Dell :: Weird XPS 1340 Headphone Noise

Nov 30, 2009

I've noticed (yet another) strange problem with my XPS 1340. I'll be listening to audio through headphones (only noticed it when iTunes was open - not always playing though) when every few hours or so,

a mid-pitched honking / buzzing noise, at most a couple seconds in duration, will sound. I've only had the laptop a couple weeks or so, and it's happened maybe a half dozen times so far.

I've never heard the noise coming from the speakers, only the headphones plugged into the front jacks

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Dell :: XPS 1340 DVD Drive Slow, Making Weird Noises

Nov 22, 2009

I just received a new XPS 1340. It's got the TS-H553A DVD burner drive. However, I think there might be a problem with it. It makes a weird scratching noise with most discs - almost like a power saw cutting through wood - and it rips CD audio at 1.5x.

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Dell :: My M1530 Made A Weird Noise

Mar 21, 2009

Alright the other day while surfing the net i noticed a strange noise coming from my laptop and I really didn't think of anything.

So anyway just 5 minutes ago while doing the same usual things like surfing the net, the same noise came out again. Just once, and it sounded something like this, DEEENGGG......

(i really don't know how to explain it) this sound appeared while my volume is muted. Anyway I know it's not the hard drive noise so i am a little worried but more so confused. I'm thinking is this an indicator that maybe the temperature of my laptop is hot that causes that sound

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Dell :: Constant Headphone Noise With Studio 1537, Is This Normal

Dec 4, 2008

Whenever I plug my earphones in my Studio 1537, I can hear a constant noise without playing any music or other audio. Is this normal?

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Dell Inspiron 5520 :: Randomly Reboots / Screen Flashes And Makes Weird Audio Noise

Feb 3, 2015

I have a problem with my dell inspiron 5520 it sometimes randomly reboots ,screen flashes and makes weird audio noise and then screen goes black and laptop reboots like normal! What is wrong with my laptop.Because when it reboots all my work is gone!

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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Flex :: Static / Noise In Headphone Jack

Nov 19, 2013

For the Yoga 2 Pro owners out there, how much static do you have in your headphone jack?  I am loving everything about this laptop except for some noticeable static at low volumes and some backlight bleeding at the bottom of the screen.  I have tried two different headsets, my Senheiser HD 280 Pros and my Etymotic earbuds.
I am curious how everyone elses behaves.  If this is normal I can probably live with it.  If I am the only one, I may get it replaced.  Build date 11/06/2013, purchased from Lenovo's website.

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Dell :: Webcam Noise On XPS 1340

May 17, 2009

I noticed quite a bit of noise on my 1340. This is the 2MP camera and I had used recently a M1330 with 2MP and I do not remember any noise.

Is this normal for noise on a 2MP camera on 1340?

I have attached a picture where I covered the lens so you can see the noise on the black background.

Also what does it take to change the camera? Is it embeded with the scree and is the screen also changed with it?

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Dell :: 1340 Hard Drive Noise

Dec 10, 2009

I have used my 1340 for about 3 months now and not until recently had I experience a constant hard drive noise.
I don't know how to describe the noise...something like blowing air into water, but in a more subtle sound
It would go away every once in a while...possibly when the laptop is not running as hard...but then after a while it will come back again
It is very annoying especially when I use the laptop at a quiet place...however I don't see any performance issue so far
is that a sign that my hard drive is failing?
320GB 7200rpm

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Dell :: Weird 1710 Boot

Aug 19, 2007

For some reason my laptop will occasionally not boot up when it is on battery (not connected to AC power source).

It's been doing this all today--I can't get it to boot without plugging it in.

If I try to boot with no AC power, it seems to start booting (I hear drives spin) but doesn't reach the BIOS screen (nothing on the display).

Now, if I put AC power in for only a second, boot, and remove it as soon as it gets to the BIOS loading screen, then there are no problems.

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Dell :: Weird Graphic- M1730

Oct 2, 2008

i have this m1730 with the 8800m GTX SLI and im currently running the 179.13 drivers for it and im having this weird issue(had it with all the drivers i have had) ever since i got my samsung monitor ive either noticed it because of the a larger size or its come to arise that certain colors, especially bright yellows, when displayed cause a weird form of tearing that horizontally moves bands of pixels over to the left of where they sposed to be, i have tried many different drivers and the problem still exists, this even still happens in games with vsync enabled.

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Dell :: Just Received A Weird Message On My XPS 1640

Mar 25, 2009

I just received the following message on my XPS 1640..............................

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Dell :: Weird Performance In Vista On M1710

Sep 24, 2007

My m1710 is still very new, and has some performance issues doing the simple standard desktop stuff. I have never had these issues on any other computer and they can be very annoying. The first is that firefox takes about a minuet to open, and that can be very frustrating. The second is that windows media player takes 10-15 seconds to switch songs. There are a lot of similar issues relating to slow performance on the desktop, but when it gets to games, game performance is just as it should be. All of these issues are consistent, and I'm wondering if vista isnt prefetching correctly? I have already formated and installed just the stuff I need.

another Issue I am having is the sound crackles sometimes.

my specs

core 2 duo 2.33ghz, 2gb of ddr2 ram @ 667mhz, nvidia geforce go 7950gtx, and a 7200rpm hard drive

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Dell :: Weird Issue With Xps Studio 13, Any Ideas?

Dec 30, 2009

I enabled the Intel Virtualization Technology on the work laptop studio 13. Ever since then, the laptop has been constantly hanging (not always) off the Dell or Windows bootscreen.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. I need this to run the XP mode.

Does this happen to anyone else? I contacted Dell today and was informed that it could be caused by a faulty motherboard. I wasn't entirely convinced because the laptop is still fairy new.

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Dell :: E1705 + Weird BSOD = Dead PC

Nov 12, 2008

My computer has been rendered incapacitated in the last week due to an odd blue screen error. Now when the problem initially occured i was opening the application World of Warcraft, as i loaded into the Login screen i was greeted by this odd blue screen error that read!

*** Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity Check/Memory Parity Error
*** The system has halted ***

Ok so i was rather suprised with this occuring as i had recently replaced my Video Card (From ATI Mobility x1400 to a Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS) as well as raising my ram from 1054MB (PC25300 NONECC UNBUFFERED 200PIN DDR2 SODIMM) to OCZ 3GB (2GB + 1GB) 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5400)

Now I read a few threads about this initial error and was told it could be many things, anything from a busted memory stick to a busted mother board and HD. Anyways once i restarted my computer i was now greeted with a more normal looking BSOD, which until i turned auto-reboot off i couldn't read. This new error read as follows.


Yada-yada i have all the error code numbers as well. I read up on this error code and it TOO can be caused by memory, so now my first thought is switch out my old memory and try it again right? So i proceed in having to reinstall Windows, replacing my new RAM with the old. Get my system up and running, everything working fine and then about 3 minutes into playing the Left 4 Dead demo I get the inital error once again and i'm stuck now.

I have now been lead to believe that this is indeed as i feared a hardware problem.. I'm going to be running a memtest on ALL 4 of my RAM sticks to just see exactly what's going on with my memory.

Is there anything else someone could help me to do? I will post my laptop's spec's as well as the Error Codes and Parameters for each of the 4 system errors i recived (2 at the inital screen 2 at the secondary on startup)

E1705 Laptop
Intel Core Duo T2500 @ 2.0 GHZ
1GB (2 x 5**MB) Dell Stock RAM (see all RAM spec's above)
256MB Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS
70GB hard drive
Sigma-Tel sound card
Running Windows XP professional SP3

Now for all the error codes along with dates / times:

11/8/08 (First Error)
11:24 PM

Error Code 10000050
Parameter1 f8055dbc
Parameter2 00000000
Parameter3 8052a8e4
Parameter4 00000000

11:32 PM

Error Code 10000050
Parameter1 f80b4dbc
Parameter2 00000000
Parameter3 8052a8e4
Parameter4 00000000

11/9/08 (Second Error)
8:43 AM

Error Code 10000050
Parameter1 f7a09dbc
Parameter2 00000000
Parameter3 8052a8e4
Parameter4 00000000

8:48 AM

Error Code 10000050
Parameter1 f7c8edbc
Parameter2 00000000
Parameter3 8052a8e4
Parameter4 00000000


Ok so I am going to begin a Memtest on all my RAM asap, should take a while. Also I'm concerned with these errors because I had been using my Video Card as well as the new RAM for a couple of weeks straight without any errors and my computer running flawlessly. I am afraid it probably isn't a memory error but i can hope.

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Dell :: Weird Battery Light Inspiron 13

Feb 23, 2009

The battery and AC adaptor for my Inspiron 13 don't seems to be acting strangely...

When the computer is off, and not connected to any power source, sometimes the battery light flashes. This happens even if the AC adaptor isn't plugged into the computer.

When the computer is off and it is plugged in, the light doesn't flash.

The battery light is on when the computer is plugged in, charging, and powered up.

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 Weird Screen

Oct 2, 2009

I have the WLED Full HD display with the 4670 card. The issue I am having is that on the right side of the screen (rightmost two inches) on a white background only on the white area you can see a faint flickering that sometimes looks like waves coming up from the upper right conner. Again, this effect is very faint, yet visible if you know about it. Is like the wind is messing up the "water" or something.

To see it/test it open IE (or notepad etc) at google and look at the right most side in the white area. It is easier to see if the screen is tilted away from you or looking from under, however, I can see it in the regular position I use.

If you have the same configuration can you please check yours if you see anything?

The problem it is not visible in an external monitor.

Dell replaced my screen in which the problem is milder than the previous screen, but it is still there.

I kinda accepted it as fact of life for the screen, however, when I update the ATI driver, during the update process the screen flickers for a second or two (goes black) and after that there is no problem until I reboot. So apparently the driver is reseting something that makes the problem go away.

I now have Win7 RTM, but the problem was present with Vista and in the Dell Diags CD (if you move the Diags window to the right). I have the A10 BIOS, the problem was also present with A8.

The screen brightness setting does not affect it.

I run a couple screen test software with a lot of patterns no additional problems there ,i.e., no distortion of the patterns, other than the above issue on a white background.

I do not mean to be picky about it, but it bugs me since my other laptops do not have this issue and now that I found that the issue can go away momentarily with the driver update/change.

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Dell :: Studio 17 Headphone

Dec 5, 2008

I have a Dell Studio 1735 that emits a bad hiss when I use headphones. If I dont use any apps that use sound the hiss will go away but as soon as I use something that emits sound(clicking on a link in IE for example) the hiss comes back.

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Dell :: M1730 Weird 8700 Video Card

Oct 24, 2009

I have noticed that some code that uses directx (opengl doesn't seem to have the issue, but I have not tested it extensively so it might just be a coincident) it seems to freeze on startup and hangs the machine to the point where the cursor won't move and that lasts for a good amount of time, maybe 20 seconds.

The odd thing though, is that when the game is running, it runs fine... even in Windowed mode. Except if I click another window outside the game, like I select the task manager window and then my machine hangs again for a while then I basically have to close the game, which takes a long time to close while my machine is hung and if I let it sit, it will eventually close and come back.

I have tried it in SLI mode (my pc specs are at the bottom), in Single mode, I searched online and some suggest it might be a video card issue, has anyone here with M1730 or similar machines experienced the same thing?

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Dell :: Studio 15 Weird Media Control Blinking?

Apr 21, 2009

I turned on my Studio 15 and the Mute and Volume up buttons were flashing. Everything seemed to be working fine. I could raise and lower the volume, eject, play, etc.

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Dell :: Vostro 1500 Has Weird Graphical Errors

Apr 20, 2009

I've had my 1500 since fall of '07 and it worked fine until winter of last year. Ever since then I get jagged pink lines and distortion effects like shown in the picture below. Occasionally I'll be able to boot up without any glitches, but that's rare and even then the lines reappear within minutes of use.

The lines/distortion appear on the task bar, videos, pictures, and other places.

My GPU is a GeForce 8400M GS

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Dell :: Replacing Headphone Jacks

Jun 12, 2009

One of my headphone jacks on my M1530 is broken and needs to be replaced. Are those part of a separate board that can be hooked into the motherboard without the need of any soldering? I'd like to get this issue fixed, and don't want to send it into dell depot for repair. So if it's just a board that needs to be replaced, I'd like to replace it myself. If so, what would the name of this board be? I haven't had much luck looking through the forum or online.

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Dell :: Why Does My XPS16 Have Two Headphone Jacks?

Apr 28, 2010

When only one works at a time?

I tried to watch a movie with a friend yesterday, and we had to share a single pair of headphones.

Why have two headphone jacks? Am I missing something?

How do I get both headphone jacks to be active at once?

With the track record of this computer, I wouldn't be surprised if it was something wrong. 1 screen, two keyboards, a palm rest, and a DVD drive have been replaced already... all within a month.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1501 Weird Battery Start Up Message

Jan 23, 2010

I boot up my Dell Inspiron 1501 with WinXP and it always gives me this error message after the Dell logo screen appears and before windows loads........

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Dell :: Weird 1640 Notquitebutalmost Blue Screen Of Death

Oct 6, 2009

So lately my SXPS 1640 has been crashing every so often, with a blue screen coming up saying:

(or something along those lines)

saying that the computer is restarting to protect the device. I haven't been able to read all of what it says because it restarts to quickly but it's getting really annoying as it is happening more frequently.

It also generally only seems to happen when I've been using it with the battery only and not when it's plugged into the socket.

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Sony :: Weird VGN NW20ZF

Nov 4, 2009

i got the above and after one day my space button is making a "squeaking" noise every time its pressed......

Im just wondering if i can take the space key off on this keyboard layout, its one with raised buttons and spaces between buttons. Also will the squeaking go eventually? (it hasnt for 3 hours) and is this a reason to send it back to where i bought it? (dont want to do this as of the hassle)

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Dell :: Headphone/audio Jack Is Broken

Aug 26, 2007

so for a while my headphone jack has been breaking. id have to wiggle around my headphone or speakers plug in the jack to make audio come out the right speaker. now it doesnt work at all unless push the jack in really hard and hold it there. does anyone know how to make audio come out of the microphone jack? like change it from input to output or something lol i dunno.

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Dell :: My Headphone Jack Broke Off And I Have No Sound Now..

Apr 16, 2009

my dell 9300 headphone jack completely broke off somehow.

I have no sound whatsoever... Any ideas???

Maybe get a USB thing? sound card??

On a side note, my screen is really loose too..

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Dell :: Only 1 Headphone Jack Works On M1330

Mar 7, 2009

Please post the link for the appropriate driver. I am using vista 64 bit premium. Thank you

EDIT: Please don't cross post and/or start multiple threads on the same topic.

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Dell :: Headphone Jack Physically Broken

Oct 29, 2007

I was listening music on my headphone and when I put it off the headphone jack, I didn't hear any sound. I realised there is a problem with the jack, a bad contact electronic contact.

Since then, the jack is more and more "moving". I always lose the sound and get it back and it's really disturbing.

I have a Inspiron 9300, and according to this photo (taken in this forum), [url] the headphone and microphone jack is at the left middle part.

Here is my 2 questions:

- Is the only way to solve it is to change the sound card?

- Is is supposed to be cover by th warranty? Because the sound card still work, the problem is the input jack itself.

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Weird Tearing Effect In Full Screen Video?

Apr 15, 2009

During recent travel I have noticed that while watching videos on fullscreen with VLC Player or Media Player Classic on the laptops own monitor, there seems to be a weird tearing-like effect on the screen.

That "problem" however does not exist with Windows Media Player, or on an external monitor (as at home).

Any ideas what might cause this? I'm running Windows XP SP3 with all the recent updates and my video card is GF 7900 GTX 512MB.

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