memory.

he puts us (yeah, the supervisor lady is still hanging out on the phone cause she says she can't request another replacement until she gets verification from tech support that the cards are in fact much for knowing anything about these products).......anyways, we're on hold for about 5 minutes, we hear a click, and then he's gone.

this was horrible and amazing at the same time because the supervisor lady started saying "hello?...are you there?....HELLO? support are you on the line?" i guess she got to see how wrong an frustrating dell customer service can be

horrible because she's like "well, let me got ahead and dial back into the tech support queue so we can get another rep...". i said no, she should work it out with the proper department and get back to me, cause it'd had been almost a full hour at this point.

so my question is, is there something special i need to say to get them to understand that an X1400 card is not comparable to a 7800 card? i remember seeing people posting on here with a similar situation a while back, but i can't find those old threads. as an aside, the laptop is still under the original 3 year warranty as well as complete care.

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Dell :: ATi X1400 With Dual Pipe Mod

Dec 23, 2008

Some of you make think this is probably one of the most retarded things done, that may be so, but I also no use of the other graphics card seeing it doesn't fit in the newer e1705 frame.

I wish it did.. if there weren't any resistors where a pipe for a screw goes, then i would have done it, but.. that didn't happen to be the case, so here I am with a dual pipe X1400.

I just got done playing some CoD World at War, and here I am.. idling 15 minutes later, and I still can't get the X1400 above 125 degrees F, meaning that the dual pipes have dropped the idling temperature down by 30 degrees F!

Yes I have used Arctic Silver 5, I did on the single pipe frame too, but it seriously didn't make that much of a different if one at all, maybe a whole 3 degrees tops. Seriously can't beat this haha, now I should be able to get a little more performance and possibly even be able to O/C this card just a touch to get some more performance out of this bottom of the line card.

Just for those curious, even when I was running CoD WaW the graphics card never got hotter than the CPU core.. I can't believe how much of a difference this thing is making.

Because the dual pipe frame did come from the XPS Gen2/9300 body I did have to make a slight modification and chop off one section of it. And for spending a whole 15 minutes chopping it off, one would never suspect it wasn't supposed to look like that.

And now since beginning typing this the GPU has gone up to 127 but has been sitting there for quite some time now.

One last thing, for those curious... the half hour I did play CoD WaW.. the GPU fan never even turned on

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Dell :: Replaced My 7900gs With A X1400

May 14, 2008

just got my less `than a year old` 9400 back from dell repairs UK
they relaced the m/board and 7900gs, but with a crappy x1400

When i rang dell, tech says we dont have any gs`s and we dont know if we will be getting any. but we got it going did`nt we? so its fixed!

Do they still make 7900gs?

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Dell :: What All Cards Will Work With The 9300- ATI X1400

Mar 12, 2008

I think my graphics card is pooping out. Looking for another economic alternative. Way back when I bought this 7800 GTX GO for $250 direct from they want $500+ for it.

I know the x300 (64 and 128 MB), 6800 vanilla, 6800 Ultra, and 7800 GTX will all work with this system...because I've owned them all:-)

ANyone know if these ATI x1400's will work?

I really need a card cheap as possible......going to have to quit gaming till I get a new PC.


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Dell :: ATI X1400 Fan Is Dead On 9400 ... Replace Procedure?

Feb 26, 2009

the GPU gets to 75 degrees and the fan doesnt spin.

Same with default cooling and 18kfangui.

What type of replacement fan do i buy for Dell 9400 with x1400 graphics?

Any checks i should do prior to opening the laptop.

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Dell :: E1705 Upgraded To 7900GS From X1400; Won't Accept Video Card

Oct 25, 2007

I've got an e1705, configured with an ATI x1400.

I bought the nVidia GeForce GO 7900GS to upgrade.

After installing, I get these blocks and pixels during boot (see photo below)

Vista begins to load but never makes it to the logo or login screens. I get a blue Memory Dump message for a split second and then the system reboots.

I reinstalled the x1400 after this happened. I ordered a replacement for the 7900GS but the replacement has the same problem.

This obviously isn't a driver problem since it happens during POST, before any drivers are even loaded.

why this would happen with two different 7900GS cards?

For the record, I'm a Dell Certified technician for the Inspiron series.

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Acer :: 5670 Wlmi X1400 ,1gb,100 Gb How Can I Replace Hard Drive

Feb 20, 2009

Am totally new here. i need to change my HD that is 100 gb came with. i bought 250 gp but i dont know how to remove old hard drive. how can i remove old hard drive from Acer Aspire 5670 ? I opened the HD lid but then lots of stuff in side under silver cover.

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Dell :: E1505 Ram

Feb 5, 2009

Why is it that I went to the Crucial website to look up RAM and it told me to use PC2-5300. I Purchased 2GB RAM from Crucial and my E1505 boots slowly. It's fine when it gets to windows. But, Why has it slowed my boot time down. I have DOS version A17.

The computer came with PC2-4200. Obviously I should have gotten PC2-4200. But, What is the problem. I will be removing the new RAM and reverting back to the PC2-4200 and forgetting the PC2-5300

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Dell :: E1505 New Ram

Feb 3, 2009

Im running...

dell inspiron e1505 laptop
win xp pro sp3 Dell BIOS A15
Core2 cpu t5500 @ 1.66ghz
1g DDR PC2-5200 ram
nvidia gforce go 7300 256mb

I really want to put 4gb of ram in this thing, but i learned through reading other posts on this forum that my BIOS limits it to 2gb. has anyone tried to put 4gb in an e1505 successfully?? I dont want to buy 4gb and have it not work, but i really want to upgrade to as much ram as possible.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505

Jan 2, 2009

My Dell Inspiron has a problem, everytime i connect the power supply to charge it while its on the monitor will completely black out on me... Has anyone had or heard of this problem before?

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Dell :: E1505 Wireless N

Feb 1, 2009

E1505 built May 2006. It came with wireless B/G. My house is wireless and all other computers work fine. This particular computer has issues.

I removed the Dell wireless B/G card and installed a Dell NJ449 Draft N card. Windows says that the card is operating with no problems...

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Dell ::Inspiron E1505

May 21, 2009

This is a somewhat new problem but I'll be using the computer for anywhere from 10-30 minutes when I can hear the fans go on and the computer will slow to a crawl.. from like 1.7ghz to something like 900mhz... just slows down really bad. It's got a pentium dual core in it .....

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Dell :: E1505 Led Upgrade

Jun 6, 2009

is it possible to upgrade an e1505 screen to a led screen so i can save battery life? like say something like this?

and if so how much battery life would i gain? now since i have an ati x1400 256mb video card i am guessing that i cant go with one that was 1080p or anything right?

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Dell :: E1505 Won't Power On

May 25, 2010

My parents have an E1505. The battery crapped out after about a year and we've been running on AC power (with the battery in).

Eventually the charger broke at the laptop side plug. We got a new one off ebay (china junk) and it worked for a bit. Now it turns on and shuts right off.

If I remove the battery and run straight AC, it doesn't even power on. The connector is really loose. Any way to fix it?

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Dell :: Problem With E1505

Sep 23, 2009

I'm thinking the mobo is shot, but thought I would ask everyone here and see if you can shed some light on it.

So basically, the machine just shut off and when I try to turn it on the numlock button lights up, and the caps lock and scroll lock buttons flash.

This lasts for about 30 seconds, and then all power shuts off. Nothing comes up on the screen, and it doesn't even sound like it is trying to work. I've checked all connections, reseated/thermal greased CPU, everything I could think of.

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Dell :: Cracked LCD E1505

Dec 22, 2008

Today I went to lift up laptop and pinched the LCD a little to hard and ended up cracking it right under the mounting screw.I have a white stripe about 2 inches wide, down the middle of the screen. Dumb I know.. I was wondering what the best thing to do is? Buy a replacement lcd or just get an external display since it is going on three years old.

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Dell :: E1505 Not Charging!!

Feb 7, 2010

Had an E1505 for a few years now, and with the exception of a HD failure/subsequent replacement, it's been absolutely great.

Recently though, it gave me the error message "adapter not recognized, blah, blah, blah" message upon POST...

Tried a different adapter as well, but no luck. It runs off the adapter(s) just fine, but won't charge, so I'm permanently attached to a cord until I get this fixed

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Battery

Dec 31, 2008

I have E1505 and my battery decided to die today.

I have a simple question. Does anyone tried out those generic 9 cells battery for inspiron 6400 (E1505)? are they any good? most of them (made in China).

I ask this question because they are really cheap (90$ for 9 cells and 60$ for 6 cells) compared to genuine dell batteries (289$ and 160$).

in addition dell genuine batteries for inspiron 6400 are really bad (doesn't last beyond one year), so it is a waste of money to buy these expensive batteries.

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Dell :: E1505 Heat Flow

Dec 27, 2009

Where is the laptop intake air and where does it blow the heat out?

I just want to know so I can choose the proper Laptop Cooling Pad with fans. There are fans that suck in air and there are ones that blow air. Just want to choose the appropriate one so I don't end up killing the Dell.

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Dell :: Replacing The CPU In An Inspiron E1505

Jun 28, 2009

My computer has the Intel Pentium T2080 processor. When I talked to Dell, they said that it couldn't be replaced but I noticed that it comes out of its standard PGA478 slot easily.

I would hate to spend the money for a new processor without knowing that it will work, so my question is will a core 2 work? If not, would a Pentium from the T2000 series such as the T2130 (the T2080's closest relative) work?

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Dell :: Alienware M5500 Vs E1505

Jan 22, 2009

I have a limited budget of about $250-300 (note: the Dell comes without a HDD, that extra $ drop isn't very pleasing),

which is what the Dell sells for on eBay (where I'm shopping).

The Dell specs:
Core 2 Duo T5600 1.83GHz
ATI X1400 256MB

The Alienware specs:
Pentium M Centrino 2GHz
ATI X1600 256mb

So the determining factor of my choice is gaming. Yes, I know, they both suck for gaming, but I don't mean today's latest, greatest games. Plus I'm fine with low resolutions.

Anyways, the Dell's processor is a lot better, but the Alienware's graphics card is a lot better. I've researched them both extensively. I also plan on eventually upgrading the Alienware's graphics card to the 8600M GS (which is possible).

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Dell :: New Graphic Card For My E1505

Jan 1, 2009

Is there any another graphic card which will fit and will work with e1505 laptop?
I know about Ati X1300 and X1400 and I thinking about change to X1400 but maybe there is another, better card.

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