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HP/Compaq :: HDX-18. Trying To Figure Fan Out.

I've got a HDX-18, (X18-1374ca) Centrino Q9000 cpu, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit. F.24 BIOS from factory. Had it for two months. I use this as a desktop replacement, no gaming, plugged in all the time. I have Power Options set to Balanced.

Out of the box the BIOS has the cooling fan set to run all the time. I had it that way for two months, the fan runs on what I'd say medium speed all day, never changes speed or anything all day even when the screens off and gone in to standby for ages....the fan still spins same speed, same sound. Its not annoying or loud. But I wonder how many years it will last (not as easy to change as a desktop cooling fan).

So in the BIOS I now turned the fan to always off. So its off when I am not at the laptop. But just browsing the net and typing this the fan goes off then comes on full blast for a minute and then off...and on and off, and so on. The trouble with that is the noise! The full speed fan is quite noisy, distracting. I am not complaining as I know it has to now run fast since it was off the cpu heated up.

The only place I can see to do anything else with the fan is Power Options in Control Panel, in Advanced power options, under Processor power management I can set the System cooling policy to Active or Passive....what ever that does, it doesn't make any differences.

I am curious what other people might have done. I am only trying to get it so the fan runs medium, quietly, when I am at the laptop and goes off when its in standby. It doesn't sleep, I have sleep disabled, just standby, HDDs still On.

I have a older DV9774ca and its fan comes on slow or medium speed and even off as I use the laptop, not full speed unless I have some intense graphics or video going. If I am only browsing the net the fan on that would even turn completely off, no spinning (I looked). Admitting it is s different cpu and laptop, thats the sort of behaviour I am looking for for this one.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Fan Noise
I just recently purchased the HP HDX 16 and the fan seems to be louder than most laptops. I have done my research on the internet and it seems like some people have this problem and others don't.

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HP/Compaq :: Cant Figure Out How To Get My Fingerprint Reader To Work
just got my dv8t back from hp after the recent bios update bricked it. reinstalled windows 7. Im trying to get my fingerprint reader to work. I installed the validity driver and the digital persona software. During the Digital Persona software, it said it cant confirm my fingerprint reader.

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HP/Compaq :: New HDX16t- Little Speck Of Dust Thats Got To Be Behind The Glass That I Cant Figure Out How To Clean
Theres a little speck of dust thats got to be behind the glass that i cant figure out how to clean. Im about 98% sure its not a dead pixel. Can i do anything about this?

Also, i have the tv tuner. How do i start watching tv? Is it through media center? i tried it and it cant recognize it, even after i go through all the steps. when i click on live tv, it says theres not tuner card.

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HP/Compaq :: Clean Install Of W7 On A Dv7t, One Unknown Device I Can't Figure Out
I didn't see one specific to Windows 7 driver.

Anyways, I have just about every hardware set except for this one device windows can't figure out. I have a Pavillion Dv7t-2000 series and I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home premium 32 bit. I have just about done every driver install from the driver page that pertains to my config....

So far I have downloaded:

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver for Microsoft Windows 7
Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers for Microsoft Windows 7
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver
Intel Chipset Installation Utility
ATI Mobility Radeon Video Driver
Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad Driver
HP Quick Launch Buttons
JMicron Card Reader Driver
HP MediaSmart MVP Software
HP MediaSmart SmartMenu
HP MediaSmart Webcam Software
HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
Lightscribe System Software...........

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16dual Core Or The HDX 18quad Core For Video
I want to upgrade my old laptop to something nice, and am torn between to systems.

An HDX 16 with:

2.40 Ghz dual core duo ( P8600 chip )
6 gigs of ram


An HXD 18 with
2.0 Ghz QUAD core ( QX9000 chip )
4 gigs of ram

both systems have the same video card ( Nvidia with 512megs of ram ) 500 gig hard drive.

What would be the faster machine for doing video ? and what would be the overall faster machine ?

I realize that not all applications will take advantage of a quad-core chip like the QX900, so this is why I"m asking. if the dual-core P8600 chip @ 2.40 Ghz in the HP HDX 16 with that 6 gigs of ram will actually be faster overall than the quad core would be, and perhaps even be faster at rendering video ?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16, HDX 18
Not in a race on which is better mind you, since these two are next-of-kin. But I mean which parts will fit both? I've been looking for some upgrade parts to the HDX 18, but all I seem to find are parts rated for the HDX 16. So, save the obvious screen size difference, just how comparable are these two in parts?

The keyboards look identical; and the extended battery I found lists a match for the HDX 16 but not the HDX 18. Would there be a size difference?

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Dell :: E6400, Vista Taskbar Issue Looks Easy But I Cannot Figure Out
I have E6400 with Vista Ultimate.

it's really frustrating me. When I download/save something to desktop, Windows will find an area to save on the desktop. However, I recently noticed that Vista sometimes save the file in the very bottom of the desktop and behind the taskbar. So the file is hidden behind taskbar.

From my understanding, taskbar must be on TOP of everything. See attachment so you guys can understand better.

File: 1.JPG

I just saved a text file on the desktop. However, when I look at my desktop, I cannot find that file, however, when you searched it, it is in the desktop .....

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Apple :: Downloaded Windows 7 RC - Can't Figure Out How To Install Via Bootcamp
Decided I wanted to try out Windows 7 on my mac. I downloaded it, but can't seem to get it to install. Bootcamp says I need an installation dvd which I don't have...

I have roxio toast titanium 8 and that is about it.

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HP/Compaq :: Hdx 16 Where
i am looking to actually look, touch , try an HDX 16. But can't find a store that carries it.

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HP/Compaq :: Xp On Hdx 16
i am starting this new thread for u people to post the xp drivers for hx 16...i have asked many but no plz post the dwnload links for it..i have found some in this thread of hdx 18.. XP on HDX18t

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx 16
For some reason my wifes laptop keeps loosing the wireless adapter. It's as if its not installed. It is not even in the device manager! I reinstalled the adapter drivers and then it was found and worked, but on next boot up it was lost again. I then uninstalled the HP wireless software and used the windows software. It worked for about a day and now the adapter is gone again.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16T- With XP
where i could get most or all drivers for windows xp for the hdx 16t 1100,

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HP/Compaq :: No HDX Bags
I think one of the most frustrating things about this laptop is not being able to find bags to transport it in. Just who's job is it to supply bags for these behemoths? The laptop manufacturer? The computer bag industry? It's a shame HP and other 18" laptop manufactures didn't take this into consideration and place this glaring omission higher on their list of accessories.

Until my web ordered backpack arrives (I would have preferred a messenger bag) I'm stuck with having to transport my laptop around in a shopping bag.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16t
1. How do I make it so the volume 'screen' (the little pop-up) doesn't show up when I chance the volume?

2. Is there a way to completely remove and disable the fingerprint reader?

I'm using Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 18 Audio
I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my HDX 18t Notebook which I received this week. I am having problems with the Audio, it slugish and makes my PC very slow at times, pushing up the CPU Resources to 100% and freezing up the PC. I've googled the problem and MANY people have the same issue with the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver.

I've also tried to download the latest driver (sp43288) without any success, I still experience the same problem. I've read on this forum [url]
that some people had success with the sp42549.exe driver, at first it worked for me, but now I experience the same problem.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Modding
I've bought a brand new hp HDX 16 with a P8600 , reading on the HDX 16 lounge I've find the superb performance of the seagate 7200.4 500gb, and I've bought them too! But I've a question, my motherboard is a intel cantiga PM45? I can mount a intel core 2 duo quad Q9xxx series? or I can simply jump to a T9xxx series from the my P8600?

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV7 Vs HDX 16
Can't really see much difference in these models....looking at Best Buy

Other than 17 vs 16 inch screen are their any benefits to build quality from 1 to the other?

I will be travelling so I would prefer the lesser HDX 16 incher but build quality is a concern

I travel by plane, train, bus every weekend so it needs to be able to handle a little beating

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HP/Compaq :: Hdx 16 Bsod
i was surfing the web today using mozilla firefox, and for sum reason it became unresponsive on me, so i let it be, so it would become responsive again. once i had control of it again. the screen went blue. saying that sumthing went wrong and the computer had to restart. it restarted and when it tried to starting up windows the following message came.

"Boot Device Not Found

Please install an operating system on your hard disk

Hard Disk - (3F0)

F2 System Diagnostics

For more information visit:[url]

the computer would not let me click the F2 key to run the diagnostics as well as when i tried to hold down the power button for at least a MINUTE it wouldnt turn off! it is just stuck on that screen!

its only been about a month. So far i am waiting for the battery to run out so i can try and turn it on to see what is wrong Im afraid to pull the battery as i think it may cause damage to the computer!

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx 16t
i am looking to get the hp hdx 16t and was wondering if there is any bg difference between getting the 2.53 (P9400 i think) or the 2.66 processor? Is it worth the upgrade or no?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16- Hibernation
I own HP HDX X16-1005EA Premium Notebook PC.

The problem is as follows:

Example: when hibernate the laptop. Then switch it back on with mains button and do not touch any key of button.

Within 2 minutes the laptop automaticaly hiberante !

This happens on both ( mains power supply and battery as well )
if I will touch any button or key during this 2 minutes period the lapptop would not hibernate untill it reaches the set time ( see bellow )
troubleshooting : I checked the time when the omputer is set to hibernate in advanced power settings and it is as follows:

hibernate after:
120 minutes on battery
1080 minutes plugged in

sleep after:
10 minutes on battery
25 munutes plugged in

I am curently using HP Recommeded power plan and if I switch to other plans ( Power Saver or High Performance ) it does not make any difference.

I also tried to set the hibernationand sleep to never but again no difference.

I also tried to use the recovery DVD to reinstal the operating system ( just in case this is caused by some virus ? ) but it does not make any difference !

The problem is still there altough the OS was re - installed so it can not be used by additional software, virus or so.

I am running latest BIOS version F31.A and regulary using HP update service to update all drivers etc. setting changes : No nothing was added or changed.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Overheating
I have recently purchased the HDx 16.

I installed 'Speedfan' to monitor the cpu and gpu temps..

Idle temps for the gpu are around the 62-65 C mark which to me seems too much given that I'm not doing any graphic intensive work.

If I set the fans to turn on permanently in bios settings then idle temp goes down to 50C .

I havent done any gaming yet so cant comment on intensive use temps.

Can anyone else share their thoughts on this since I get the feeling that my laptop is overheating.

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HP/Compaq :: New HDX Comes With Cosmetic
i have just bought an HDX 16t and as soon as i opened i saw that there where scratces and a light crack (something that could happen if i had close the lid with something between the keyboard and the screen )on the top lest corner of the chassis right above the power button and generally all the metal part above the touch buttons is uneven. The problem is noticable but not huge what should i do?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 18t
i am currently in the market for a new laptop and i have been looking at the HP HDX18t. i need a laptop for entertainment, as well as college work. i have a few questions that i need answered since i haven't been keeping up on the latest video cards and such...

-how long will the battery last per charge?

-i haven't heard too many positive things about the 130m, so is it easy to "upgrade" this card at say, bestbuy? i wanna play FPS mostly, like COD5 on max settings.. maybe crysis, but from what i heard not many laptops can run that game on max settings.

-is 2,700 a good price for everything included in this package, or is there something "better" i could buy?.............

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HP/Compaq :: Hdx 16 Mic
i am using skype and gtalk for voice chat.i wanna use the mic which is integrated near the to invoke doesnt work

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX 16 Query
Am just about to take the plunge and buy the HDX 16 here in the UK. I just had a few concerns/niggles.

1) I had a play around with the laptop and the lid doesn't seem to shut securely when closed. In fact it doesn't have a locking mechanism. Is this an issue during day to day usage?

2) The track-pad is a bit uncomfortable to use. There seems to be a lot more 'friction' when I slide my fingers on it. Does this become a hassle after prolonged use?

3) The blue ray drive sometimes doesn't lock in properly when closed. Is this a common defect?

4) What sort of battery life are people getting with moderate use?

5) Are there any other issues I should know about? I have narrowed my choices down to HDX and the Sony FW. The Sony does have a very attractive design but the built quality seems a bit cheap + the gfx card on the Sony is inferior to the HDX (Ati 3650 vs nvidia 9600gt).

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HP/Compaq :: Warning: Hdx Gets Warm
i got my new hdx and i decided to buy a game for it as well. I popped in warhammer:dawn of war 2 and it played well on mostly ultra-high settings. however the machine gets HOT after playing for about and hour. i also experienced this while playing crysis. it could have something to do with my cpu running at 45w but idk. anyways so i continued to play a little more warhammer and then i started seeing artifacts on my screen. before i knew it my screen was unviewable as the artifacts took over. I thought i was buring up my gpu so i quickly logged out of the game. my screen was still artifact filled so i turned off the computer and rebooted. everything seems to be fine till this moment and i think im very lucky. now i have my hdx raised up on all 4 corners with small business cards and i have my fan blowing at the bottom of the laptop from the right side. (This fan is blowing the same direction that the laptop fan blows). i also put my battery in front the of the fan so that would kool as well. so i decided to give warhammer another shoot. i played it for 2.5 hrs straight and the computer remains cooler that i expected. the battery too is way cooler. i would say my cheap cooling system worked after all.

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX 16 Recovery Partition
I recently bought a HP HDX 16 laptop, and today I've created my recovery disks. I also have a recovery partition.

My question is:
If I remove that recovery partition, and go back to the factory installation using my recovery disks, will my recovery partition be back?

I've read that those recovery disks bring your notebook back to the state as it came from the factory, so that would include the recovery partition, right?

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HP/Compaq :: DV7T Vs HDX 16T
With a coupon they are about the same I just get less ram and a smaller HDD with the 16T.

How much better is the 16T?

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HP/Compaq :: Creative SB X-Fi On HDX 16t
how the Creative Sound Blaster X-FI card works on this system? Does it stick out? I would be using this to replace the crappy IDT sound. [url]

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Screen Comparison
if there is a picture comparison of the HDX's 1080p screen vs. it's regular Infinity Ultra?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 18 Video Card
if the Nvidia 130M can be upgraded? I love everything about the HDX 18 but the video card... running games like crysis is not what I hoped it to be. Was wondering if any high tech users know anything about upgrading the video card on this bad boy?

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX 18GT 130MEverquest II
my HP HDX 18 box, NVidia GeForce GT 130M Display Adapter.

When Playing EQ II and Wahammer Online, the whole laptop just shuts down. Like pulling the plug on a desktop machine.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

All my other games are fine. LoTRo, Age Of Conan, Dragon Age, Crysis etc.

It appears to be an overheating problem, running NVidia tools, I slowly see the GPU Core temp increasing - if I minimize the screen the temp drops back down. I cannot play for more than few minutes before the machine goes black though.

Nothing in my logs would indicate an issue.

I am running the games as Administrator, I've tried switching of UAC, and adding rights to everyone on the games folders, even adding an exception in Microsoft Forefront for the game folders. No luck.

It may not be the GPU's fault, perhaps Sound? I have tried GPU driver from 186.03 onwards to current WHQL and Beta (195.81)

HP support ticket replied simply saying the games do not support Win 7 - and on their forums people are happy using the same version of Win 7.

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HP/Compaq :: Hdx 16 Recovery Partition
hp hdx16 and i have a big problem with creating my recovery disks ,i really need ur help i tried to install xp on my pc which tended to replacing my boot sector and i cant creat my recovery disks i searched over the web i found people who have my peoblem and they have it fixed using other computers boot sectors to restore their own so i can access my recovery partition again here is alink to the problem , the solution is by the end of the page [url] i just need some one to give me his original hdx16 boot sector of drive c and d(recovery) and the master boot record these files are only 512bytes u can get them using these instructions:

1. Download HDhacker software from here.

2. Install & open HDhacker on your laptop.
->Select logical drive(Bootsector) and then choose C
->Read sector from drive -> Save sector to file.
->Select logical drive(Bootsector) and then choose D as ur recovery partition
->Read sector from drive -> Save sector to file.
->Select phisycal drive (MBR)
->Read sector from disk -> Save sector to file....

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HP/Compaq :: HDX: Upgrades To Memory
Anyone upgrade to the full 8GB yet? One reference I check says the HDX can accept DDR3

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16t Heating
I bought an HDX 16t back in may, and have loved it.

But I notice, after installing Speedfan, that this thing gets VERY hot

even propped up a half inch off the desk, playing any game that's demanding gets the thing to a blistering 96*C... WAY too hot for a laptop.

Now here's the interesting thing, when it hits 96* it stays at 96*, like the fan kicks into turbo mode or something.

is this a defective product? or do all 16t's have this issue?

and if it is an issue I can fix, what are some ideas? besides getting a cooling pad, I don't really like the extra bulk under the front of the laptop. But for fixing the comp, should I mess around with some setting somewhere to make it kick into turbo mode at a lower temp? (like 88), should I under volt it? it's a new laptop with no trapped dust.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 18TWhich Processor
I am getting ready to build an HDX18T with essentially all the bells and whistles. 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB 7200 SATA Hard Drive, Blu Ray, HP integrated Hybrid TV Tuner, geForce 9600M GT.

I am still trying to decide on two things
Core 2 Duo T9600 2.80Ghz vs. Core 2 Duo T9400 2.53Ghz vs. Quad Q9000 2.00 Ghz
Graphics Card -
geForce 9600M GT with 512 MB vs 1 GB

How much difference would I see between the choices above? I'd like to soup this thing up as much as possible, but I don't want to throw money at the wind either. Why when you are selecting the RAM do you have to specify for the 512 Graphics card or the 1 GB Graphics card?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 18 Slugish On Windows 7 RC
I got my HDX 18 yesterday, very impressed. I have the T9550 with DDR3 option.

So I installed Windows 7 RC and downloaded all the latest drivers. I got all the drivers working without any problems, besides when I installed the latest AUDIO drivers from the HP Website, the system became very slow, even when trying to move the volume bar up, it would freeze up. So I removed that driver and installed the driver that came in the SWSetup folder on my drive, that seemed to work just fine.

The real problem im having is with the GFX Drivers, and maybe it's just me, but it feels VERY slugish when moving windows around, and I even see a delay when right clicking on icons on the desktop, this can't be right? I have 185.81_notebook_win7_64bit_beta.exe nvidia driver installed.

After running win7 I desided to install vista 64bit, and the GFX works great in vista, no slug at all...

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HP/Compaq :: HDX- Internet Browsers
I have a problem with my internet browsers. That problem is I will be browsing the internet and after a while both FF and IE will just show the URL of the site and the title on the tab but will just display a blank white page. However if I am downloading something while that happens it will keep downloading normally and if I restart my laptop both FF and IE work fine again for a certain amount of time. I'm running Vista Home Premium SP2 on a HP HDX laptop.

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HP/Compaq :: CONNECTING 5.1 Speakers To HDX 16
i hav bought a new creative 5.1 t6060 speaker system which i wish to connect to my hdx 16..hdx 16 comes witha dolby home theater so i think it has an 5.1 card...but my 5.1 system has 3 input jacks..while the lappy has just two.. specify any convertors or cables or splitter that i may to use to connect them

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX Series Laptop
above my keyboard, right above the F5 to F7 keys, there are touch-sensitive buttons that let you change the current song, stop song, pause/play and stuff. it works with windows media player any time, but with itunes it only works when itunes is the window that's opened at the time, is there any way to make it so it works with itunes any time? i use itunes more than media player and i'd rather it work with itunes instead

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HP/Compaq :: Slow Charging HDX 16
I recently got my HDX 16, however since a few days ago it has been charging extremely slowly. Ie. If I plug in in the early afternoon, it will take until night time for it to finally reach 100%.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp HDX 16 5.1 Surround Sound
i havent long owned my hdx16 but am wondering of it is possible to connect my 5.1 surround system to it, it has 3 audio in jacks on the system and the laptop has 3 ports on it, surley there must be a way to connect the system.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16t Audio
Ever since I have had my HDX 16t I have been plagued with problems with the audio acting weird in different ways.

For example, like several other users have probably experienced is the 50% CPU usage from the STacSV.exe process, which is related to the headphone jacks.

I have gone through so many different driver version of the audio drivers trying to fix the problem. I have also tried the generic drivers that come with Windows, however none of those drivers works flawlessly. I have tried reinstalling Windows many, many time but that makes no difference.

I have even though through some massive threads such as this one [url]

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX 18t Able To Run XP
I was looking at getting the HP HDX 18t for my self to replace my older laptop. The only problem is the college I go to requires that the laptops you use run windows XP because some of the software they use for web design and programming classes apparently only works on XP. I looked on the HP website and they do not offer a downgrade option to XP. I also looked on the HP HDX 18t support site and they do not have XP drivers listed (except the wireless card and finger print scanner drivers).

So I was wondering if the HP HDX 18t supports Windows XP has anyone who owns this laptop ever downgraded it to XP succesfull before?

I don't mind Installing XP from scatch or setting up a dual boot with Vista but I'm just worried about buying the laptop and not being able to Run Windows XP.

Link to the laptop I was looking at.


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HP/Compaq :: Wireless Network Connectivity On HDX 16
I have an HDX 16-1140us laptop. with the intel WIFI 5100AGN card. I could get speeds to the max in my house which is about 260 KB/s. Now my sister got a DV6-1334ca this christmas, and ever since then my speeds have gone down to 20KB/s while she gets the rest of the given bandwidth. Any ideas why or how to adjust it so i can get half the speed? we both have the same wireless card, and the router is a Linksys WRT54GC. any type of tweak i can do on this router or a program? i have a WIFI 5100AGN card and she has a 1000AGN card

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX X18 Premium Series
I've got an HP HDX X18, it was working perfectly for almost a year, purchased in jan 2009. If anyone could help diagnose my problem i would be thankful. First I've got a BSOD after restart an unusual beep sound than OS freeze. After 2nd restart my laptop does not start not even boot up, black screen no error appear no change in display. The disk LED blinks orange a few times, no other response. CAPS and NUMlock lights are on, not blinking cpu fan seems to be working. Before BSOD i installed EVGA Precision for temp monitor (NOT for overclocking!). Also as suggested by HP support, reseated the RAM. Screen still blank. No idea if there is disk activity but that should not stop from entering the BIOS, if Im right.

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HP/Compaq :: 16" Notebook Sleeve For The HDX
I was looking for a sleeve for my HP HDX 16t. I have not been able to find any sleeves that are 16 inches. I can only find the 15.4" and 17" ones. Will one of those work while still being fairly snug or do you know of a 16" one?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Quick Launch Button
I have a HP HDX X16 1040US. After I format the laptop, I can't access the Quick Launch Button(adjust volume, treble, previous, pause, play, fast forward and so on).

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