Dell :: Wireless 5530 MiniCard GPS + Google Earth

Nov 17, 2008

Anyone tried this with successful results on M4400 ?

I have put a Dell Wireless 5530 MiniCard into my new M4400 - but cannot seem to find any information to whetever it workes in google maps or not.

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Dell :: Wireless 1510N Half MiniCard

Apr 11, 2009

I have a Studio 15 with Dell Wireless 1510N Mini-card.

I noticed that the signal strength of this card is quite bad. I have another Studio with a Intel Wi-Fi Link 5100 and the signal strength is very good.

I did some testing by putting two laptops on the same spot. The Intel card has a signal strength of 94% while the Dell card has only 60%. Is it because the Dell card is faulty or something?

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Dell Inspiron 1440 :: XP Driver For Dell Wireless WLAN 1397 Half MiniCard (4312bg)?

Mar 3, 2013

I am looking for xp driver for Dell Wireless WLAN 1397 Half MiniCard (4312bg) (boradcom).

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Dell :: 5530 Wireless Driver

Nov 30, 2008

I uninstalled the drivers for my 5530 card, but will like to install them again. The drivers are not on my dell dvd that shpiied with my computer, but found this file on dell's site: DELL_WIRELESS-5530-HSPA-MINI_A02_R197332.

When I install that file, the instalation process aborts.. - i tried restart, disable my card (it's liste in device manger with missing drivers), and ran CClean once - no luck.

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Dell :: Drivers For 5530 Wireless Broadband Card!

Jul 27, 2008

I need to download drivers for the dell Wireless 5530 Mobile Broadband Built-in Mini-Card.

I have searched various dell sites with no joy! I can find drivers for the 5520 no problem but they won't work. I've had no joy with the vista driver update feature either.

I can't even find them with google!

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Dell :: Wireless 5530 Internal WWAN Mini CardHSDPA 7.2 Mbs

May 4, 2009

I have a Studio XPS 16, and I ordered it without the above mentioned WWAN card. I'm going to pick up one on Ebay, I assume it works pretty well.

I'm in Australia, wondering if any other Australian owners have got this WWAN card working with Bigpond 3G broadband.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Wireless 5530 Mini HSPA Card

Mar 8, 2010

I got my Dell about 2 weeks ago with Vista pre installed. I then took the leap and installed Win 7 32bit.

With the upgrade all is well except the mobile broadband device.

The Mobile broadband application that dell supplies for win 7 is very primitive with very unstable network searching and connecting.

I was just wondering what the latest version software for win 7 is and where to look for an firmware upgrade if indeed there is one?

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Dell :: Bluetooth 370 Minicard

Nov 10, 2009

I am having some issues with the Dell bluetooth module. Firstly isnt this card supposed to be plug and play. Windows 7 and Ubuntu both do not detect this card. The device manager shows no missing drivers or anything. It only works after i install the dell bluetooth 370 application.

Now my problem is that I recently purchased a Motorola S805 bluetooth headset which pairs up with the laptop fine but if I go beyond 4 feet the music starts to stutter and the link is broken. After this the widcomm bluetooth app totally disappears from my system until I restart windows.

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Dell :: WiMAX And Intel 5350 Minicard On XPS 1 64x

Oct 24, 2009

Anyone get the Intel WiFi/WiMAX minicard working on 1640 or 1645? I installed the device into the "WWAN" minicard slot and installed the WiMAX connection software successfully, however the software says WiMAX not ready and doesn't work.

I've heard that this message can be related to whether there is proper USB support on the minicard slots, do either of these models have it? I'm testing this on a 1640 and will soon have a 1645

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Dell :: Latitude E6400/6410 Internal Minicard Connectors Bootable?

Apr 11, 2010

in the gallery of this review i see a total of 3 minicard connectors; 1 for an HSDPA modem; 1 WLAN and a 3rd one

is it possible to fit the 3rd connector with an internal pcie SSD (Runcore 64gb indilinx base drive) and boot from it?

the thought of a high performance minipcie boot drive; 5400rpm 750gb HDD and bluray ODD in my new E6410 is very tempting

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Dell Inspiron 17 7000 :: Google Chrome Doesn't React To Touchpad Only To Touchscreen

Jan 3, 2015

I got Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series touchscreen laptop, and When I use Google Chrome browser, everything's okay from the start but sometimes it just stops responding to my mouse clicks and responds only to taps on touchscreen. Sometimes cursor dissapears when I try to move it from touchpad in Chrome. It appears when its positioned in lower Windows menu but dissapears as moved onto browser screen. Sometimes it doesn't disappear and I can move it, just can't click anything. Maybe there would be a point to reinstall Chrome?

It never happens for my DJing programs or other stuff. Oh and one more. For example, in some games and DJing program where I need to move equalizers and so, when using touchscreen I can't swipe, pull things, the whole window swipes away. Is it because of Windows 8 possibility to swipe in apps from left corner or just a glitch?

An exact example is Candy Crush (oh,dont be too harsh on me for playing such silly stuff) :D but I can't swipe candies with touchscreen, I can just tap on one and then tap on next one to make them change places. Though it wasn't like that 2 days ago,I was able to swipe those dumb candies. Have I pushed some button or something? I got Classic Shell program that converts all the menus pretty much to Windows 7 look, maybe the problem is connected with that..?

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Apple :: How Do I Transfer Events From IPhone To Google Calendar

Jan 30, 2010

This is a fail-safe measure that I want to take since I use iPhone calendar almost everyday and I need Google Calendar to have the same events data in case I lose my phone.

I follow the step on this page:

I am using a hacked 1st Gen iPhone with Tmobile network, no 2G or 3G, just good old-fashion Wi-Fi connection.

I just check Google Calendar on my laptop, it's still do I transfer events from iphone calendar to google canlendar?

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: ThinkPad E535 - Rendering In Google Chrome

Jan 13, 2015

I have a several issues with rendering in Google Chrome.
1) When I write in address line, Chrome doesn't offer me suggestions for webs, but duplicates image of already opened website to the space below address line.

2) Second thing is the same as the first point, except instead of duplicated image, there are offered possibilities, but horribly zoomed in.

3) Duplicated image is also appeared instead of  pop-ups in browser and also on the bottom of the page, in case I move a pointer on some url (I don't see url, but just duplicated browser)
I had this problem before, so I reinstalled Windows and here it is again. I have ThinkPad E535, Win7 x64. Only installed SW is ESET Smart security and Lenovo software.

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Z580 Screen Crash At Random With Google Chrome

Jun 3, 2013

I Just Brought New Lenovo z580 Win 7  , 6Gb Ram , 1 TB ... The problem start after 1 week , the screen random crash like the image attached .. i tried to uninstall and install the graphics card nvida and intel but nothing happen the problem that its random .. almost it happened with google chrome ,, not with high graphics games ...

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S240 Series :: Can't Drag And Drop Into Google Chrome App

Nov 12, 2014

I can not drag & drop into google chrome app, even if I use a split screen. I use this for example for google drive.I did google a lot about this topic but I never really found an answer except maybe that I have to install another version, a desktop version of google chrome.

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: T440p Screen Slightly Adjusting Brightness On Google Chrome

Jun 24, 2014

My T440p slightly adjusts the screen brightness depending on what is being displayed. For example, on Chrome, one page might have more images, so the screen slightly adjusts brighter or darker. Another page it might slightly adjust again. And it does it when scrolling down a page as well. It is distracting, and I want to disable it? I'm on windows 7.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 And WWAN 5530

Jul 23, 2009

i'm attempting to fit a Dell 5530 WWAN card in my Dell XPS M1330. Could someone advise which cables to attach where?..

There are 3 available cables, a blue, grey/white and black/white but on the 5530 there are 2 connections: main and aux. The blue cable will not reach to the main connection..

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Dell :: WWAN 5530 No Software

Oct 21, 2009

Have got a Dell Studio 1735 for a year now and wanted to have mobile broadband internet.

So I bought a new Dell 5530 card. When I received it, installed it in my laptop following the online instructions and downloaded the latest driver for it.

When I went in the 'Device manager' read that the driver is working properly, so it is functioning.

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Dell :: To Get GPS Bit Of 5530 Working In A 1330

Nov 10, 2008

I've installed a Dell 5530 WWAN card in my XPS 1330, installed the Drivers in R198215.EXE and installed the mini 9 version of control point R198215.EXE

placed my t-mobile sim in the sim holder behind the battery, and surprise surprise complete success, it connects to 3G no problems!

But - when i go to enable the GPS chip - i get a weird error -

It says " if LTO: LTO data is missing, Connect to internet to download LTO data"

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Dell :: 5530 WWAN Card Queries

Apr 26, 2009

So My Dell 1555 has an option to put a WWAN Card in it. Now my questions are

1) WWAN is basically stick a SIM card in the back of my battery and browse internet right??

2) Is WWAN GPS enabled as well? So Can i use it with some special software (which one??) to locate my position and probably give direction? .......

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Dell :: 5530 Mobile Broadband Card

May 2, 2009

I have downloaded and installed the correct drivers and also the wireless manager from Sony Ericsson. The problem I am having is with Vodafone. Both my Vodafone SIM cards work perfectly well with my unlocked Vodafone branded USB dongle.

However, these sim cards do not work with the Dell card. When I try my Orange Sim card from my mobile phone it works perfectly. So I know the Dell card works and therefore suspect that I only need to change the settings.

However, I don't have a clue what settings to change-that's where I hope you guys can help! Thanks in advance.

PS. I have a latitude E6500

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Dell :: Unlock WWAN 5530 On XPS Studio 13?

Mar 9, 2009

Just received a new XPS Studio 13 purchased as a single customer (rather than through business channels)... having issues with the WWAN 5530 which I got on the presumption that it would be unlocked.

Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager says it is "unactivated HSPA". Have tried activating it via vodafone, but their computers are down today!

- Am I able to activate it without the help of Vodafone?
- Is it locked to the Vodafone network? .....

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Dell :: Vostro V13 5530 Wwan And Windows 7 32 Bit Settings

Feb 20, 2010

Right everyone, after much searching and screaming and tearing my hair out, ive managed to get the dell 5530 wwan to work on a vostro v13 with windows 7 32-bit.

this guide is mostly for those who have downloaded countless number of drivers, and been told error 23000 - this is not for your device .........

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Dell :: Buying WWAN ( Wirless 5530) For E6400?

Jan 2, 2010

I'm owner of E6400, and i'm consider now to buy Dell Wirless 5530 on ebay for 60$ include shipping (pretty cheap).

I unserstand that I can install it only if my E6400 came with preparation for it (antenna for it).

How could I check if my notebook have the extra antenna?
And if there isn't antenna installed, Can I install it? (in ebay it cost 10$)

I saw that there is place to put sim card, and there is antenna connectors for the wwan cards

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Dell :: 5530 WWAN + GPS Card Working In A M2400

Nov 16, 2008

has anyone manage to get a 5530 WWAN + GPS card working in a m2400?

I can get the mobile broadband working but i cant get it to turn on the GPS, tried most drivers.... and Controlpoint...

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Dell :: How To Activate 5530 Wwan Card On Mini 12?

Sep 3, 2009

I got a big problem.

I can't activate my 5530 WWAN Card.

The software switch Fn+F2 can only turn WLAN and bluetooth on/off.

And there are no hardware switch on the mini 12.

And when I'm in the dell wireless manager, and I press activate. It tells me that I new to push a button so that the card is activated.

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Dell :: 5530 HSPA Mini-Card Firmware

Mar 29, 2009

The newest firmware for the 5530 HSPA Mini-Card won't install on my XPS1640.
Have you had success installing it?

This is the driver from the Dell site:

The driver is called Dell_Wireless-5530-HSPA-Mini_A01_R212325_firmware.exe

Executing this file unpacks it:

...and continues to start the installation:

...pressing OK will give me this:

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Dell :: New Windows 7 Driver For 5530 WWAN Card On E6400

Nov 1, 2009

Anyone got the new 64 bit Windows 7 driver (not the Vista driver) for 5530 WWAN card on E6400 working?.

The driver installed fine on my E6400 (running 64 bit Windows 7), but Wireless Manager (downloaded from Sony Ericsson website) stopped working saying it can't find any wireless device (probably because it can't recognize the new driver)..

Then I went to get Control Point Connection Manager and noticed that there's none for Windows 7. So how do you use the WWAN card without a client?..

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Dell :: Difference Between 5530 / 5700 / 5720 WWAN Cards?

May 5, 2009

So whats the difference between Dell 5530 / 5700 / 5720 WWAN Cards? I know higher the better.. but why??

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Dell :: Looking For The A Connection Tool For 5530 Mobile Broadband Card

Apr 20, 2009

Its my first post and i've tried searching but cannot find the info i'm after. I got my Studio XPS13 today and installed Windows 7 64 Bit on it. I have installed all the drivers ok but i cannot get the connection software anywhere to use the WWAN.

Maybe it's late and i'm missing it somewhere but would anybody be able to point me in the right direction.

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