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Dell :: Reformatting Vostro

I had a virus on my vostro 1500 and now have no choice but to reinstsall the operating software and start from scratch.

I only have two CD's that came with my 1500, which are labeled as follows:Drivers and utilities already installed on your computer
Application already installed on your computer

but in reading the instruction booklet it says to install "the operating system reinstallation CD" and I don't show having received this CD when I got my vostro 2 yrs ago.

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Dell :: Reformatting
1. Should I reformat when my new SXPS arrives?

2. Should I reformat AGAIN when I get my free Win7 upgrade in October? (And is this possible using the upgrade DVD?)

3. IF I reformat, will all of the drivers I need be on a CD dell sends with my comp, or will I need to track down the downloads for the most recent drivers for each component of my laptop?

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Dell :: Reformatting To Windows 7
So its been almost two years since i got my xps m1530, and ive decided to reformat to Windows 7 x64 from Vista 32

so i can actually use my 4gigs of ram. Any advice, suggestions or problems anyone's had reformatting? Also, the drivers i got with my laptop, those won't work since they're only for Vista right?

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Dell :: Reformatting To Vista From XP On An XPS
After a few weeks using Vista on my Xps 1530 i used the guides on this site to install XP on my machine. Now Ive decided to go back to vista but this seems to be a much more difficult task than i first tought.

I tried reinstalling with my Vista disk, either by starting it up in Xp or by booting directly from it. But when the installation gets halfway and needs to restart the computer i get a blue screen every time after restarting and trying to continue the installation.

Blue screen message:
A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your

If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer .....

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Dell :: Reformatting My 1520
i am having some problems with my 1520 and i was wondering how to go about reformatting it back to "new"?

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Dell :: Reformatting 1330
I've owned the XPS 1330 for a little more than a year, and because of a drop recently I have had to change the hard drive and reinstall vista. I believe I didn't properly install vista on to the computer and now it doesn't restart normally as it should, sometimes it will show a blue screen or it will restart continuously.

I called tech and because I didn't purchase extended warranty I'm restricted to certain telephone lines, and they would require that I pay up a sum to have them go through and check the problem.

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HP/Compaq :: Reformatting
i just reformatted my dv6000 and went from 32 bit vista to 64. i've gotten everything pretty well squared away except the wireless.

at first i had no wireless assistant, so i got that from an hp website, and it's there, however it won't turn on. it tells me to go to tools manager or something and turn on wireless assistant, but it's not there. what is the usual procedure in this situation.

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Dell :: Reformatting M1330 And AHCI
This is my 3rd attempt trying to reformat.

With the AHCI driver.

When i reached that part to install the driver, i clicked on that "drivers", connected my USB and added the AHCI driver.

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Dell :: Reformatting Latitude E6500
I just ordered a new Latitude E6500 (and my boss is paying for it!). It will come with Vista Business 32 and I plan on reformatting the machine and doing a clean install.

My new system will have:

160 GB 5400 HDD
WXGA+ LED Display
Integrated Webcam
Intel Wifi 5100
Dell 370 Bluetooth

I prefer to have my system as clean as possible. Is there any included software that I will need to reinstall?

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Sony :: Reformatting- Vaio Fw
If i reformat the sony vaio fw with an actual vista disk do i need to be worried about losing any type of function? bios, etc.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9700 - Reformatting C Drive, Laptop Wont Start
I recently caught a virus after accidentally typing faceboo k. cm instead of faceboo k. com in IE but Avast was able to take care of it. However, after restarting my HP laptop, I was unable to go into windows and it says there's a problem with startup or winload(I forgot). I used the repair startup 5 times, but to no avail. (I'm not sure if the virus is the cause of my problem).

So, I decided to use the Vista recovery DVDs and reformatted the C drive. I put the CD and HP automatically reformatted the windows partition of my drive. After it's done, the laptop was restarted and a dialog box that says "Software is being installed" appeared and there was a progress bar. But, it restarted again before the progress bar has a chance to complete. And after the laptop is restarted, the system says "BootMGR" is missing please restart using ctr alt del. After I restarted it again, a dialog box saying the recovery has failed appear. I tried this twice and failed both. The details of the error say something about QFE is missing or something.

FYI, the last time I used the Recovery cd I was brought to a blue screen (if I'm not wrong) where I can repartition, delete, or create partitions before formatting the drives. This time, I was unable to repartition or delete the drive, I was brought straight to reformating. And I was unable to use the Recovery Disk in the system; I pressed F11 and nothing happened.

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Dell :: Vostro 1500 Dekstop Icons Disappeared Stops At Vostro
I bought a Vostro 1500. It has been fine and I got XP instead of Vista. 2GB of RAM.

It boots up fine with quick Dell screen, black XP start up screen with thermometer line at bottom, then light blue XP screen then Vostro.

Before the destop icons show up next after Vostro and I am all set. Now it stops at Vostro.

I can get to programs using task manager file open and browse. Not very convenient.

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Dell :: Inspiron 13, XPS M1330, Studio XPS 13, Vostro 1320 Or Vostro 1310
im not sure if i want a graphic card in it, as it would just eat battery life and i would get nothing much out of it, since i have no plans in gaming with it.

i will be, however massively watching movies, and streaming movies (99.9% of the web, not dvd player) would that need a dedicated graphic card?

i would also like to know which are the best in terms of :

price, screen quality, build quality, weight, which ones have the same keyboard,current known issues, and are they any rumors or known news of any updates of any of these models in the next 6 months worth waiting for?

ive also bought a m1330 a few months back, but since i had some issues with school, i had to return it and delay my purchase to this year.

the laptop was getting extremely hot, like not even possible to put on my lap kind-of hot. is that issue fixed?

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Dell :: Vostro V13 Vs Vostro 3300
I know the Vostro 3300 just came out.

For those who own the V13. Do you miss having HDMI? How's the build quality on the V13? And with the Vostro 3300 out now, the Vostro 3300 would be a better buy, no?

Any differences that I should take note of?

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Dell :: [New] Vostro V13


Looks very nice. Spotted it on the Hong Kong, Mayalsia, China site as well as the reported Singapore site. (See updates below.)

I am looking for other available countries right now. Will keep this post updated.

Just spotted the starting price on the Dell China website: (see US price @ Update 3 below)

250GB hdd

Core2Solo SU3500
320GB hdd

Actual translation should mean "ships on the 14th" assuming that means December.


- Ah, available in the UK and Australia also.
- Don't see the C2D option on the UK page, looks like it's still being updated. (LINK)
- Top spec option on AUS page @ a pricey $13xxAUD. Laptops are abit more expensive over there. :-/ (LINK)

Update2: Via Endgaget



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Dell :: What Is ODM For Vostro 500?
What is ODM for Vostro 500?

Any T7xxx I can install and will work?

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Dell :: Vostro 1400Draft N And 3G
I have a vostro 1400 and am wanting to add a Draft N wireless card to it.
Are there any compatible cards for the vostro?

Also, Is there any way to add 3G functionality to the vostro 1400.

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Dell :: Reg Vostro A840
I buy a vostro A 840 & install xp i got every driver from but the Audio driver is not installed..

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Dell :: Vostro Vs Precision
I'm looking to upgrade my cheap consumer-grade laptop with something more robust. My uses are mostly software development as well as photography (Photoshop, etc.). I'm not interested in using this new machine for gaming (that would be a very secondary use).

I'm looking for a 17" laptop, so am considering both the Vostro 3700 and Precision M6500. I understand the system differences between these two machines, as well as the cost differences. Ideally, I'd like whatever I buy to last 3+ years without falling too far behind in technology, but on the other hand the Precision is very expensive (budgets suck).

Thus, would the new Vostro 3700, maxed out on configuration, be a worthwhile investment or, since I'm going to spend the money, should I go the extra mile and get the Precision? What would I miss (other than the graphics card mostly) if I go Vostro?

I've been agonizing over this for a good month or so and realize making a decision like this in a vacuum isn't going to happen, so let me know your thoughts.

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Dell :: Vostro 1510
I just received my first laptop, a Vostro 1510 from Dell. The specs are in my sig.

I have a few newbie questions:

1) What is the best way to store a battery, and at what percentage should I store it? Or can I leave it in while using the AC Adapter.

2) I can take out the battery, and run the laptop via the AC adapter right?

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Dell :: Vostro 1700
am i able to upgrade my ram to 4gb?
i currently have 2gb of ram
i have no real idea of what this means

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Dell ::Vostro Battery Going Bad?
I always keep my laptop plugged in so I don't use the battery. It's primary function is, in case there's a power interruption. This morning my Vostro 1500 (going on two years) started flashing the battery LED on the control panel on the palm rest.

It says 100% full...Charging !

It's been like that for 1.5 hours so I took it out. While in the machine I ran HWMon and it should a fully charged battery and the power output was equal across the board..

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Dell :: Vostro And Windows 7
Does anyone have any expierences with a Dell Vostro and Windows 7?

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Dell :: (vostro Or Inspiron)
Im looking to buy a Dell laptop but i need to decide which its the right one for me to get

Vostro 3500 or Inspiron 1545 both with i3 processor.

im looking to use this laptop for high school and light games like this one for example.

System Requirements:

* Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/Vista/7
* DirectX version 5.0 or later, or OpenGL
* 43 MB free space on your hard disk
* A connection to the internet

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Dell :: Vostro 1400
I have got Vostro 1400 with GeForce 8400M GS and graphic card failed... I tried to reflow the chip and it worked for 5 day and then it go wrong again...

My last chance is change motherboard... I look at ebay and I found motherboard with integrated Intel graphic... Is it possible to change motherboard with integrated VGA instead of one with GeForce VGA?

I think it should work, but I'm not sure and I don't want to be surprised after spending 200 USD on new motherboard.

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Dell :: Vostro Dialup
I am trying to make a dial up connection on vostro and when i do the internet connection wizard, the dial up button is grey and unresponsive.

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Dell :: Vostro Refresh
Dell's has been very quiet on their successful line of business laptops. Is there any news or rumors on yet to be released Vostro's? I would like to see something new other than the A860, 1510/2510, and 1710.

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Dell :: Vostro 1700 Fan
i went to the extent of buying a new fan (tested), and a new motherboard for my dell vostro 1700. and during boot the fan doesnt turn on.

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Dell :: New Vostro 1220 From
Just saw this on the dell malaysia website. seems to be the replacement for the vostro 1200. nice specs at almost netbook prices yet its a powerful 12" notebook

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Dell :: 8800 GTS For Vostro
about the possibility for an 8800 GTS video upgrade for the 1700/1720.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 To TV
I'm trying to connect my Vostro 1400 laptop to my television. I bought this adapter off EBAY:

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Dell :: Vostro 1320
Looking into a simple and fast laptop for general use, and mobile music production (nothing pro, just a hobby). Thinking of the following:

13" Vostro 1320
2.53Ghz 1066Mhz
4Gb 800Mhz
320Gb 7,200rpm
256Mb Geforce 9300M
Cherry Red
6 Cell Battery
Fingerprint Reader
Wifi Intel 5300 Half Mini Card

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Dell :: Vostro 1015
I am interested in getting the Dell Vostro 1015. I am curious if anyone has purchased it and has an opinion of it?

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Dell :: 8Gb In Vostro 1500
Dell says the Vostro 1500 only supports up to 2x2GB but I'm wondering if anyone has successfully slotted in a 4GB stick to increase the RAM in use. (under Windows 7 Professional, 64bit

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Dell :: Vostro 1700 And COD 5 ?
Will the Vostro 1700 8600M GT 256mb card play COD 5 ?

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Dell :: Vostro A860
It looks like Dell just released on their UK site a new Vostro laptop called the A860. I'm surprised because I haven't heard anything about this before launch and the lack of mention on the boards.


It seems that they come pre-configured, which means the choice to configure the specs is pretty much limited to what they have offered already.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 ?
is the dell vostro 1400 graphic card (8400m gs) covered by the heatsink i wanna knoe if i can apply thermal paste to it

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Dell :: Vostro Vs 64bit
I was told by Dell that the Vostro didn't support 64-bit addressing. What's not clear to me is if that means the hardware doesn't support it,

or just that they don't sell it with a 64-bit OS, or whether if you put your own Vista64 on it the Dell drivers would not work,

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Dell :: Adamo Vs. Vostro V13
I really need your advise on which one to go with. I prefer to test them out at the store. Unfortunately, I can't find any locally.

Anyhow, I can get the Adamo Admire on Dell (the 1.4GHz version) for $899 (with $100 EPP discount).

The Vostro V13 for $700 (w/o SSD). In fact, if I go with the V13, I may get the base version to save even more, but just to make a comparison, let's consider the $700 version.

I don't use this laptop for much heavy work. I have the Latitude D630 for that. I like to add a sexy machine for documentation, web browsing, and business travel. Occationally, I will compile some C code, but not often .....

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Dell :: Vostro Refresh 4/2/09
New Vostro 1320, 1520, 1720 have arrived and they are sporting the 9300 GS.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Possible Fan Going Bad
I have Vostro 1400 and it has been a rock for last 2 years I have had it. Recently it developed a rattling type of noise coming from the fan.

It is almost continous but sometimes stops for a second or two. Fan seems to be working OK for now.

Also I noticed if I put me ear next to the fan while the laptop is flat I can clearly hear the noise but I turn the laptop vertical to the ground the fan rattling almost goes away

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Dell :: New Vostro 1700, LCD Looks... A Little Off
I just got my new Vostro 1700 with the WUXGA panel, and something just looks.... well, I don't know how to explain it. The left edge of the screen, about an inch in or so, just looks... a little... I guess washed out might be the proper term. The colors don't look as bright, and I feel as though I can almost... see the pixels refreshing or something...

Is this a problem, or a known issue, or something I should be concerned about?

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Dell :: What Is This Chip? On A Vostro 1500
Can someone tell me what this chip is? Is it the CPU? I want to buy a thermal pad for it as it's cracked. Btw I replaced the thermal paste under the large heatsink on the left.

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Dell :: Vostro Screen Replacement
I have a Dell Vostro 1500 (bought in 2007). I recently dropped it on the ground and the screen backlight got damaged. I ordered a new screen off eBay. I need help figuring out whether the screen that I ordered is compatible with my laptop. Here are the specs:

Original Screen:
Manufacturer: AU Optronics
Model: B154EW02

New Screen:
Manufacturer: AU Optronics
Model: B154EW02 V.6

The original screen doesn't have any version number, but the new one is V.6 (I'm assuming V stands for version).

Both are 15.4" WXGA, 1280 x 800 and Wide (16:10). The only difference that I can find is that the original screen is glossy, while the new one is matte.

Does the version number (or glossy/matte) make any difference?

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Dell :: 8400m Gs On Vostro 1510
I own a vostro1510 with a 8400m gs. i am a casual gamer and during gaming gpu goes upto 85c. i am worried about my gpu as we all know about the failure rate of 8400 and 8600. my warranty is going to expire on sep 15 so do you guys recommend me going for extended warranty? i find it a bit costly.

remember my laptop was purchased on sep 15 2008 and my mobo was replaced few months back(not due to failing gpu). someone also told me that the replacement gpu's are not defective is it so?

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Dell :: Vostro 3300 First Impression
My brandnew DELL Vostro 3300 has arrived, some days earlier than expected.

First impressions:

- Notebook is quite small, although somewhat bigger than I thought. (But that may come from the fact that I did much webbrowsing on a Motorola Milestone yesterday :-))
- Build quality seems okay. For the price in fact good.
- Notebook is very lightweight. I have to measure the exact weight, but it feels much lighter than a DELL Studio 15.
- Power supply unit is very small and lightweight. Seems to be the same as the Studio 15's.
- Display is bright, colours are bright, seems to be an exact (smaller) copy of the Vostro 3700 with the same very limited viewing angle (not much of a problem to me when you do mostly office work and software engineering with dark letters on bright background, but could be a problem if you want to play games with mostly dark background).
- Keyboard is backlit, surprisingly good.
- Display and keyboard have relatively much flex.
- Battery is 4 cell, seems to last approximately 2:30 (with maximum brightness, WLAN on and light office work)
- It's very fast.
- It doesn't emit much heat, feels quite cool.
- It's relatively silent, so far.

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Dell :: Vostro 1520 Or 1320?
So I am contemplating between these two models but can't really decide. I like the real estate of the Vostro 1520 but the weight may be a problem. The 1320 is an option cause of it's battery life and weight. But at this point I am at a standstill...
So mainly, what are your opinions about these two macines..

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Dell :: Dead Vostro 1500
my vostro 1500 was working fine, it decided to not boot up randomly. when i press the power button, the power led comes on, followed by the hdd led, and the power led stays on . The lcd does not power on. Tried booting using only the battery, same. the power adapter, same. took the notebook apart, reseated the processor, heatsink, ram, and all the connectors, still no luck. tried replacing the ram with my other laptop, same. the hdd works on my other laptop, so i dont know what the exact problem is. This occured once last time, but it booted up fine after 2-3 tries, now it just wont boot on. tried connecting an external monitor, still no life. anything else i could try? and i rule out the faulty 8600 chipset, as i never overclocked my laptop, and always used thermal paste every 6~ months. would really appreciate some help, as im typing this on an ancient hp pavilion ze series, which still works after all these years.

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