Dell :: MP1530 Vs Studio 16 Based On Heat?

Apr 27, 2009

First of all great forum, I have found a lot of useful information here

I want to buy a new laptop from Dell, but I just cannot decide between the XPS M1530 or the Studio XPS 16.

I want to be able to play games on it that look good, like Warcraft, COD5, Source games like HL2. I'm not looking for something that will play well with maxed out settings, nothing close. Just a laptop that would do it smoothly while still looking good at maybe medium settings. I also need it for some university work like programming and other computer science related topics.

I am after having a terrible expierience with a HP pavilion dv2699ea special edition laptop. Recently it just got boiling hot, it was always very hot, but much hotter than normal now, you could not sit with it on your lap, the keyboard and mousepad and the area for resting your palms were just too hot to touch, and when I would be watching a dvd on it lately it actually shut itself down several times without explanation. Now the GPU has gone bust. Sometimes it produces no image on screen, or a distorted one, and it has made the laptop as slow as hell .....

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Dell :: Will The Studio XPS 13/16 Be Based On The 9400M

Oct 23, 2008


Studio XPS 13: 9400M?

Studio XPS 16: 9400M and 9600M GT (like the new MBP)?

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Dell :: Heat On Studio XPS 16 With SSD

May 27, 2010

I was looking through some Studio XPS 16 reviews and one of the biggest complaints is heat. I don't really want to deal with heat that badly (I wish the fan was louder to compensate for the Heat).

But I am comparing a Studio XPS 16 to a Sony Vaio F series, and I was wondering how would the heat generated be with 8 GB of Ram, i7 720 QM processor, ATI 5730 and a 128 GB Solid State Drive? The Solid State Drive is supposed to generate 0 heat, so I figured that would mean that I would not have to deal with the heat problems. Also I would get the RGBLED screen.

On a less important note....with a 128 GB SSD and a 9 cell 85 whr battery what kind of battery life am I looking at with those stats at 20% brightness and only word documents?

I would like to grab a dell as I found out I may have a 15% discount there, but I don't want to have to deal with a hot/throttled computer.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Heat

Jul 28, 2009

1. Has Dell recognized the problem and attempted to solve the problem?

2. Does anyone know if Dell is coming out with a new laptop model anytime soon?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 & The Heat

Nov 16, 2009

I'm about to buy the XPS Studio 13 notebook and was hoping someone could make some clarifications for me about it. I've read a lot about the apparent design flaw in it that makes the monitor block the exhaust and thus the computer gets hot. I also know that the new BIOS version addresses this issue somewhat, but I'm a bit skeptical about it because a BIOS can only make the fans run more. The BIOS fix cannot correct the actual physical problem. Therefore, I'm a bit jittery about getting this computer, even though it's the one that best meets my spec requirements.

I would like to hear from those who have owned the XPS Studio 13 for at least 3-4 months and have used it for powerful stuff. What has your experience been like regarding the heat issue?

I've been warned that heat issues are not good for LED displays. This seems to me to be confirmed by the XPS 13 review posted at [url] where it is claimed that the heat issued damaged the bottom part of the guy's screen.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Heat ??

Oct 7, 2009

HOW hot does this magnificent machine get ?
Im getting one with T9550 ( 2.66 ghz ) :-s

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Heat

Jan 20, 2009

I have a Studio 1537 with a 3450 graphics card, 500GB HDD, 4GB Ram and a T9400 CPU. After around 20 mintues of the laptop being on the area surounding the touchpad gets quite warm

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Heat ...

Jun 24, 2009

I am still having problems with FPS drops in games, I have tried everything and have come to the conclusion it must be heat related.

By running HWMonitor I can see the sensor for my GPU has reached 94c!!!
I think at this temp its downlocking and causing my FPS drops.

Could anyone else with a 1555 run hwmonitor (its free) then play a demanding game for a while and check the ACHI temps?

You can see my temps in my other posts regarding the poor HS and Fan
Dell Studio 1555 Pics Mobo/Heatsinks/fan/GPU

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Dell :: Studio Xps 16 Heat--laptop

Apr 7, 2009

I'm looking into getting a laptop fairly soon. I am trying to decide if i want to go with the xps 1530 or studio xps 16. I read various reviews of how hot the studio xps got and was wondering if it has gotten that problem fixed at all.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 Heat ...

Jun 11, 2009

I'm thinking about purchasing a Studio XPS 16, but I hear all these stories about the heat.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 Heat & Battery?

Jun 17, 2009

I am looking at this as one of my next buys. I have read plenty of reviews, but nothing recent. I have read that new BIOS and such had solved some initial problems. I was hoping someone with my configuration who has bought one recently can tell me:

A) How is the battery life?
B) How is the heat?

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Dell :: Studio 15- Heat- Is Fan Noisy

Sep 20, 2008

I've been frustrated all week dealing with a new HP dv7t that arrived on Monday (9/15). The moment I powered it up, the fan started running at full speed and hours it hadn't kicked off a single time. I've never heard a notebook fan more audible or more annoying before. It would be impossible to use the system in a library or other quiet setting without distracting others. Even with fan running at gale force, the wrist rest to the left of the touchpad was always uncomfortably HOT! I did figure out how to change the BIOS setting that had the fan set to 'Always On'. But it still ran 90% of the time!

I called this morning and got my Return Authorization, so it's going back on Monday and I refused to trade it for another HP....the fan in a store model I checked out yesterday was just as loud as that puts me back to square one- looking for a new laptop!

I've decided that I'd rather have a 15.4" model than a 17", so the Dell Studio 15 is high on my list. I also love the XPS M1530, but both of the nVIDIA graphics cards offered are included in the current nVIDIA mess that's been all over the news....

So, the Dell Studio 15 with the ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics card and either the 2.1GHz T8100 or 2.5GHz T9300 is my front-runner at the moment. But I've got a few questions for those of you with some hands on experience and knowledge of the Studio models-

What percentage of the time does the fan run during normal usage (email, spreadsheets, internet)?

Is the fan noise muted like most other notebooks? Or is it more audible?

Are there any areas of the keyboard, wrist rest or touchpad that become uncomfortably warm to the touch?

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Dell :: Palm Area And Heat On The Studio 15

Apr 5, 2009

How is the area around where the palm rests for the Studio 15? I read one review where it said the palm areas get warm. Is this true?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 Heat Issues Resolved?

Jan 22, 2010

A friend just picked up one of these but wanted to know if the heat issues she keeps on reading about are resolved.

There was some talk about a redesigned cover to better manage air flow but i cant find anything about Dell actually shipping them out.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 Heat Issues .. Build Quality?

Apr 8, 2009

Heard...a LOT of negative regaurding this laptop...heat quality...etc What do you think? It would fit me perfectly as a secondary backup however I have heard nothing good yet.

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Dell Studio 1747 :: Heat Increases Normally And Shuts Down After 3-4 Hours

Feb 19, 2013

i have a dell studio 1747 notebook. now i am facing a problem . while playing games (Hot pursuit,  call of duty etc) after 5 to 10 minutes it Shuts Down but i can do normal works like browsing , office , or some simple softwares etc. then heat increases normally and Shuts Down after 3-4 hours.  

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Dell :: To Charge For US-based Support

Dec 14, 2008

I never thought I'd be writing this, but Dell (yes, Dell), is charging customers a monthly fee to have access to its United States-based customer service representatives.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that the PC maker is charging customers with a Dell account $12.95 per month to have access to an American agent or $99 per year for customers who buy a new PC from the company.

Those who don't pay the sum will be contacting center agents in India or the Philippines. But before you start your bellyaching, Dell is sweetening the pot: wait times are guaranteed to be 2 or fewer minutes!

I think this only pertains to the Dell Home systems.

Correction: They will provide this option for all Dell Home computers including XPS. If your curious the option is under services and the "Your Tech Team" option.

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Dell Inspiron 77R :: Update BIOS Based On Popup Notice?

Apr 19, 2013

I received a brief pop-up notice that there was an important BIOS upgrade for my Inspiron 7720 and then when I went out to the Dell Support Link there is a one paragraph stating that there is a critical new BIOS update.  I had hope to read more about the update and what it required but there was nothing.  So I clicked on the link, this launched a download of a file - 7720A13.exe and nothing else. 

How am I to distinguish this file from a SPAMMER sending me a file?

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HP Mini 1000 Recovery :: How To Get Bios Password Based On Error Code

Oct 24, 2014

I have an HP mini 1000 that a friend gave me. It is asking for a password at the startup before windows kicks in. My friend doesn't remember the password and after 3 failed attempts.How do I get the bios password based on this error code?

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Apple :: Intel Claims Core I5-Based MacBook Pro Promotion A Marketing Error

Jan 16, 2010

Intel Claims Core i5-Based MacBook Pro Promotion a Marketing Error


Spanish site, which was first to note an Intel promotion yesterday apparently revealing at least one forthcoming MacBook Pro based on the company's new Core i5 processors, now reports [Google translation] that Intel has revised the promotion to offer HP Envy notebooks instead of MacBook Pros, blaming a marketing error for the incorrect promotional materials. [url]

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Dell :: Studio Xps 13" 16" Heat

Sep 16, 2009

Is there any word on when Dell will fix the Heat issues with the Dell Studio XPS 13i nch and 16 inch?

I really want to know who designed the screen to block the air vent....

Hope they fix this by the time windows 7 comes out.

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Apple :: Macbook V Macbook Pro (My Short Review Based On 2 Hours At PC World's Stand)

Feb 5, 2009

To start I should remind everyone that i'm not a mac user. I have never owned a mac or used OSX properly before today. As such, my opinions should be taken as coming from someone who has much knowledge and experience as far as PC's are concerned, but who is a total mac n00b.

First Impressions

When I first walked over to the Macbooks I was quite taken aback. The build quality is out of this world. In fact, I immediately walked over to the latest PC laptops to compare and immediately thought "manufacturing FAIL". Really, the Macbooks are italian sports cars, and PC's are 30 year old farm tractors to use the typical "car analogy".

The Macbook

I really only had any interest in the Macbook when I first went to the Apple stand, but came away with the intention of buying a MacBook Pro. Let me explain:

The MacBook's build quality is awesome. It's solid, no creaking plastic or flexable build, completely and utterly solid. Awesome.............

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Apple :: Most "Mac-like" Windows-based Laptop

Aug 30, 2009

Currently on a 15" MacBook Pro -- I really like the design and aesthetics. I can see why they're so popular, to say the least. Installed Snow Leopard without a hitch yesterday.

Being a med student, my primary usage is for things like Microsoft OneNote (not included in Office 2008 for Mac), and I've got a 1GB+ folder with OneNote stuff in it. Unless I'm missing something, my options for using those same files/folders are:

1. Dual-boot Windows XP/Vista/7 on this MacBook Pro and live with the crappy battery life.

2. Use VirtualBox to create a Windows VM in which I can run Office 2007 and suffer with the performance hit.

3. Use CrossOver to run Office 2007 and deal with the occasional bug (and slight performance hit).

I am aware that Evernote can convert .one files, but only on a Windows platform. Currently experimenting with using that in a VM to convert the .one files, and then transferring the result to my Snow Leopard install.

But beyond all of that: if I end up having to return this MBP, what Windows-based notebook is the closest thing as far as design/quality/aesthetics? Any Montevina-based platform and a minimum of 250 GB / 4 GB works for me.

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Dell :: How Bad Is The XPS 13 (heat)

Apr 28, 2009

I'm looking at both the Studio XPS 13 and the M1330 and I can get a xps13 better equipped for less. The only thing that is making me hesitant is the heat issues that are mentioned in nearly every review.

Does the heat issue affect performance?

Will it bother me? (I will have this on my lap and I'm a guy)

Should I just wait for a coupon that I can use on the m1330 so I dont have to worry about it?

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Dell :: Does The XPS 16 Have Heat

Apr 30, 2009

I've read reviews mentioning heat is an issue for the XPS 16, and I've read other comments saying that's false.

Does anyone have hands on experience with this notebook? Does the speedfan app work with this computer

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Dell :: HEAT! XPS 1340

Feb 9, 2009

I just bought this new laptop and it froze on me during inital set up and dell had to reimage it on the phone with me. Now that I have it where I can use the machine after about an hour of web surfing it seems like the bottom is pretty hot and near the vent is so hot you could not hold your hand there. I was thinking of calling dell back and talking to them about it. Are other people experiencing a lot of heat with this computer?

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Dell :: Heat- XPS Gen 2IK9FANGUI

Sep 28, 2007

My mate's XPS Gen 2 w/ 7800GTX is experiencing issues in games - tearing and random black textures in GRAW 2, overheating => shutting down, and stuttering in Far Cry. We've tried different drivers to no avail, and after running Rthdribl for five minutes according to RivaTuner the GPU reaches I'm thinking it's overheating.

So to the crux of the question...where on earth has IK9FanGUI gone? I was planning to use it to run the fans higher for some better cooling...but alas, I can't find it anywhere and the official site is down.

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Dell :: Heat With XPS M1530

Dec 7, 2008

After hearing about the known heat issues with the nVidia 8400m card I started monitoring the temperatures on my laptop using SpeedFan. The temperatures remain pretty consistent albeit on the high side.

They are as follow:
GPU: 65C
Core 0: 55C
Core 1: 55C

These are averages they really dont get much higher (at least for too long). When the fan turns on they drop about 5C (and go back up when it turns off). I bought my laptop back in March (actually very happy with it) and have had no real problems (fingers crossed). I mostly use Office, surf the internet & watch movies no real hardcore gaming for me

Anyone think these temperatures are normal?

Should I call Dell?

Will all these video cards ultimately fail?

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Dell :: M1710 And Heat

Apr 13, 2009

ive had the 1710 for two years,- but the heat issues are getting annoying.

right now with fangui just browsing

cpu load 10%
cpu temp 6969 C
GPU 70 C
fans rpm 4470

Have been using compressed air, cleaning the vents etc.

ive read about opening it up, but im guessing that voids the warranty. Have 2 year onsite left.

Did open a netbook to lube the fan, but im guessing its more difficult on the 1710. Also a problem if i get stuck at one point when putting it together.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Heat

Aug 21, 2009

I've had my XPS M1530 for a year now and I've recently gotten into overclocking, undervolting (going through this now), and monitoring my internal temperatures due to playing Oblivion, WoW, and AOC. Anyway, I checked the temperatures, and while idle my core temp sits at about 77C. With dual monitors (goes into 3D mode) it'll reach ~86C just surfing the internet. While gaming/overclocked it can easily reach 90-93C. I've gamed for LONG periods of time and it never seems to go above 93C ever, which is good b/c the max is somewhere around 100C (probably because of my cooling pad).

So I've looked online and everyone else seems to have temperatures of ~20C lower! What's going on and how come my laptop is this absurdly hot? Do any other users have temps this high? Have I had faulty hardware for a year now? I'm basically just wondering if there's any other suggestions out there or if I should call Dell asking them whats up with my laptop (I have a 4-year warranty).

Dell XPS M1530
Vista x64
Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5GHz
nVidia 8600M GT
4GB Ram

I just tried undervolting, and after changing the voltage it says "stress your CPU for 45minutes to make sure you don't get a blue screen of death or laptop crashes." It tested for a minute and RMClock (the program to undervolt) had to throttle the temps down b/c the CPU temps were getting over 95C.

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