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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Battery LED Flashing

I have a Latitude E6400 running Windows 7.

Just booted up my machine: for some reason the battery LED light is flashing. The battery seems to be charging and if I take out the power chord, the computer keeps on running on battery power.

Update: when the battery completed charging, the battery LED just switched off.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Cmo1436: LCD Or LED?
I purchased the Dell Latitude E6400 and was supposed to receive the WXGA+ 1400x900 LED screen. Under my device monitor hardware id it displays Cmo1436. Is this the correct LED screen or rather an LCD?

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 And Battery
I have been reading about people getting so many hours out of their E6400. I have the 9 cell battery and running the screen on the lowest setting, Bluetooth off and wifi on im getting close to 6 and a half hours of battery life. Is this normal....

I heard about doing a clean install, what does this do, and what benefits would i be achieving by doing this?..

Is there anything else i can do to get a little more juice out of the battery when i need it? I plan to have wifi on most of the time when it is being used. Basic web-surfing and Microsoft word...

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Dead Battery
my dad gave me his old e6400 as his job paid him a brand new hp elitebook with all the bells and whistles, after checking my new toy, I found out that the battery if pretty much dead.

The bios reports that it's damaged and Ubuntu says it can only hold 25% of the original charge... And it only lasts 20 minutes .

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 9 Cell Battery
I've been reading several user experiences and figured I should join since I'm having several questions/issues with my E6400.

For now my issue is with a 9 Cell battery I purchased from fleabay.

I bought a "Geniune New" battery from a US seller. For some reason the BIOS always reads it at 99%, where as my 6 cell will go to 100%. Is this normal for the 9 cell? Also I noticed the LED light button is much harder to press on the 9 cell compared to the 6.

The only part number I could get from the 9 cell is this:


It has all the Dell markings, recycle numbers etc. It even came with a 9 cell Dell booklet. I just wasn't sure if all these 9 cells register at 99%. My old Inspiron E1505 9 cell also registered at 99%.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 12 Cell Battery Slice Pics
Dell Latitude E6400 12 Cell Battery Slice pics if people are wondering what it would look like.

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Dell :: Flashing Wifi LED On Studio 1537
I just took out my Intel 5100 and put in a Intel 5300 card, my internet is working great, but sometimes even when it's working the wifi led flashes,

I was wondering if anyone know what that means, did I miss something? window vista automatically installed driver for the new card so

I didn't even do anything after installing the card, I did make sure to connect all 3, white, black and grey antenna to the card

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Dell :: Battery Light Flashing
Have a question for you. Last night I had my laptop connected up to the ECM of my car (for diagnostics purposes) and went for a drive with it connected to the ECM. No Problem. Got back from the trip and the battery was down to 4% so I promptly shut it down (after turning the car off).

I plugged the charger in and the battery is back up to 100% but for some reason the orange flashing battery light on the laptop keeps flashing. I have taken the power pack out and the battery is ok, works as per normal

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Dell :: Power/Battery Flashing Orange
The battery/power signal (the three green LEDs right under the display on the right side) keeps flashing orange four times then blinks green once, and repeats.

The PC is on AC power and the battery is full too (99%). I don't know what the problem is.

I read around and it seems my battery is dead. Fortunately, my purchase of the XPS was just under a year ago, so I should get it replaced without paying up. I have a replacement battery that I bought at purchase. I hope it lasts loner. Do you guys reccomend taking out the battery when running on AC power?

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Sony :: What Does A Quickly Flashing Battery Light Mean
What does a Quickly flashing yellow/orange battery light mean?

I bought a replacement battery pcga-BP2E for my sony vaio vgn 417M.It ran off the battery and showed it was charging but % didn't go up. Every time I connect the power cable the battery light flashes rapidly and I can't find in any manual what it means.

Using my original working battery the battery light flashes slowly as it should and the laptop works ok.

10 days and I am still waiting for a relpy from the supplier atleast I started my complaint through paypal.

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Vs Latitude E6400
The price of 2nd user Latitude D630's seems to be holding up quite well in the UK. Does this indicate that it is still a popular machine and favoured over the E6400?

I briefly checked out an E6400 the other day and for a choice between machines of approximately similar spec I would opt for the D630 rather than the newer E6400.

I would be interested in opinions from users who have experience with both models.

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Dell :: Does The Latitude E6400 Have Latitude-On
I am wondering whether or not the E6400 has the Latitude-On feature or can be configured as such.

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Dell :: Latitude E4200 LED Panel
There are two different LED Panels used for E4200.
Toshiba is not a good one, which has some bleeding issue.
Samsung is the best, which is soft.

You can figure out which panel you own on your E4200 via looking at the bottom of LED panel (Golden color means that you have a Toshiba one, and Silver one will be Samsung. Toshiba one also shows a lot of small bulbs at the edge, bad, bad...

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Dell :: E6400 LED Backlight Screen
I got my E6400 last week and I found that everything all right except the color of LED screen, it's awful.

The color of the screen is pale, i had tried to calibrated the graphic settings but it doesn't improve too much.

Also, i saw some posts here said that the LG screen is better than the Samsung screen, but I can't agree with that because my screen is LG.

Is it normal for LED backlight screen that the color is more pale than the CCFL backlight screen or just the screen of mine had some problems?

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Dell :: E6400 LED Display Whites
I recently bought a Latitude E6400 with a Seiko-Epson LED display (1280x800) and find the whites to be too intense, which gives me a headache.

Turning down the brightness either did not help much or made the display too dim overall.

I did not have such problems with other laptop or desktop monitors, whose whites appear to be more yellow.

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Dell :: Disappointed With LED LCD In E6400
I was hoping for the LG LED screen because everyone was raving about it. Mine just arrived today with the SEC (Sammy) LED screen and, while it is EXTREMELY brite, it is pretty washed out.

Anyone else have this screen? Just want to know if it is me being picky or not

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Dell :: Constantly Blinking HDD LED On Latitude E5500
The HDD LED is constantly blinking with one second frequency. I'm using WIN XP, this blinking can not be seen in BIOS, but I can see it with a Live XP, and it's also blinking when XP install starts, but there are not any processes.

Because of the mentioned reasons, this could not be because of indexing, or pagefile (additionally I have tried to turn them off, and blinking remained)..

I've reported this issue to Dell, and the HDD was replaced, but I still can experience the blinking., if you have experienced an issu like this.

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Dell :: E6400 Owners With LED Backlit Screens...
Some of you might now as I posted in my other thread that I'm not sure the screen I received with my refurb'd E6400 is the WXGA+ LED backlit like it promised in the invoice.

The primary reason is is that there is a sticker on the bottom of my laptop that says "Made in Malaysia" and also "Hg" with a circle around it. This is mercury; contained in CCFL backlit screens .....

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Dell :: LED Displays On The E6400 Do Not Use Inverters Correct?
Well got my third E6400 and third unit that had a CCFL from the outlet when ordered a system with LED. Got a hold tech support

they overnighted a new screen T661h which is a CMO. Bezel a RK149 and a Y793H assy back cover which has a inverter

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Dell :: E6500 WUXGA 2CCFL Vs. E6400 WSXGA LED
the question is pretty much in the title. I'm thinking about buying a E6500 Latitude with WUXGA 2CCFL display. The comments about the 2CCFL backlight I've read so far haven't been very positive, but I haven't owned a backlight so far and can't decide how serious the possible issues are.

I'm mainly working in a text editor on a black background or surfing the web, in particular I'm not doing any photo editing. I'll watch a DVD from time to time but I'm not used to the best display and it shouldn't be too hard to meet my demands when it comes to colors. But of course the display shouldn't suck,

displaying wrong colors or being bright at some places and dark at others. And it should be sufficiently bright for working under normal lighting conditions without having to sit right in front of a wall with curtains closed as it is the case with my current display.

The alternative would be a WSXGA display with LED light and I'd probably choose a E6400 instead of a E6500 in this case. But I could also buy it on a E6500.
I'd appreciate any suggestions helping me which display to pick.

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Dell :: E6400 LED Screen With Vertical Linesis It Normal
Just got my E6400 with the LED WXGA+ (1440X900) screen. My first reaction is what a hell! I got these lines on the screen, its almost as its only displaying every second line or something.

Maybe its the display drivers.. so i start testing different drivers but no luck, it wont change. See below for example:


Should it be like this? Do I miss the right drivers? My monitory sais General PnP, not any specific.. I'm using windows 7 x64. If its hard to see the vertical lines let me know and i'll try to get better pics.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400
Its a certified refurb; it has everything i want at a great price:

-- Latitude E6400 Laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 (2.53GHz, 6M L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)

-- 14.1 inch UltraSharp WXGA+ (1440x900) LED Display

-- Back-lit Keyboard

-- Genuine Windows Vista Business

-- Brushed Metal Black

-- 24X CD RW/DVD Combo Drive

-- 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz (1 DIMMs)

-- 90W AC Adapter

-- 9 Cell Primary Battery

-- 125V Power Cord

-- Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD With Express Card

-- 250 GB Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive (7200 RPM)

-- Dell Wireless 1510 802.11a/g/n Draft Mini Card

-- Integrated Webcam with digital microphone

Im upgrading the RAM to 4gb, and maybe the hard drive if its too loud. I got the integrated GPU on purpose so it runs cooler and quieter and has better battery life (I don't play games). Ill try for a new version of vista too. Im happy i got the p9500, that was probably the only one left that was a decent price,

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 On The Horizon ...
I'll be able to order my new E6400 soon, as follows:

CPU: Intel P9700 2.8GHz
GPU: nVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M / ExpressCard
HDD: (whatever is cheapest) I'll replace with a Scorpio Black or Blue (see question 5)
MEM: (whatever is cheapest) I'll replace with 2x2GB of Corsair DDR2-800
WI-FI: (whatever is cheapest) I'll replace with an AR9280 half miniPCIe card
LCD: WXGA+ (1440x900) LED-backlit
- Backlit keyboard, Bluetooth module, 6-cell battery

Keep in mind that I won't be running Windows on this machine, but instead, Linux (Arch Linux x64).


1) Is the nVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M enough to run Compiz-Fusion smoothly?

I previously ran Compiz-Fusion with an Intel GMA X3100 integrated GPU and was underwhelmed. Everything worked, but the animations were pretty herky-jerky, most of the time. Aero animations under Windows 7 were similarly not very smooth. I'm hoping for more with the nVIDIA Quadro (I read one report that Aero with an E6400/nVIDIA wasn't very smooth).

2) How bad *really* is the touchpad?

I've heard reports that the touchpad is imprecise and laggy, but I've also heard from people who say they haven't had any issues. Is this a "hit or miss" situation with the hardware, or is it due simply to what people are used to? Or has this been fixed?

3) How durable is the lid/screen?

I've heard reports that "the E6400 is well-built and durable ... except for the display," with no real elaboration. Is there any truth to this? Bending, flexing, etc.? Screen distortions if pressure is applied to the back? Does it seem strong? Feel strong?

4) Does the "brushed-metal" on the back of lid look good in person? Or does it look cheap, fake, tacky, etc ... ?

5) Can I replace the hard-drive?

I heard from one owner that the hard-drives used in the E6400 use a non-standard SATA layout, and thus aftermarket hard-drives cannot be installed. That seemed like it would be a very stupid thing for Dell to do ... but I thought I'd ask.

6) After time (6-12 months), does the display start to wobble when open?

I had an Acer Aspire 4720Z (I know, cheap quality) whose display would wobble when open. At the top of the screen, probably about 1/2" to 3/4" of wobble. The Dell Inspiron 1521 I'm using now does the same thing ... very annoying. Does the E6400 exhibit anything like this even AFTER extended ownership? Say 6 months to a year or more?

7) Is the audio bad?

I've heard from a few people that the audio is simply horrid, even through headphones. I've also heard that disabling PC Spk has fixed it for some people ... is this an outdated issue that has been fixed by Dell?

8) Is there anything else I should know?

If there's anything else that I need to know, I'd love to hear it.

Sorry for so many questions, but this will be a big purchase.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 ATG
I'm pretty new to Dell notebook world. I was always told that Dell has a stinky customer service and their image wasn't that good around spot but care sharing whats good and bad about dell in general?

1- In the LCD option, it says touchscreen. Does that mean I can somewhat use this laptop like a tablet? ( Without the ability to twist the screen of course..)

2-Never knew whtas the different between 1dimms and 2dimms in RAM....

3-Compare Geforce 9400gs with the Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD With PC-Card. Plus, what do they mean by "PC-Card" or "EXpress card" ?

4-Does Dell notebook actually give us 64bits windows or they're all 32bits unless they mention the option of 64bits?

5-Whats the difference between the normal e6400 model and the ATG model? Simply more durability +weight?

6- Whats an encrypted HDD or a ruggedized HDD?

7- I'll be using the notebook for design purpose. Such as photoshop, flash, illustrator or such. I'll be using 2-3 program at once with several picture/projet +internet + music. If my specs are 2.26ghz or 2.4ghz + 4gb ram + intel HD4500HD, will this notebook handle it?.............................

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Dell :: Raid0 Possible In Latitude E6400?
After reading this thread: E Module Bay 2.5" drive.
about the possibility of a second hdd in the Latitude E Series I wonder if it is possible to use Raid0 with E6400 as mentioned in the manual.
Looking after it in the Bios I can't find any Raid Modus for SATA-Operation.
Any ideas???

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Dell :: Windows 7 On Latitude E6400
I am trying Windows 7 on my Latitude E6400, and I am having two a little issue for the system.

First issue is despite enabling advance performance for the drive under Device manager, Windows 7 gives me score or 2.0, than in Vista the score is significantly higher in the 5.0 range. My HDD is the Hitachi 5400RPM 160GB.

Second issue is, I don't know what I missed when installing the drivers/software, but I don't have the on-screen volume control. But the ambient light sensor, brightness level and keyboard backlit mode, does appear.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Almost 80 Processes
Does anyone know if approx. 75-80 processes normal for the Latitude E6400 with Dell ControlPoint installed?

I can't believe it's that much--if it is the case.

Also, should I install the Vista 64-bit chipset driver? I see Dell doesn't have one for Windows 7 64.

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Dell :: Sleeve For Latitude E6400
I'm looking for a sleeve that is protective but not particularly bulky.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Wireless - N
I just got a E6400 from outlet (well it will be here around the 17th). It has a Dell 1397 802.11B/G Wireless Mini Card but I want to get a wireless-n card.

Are there 3 antennas in the laptop still that would allow an upgrade to a Intel wifi 5300 card (assuming it can be found outside of the customization page)?

Is there anywhere cheaper than dell to buy the wireless-n part for the E6400? Dell only has the 5100 for $59.99 and haven't seen the 5300 in parts.

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Dell :: Flicker With A LATITUDE E6400
One video, talk more than millons of words


I hope its a problem of the LCD inverter, and not all the panel.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Keyboard
I received my Dell E6400 yesterday and need to take screenshots because I am writing training manuals.

My problem is that with my Dell D260 I could press keys on my keyboard ALT PrntScrn and capture the active screen.

With the E6400 there is only one option to capture screens and that is the Fn key with the F11 which is the PrntScreen button

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Dell :: To Anyone With A Latitude E6400 And 8 GB Of RAM
I have a simple question: is the E6400 able to use the 8 GB of RAM fully? I have read some threads here about chipset limitations etc.

Could those of you with the E6400 and 8 GB of RAM quickly check whether your 8 GB are fully usable by the system?

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Vs. E6400
I keep waiting to order my E6400 until all these problems I keep hearing about get resolved. However, it doesn't seem to end. Would I be better off just ordering a D630 and be done with it? These will be discontinued at the end of the year. Right now, it looks like I can save around $300-400 when I configure the D630 similarly. Of course, the D630 doesn't have webcam, maxes out at 4 GB RAM, has a mono speaker, and so forth. But aside from this, isn't it a much more well-tuned machine?

Are the problems I keep hearing about overblown? Will the D630 have its own share of problems?

Is going backwards to the D series a wise choice?

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Dell :: My Latitude E6400 Motherboard Fried
Well i was at school today using my E6400 at the school lounge. I had it on for about 2 hrs or so and all of a sudden there was a burning smell coming out of the motherboard and the computer just shut off on me. I was unable to turn it back on. So i called up Dell tech support. We went through some steps to try and recover the issue but was unsuccessful. So the tech decided to do a system Exchange due to the fact it could be a fire hazard. I should be receiving the new E6400 in about 5 days. Specs are identical or could be higher.

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Dell :: Alot Of Heat (Latitude E6400)
I feel as if the area around and above the sd card reader is getting really hot every time I use my laptop for extended periods of use (30+ minutes). Is this normal? I just took the plastic insert out of the card reader and I can feel heat coming out.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Privacy Screen
Has anyone tested this first hand? Does it work like the claim it does?

How is the viewing angle from straight ahead whilst the feature is on?...

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Durability Vs T400
I am currently trying to figure out which new laptop to buy for myself. My main choices are now lenovo T400 and Dell E6400. I've had good experiences with thinkpad's durability, but what makes me apprehensive to buy one right now is the dubious panel quality that lenovo uses. Dell on the other hand seems to use much better LED panels, but I am worried about durability of the computer. I've used Latitude D820 (work laptop) and a 15" Inspiron (my wife's) and both have literally fallen appart in year and a half.

By fallen appart i mean extremely loose monitor hinges, keys falling off and chipped plastic parts. The Latitude developed a discolored streak on the bottom of the panel. IBM T42 and Asus (G1) I am currently using have held up very well to abuse that I throw at them. Both are still extremely solid with hinges and other parts having barely any wear or deterioration. I dont baby my laptops at all, and need them to be able to hold up being carried everywhere with me all the time, bumpy bicycle commutes in my backpack (vibrations) and ability to haldle a possible drop once a in while.

Are the new latitudes any better build quality wise and will stand up to a very abusive user like myself? Has anybody used one heavily since the time they first came out and can comment on their general durability?

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Heat Sink
I'm not sure if others are aware, but I have recently found out that the contact between the heatsink and the GPU and chipset are made of a metal-foam material, while the CPU's is copper with thermal paste. After doing some research, it's said that these "high-performance foam heatsink" provide "high thermal conductivity, high internal surface area, and the connectivity of the voids". I'm not sure I'm buying into this since my idling temps are about 60C while my 9300M in my Asus U6V idles at 49C and even my 9800M GS in the Asus G71G idles at 60C.

Has anyone else seen these metal-foams used in other laptops and do you think this decision of using foam heatsinks is due to lower production costs? I personally would have preferred solid copper/aluminum w/ thermal paste rather than a piece of foam

Top red circle = chipset heatsink; lower right red circle = GPU heatsink

Close up on GPU heatsink

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 .. No Sticker At Back
It has a windows vista installed and there is a sticker of windows vista below the keyboard.

But there should be a sticker too at the abck of products key, thats what everybody told me..but there isnt any on mines

Plus It came with a Windows XP CD. not windows Vista Cd.......

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Vs. Studio XPS 16
I am looking for a new notebook and I can't decide wether to buy the XPS 16 or the Latitude E6400.

I will need the notebook for both university (web browsing, office) and leisure purposes (watching movies, tv, listening to music).

I need a solidly built notebook as I travel every few weeks.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Backlit Keyboard .. Always On?
Anyone know if there is a way to set the e6400 backlit keyboard to always be on?

I currently have it set to the 5 minute timeout within the DCP software which is good enough, just curious if there is way to always keep it on.

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Dell :: Aftermarket Processors In Latitude E6400
Has anyone installed a processor in their E6400 that is more powerful than the pre-installed top factory option (the 2.93GHz T9800 Dual)? I was thinking about putting one of the following into mine:

X9100 (3.06GHz Dual)
Q9000 (2.0GHz Quad)
Q9100 (2.26GHz Quad)
QX9300 (2.53GHz Quad)

Anyone know if any of these will work, and if you have done it, how is the heat management, and are their any other issues?

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Dell :: Latitude E6400: Problems Charging
I've noticed that every so often my E6400 will not charge the battery when it is connected to the mains.

It seems to happen when I plug it in after closing it (i.e. when it already is in stand by).

The battery LED on the front cover does not light up and it will only start charging when it is woken up.

If it is already charging when I put it in stand by, it gets charged properly.

This used to happen under the A12 bios and continues to do so under A14.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Expresscard Vs PC Card
I am having a hard time deciding between the PC card slot and the expresscard slot offered on the E6400.

I own several PC cards and some express cards, so I would probably need an adapter to go from one to the other regardless.

Which adapter is easier to use? There is also the E6500 which has both slots. The only problem is that it weighs 1lb.

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Dell :: Windows 2008 On Latitude E6400
I'm running Windows 2008 64 bit on Dell Latitude e6400. Most everything works. The only issue is the Ethernet Gigabit adapter. The Vista 64 bit driver exists stating that no hardware was found. Dell supports says this laptop was specifically designed for Vista, no Win 2008 support if provided.

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Dell :: Ordering A Latitude On Memory And HD
I'm about to order an E6400 from the dell outlet and was wondering if you all have any advice before i order.

I want to upgrade the memory and HD, but i dont know what to buy exactly.

I want 4 gb of RAM, and the quietest and most inexpensive HD that is 250 or 320gb that I can get. I assume that a 5400rpm is quieter than a 7200rpm drive. Any ideas?

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Vs Studio XPS 13
I know that they are two different focused machines, but now that the Studio XPS has been out for a little while, can anyone comment on how the E6400 and 13" SXPS stack up against each other?

Battery life?
Computer performance CPU for CPU?
Keyboard quality?
Quality of build?
Screen quality?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Vs. Latitude E6400
I am looking for a new notebook and after going through countless reviews I have narrowed my final purchase decisions down to two notebooks -

Dell Studio XPS 16 and Dell Latitude E6400. I am basically need a notebook for web browsing, business use and leisure purposes.

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Dell :: Does The Latitude E6400 Have A Glossy Screen?
because if it does id probably but it...and im glad it has no trackball!

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