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HP/Compaq :: Automatic Shut Down On Dv9000 After F.16 BIOS Downgrade

I have a dv9000(dv9316ea) and i downgrade bios from F.26 to F.16 because overheating problems. After i downgrade i turnt on and after the windows xp screen appert it shut down. I try reinstal Windows but when windows start to install it shut down.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv9000 Bios
It all started when my dv9000 stopped detecting the DVDRW drive, i tried the same optical drive on a friend's laptop and it worked perfectly. I decided to go for an external DVD drive. After a while it stopped booting from the secondary hard drive (primary hard drive had crashed, so i installed vista on the secondary one). It detects the HDD, but it does not boot from it, the HDD is not even listed in the boot media list when you press f9 button at poweron. So i decided it was time to upgrade the bios, i entered my product number at the hp website, it gave a dv9627 as my model, in the bios its listed as a dv9500, so i downloaded the bios update for dv9500, boot from bootable USB Drive and did the upgrade. From then on my laptop never came on again. I found out about the crisis recovery tool, got a usb floppy drive, created the recovery disk, removed the battery held down the win + b first, plugged in power, powered on, left it for around 15mins, nothing happened, tried fn+b still nothing. The laptop screen just flickers once when i press the power button, power led on, hdd led comes on and then goes off, media button led are all on, other than that no sign of life, but the processor gets alittle hot so i suspect its still functioning. I really need help, i believe the bios can be recovered without sending the laptop to hp. I'm a student running on a really tight budget.

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 BIOS And Drivers
I know what the website says for the DV9000t but wondered if there is a newer BIOS than the F.29 listed or if drivers for other models will work?

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Dell :: Fan Still Goes Off Too Much, Should I Downgrade The BIOS?
The fan in my Studio 1555 keeps going off very often. So I switched from a T9550 to a P8400 and the problem still exists. Will downgrading my current BIOS (A06) to a previous version be harmful?

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Dell :: Is It Possible To Downgrade 1640's BIOS?
I am not liking the latest A06 BIOS as it has increased my 1640's CPU operating temperature.

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Dell :: How To Downgrade BIOS On Vostro 1310
I made a previous fan about the issue I had with Dell's managment of the fan settings. In an attempt to combat this, I thought I'd try installing a previous BIOS to see if it fixes the problem (perhaps there was an alternative fan managment setup).

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Dell :: Inspiron 9300 Replacement Board Can I Downgrade The Bios?
this is my first post so a quick hi to all of you and thankyou for many solutions in the past which have spanned from this forum.

Well i have had to bite the bullet and register so i can ask you guys for help...the story goes...

Ok i receive a laptop Dell Inspiron 9300 from a friend who has dropped it (well he says the kid knocked it off the couch and then to add insult to injury he followed it over and landed on it) well needless to say i diagnosed that the motherboard had failed as i ran the system from a barbones state to rule out any hardware failures. So i ordered a replacement board from the big old bad Ebay guy that hangs around the internet...So i rebuild the laptop plug it all in and turn it on.. so far so good i see the Dell logo and select to enter the bios to which i see "entering setup"... now instead of going into the setup i receive only this...
"The ac power adapter cannot be determined. The system can only boot with a 130w power adapter or greater" .....

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HP/Compaq :: Shut Down During Vista Clean Installation
I have a HP Dv2700 Cto Notebook with the following specifications

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 Ghz,
250Gb Harddisk,
GeForce 8400 Graphics Card
OS - Windows Vista Home Premium

I had followed the Steps in for "Clean install of Windows Vista" and installed Vista on my Laptop 6 months back and it worked perfectly fine.

Last week, i started facing issues with Vista and the system would automatically Hibernate.

The screen would go blank automatically even while its been used.

So, i decided to clean install Vista again.

I ran the Vista setup CD and using the Vista partition utility, formatted the Primary Parition c: (i have 3 paritions).

I started the setup and after copying 66% of the files. The system automatically shut itself down.

I Had to re-start the setup.

When i restarted the setup, the setup doesnt even start copying files. it shuts down during the initializing setup screen............

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HP/Compaq :: Won't Shut Down Unless Leave Screen Open Dv5
dv5 will not shut down when start>shut down>shut down is selected if screen is closed before entire shutdown sequence is completed, if screen is left open, shut down does complete, dv5 is running Vista Home Premium x64

On my other notebooks running XP, as soon as shut down is initiated I can close the screens and the notebooks complete the shut down and turn off while the screen is closed.

Is shut down hanging? Is it this way on all Vista notebooks?

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HP/Compaq :: DM3 Excessive Battery Drain When Shut Down
I last used my DM3 about 2 1/2 weeks ago. When I shut it down the battery was at 100%. When I powered it up today, I had only 58% battery charge. This drain seemed excessive to me so I called HP and they seem to have agreed with me as they are sending me a new battery for free under warranty.

Anyone else notice excessive battery drain when the unit is shut down?

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Acer :: Aspire 2930z Automatic Power Off
I have Acer aspire 2930z with Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) installed, the problem I face is sometimes, when I play games on it (the Need for speed undercover). The laptop gets very hot and automatically goes power off, I have to unplug the AC adaptor wire, replug and then only I can switch on the pc or else if I try to switch on without un plugging, nothing happens.

This is a problem for what I am really worried, well sir, I use my laptop with my battery but it is connected to electricity all the time as we have some electric break down problem(s) here, so do you think the pc gets heated because of battery plugged?

Infact before when I got this laptop new, I used to play for 3-4 hours the game and nothing used to happen.

I bought the laptop exactly a year back in march 2009.

I have 4 GB or ram, 320 GB hard and 2.17 dual core processor.

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Apple :: 's Automatic Graphics Switchingnot Optimus
Up until recently, many suspected that Apple was just using Nvidia's Optimus technology for its new 15" and 17" MacBook Pros. However, there are key differences which prove this cannot be the case, and Apple themselves have said their technology is different. Unlike Optimus, which sends data from the discrete graphics to the IGP framebuffer, and hence needs to keep the IGP on in discrete graphics mode, Apple's solution powers down the IGP entirely. This means that Apple must actually be using a hardware multiplexer at the back end, just like in all switchable graphics before Optimus.

As far as I can tell, Apple seem to have pulled a coup d'etat with their multiplexer, though, because their switching is supposedly just as seamless as Optimus. I'm guessing that Apple runs both adapters for a short time before making a transition in order to avoid a noticeable delay or flickering. I'd be interested to see how they got over the issue of blocking programs, though.

In any case, Apple's solution has the clear advantage of lower power consumption when running the discrete graphics. However, this comes at the cost of being entirely reliant on Apple's proprietary technology. In particular, Apple hasn't released switchable graphics drivers for Windows, so you're stuck with discrete graphics only if you have some need for dual-booting with Windows. Additionally, Apple's technology doesn't seem to give you a way to change which applications run on which GPU. This means that even if you have a 3D application that you know will run well enough on Intel's GMA HD, you're still stuck using the discrete GPU.

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HP/Compaq :: Every Time I Shut Down My Pc It Restarts Itself Like 5 Seconds After It Turns Off
For some reason every time I shut down my pc it restarts itself like 5 seconds after it turns off. I looked it up and someone said try unplugging the Ethernet cable. So I did and when I unplug when I shut it down it doesn't restart itself but only when I leave the Ethernet cable in it. Why is that? Also down on my currently connected icon by the clock why does it show that i'm connected to two networks? I had xp pro before and it only showed me connected to one network but on this new computer it shows me connected to two networks. Network 2 and Network 3, is that normal?

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HP/Compaq :: G60-440 Downgrade To Xp
i have everything except the audio working properly. after installing all the drivers i can find i end up with a second hd audio driver with the yellow question mark and no driver i try will install to fix it. i start with 2 hd audio drivers the conextant fixes one of them and the modem one is also installed.. what the heck is the other one for? i did use the microsoft one first then the hotfix for sp3 then the conextant and no matter what that extra one will not go away.. also no audio will play in media player or startup sounds etc..

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HP/Compaq :: Downgrade To XP
I'm trying to install windows XP Pro 32-Bit on an hp notebook (dv7-3160us) but am getting the blue screen of death. I've tried to use nLite following other threads but none of the sata drivers are working for me.

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Acer :: Windows 7, 3- Automatic Graphic-switch Does Not Work
I need to clarify some few simple things about win7 x64 and 4810TG with su9400 and HD4330.

The batterylife sucks. Up to 3 hours maximum.

Seems like the automatic graphic-switch does not work. I play CS:Source with 20fps with everything on low.

HDMI does not work.

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HP/Compaq :: Best GPU On A DV9000
searching for the best spec'd DV9000 gpu, but my search results always just show up the overheating problem... does anyone know if there is a list around with all the different options of DV9000's? I currently have a 7600 go GPU, and I just bought a DV9000 mobo for $3 with a 7900 go GPU on it. As I can get them fairly cheap if I'm lucky, I want to find out what is the best GPU available on a DV9000 system board.

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Dell :: Disable Automatic Wake From Standby When Lid Opens? Studio XPS 13
I just received my new Dell Studio XPS 13 with the integrated NVidia 9400G graphics and came across a somewhat annoying problem.

When I put my computer to sleep and shut the lid, then as soon as the lid opens, the computer wakes up from standby.

I dont want it to do this and would rather press the button manually......

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Dell :: Automatic Power Off; Though Cleaned Thermal Cooling Assembly
I am in a bt of quandry, my Dell XPS 1710 switches itself off after 5 min automatically; I know its not the dust cause I have just opened and cleaned the heatsinks yesterday; the only other thing I can think of is the thermal compund on the cpu might have dried!

A bit on the problem then for your suggestions; after about 5 min - max my laptop switches off automatically!

sometimes the system leds stay on while the monitor goes lank and systems looks like it has powered off; while at other times even the system leds and the toucpad leds goes off along with the system!

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HP/Compaq :: Downgrade To Xp Mydv4-1275mx
I bougth a Hp dv4-1275mx, and I need to Downgrade to xp because I coldn't install a software in Vista ... please Someone can Help me?? I just intalled the xp 64 bits, My video, Sound, Wireless and network... works very well but I can't find the SM bus Controller and other devices...

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HP/Compaq :: Heatsink For DV9000
i just took apart my laptop yesterday to change my cpu on it. i was running T7500 and changed it to T8300 and man.... that T8300 is so cool. with AS5 my idle temps are down to 25-27*C thats a HUGE jump from my old T7500 which was a mini baking oven.

but anyways.... it took me 3 hours to take everything apart watching videos videos on but onc ei took it apart, i looked at the HSF and man its one of the weakest hsf i've seen. the only part thats copper is just a tiny square base thats on top of cpu. everything else is crap. and there were some pads on the end of the hsf to i guess cool the little things on the side. (forgot what they were called) i wanted to apply the AS5 to all the places that the pads were touching, but that part of the HFS was not copper. i'm not sure what it was.

i'm sure everyone that ever replaced cpu on the DV9000 had taken the whole laptop apart... have you guys ever thought about replacing the HSF with an aftermarket HSF thats better than the stock? i tried searching and found none that were any better than the stock. none of them are all copper.

and i did not want to put AS5 on the other things that has that white/beige pad on, since the bottom of the HSF looked weak and i did not want to fry the chips/what ever the pads were supposed to cool... can you guys help me find a better HSF for the laptop? or that stock crappy hsf is the best/only thing for me?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9000 + Intel X-25M SSD = Getting Hot
I have installed Intel X-25M SSD with Windows 7 Ultimate in my old dv9000 (CD, 1 Gb RAM), and it is quite a disaster. The laptop is getting hot, installing programs (Portal from Steam) results in 90 C on the processor and a shutdown...

I use RM CPU Clock to lower CPU multiplier from 13x to 6x (it works on my HDD and Windows XP, I don't have issues), but on SSD it won't help much.

Browsing: 70 C
Installing software: up to 90 C and sometimes a shutdown...
Playing games: up to 80 C

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv9000 Recovery
I having some problems with a DV6000 notebook.

I originally set the machine up with two partitions, one for his documents and the C: My problems started when I was doing some routine maintenance to the machine which belongs to my brother. The C partition was getting quite low so I decided to knock some space of d and add to c. I have done this many times using partition magic but for some reason it failed.

This left me we a hall.dll error on boot, however the machine will still boot if I pressed enter. It also meant that I had about 2 gig of partitioned space, plus the 1 gig for quick launch.

I re-added the 2gig space back to D using gParted, but still no luck, so I then decided to reinstall quick launch, which seemed to go ok accept that after I rebooted, Nothing, just a blinking cursor on the screen.

I then tired to do a recovery using the disks, of course though disk two and three are stuffed. I cant see anywhere, where it asks me to press f11 to restore from the recovery partition which still should be intact............

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HP/Compaq :: Pavilion DV9000
i have notebook dv9000 and works so fine and then today i try to turn on notebook and just show me the led power and then after a few sec turn off every thing.

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HP/Compaq :: DowngradePavilion Dv9000 To Xp
I have read the stickies and have looked at this thread: HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop/ to xp so LOST

It appears to me that these are all geared towards intel based machines. Mine is AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TEchnology TL-50 1.60 GHz. Will the above approaches work?

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 Speakers
The speakers for my dv9640us are cracking when the songs have a little bit of bass, guess they're damaged. They're altec lansing. I was searching and found some posts saying very good things about harman kardon speakers and JBL,anyone knows if there is such a thing as speakers replacement or upgrade for notebooks? If not i guess i'll have to buy new altec ones.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9000 Wireless
I have a mystery that I hope someone can help with. My dv9000 (dv9308nr) won't connect with my daughter's NETGEAR wireless router. Specifically the router is a NETGEAR WPNT 834. My computer works great with my Motorola wireless router. It also works great with my mothers Linksys wireless router and the wireless router at work. Don't know the brand of the router at work. I've verified multiple times the network key, etc. My daughter's Apple Macbook with the same key works properly.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV9000 With Fan Control- For The GPU And CPU
I have a DV9000 laptop and I have problem with the fan control and the Heat Sink. The tempeture of the GPU and CPU go very high (GPU 60 and CPU 48), but the fan runs very slow, like if the tempeture is ok and after that the computer stops. As well I want to replace the pads from the heat sink, so I would like to know which types of pads I should use for this computer and where the GPU is located, because there are three chips (the CPU in right side, one in the middle and another in the left side with the nvidia signature). my computer is Intel Duo and the bios is version D.25.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv9000 Startup
My girlfriend has an HP dv9000 (17" laptop) i dont know the exact specs, only that she is running vista 32bit.

But the problem is that every time she has to either restart, return from hibernate, or return from sleep mode, the computer cant do it.

If its restarting or returning from hibernate, the computer will begin to start up, you'll hear a click, and it will power down and power up again, click, and repeat the process endlessly.

From sleep mode, the computer will turn the screen on and off like you just "woke" it.

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 VS DV6700
between DV9000 vs DV6700

I know that the 9000 got bigger screen but how about:
-Who is newer?
-Is DV6700 got abit better CPU/RAM or else?

They all pre-own and price likely the same..

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HP/Compaq :: Parentspavilion Dv9000
They have kasperski 2009 full internet protection. So heres the problem. One day they call me over that when they scroll on websites the text gets all squished together and the windows take forever to move/load. so we ran a scan and nothing came out wrong.

Then next time the computer was turned on the logo page that appears at the beginning that says HP and u could press the function keys to go to safety mode, it now never appears and there is a blank screen for about 3min and the vista sign appears and it starts. but overall the computer is very slow and has the scrolling problems. But a few days ago kasperski keeps popping up saying that black keys are missing and to update. So when ever i try it never updates just sits there at 0%. but we do have internet like firefox works fine just slow and the scrolling is annoying because after a while u can;t read anything on a page. But wat is going on? Is it a virus ? and i wanted to recover the computer cuz i do have recovery CD's but i can't even get to the function keys or safety mode and when i try it normally the computer either beeps and turns off or just turns off. i also tried system recovery and it didn;t complete. sorry i know this is alot but sometimes the screen goes black in random moments and comes back and says the screen drivers have recovered from like an error or sumthing. like i think it'd be best to just restore the computer at this point, but i don;t know how if i can't use the function keys or safety mode.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9000 DVD Player
problem with my Dv9000. When I go to play a DVD it plays but very choppy like a scratched disk. I have tried many other DVD's and they all play this way. The movie seems to be going and stopping constantly. I have checked the processor and ram and they are not even being put under and load so I know it is not that. At least I think. I have also tried to use different programs to play the movies and the same thing. Could I have a bad dvd-rw drive?

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HP/Compaq :: Downgrade From Vista To Xp On HPDV 9646 Em
to successfully downgrade from Vista to XP on this machine?

If so can you supply a posotive web link where to find the right drivers,so all devices in the device driver section are activated & don't have any exclamation marks present.

I know there is a thread on HP's website & its not very instructive,it seems a bit hit & miss.

If you get it right ,you get it right!

I managed a couple of tries,but always ended up without a network controller &

some device called unibrian pc 1394 missing!

Amongst other devices not working - no sound .

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9000 Heating- Updates
Anything new come out such as a driver or download that will help the laptop cool? Been trying everything for months with no lock. Called HP and they said its gonna cost me to fix something that the knew was wrong in the first place. Not to mention Wifi is going out. So any updates?

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HP/Compaq :: Are This Temps Look Normal At All With DV9000
i got into reading about copper mod and from that thread i was pointed in the direction of undervolting thread.... well i decided to try it out

i read like the 1st 15 pages or so and decided to give it a try... downloaded orthos and HWmonitor, did a 100% cpu load for 20 minutes to find my max temp at load and i had 69*C highest on my core#1 (core#0 always seems to be cooler by 2-4*C almost all the time

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9000 Shuts Down Unexpectedly
ok so i bought this dv9000 from best buy over a year ago(meaning my warranty is over . And i had some problems with it a few weeks ago .

1. My hard driver died completly on me .

2. My uncle gave me his hard drive and i tried installing win XP
That didnt really work cause i couldnt figure out the graphic driver.

3. A friend of my dad`s installed windows vista(ultimate edition )
and everything works perfectly fine ......

With one exception ! whenever i try installing a game( WoW) it works but i cant get the 3rd expansion installed ... it goes up to 30% and it automatically shuts down without a warning or whatnot . The thing is that i THINK my vent is dusty ( not sure thats why im asking you people).

SO WHAT SHOULD I DO ? is it the vent ? im more than grateful to whoever tries to help me out with this .

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Pavilion Dv9000 Keeps Crashing
i have an hp pavilion dv9000 that keeps crashing. most of the time when i move it from my lap and reach under the left side (hard drive cover) i get a mild shock through holes in cover.

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HP/Compaq :: If I Can Upgrade DV9000 To WifiN
My roommate has a DV9000 with a wifiG card in it. We live in an apartment complex with 30-40 networks within our range. It is really slowing down our wireless performance because of how crowded the 2.4Ghz frequency is. I am a Thinkpad guy so I don't know how easy it would be, but is there an internal WifiN card for this laptop so we could move to a 5Ghz network?

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV9000 18.5V 3A Adapter Broke
My girlfriends HP dv9000 adapter broke at the cord where it plugs in the the laptop and she needs to buy a replacement. It is an 18.5V 3Amp adapter. She found one on ebay (claiming to be new) for like $0.99, but I'm extremely skeptical that it will work satisfactorily and may even damage the laptop.

Do you all have any suggestions for replacing it? Purchasing a new one from HP would work, but it is definitely the most expensive options. Has anybody had any luck with ones from other sellers, from ebay, amazon, etc.?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion Dv9000 Overheating
Basic problem, laptop gets so hot at times it can cause burn marks. While playing WoW, ill get 60+ FPS then as soon as it heats up, yes im using a cooling pad, it then drops to 15 FPS and will run at that for the entire time im playing.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9000 Video Failure
I am going to buy again a system board due to video failure. Insteed a refurbished I wanna buy a new/used board. Is it possible to replace a 434659-001 G73M system board to a 447982-001 / 447983-001 G86 one? I have a dv9019ea and I observed that theese cards have same output connectors on them. I dont know about dimensions but they look similar.

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HP/Compaq :: Where Is The HDMI Port On The Dv9000
I have the dv9317ca, the specs page



External I/O ports
1 VGA port; 1 HDMI port;.....

Where's the HDMI port, I can't find it on my system?

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 Backlight (tried Inverter Already)
I have a DV9000 and the LCD suddenly went dim. I thought the inverter had gone so bought and fitted one. However now when the laptop turns on for the first time I can see the display for maybe 1-5 seconds (5 on initial start, less on soft restarts), but then it goes dim again.

I have tried unplugging AC/Batt and holding power for 20 seconds but it made no difference.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV9000 Reduce Tempeture In The GPU And CPU
I would like to reduce the tempeture of my CPU and GPU. The current tempeture of the GPU is 60C and CPU 50C. I have thermal paste between the heat sink and the chips, but it is not enough. I would like to know if someone has tried the thermal copper pads from ebay or another effective method.


Do you know if the thermal copper pads can really reduce 20% of the tempeture in GPU and CPU?

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HP/Compaq :: Speedtouch 330, Vista, And Dv9000
I am using a dv9000 with vista ultimate sp2 and a speedtouch 330 (rubbish i know)... I have got the speedtouch working, using the new vista drivers, and can get the max connection speed available to me. However, this is only when the laptop is unplugged...

As soon as i plug the laptop in, the connection dies and I have to reconnect. And... when I reconnect with the laptop plugged in I only get a third of my availably connection speed? This leads me to think that there is something up with the usb ports on the dv9000 and that the laptop is not powering them properly when its plugged in...

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 Backlight Turns Off
I have a DV9000 and just yesterday it started where the screen will go black but I can see what is going on on the screen but it is extremely faint. When I close the lid for a few seconds and open it back up it the screen appears like normal but only for about twenty seconds and then returns to the black. If I hook it up to an external monitor and I can see what is going on.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion Dv9000 Over Heating
While playing WoW the FPS is from 15-65. When it cools off, ill get a great FPS and can play it fine but it will quickly heat up and drop for 20-30 minutes at a time. Right now im using a cooling pad but it doesnt help much at all except to give me that 45-60 FPS time for about 5 minutes. The bottom gets so hot at times it can literally burn my skin, I have a couple of marks to prove it.

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HP/Compaq :: DV6629WM Vista Downgrade To XP Complete Except 1394
i've completed the downgrade of vista to xp successfully Except for the OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller exclamation point!

using siw.exe i see it's an: OHCI Firewire Ricoh Co Ltd R5C832 IEEE-1394 Controller. i've tried downloading every ricoh driver i can find and none of them have any inf files showing anything IEEE. the rest of the card reader files are there just no 1394...

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HP/Compaq :: Pavillion Dv9000 Optical Drive
when I was replacing my optical drive, I managed to tilt it upside down and several springs fell out. I have no clue where they came from specifically, other than knowing they have something to do with the sliding brackets on the sides.

I've searched frantically for a service manual on my optical drive to fix this problem, but I can't seem to find anything.

The drive in question is:
DVD±RW/R and CD-RW Double-Layer Combo Drive with LightScribe

Part number (from the dv9000 service manual):

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HP/Compaq :: My DV9000- Keyboard Is So Stoned It Can't Function
my keyboard is so stoned it can't function.

anyone have a pinout for the keyboard header so I can scope it and see what's going on?

it's a dv9548us. i found nothing in the "service manual" (should be called a disassembly guide, 'cause that's ALL it is) relating to pinouts

i basically want to verify that I still have +VCC going to the keyboard before I just buy another one.

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