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Sony :: What Does A Quickly Flashing Battery Light Mean

What does a Quickly flashing yellow/orange battery light mean?

I bought a replacement battery pcga-BP2E for my sony vaio vgn 417M.It ran off the battery and showed it was charging but % didn't go up. Every time I connect the power cable the battery light flashes rapidly and I can't find in any manual what it means.

Using my original working battery the battery light flashes slowly as it should and the laptop works ok.

10 days and I am still waiting for a relpy from the supplier atleast I started my complaint through paypal.

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Acer :: 1414 No Boot, Battery Light Blinks Orange Quickly 8 Times
I have a acer 1414 notebook, when i plug it in and try to get it to post the battery light blinks orange around 8 times, and then stops. i get no beeps, other other lights,.

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Dell :: Battery Light Flashing
Have a question for you. Last night I had my laptop connected up to the ECM of my car (for diagnostics purposes) and went for a drive with it connected to the ECM. No Problem. Got back from the trip and the battery was down to 4% so I promptly shut it down (after turning the car off).

I plugged the charger in and the battery is back up to 100% but for some reason the orange flashing battery light on the laptop keeps flashing. I have taken the power pack out and the battery is ok, works as per normal

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Acer :: 5135 Flashing Amber Light
I've got an Acer Aspire 5313 and I've never had any problems with it.

Last night it shut itself down to install updates when I was out of the room, so I left it off and didn't notice anything wrong. But today when I went to power it up I noticed that the battery light was flashing orange/amber while the power light was a solid orange and there was no indicator that it was plugged in.

If I unplug it and power it up the light stays a solid green, like normal, and I've got an almost full charge, but the instant I plug it in the light starts flashing amber/orange again and it doesn't seem to recognise that I've plugged the cord in.

I've tried a bunch of different 'solutions' that I've been able to find but none of them worked. I haven't downloaded anything in a while and I don't go anywhere near BIOS, since I've got no idea what I'm doing. I know very little about computers though, so there were some 'solutions' that I've not tried yet.

I use this for school, so it's used frequently for hours at a time. If it's simply a new power cord for it, which is what I first thought it might be, that's fine. But the green light on the power supply turns on normally, so I'm not sure that that's the problem.

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HP/Compaq :: Hard Drive Light Keeps Flashing
Anything I do on this machine, the HD lights barley goes out. It just keeps flashing. I think it is what slowing my machine down. When i am playing a game, I get laggy fps and what not and I think it is the HD slowing it downs. Even when the machine is doing nothing the HD light is solid. I ran the HP HD tests and it found no issues. My "File searching index" for vista is turned off. I have enable write chaching and enable advance proformance enabled. Any ideas? I am getting pissed off with this becasue it really laggs my system down. It is a decent system when it works right..

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Dell :: XPS M140 Flashing Orange Power Light
My Dell XPS M140 has a power light on the bezel that blinks orange very rapidly. This usually happens when I leave the charger on the wall over night or for long periods of time.

However, when I take the battery out and push the button the battery itself, there are 5 green lights, so I assume all is fine, but what is with the orange flashing light on the bezel?

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Acer :: Aspire 7220 Flashing Power Light, Doesn't Boot
I'm trying to fix my fathers laptop so he won't have to spend money on a new one. Here's the problem:

When I press the power button to boot the laptop it does not boot, it just flashes the power light(s) on and off at maybe 1 flash per second. I've tried removing the RAM-sticks one and one, removing the HDD, removing the battery and removing the DVD reader (not all at the same time, of course). None of those helped, it still did the same thing.

Then I tried to blind flash the bios from a CD, the laptop comes on with the fan at full blast, the DVD reader comes on and it stays on, but it never finishes and powers off.

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HP/Compaq :: 12 Cell Battery Draining VERY Quickly
My year old 12-cell HP extended battery for my dv6870 is draining really fast. In 10 minutes it went from 100% down to 70% and all I am doing is browsing. Is the battery shot or is there anything I can do to save it?

UPDATE: From 100% to 7% in 25 minutes. It used to last 2-3 hours!

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Dell :: Power/Battery Flashing Orange
The battery/power signal (the three green LEDs right under the display on the right side) keeps flashing orange four times then blinks green once, and repeats.

The PC is on AC power and the battery is full too (99%). I don't know what the problem is.

I read around and it seems my battery is dead. Fortunately, my purchase of the XPS was just under a year ago, so I should get it replaced without paying up. I have a replacement battery that I bought at purchase. I hope it lasts loner. Do you guys reccomend taking out the battery when running on AC power?

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Battery LED Flashing
I have a Latitude E6400 running Windows 7.

Just booted up my machine: for some reason the battery LED light is flashing. The battery seems to be charging and if I take out the power chord, the computer keeps on running on battery power.

Update: when the battery completed charging, the battery LED just switched off.

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Dell :: Blinking Battery Light
My battery light was blinking tonight when I plugged my Inspiron 1420 in to charge it.

But not blue and amber like the "too hot to charge" warning, just flashing blue

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Dell :: Weird Battery Light Inspiron 13
The battery and AC adaptor for my Inspiron 13 don't seems to be acting strangely...

When the computer is off, and not connected to any power source, sometimes the battery light flashes. This happens even if the AC adaptor isn't plugged into the computer.

When the computer is off and it is plugged in, the light doesn't flash.

The battery light is on when the computer is plugged in, charging, and powered up.

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Acer :: Battery Light On Timeline 4810
How do I make the long led on the front of my Timeline work? It becomes all red only when it is charging, but if running on battery I am not managing to have it work, i.e. to have it indicate how much battery i got left...

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Acer :: ( Aspire 1654) Blinking Battery Light
My battery life was appauling (15 mins), so I decided to do a full discharge and recharge (Nothing to lose by doing it)

After this was done I loaded back into windows and checked my battery monitor, unplugged my laptop and waited 10 minutes.

It was still at 100% 10 minutes later.

I looked in another utility and it was reporting ludicrous values for Full Capacity - 920,643mWh (At this point I became very scared of the prospect of a Lithium Fire).

I worked out the capacity of my battery:

wattHour = ampHour * Volts

Ah of my battery is 2.0, and it provides 14.8 Volts

Max battery capacity: 29.6wH (29600mWh)

The program is reporting 29834mWh (Which seems like a perfectly acceptable value considering not all batts are the same)

Seems like the battery is still good... (It's certainly running longer than before, up to 30 mins so far).

I'm sure my battery is dying (3 years old), just this makes it seem like it isn't?

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Sony :: SR BIOS Flashing Failed
i juse upgraded my sr46gd's bios,and it failed.....

i need to use it tomorrow,is there any way i can do it? i mean re-flash the bios

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Sony :: Flashing New BIOS Sr290 Froze, Now It Won't Boot At All
I was flashing the newest BIOS to my SR290 last night and in the middle of flashing it froze. I waited quite a while to make sure it wasn't just taking its sweet time but eventually had to pull the battery as holding the power button didn't even do anything.

So I wait a few and then try to boot it back up and it won't power up at all. I plug it in and the charging light won't turn on.

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Dell :: How Do These S Boot Up So Quickly?
i had a dell vostro 1700 and it booted vista very quickly. The vista bootscreen bar was looping like crazy. i saw a similar thing with a dell precision m4400 ...

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Dell :: Why/How Did My Order Ship So Quickly?
I ordered the system in my sig early morning on 3/24. At the time of the order, it was estimated to ship on 4/2 with an estimated delivery date of 4/9. When I called to check the status the next day (3/25), it stated that the order was processing. When I checked again later that night, it said it was shipped on 4/6. I checked the status again the next morning (3/26), and this time it said it was shipped on 3/28 with an updated estimated delivery date of 3/31. Now today, on the 28th, I got the 'order has shipped' email along with the FedEx tracking number. FedEx's estimated delivery date is 3/30.

Anyone have any idea why or how my order could have shipped so quickly? I never did catch it in the kitting/build/testing/boxing stages...and these stages usually take at least a few days. Could I be receiving a recently returned system that just happened to have the same specs? It seems almost unheard of to receive a new system in less than a week after ordering it...especially when considering that they are built overseas and that I picked standard 7-day shipping. Is there any way I can tell if it is a returned system?

My friends and family somewhat jokingly said maybe it's because of my previous order history. I ordered the SXPS 1645 in late November, but later ended up cancelling the order in December due to the throttling issues it was having at the time. When I cancelled the order, it was already in the build stage for a day or two. Could Dell maybe have noticed my history and "rushed" my order this time?

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Apple :: What Should I Do To Keep My Macbook Pro Running Quickly
My first mac is almost a year old now. What should I do to keep my macbook pro running quickly? I maxed out my ram, but what maintenance should I do? I have a lot of programs that I don't want to loose by reinstalling OSX.

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Acer :: Quickly Switching Touchpad Configurations
Is there some way to quickly change the configuration of the touchpad? My wife and I use the same computer but don't like each others setup. I would be nice if there were some way to easily switch from one configuration to the other.

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Sony :: New Z, LCD Light Bleed
Is this common with the smaller LCD's to have light bleed ?

Along the top and the bottom I can see some light bleed, my Mac book pro doesn't have this.

At the bottom it looks kind weird, like small little ripples. Anyone else gets this? I wanna know if its normal or should I be concerned?

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Sony :: Camera Indicator Light
i'm trying to find a way to deactivate the indicator light that turns on (green) when i start my built in camera!i'm using it a lot and it's very annoying!!does anybody know if and how i can do this??

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Sony :: How To Backup Vaio Z Original Bios While Flashing New Bios
Updated: Found a better way to backup Bios only, Please see the end of this message

Let say your Vaio Z is using Bios R4040M3 and you move to Bios R4041M3 to use the official VT support. Later on, you want to move back to R4040M3 to use the Advance Menu hack. Unfortunately, you cannot move back as Sony never publish the R4040M3 Bios update. This is my current situation.

I decided to investigate a way to back up the current Bios. Using a program called Universal extractor, I managed to extracted the files in the original Bios update. The bios update uses a program called Insydeflash to flash the Bios. The Insydeflash uses a file called platform.ini to control its setting.

In the platform.ini file, there is a section called [FDFile]. The section [FDFile] has a parameter called BackupName. If we put in a file name here, the Insydeflash should save your current Bios into that file. Unfortunately, I cannot make it work with the Sony supplied Insydeflash. (version 3.38).

I managed to get the newer version of Insydeflash (version 3.72). The newer version has a new ini section called [BackupROM], as the following:


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Sony :: Disc Drive Indicator Light
I just got a Vaio NW. So far I am loving it, as well as loving Windows 7. The one question I have is, is it normal for the disc drive indicator light to continuously flicker/flash?

The programs I have running are Google Chrome, and Norton 2010 Internet Security

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Sony :: Wireless Switch Broken (does Not Light Up)
I have an SR290 and recently I had a problem with the wireless. The wireless switch at the bottom left corner does not seem to work; when I move it to the ON position, the LED does not light up green to say that it is working. In the Device Manager, the wireless device does show up, and I can disable/enable it, and it indicates that the wireless card is still functioning. Under network connections, the network connection does show up, but it cannot detect any wireless networks. My other devices can pick up the wireless signals.

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Sony :: Light Scratches On Carbon Fiber TZ Lid
I bought this TZ as a refurb from Sony. I didn't notice at first, but there are a couple superficial scratches on the lid that are apparent in direct light. What would be the best way to get rid of it? I have some auto paint buffing products that I've used on carbon fiber pieces, but those had been clearcoated IIRC. What can I do about light scratches on the TZ's lid?

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Sony :: Switch Off The Green Light In The Power Button Of FW
I keep my laptop connected to external monitor and turned on 24/7 in the room where I sleep. But at night,

when the room is dark and I'm ready to sleep, I have the power button of the FW emitting this fairly bright green light and it bothers me

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Sony :: Fw Series- Wireless, The Laptop Says Its On, But The Light Does Not Turn On
i bought a sony fw series notebook not too long ago. But recently when i turn on my wireless, the laptop says its on, but the light does not turn on.

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Sony :: Caps Lock Light Doesn't Work Anymore
my CS.

sony tech did a repair on my laptop and when he was done, a piece of the trim wasn't flush near the LCD hinge. To fix this, I put a drop of krazy glue under the hinge (it snaps off) on the panel above the keyboard and was able to fix the problem cleanly.

The problem is, I noticed my caps lock light no longer turns on. I have no clue when this could have happened, since it was under a couple repairs before. But, my worry is my warranty. Do you think they'll complain about replacing it if they see I had to glue a piece together? On the other hand, the light module screws into this panel so, technically they don't need to replace this panel, just the light module.

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Sony :: Ultra Thin And Light Portable Vaio Laptop
My requirements are as follow:

Screen size : 11 inch
Weight with battery : below 1.3kg
RAM: 2GB or more
Wireless Network : 802.11b/54Mbps(802.11a/g)/300Mbps(Draft 802.11n)
Hard Drive : at least 120GB
Prefer to have carbon fiber casing

Any particular model I should look for on ebay or in the current market ?

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Sony :: How To Control Keyboard Backlight,power Light Etc On Vaio Z 2010 SSD Models
1. How do I control the duration for which the backlight keyboard lights are on.

2. The ambient light detector keeps dimming and brightening my screen when in a complete dark room. How to fix this?

3. How to turn on or off the green power light button?

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Dell :: Flashing Screen
Hey guys I have had my SXPS 1645 for almost 8 months now and I recently have had issues with it. Whenever I turn it on, it seems to boot fine (maybe a few more clicks then usual) and the boot up screen is tinted blue and the screen flashes. The OS seems to work fine as it logs in and everything, yet the screen tint and flashing remains. I assume its a problem with the RGBLED display, but I am not sure how exactly I can remedy this problem.

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Dell :: BIOS Flashing Went Wrong
I was flashing my bios of my dell xps studio 16 (i don't know which 17xx it is... it has i5 and 4gb of ram. some ati vidfeo card with 1gb of vram, 15.6 LCD)

And then it froze for about an hour. So I unplugged power, took out battery and tried to boot it up. To my dismay, nothing showed up on the screen.

I have so much stuff on my HD that I need.

What are some ways to fix my laptop? Do I have to send it to dell? Will I lose all my data?

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Dell :: Flashing BIOS On XPS 1340
Last week I received my brand new Dell Studio XPS 1340. After some days I got the "Power Adapter cannot be determined .....". So I called Dell Tech Support. He told me to flash the BIOS from A02 to A03. So I did. Under the flashing I got a bluescreen. So the information on the BIOS was gone. So yesterday a Dell Techincan came to my house and replaced the motherboard with a new one. I noticed that this motherboard has BIOS version A01 (the oldest one). I also noticed that the processor fans is always on 4000 RPM. It never slows down to 2000 RPM, even if the temperature is on 40 degree celcius.

So I though this had to be something with the old BIOS version. So I called Dell, and I tried to flash from A01 to A02. But the same bluescreen came, this time, lucky for me, before the flashing! So nothing get destroyed!

Anyway, Copy paste the dump file here:

Seems like PHLASHNT.SYS has something to with this? Have someone have this same problem as me? The fans never stop, and I think its because of the old bios version. And:

1) No errors on the diagnosic test (full system scan)
2) I switched from Vista 32 bit to Vista Business 64 bit (original) with the signed drivers from (all my drivers are verified)

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. This is
because the driver was specified in the registry as being suspect (by the
administrator) and the kernel has enabled substantial checking of this driver.
If the driver attempts to corrupt the system, bugchecks 0xC4, 0xC1 and 0xA will
be among the most commonly seen crashes.
Arg1: 0000000000000081, MmMapLockedPages called without MDL_MAPPING_CAN_FAIL
Arg2: fffffa800b7a5120, MDL address.
Arg3: 000000000000008a, MDL flags.
Arg4: 0000000000000000, 0.

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Dell :: Flashing A FX2500m To 7900GTX
After trying many drivers and having many questions left unanswered, I decided I wanted to try this route to see how it goes.

I was told when I bought my FX2500m that I could flash it with the 7900GTX BIOS since they are both the same card basically.

I'm having problems where I can play some games no problem, and others lock-up after only seconds of play, sifting through 5 drivers (NBF and Xtreme-G) I decided either I have a faulty card or maybe the FX2500m doesn't have a shader or whatever that some of the games I'm testing it with need.

I only have a couple more days to report this card as a DoA so I'm wanting to test all the possibilities before (possibly) shipping it back.

Long story short, can someone give me a link to a 7900GTX BIOS? And give me a quick run-down on how to go about actually doing the flash and backing up my own?

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Dell :: Flashing Geforce GO 6800
I've got a Dell Inspiron 9300. Recently, I flashed my vBios and had to do a blind flash. I've got a flash drive with all of the things needed on it, but I'm not so sure about the ROM. It was the only one I could find on the net, and it hasn't worked so far. I left the flash drive in for almost two hours, and it finally did the two beeps. It was on full auto mode and it didn't restart; it just sat there.

I guess I'm begging someone to send me a default bios for a Dell i9300's go 6800 gpu (NV41, according to dell, not sure if it matters).

Also, for clarification, the "backlight" refers to the monitor emitting a glow while still being blank, yes? Because as it is, the monitor doesn't even come on, much less emit any light.

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Acer :: Flashing Aspire 5315
I downloaded the new BIOS for the 5315 and went to run it tonight. It said I had 1.22 and the new BIOS was 1.25. I double clicked the BIOS program, said to close all other programs so I did, and then clicked START. It got about 1/10 of the way through and then said something about a read error (I can't remember exactly). It completely froze my system where I couldn't even force power off by holding the power button. Acer tech support said that flashing the BIOS isn't covered under warrantee and it's $100 to send it in and get them to replace the mobo. He also kept saying that there are ways to fix this myself, just to look online. I have tried force powering it off by unplugging the power and unplugging the battery. Now it won't turn on at all.

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Dell :: Flashing Lock Keys On Boot Up
if i turn the pc off, when i turn back on, no boot up, no chance to press f2 f12 f8 nothing. the only thing that happens is the disk read light stays on, and the caps lock and looks like system lock lights keep flashing. the system will then eventually power off. i removed the battery (the laptop was always plugged into power) and it started. i then placed the battery back and it started normally.

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Dell :: Flashing Wifi LED On Studio 1537
I just took out my Intel 5100 and put in a Intel 5300 card, my internet is working great, but sometimes even when it's working the wifi led flashes,

I was wondering if anyone know what that means, did I miss something? window vista automatically installed driver for the new card so

I didn't even do anything after installing the card, I did make sure to connect all 3, white, black and grey antenna to the card

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HP/Compaq :: DV4t-1000 Screen Flashing
my daughters DV4t began having video issues. The unit had been flawless for a year but after the unit had run for 5 to 10 minutes, every 4 or 5 seconds or so it would begin flashing a pencil thin green line horizontally across the entire bottom of the screen. The longer the unit ran the larger the line would become until it consumed the entire task bar. It demonstrated this behavior in normal mode, safe mode, and in BIOS mode. I tried everything I knew (drivers, BIOS, etc) to solve the problem without resolution.

Luckily we have an extended 3 year warranty with ADP. The unit is/was just over its initial 1 year warranty period (Christmas). The unit was returned for repair and HP replaced the lid, LCD, and associated parts. Im happy to say that in 8 days the unit came back with no issues and in flawless condition, but I must also say that its a bit disappointing that such a failure should occur so early in its well cared for life.

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Acer :: Creating BIOS Flashing Boot Disk
Reason for this is to flash your BIOS the safer way.

Windows has alot of services that can potentially hang the flashing process, hence DOS Mode where no other process is running is the safe way to flash.

First of all get the package here

Extract all the files to Desktop

Go into the folder.

You should see a HP Drive Key Utility.

Install it.

Open the Program With Administrative Permission with Right Click as shown below:.......

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Acer :: Aspire 8930G Bios Flashing Went Wrong
I flashed the Bios (from Acer webpage vers. 1.10 to vers 1.13) on my notebook Acer Aspire 8930G - 864G64Bn. No I have a really big problem.

I can switch on my notebook and it shows the Acer empowering people screen, but stay there. Nothing happens. The only thing I can do is press F2 (is the only thing which is offered on the screen) But also there it just says please wait.... and nothing happens.

At the first time reboot after flashing I was able to enter the Bios, but since than I cant.

So I read a lot of using a usb thumb drive or an external floppy drive.

Will this work for my notebook and should I copy just the .FD file on it?

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Dell :: COD4 Graphic (Rapidly Flashing Between A Couple Different Colors)
I cant figure this out, I have a M1710 with the 7950GTX, tried both the vanilla 169.09 and the M4 version.

My gun is constantly flickering, to the point I cant take it. Rapidly flashing between a couple different colors. It also happens to my teammates (singler player only, havent tried MP yet).

Iv'e Tried every Graphic options 1 by 1 and I cant get it to go away...

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Dell :: Flashing 7900GS (to Flash My Card With An Older GTX Bios)
I want to flash my card with an older GTX bios I used to have. But some months ago I installed the unlocked roms...

I still have that rom (gsx) and now I want to burn it on a cd-rom and flash my card with the juan software.

So first I burned Juan's software on a cr-rw (don't close the disk). Afterwards I added my old rom. When I want to flash it and I typ:

nvflash -4 -5 -6 GTX1.rom it says that it can't find the file...

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Dell :: How To Turn On Keyboard Light On Xps 16
Yeah how do i do this.. its dark already need to see the keysss

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Dell :: Keyboard Back Light
Where can I find the settings for the keyboard backlighting? I would not like it to dim at all and would like the ability to adjust its brightness. Where is this possible

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Dell :: 1640 Keyboard Light
I just received a new 1640 as a replacement for a refurb 1640. The keyboard lights go off fairly quickly on the new one but will turn on when I touch a key. Is that the way the newer 1640s are being made? The lights stay lit all the time on my refurb.

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Acer :: 4810TZ Plugged In Light
I bought the laptop today. When I first plugged it in, the LED turned yellow when charging. From reading another thread I thought it would turn blue when charged and plugged in, yet the light just goes out after a while. Is it broken? Quick guide also says blue light should be on after the battery is charged.

I tried removing the battery, put it back in, plugged the laptop in, blue light came on for a few seconds, then went out again.

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Acer :: 5920G- Red Light Constantly On
On my Acer 5920G with Windows 7 I noticed that after I downloaded the latest version of Acer Arcade Deluxe that the red light on he right hand side of the computer is on. It's the record button on the media button area.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Mute Light
I've been having this problem ever since I upgraded to Windows 7.

Even when the computer isn't muted, the light is orange, and doesn't change when I touch the button.

I have all the latest updates from the HP website and I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. Its not really a big deal for me, but it's just annoying.

While the computer is booting up, the mute light is white, but after Windows loads, it turns to orange.

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