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Dell :: Unknown Device? ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919

what could this be unknown device in device manager
"on Intel(R) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919"


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HP/Compaq :: HDX16-1056CA ICH9M LPC Interface Controller2919
I have a HDX16-1056CA which I have downgraded to VISTA HOME PREMIUM 32BITS. Since then I see in my hardware configuration an exclamation at Intel(R) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919 I have search a driver for this, but can't find one. Does anybody have a similar problem? What is the Intel(R) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919 doing in this laptop?

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Dell :: Unknown Device :: Base System In Device Manager?
I got my new laptop today, and got rid of the installed Dell Crap and installed my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Now under my Device Manager I've got two issues:

Base System
Base System

I contacted Dell, they said they won't support my laptop since I don't have their operating system on it. All I want to know is what drivers I need. I can't believe they couldn't let me know.

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Sony :: VGN-AR51SU With A UNKNOWN Mulimedia Controller
I have a VGN-AR51SU. Only thing I need to do now is find out what the driver is for the UNKNOWN Mulimedia Controller = PCI bus 8, device 4, function 0

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Sony :: USB 1.1 On SZ..cant Find Unknown USB Device
i have a VGN-SZ4MN with Win7 installed.

I had this problem for a long time but when I bought an SZ off ebay,

i replaced the USB board and the USB ribbon hoping it would solve my USB problem, and it hasnt

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HP/Compaq :: Unknown Device Driver
had a pre-installed vista on my 6680ej and everything was fine, till i upgraded to windows 7. now i have an unknown device in device manager called Intel(R) ICH8M LPC Interface Controller - 2815 and i can't seem to find drivers for it.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv4-1435dx Unknown Device
after i did clean install my os, i got a driver call unknown device..i install all the driver even gpu and intel chip.. it still having this problem. i use the online dirver updated but nothing found... then i use online chat and ask them the problem but they couldn't give me an answer. now i am hopping you guy will know...

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Dell :: Unknown Device On 1537 After Clean Install
I just finished doing a clean install of Vista SP1 on my new Studio 1537. Everything has gone well, however when I checked Device Manager I have one device with an exclamation mark next to it. When I clicked on the unknown device properties it tells me that it is "Intel(R) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919" I've looked all over Dell's Driver and Download site and I can't find the driver for this device nor do I know what category I should look under. When I contacted Dell's support they wanted me to unistall the device and overwrite my current BIOS version, A07, with an older version, A05. I decided that wasn't the best way so I thought I'd ask here hoping someone could help. After my install I loaded the drivers in the following order per Dell's directions: Notebook System Software, Chipset, Audio, Video, NIC Card, Dell Quickset, Wireless NIC, Touchpad. I didn't download and install the SATA drivers from Dell's website because my drive model isn't one of the ones listed for use with the driver. My drive is listed as a ST9320320AS. I'd appreciate any help someone can offer.

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Sony :: Windows 7 SZ4 32bit Unknown Device
just recently installed win7 x86 and everything seems to be working. I have one remaining unknown device under USB controllers and i am trying to figure out what it belongs to. my webcam works (although i think its listed as usb input device), and parser device, i/o device and texas mem stick have all been installed. i have also noticed that my fingerprint reader says that it is not connected when im first booting into windows although it works properly. could this unknown device have something to do with the reader?

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Acer :: Crystal Eye Webcam/Unknown Device - 5739g
I basically used my webcam every night with Skype to talk to my friends. The very next day, it stops working. Ive literally tried everything. In the device manager, I have an "Unknown Device" listed as a USB. Im 100% sure this use to be my Camera.

I just used the Acer factory CDs to reinstall my OS + Drivers. All the drivers were successfully installed with the exception of the Camera Drivers (because the computer doesnt see a camera)

I tried to download the drivers from the Acer website but (both Chicony and Suyin) and everytime I try to install them a error comes up that says "Camera not found!" I have a laptop so I have no clue how its not finding it.

ive been working on this for hours now and its really getting frustrating. Here are the things ive tried, and if someone knows a solution or a different method I havent tried to fix it, PLEASE let me know

My methods:

1. Reformatted computer using Acer recovery discs
2. Downloaded and tried to install drivers from acer website (camera not found problem)
3. Put windows in Safe mode, uninstalled unknown device, restarted computer to let it automatically scan/update (still failed)
4. Deleted all pictures from My Pictures
5. Tried using Windows Vista drivers and setting to Vista Compatibility mode (I have windows 7), no avail
6. Uninstalled and reinstalled Unknown Device (aka camera) driver, didnt work
7. Tried the windows update software option, windows said everything was fine (pshhh).
8. Uninstalled unknown device, used the option "scan for hardware changes" still didnt work
9. Installed skype to see if the webcam would be recognized, which it wasnt.

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Sony :: Windows 7 Installation On SR41M Leaves Unknown Device
I have just successfully installed 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium on my SR41M, along with some 64-bit sony drivers I managed to find...

However, in my device manager I am left with a single device unaccounted for, listed merely as "Base System Device". I have absolutely no idea what it is.

what driver I might need to install to resolve this..?

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HP/Compaq :: Clean Install Of W7 On A Dv7t, One Unknown Device I Can't Figure Out
I didn't see one specific to Windows 7 driver.

Anyways, I have just about every hardware set except for this one device windows can't figure out. I have a Pavillion Dv7t-2000 series and I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home premium 32 bit. I have just about done every driver install from the driver page that pertains to my config....

So far I have downloaded:

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver for Microsoft Windows 7
Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers for Microsoft Windows 7
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver
Intel Chipset Installation Utility
ATI Mobility Radeon Video Driver
Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad Driver
HP Quick Launch Buttons
JMicron Card Reader Driver
HP MediaSmart MVP Software
HP MediaSmart SmartMenu
HP MediaSmart Webcam Software
HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
Lightscribe System Software...........

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HP/Compaq :: DV2 Win 7 "Unknown Device"
Installed the new Win7 RC 64bit on my DV2-1030us last night. Was really fast and easy and everything seems to be working great... but in Device Manager, there is an "Unknown Device" with a yellow exclamation mark next to it.

Upon closer inspection it says that it's location is, "on ATi PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver". I have no idea what this is. My internet searches have taught little about what this actually is. I have found a few HP dirver downloads for this, but when trying to install them, it just says my system doesn't meet the requirements.

It doesn't seem to be affecting the performance of my system at all and it's not that big of a deal. I just don't like having yellow exclamations in my device manager.

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Dell :: Video Controller And Video Controller (VGA Compatible) Not Working
But this to "video controller" and "video controller (VGA compatible)" still can't find the way to fix them, I went to dell's drivers download page and the drivers don't fix the problem!!!

I've been told that I need my video controller working so I can put my computer into standby or hibernate, since that option is not working on my computer.

My computer works fine but I really would like to fix this two issues!!!

Ethernet Controller is another device that is not working, but I'm not too worried about it since I can connect to the internet using my wireless card

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 104-unsupported Wireless Network Device Detected. System Halted. Remove Device And Restart
I have the DV9000 series Laptop. It is the DV9235NR model (but not the DV9200 series...shows DV9000 on the bottom).

Anyways...I decided to try to upgrade the interal wireless G with a wireless N card that is from HP. It has the HP part number and everything. When I put the card in, this error comes up. I read that the bios doesn't recongnize the card. I took the card out, booted up to Windows with my old wireless card, put the computer in sleep mode, took out the old card and put the new card in. Works perfect. I know the card it good.

How can I make the new card work without having to do this? I heard about a bios hack. How is this done? Could I modify the Wifi card also? I did update to the newest bios on my laptop (dated 2008) and that didn't work. How about a bios from another series laptop?

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Dell :: Which Interface The 128GB SSD Is Using
I am planning to get a DEll E4200 and may I know what kind of 128GB SSD interface it is using within this laptop

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Dell :: What Hard Drive Interface Does An E1505 Use?
I might need to put a new hard drive in my daughter's 3 year old E1505. Would it be an SATA drive?

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Dell :: What Interface Do You Use To Switch Gpu In Your Studio 1340?
apple didnt release drivers which support gpu switching in it's new version for windows. basically, the drivers used in your dell is the same as that which will be used by my mac because our boards are the same(mcp79).

for the gpu driver, i'm currently downloading 179.82, A06 from and then i'll paste a modded inf so that my 9600m gt is also detected ....

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Acer :: Travelmate 4280 Data Interface Driver
I have just reinstalled windows XP on a acer travelmate 4280 notebook and loaded all the drivers but still have 3 data interface devices still in the device manager and can't find any drivers for them.

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Sony :: Is It Worthy To Upgrade 4200rpm HDD To Faster HDD With PATA Interface
my 13.3" VGN-SZ650N/C so far but I also want to get a used TZ series 11" Vaio Laptop but most of the models are only using slower 1.8 " 4200rpm drive.

Assume if I got a decent issue of a used TZ from eBay, is it worthy to spend extra $$ to upgrade those 1.8 " 4200 rpm drive to something faster ?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Nc2400general- Overclocking, Optical Drive > HDD Caddy Interface
i just got an nc2400, seems to be a pretty great machine maybe greater with some optimizations

-overclocking. it seems very quiet and cool, has anyone overclocked with success?

-hdd in optical bay caddy, i want to know more about this. mainly, is the optical drive SATA, or would it basically be the same PATA interface as the old HDD?

im thinking the best thing for this laptop is either a PCMCIA SSD or PCMCIA to SATA for an at least normal hard drive speed.

unless mini pcie is the way to go? if anyone else has tried and succeeded at addressing the problem of slow hdd interface, id like to know your experience. i tried the intel 5100 mini card in the slot, said incompatible wifi device remove and restart at the bios. i guess this could be a general thing, with chipsets or something.

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Sony :: Vaio Z 690/790 SSDs RAID Drive Size And Interface Information
I am looking at buying the Z690/790 with the SSD RAID configuration and was looking for more information on the size and interfaces of the SSDs used in RAID configuration.

a. Are they 2.5" inch drives or 1.8" inch drives?
b. Do they have SATA interface or some other interface

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HP/Compaq :: Unknown Devices In Xp
i installed xp on my dv5t however i still have 2 unknown devices in my device manager
one of them is something about a keyboard it's confusing and when i log on to windows i always get the found new device window..... i also wanna ask you guys how can i make my bluetooth work in xp (since the software is only supported in vista) i also want to ask you guys (who installed xp on dv5t) , did anyone noticed that the sound only come out from the center of the speaker? i mean that the speaker is big (from the right end to the left end of the laptop) but the sound seem to come out only from the center part (wich wasn't happening in vista),

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Dell :: Missing/Unknown Devices After Fresh Reinstall For S-XPS 1647
I did a fresh reinstall of Win 7 and installed the following programs/drivers from the Dell resource disk:

Intel Chipset Drivers
Intel Turbo Boost Technology
Synaptic Touchpad

Dell Wireless Mini - Card
ATI Catalyst Video Drivers
IDT Audio Codec
SB X-Fi software

Broadcom Network drivers
Dell Quickset
Dell Webcam software
Dell 370 bluetooth software

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Acer :: ASpire 5672 WLMI Died Cause: Unknown
Right down to the matter at hand. Yesterday I was working on my laptop, plugged in, but charging, about 40%, when all of a sudden it shuts down. I wasnt doing anything overly stressful, CPU's were each at about 50% load tops (Ubuntu 8.10, mysql, apache2, rythmbox, firefox, opera, some file browsers, pidgin).

My initial thought was that the power supply adapter had gone - thus it was draining whilst i worked and i hadnt noticed (since the connector is a little worn). I noticed that the little green light was blinking rapidly on it. However when I unplugged it from the laptop, it returned to its static green state.

I went to remove the HDD today as i had to get my work from it, so I thought I would try to start it up anyway. Nothing. Whilst removing the HDD i noticed an occasional clicking (3 little consecutive clicks to be precise, as if it were trying to start but just couldnt. This happened a few times, until I removed the battery, then it stopped. I can replicate this by turning it on and it will keep happening until I remove the battery.

Also I have gone inside, attempted to clean any dust off and cleaned the battery contacts, so it is unlikely to be anything like that.

I know its an old laptop these days and sometimes these things die, but this thing has been my baby. I learnt to code on this thing, I learnt Linux on this thing and I'm not giving it up without a fight.

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Acer :: Aspire 5600 Series, Unknown Motherboard Component
I'm looking at the motherboard on my Aspire 5601AWLMi (mobo id "31zb2mb0091" ) and I see there's four places where can insert cards. Two are the RAM chips, those are labeled DDR RVS 1.8V with "tyco" written on the other side of the plastic bracket, there's wireless card slot not really labeled with anything conclusive over near the Lan and Phone port, and then there's another slot labeled "0624n3" on the left side of the plastic bracket and "-+AMP" on the other side of it. I have absolutely NO idea what that last slot is for, and I'd like to know, if anyone can figure it out.

To describe it, pin wise starting from the left it has 1 pin, a divider, then 61 pins in a row. I think it's 61. I'm not willing to recount :P
It's physically shorter than a ram chip, but not by much more than 3/4cm is my guess.

You can see the slot itself in this picture:
The slot is sitting just above that big red..knob..thing.

Also, I found this page, but it didn't tell me anything useful, I think. The mobo is flipped over in the diagrams..

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Dell :: Dvd New Controller
someone installed this new driver? as installing? ..

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Dell :: SXPS 1340 SM Bus Controller
In the process of trying different nVidia GPU drivers I inadvertently uninstalled a bunch of other nVidia drivers from my SXPS 1340 . Managed to reinstall most of them, but I keep on getting an error looking for drivers for the SM Bus controller. Now all the advice on t'internet is that this is part of the chipset drivers, which I have reinstalled a number of times- all the other devices are fine now, but the SM Bus controller is still flagged up in the device manager.

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Dell :: Studio Fan Speed Controller..?
So does anyone know of one that actually works? I have tried i8kfangui, but it no longer works with Windows Vista 64 bit, due to the unsigned drivers issue.

I disabled the signed drivers thing by booting while pressing F8.. and it installed perfectly and worked until I restarted Windows normally..

Then it said fanio driver not found or something, and refused to work unless I boot by pressing F8..

So anyone have a solution? Speedfan doesn't seem to work either.. I want to set the fans not to kick in so load until a certain temp .....

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Dell :: Inspiron Ethernet Controller
I had to format the wife's old Dell Inspiron 5100 and reinstall XP. I did not have the install CD that has all the drivers so I went to the dell website and downloaded all that I needed.

I got everything installed but the hardware manager says I have an "ethernet controller" that does not have a driver. It has a Broadcom network card in it and it says the driver is loaded properly and that the device is functioning correctly .....

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HP/Compaq :: DV7 SM Bus Controller
Keep getting a unknown device error in device manager:
SM Bus Controller

Anyone know what this hardware actually is? better yet know what driver I need for it? Vista 64bit

I have installed all the drivers on the HP webiste for my model of laptop but its to no avail.

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Dell :: Modifying Fan Controller For E6400/E6500
The fan on my E6400 runs most of the time at about 3000 rpm, I would like it to run at about 1500 rpm instead, I think 3000 rpm is quite noisy, even though it's stated as "slow"...

It works great and I'm able to controll the fan-speed (and noise!) manually..

I'm wondering if it would be possible to modify this fan controller for the E6400 and other laptops as well?..

The Zalman Fan Mate 2 has an input of 12V and can via the knob output between 5-11V, hence the fan will run slower if it is conncected to the Zalman controller. The problem so far is that the Zalman Fan Mate 2 is built for desktops with bigger power-pins, the one in the E6400 is quite small. Secondly I'm not sure about the voltage of the built in Dell-fan.

Anyway, if someone figure out how to modify a hardware fan controller for the Dell Latitude series, I think these controllers could sell like hot cakes...

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Dell :: D620 Ethernet Controller Error
XP has the controller flag in device manager (red) When I try to install the drivers I get setup.rul 380 it a bad card?

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Acer :: Network Controller
I have Acer Aspire 5050, and I very satisfy with it. But...when I reinstall windows XP professional could not install Network Controller. They are staying with question sign(?) in device list.. Now, when I connect to the internet, after some time windows shown me a "Win32 generic host error", or something like that. With that error my internet connection become broken and I could not disconect manualy. Instead manual disconnection, I need to restart computer to gain again internet connection... Does anyone knows what is a problem and where I could find network controller drivers(I tried at and could not find the network controll drivers)?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16T Sata Controller
if the onboard Sata/eSata controller is "port multiplier" capable? Meaning I can connect more than one drive (via a hub) to the eSata port?

I have an Expresscard eSata that can but wanted to know if the onboard port is capable of this function.

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HP/Compaq :: "network Store Interface Service Has Stopped Working" / HD Space
this is a popup i'm getting everytime i boot up now. it started happening after i went through msconfig to disable some things at startup. it doesn't seem to be comromising anything in use but i am curious what it is and how to make it stop.

and on an unrelated note, i'm wondering if i can't get more room out of my HD. my model is advertised at 320, but only shows 286 available. i know it's always less than whats advertised but that seems like more than usual. i also have used up about 250 in files and programes yet only have 13.6gb left. i've turned off restore point, could there be anything else bogging down my HD that i can't see? also is there a way to clear out the recovery drive and add on the free space to my c drive?

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Dell :: Studio 17 64 Bit Vista Ethernet Controller Driver
Has anyone been able to get their Ethernet Controller to work on the Studio 17? I have the wireless working, but the Ethernet Controller will not load any drivers, automatic or manual. I have searched Intel's site and downloaded every 64 bit driver from Dell's Studio 17 download page.

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Acer :: No LAN Network Controller Found
I have a strange problem on my Acer 7720G notebook (PM965 chipset).

The internal Broadcom 5787 is not detected. When I put a cable in the LAN port, no Leds are lit.

Strange enough, the UUID in the Bios has a value, which means that the Bios recognizes a LAN device.

Is there a keyboard combination that shuts down the internal LAN controller?

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Acer :: 5930G SM Bus Controller Driver
i recently installed WinXP on my Acer 5930G (went from vista). i managed to find all the drivers (including the ICH9M SATA ACHI-mode driver) except one called the SM Bus Controller which is showing up in device manager with a little yellow ! symbol. Does anyone know where I can find this driver? the Intel website and their chipset identifier tool seems to be quite useless. The chipset identifier can't identify anything except the I/O controller (82801MB ICH9M SATA AHCI-mode) which was installed from the '32-bit floppy configuration files'

5930G Specs:
C2D P7350
Geforce 9600M GT
Intel 965 Express (i think)

does anyone know which SM Bus Controller driver i need for XP?

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Dell :: E6400 Internal SATA Controller Possibly Broken?
I have E6400 with Vista SP1. When I tested hard disk using HDtune, the burst rate is always much lower compared to the transfer rate. I already tried Seagate, WD, Toshiba, they're all the same.

But if I look benchmark from other users (they don't use Dell though), the graph is different. Here is what I have:
My graph: the burst rate is always low.
E6400 users, can you test yours and let me know?

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Dell :: Error: Expansion ROM Not Initialized PCI Network Controller On Motherboard
Im hoping someone can help me as Ive tried everything (which my knowledge is very limited) that I know what to do and I am unable to fix the problem I am having.

I have a Dell Inspiron 710M which is no longer under warranty and yesterday I received the following error upon boot-up. The 710M was purchased in February 2006. Windows XP Home Edition SP3 was installed.

Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
Copyright 1985-2002 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
All Rights Reserve

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Acer :: Aspire 5050 Network Controller
i just installed a XP into my aspire 5050

but there's no wireless network controller (

the one on the bottom right on the screen .

I checked on device manager and the is Network Controller missing ;(

it showed as a yellow question mark .

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HP/Compaq :: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Connection
My son has recently purchased a 360 wireless controller for his Xbox.

We have good signal strength from our wireless router, and we know the adaptor is in good working order, we just can't connect the two.

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Acer :: Missing To Downgrade Vista To Xp Is The Sata Controller
The only thing Im missing to downgrade vista to xp is the sata controller I cant find it anywhere for the Extensa 4630Z.

I found Slipstream drivers but it was for downgrading a acer aspire laptop and they didnt work.

I checked intel's site for sata controller drivers they arent there.

When tried slipstream drivers I found filename called " iaahci.inf " I used nlite to intergrate them on cd im still getting a blue screen so they arent compatible.

Why doesnt acer's support site have these sata drivers?

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Acer :: Replacing Ricoh 1394 Controller Chipset With TI
my Acer 7720-6604 and audio. It's got the dreaded Realtek HD audio chip in it, and no matter what I do (I've tried Windows XP, Vista 32/64) and no matter what order I install the drivers in (audio first, chipset first, etc.) I get terrible audio performance. I constantly get pops and clicks, stuttering and time stretching while playing any audio from CD, mp3, or video Xvid / Divx. I've tried all the different codec packs to no avail.

So I decided I would just scrap attempting to use the Realtek and buy an external audio card (since I do a lot of audio recording anyway) and bought myself a Presonus Firebox.

So now you probably know where this is going... Yes, I discovered (after RMA-ing my Presonus for an Edirol FA-101) that my Acer contains within it another terribly flawed piece of hardware: the Ricoh chipset that controls my Firewire and card reader. Woah is me... According to just about every pro audio soundcard manufacturer the Texas Instruments chipset is the bee's knees and the Ricoh should be avoided like the plague.

So let me ask you all this: I've seen a lot of ingenious people here modify their laptops to include faster processors, new video cards, etc. Is it also possible to replace this Ricoh chipset with a TI IEEE 1394 controller?

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Sony :: VAIO SPCI Simple Communications Controller
I did a clean install, only missing is a:

PCI Simple Communications Controller

What is that? And where do I find it?

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Sony :: High Definition Audio Controller Is Disabled
I have a sony vaio Sz691N laptop and got windows 7 64 bits installed. The high definition audio controller is always disabled after restarting. I have to go to device manager to enable it every time. it is annoying me. Has anyone had the same problem before and has a solution?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion Dv6611eiEthernet Network Controller Driver
i have a dv6611ei and i rolled back to xp from vista - I am looking for Ethernet Network Controller Driver.

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Sony :: Ethernet Controller VGN-Z750D Windows Server 2008
how to install an ethernet controller for the VGN-Z750D? I have downloaded and installed this driver from the Sony Website but it does not seem to be working after a couple of reboots?

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