HP/Compaq :: What Screen Size Should I Get

Jan 29, 2009

I've been looking at the dv5t laptops with an infinity display. I just don't know what resolution I should get?

I do you reading glasses. But is the size difference that big of a deal between the two?
Which do you think I should get? 1680 x 1050 OR 1280 x 800?

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HP/Compaq :: Mini Screen Size Change

Jan 15, 2009

I tried a search and couldn't find the answer. Does anybody know why the size of the mini screen changed from 10.2 to 10.1, the resolution dropped slightly because of that too. I bought one in November with the 10.2 and they are sending a replacement with the 10.1, any reason to just keep the 10.2 and repair it.

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Sony :: Z Screen Size

May 24, 2010

any possibility of the sony z12 getting a bigger screen.. a 14" would make it the correct decision for me

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Screen Size

Dec 27, 2008

I am considering purchasing an XPS 1530 for both gaming and business use/travel and am having a hard time deciding which screen to purchase? I do play various simulation games and know that the 8600gt gpu is a low/mid level card that would run games and look better at lower native screen resolutions (if not now, then within the next year or two.) I am planning to keep this computer for about 3-4 years. On the other hand, I do like having more information fit unto a screen for web browsing and general typing work.

Should I go with the 1440x900 LCD/LED screen or stay with the lower 1280x800 screen?

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Sony :: Windows 7 Screen Size

Dec 22, 2009

I have a vaio laptop Model- PGC 6J2l after i updated to windows 7 i got Thick black bars on both sides of my screen going verticle. I was wondering if anybody would know how to re strech the screen. I have the resolution set all the way up and cant seem to find any other way to change the screen size..

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Dell :: Screen/display Size 1520

Feb 21, 2009

i would really like some help in resolving a major problem I'm having with my inspiron 1520 display size/resolution.

I somehow managed to change the settings when typing in my password upon log-in and now the icons and screen text is too large for the desktop and overall appearance. Not sure which hotkey i activated but cannot revert back to the normal settings.

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Sony :: Maximum Resolution & Screen Size Of All Models

Mar 5, 2010

P.....8"......1600 x 768
W....10.1"..1366 x 768
X.....11.1"..1366 x 768
Z.....13.1"..1600 x 900..*1920 x 1080 (*hoping someday available in US!)
Y.....13.3"..1366 x 768
CW..14".....1366 x 768
E.....15.5"..1366 x 768
NW..15.5"..1366 x 768
F.....16.4"..1600 x 900..1920 x 1080

Couldn't find a comparison chart of this, so I made one just for reference.

I'm set on getting a 1080p display in my next laptop and so far, Sony has the best choices! This is coming from someone who has purchased or influenced the purchase of about 17-18 Dell laptops.

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HP ProBook 4530s Display :: Screen Resolution / Size Changes When Using Touchpad

Nov 21, 2011

Purchased Probook 4530S. Win 7. I keep having teh screen print/size resolutiom change when using the touchpad. The pointer seems to "stick" and then when I move it, the screen will either get very smaller or larger. I continually have to hit ctrl + or - to get the screen size back to "normal". Is this something to do with the touchpad settings or pointer?

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Dell :: New Studio 1737 Screen Resolution And Icon/font Size

Mar 3, 2009

had a Dell 1735..screen resolution was perfect and webpages i visited looked nice and sharp etc...purchased a new Dell studio 1737 laptop and it seems that the default setting is 1920 x 1200..this makes everything very sharp but to small to work with...the correct setting for the correct size etc...seems to be 1440 x 900..but when i change the settings to this size everything is the correct size but not as sharp...and websites i visit such as Facebook etc..the text on these pages seems different..now, when I place my old Dell studio 1735 beside my new Dell studio 1737 my old laptop which is set at 1440 x 900..my old laptop looks far sharper and superior to my new laptop! My old 1735 has the highest setting for resolution at 1440 x 900 while the new 1737 seems to have a higher setting option of 1920 x 1200. Is there a big difference between the 1735 and 1737? Am I stuck with just keeping my setting on my new 1737 at 1440 x 900 and putting up with the blurriness etc? Have tried everything from going into Catalyst center to adjusting settings in appearance in vista etc..

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Dell Latitude D520 :: Screen Shrinks To Small Size At Start Up

Mar 23, 2013

I recently formatted my Dell Latitude D520 laptop because of a  frequent shutdown problem.

Also at the same time I have updated my BIOS setup file.

But now whenever i restart laptop, at the start up the DELL logo appears and also the windows logo and other messages appears in very small window rather than full screen size, till the machine gets fully loaded. Once the windows is loaded , it works well with full screen mode.

However,  if i run any Command Prompt application, the screen get shrinks  to small size, the same size which appears when the machine is booting.

On investigation, I found that

a) At every startup in BIOS setup Video/LCD Panel expansion is getting turned off and I have to manually enabled it at every startup

b) If i run any video/audio file the latptop instantly get turned off and may or may not restart for several days. Once it get turned off, it simply start getting turned off at every startup.

I have installed the drivers from the site, but problem persists.

Does it happens because I updated latest BIOS version? Shall i get old BIOS file from dell site?

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HP/Compaq :: How Can A 12.1"-er Notebook Still Be Bigger Than A 13.3" In Size

Mar 7, 2009

The HP Compaq 2230s is a 12.1" notebook at dimensions of 13.3 x 9.7 x 1.21. How is it possible that with those sizes, it's still bigger than the 13.3" Macbook (for example) at 12.78 x 8.92 x 1.08"?

I can't see either notebooks in front of me so I'm trying hard to visualize how it's possible.

to be more precise, how can it be wider than even a 13.3" notebook?

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Apple :: What Size SSD For MBP 13

Apr 25, 2010

I am going to get a SSD and I wanted the 80GB from intel, but Kingstons 64GB can be had for 140ish

I would use it for only apps and the OS

I could get a portable hard drive or flash drive (32GB+) for Media..

Would this be a good decision or should I just get the 80, or should I save more and get a 100GB+ SSD?

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Dell :: HDD Size Different Than Advertised

Jan 27, 2010

The studio 1555 I purchased this month was advertised as having a 320Gig HDD, my invoice says that the laptop included a 320Gig HDD, but the C: drive only advertises that it is 283Gig.

My quesion is, where has 37Gig gone? Has anyone else noticed the same thing? Is it just an odd way Dell have set up the initial partitions and if I were to do a complete format and reinstall I would be able to see, and use, 320Gig?

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Acer :: ExpressCard Size

Apr 17, 2009

Has anyone any experience with these ExpressCards that modern laptops seem blighted with?

For my Aspire 2920, I've purchased a 34mm adapter to provide firewire sockets. It fits the 34/54 socket and sort of works, although I need to look at some software problems.

This is where the trouble starts. The card plugs into the wider slot, but then I attach a full-size firewire connector and its heavyish cable to the card. The card can rock sideways because, being a 34 mm card in a 54mm wide opening, there can be 20 mm of sideways movement at the front while the back is held by the internal connector. Plugging and unplugging the firewire connector wobbles the card in the slot and it is obviously connecting and disconnecting rapidly without going through the software remove process.

The whole mechanical arrangement seems hopeless. The card isn't secure and there is no button to unlock and remove the card like on the old pcmcia slots. I suppose I could carve a 20mm piece of something to wedge the card into place, but maybe someone here knows how it should be done.

Surely the ExpressCard system can't be designed to be as bad as this?

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Sony :: Vaio FW Size...

Jun 26, 2009

Would the size of the FW be a problem in college? Or I'd be better off with a 13" laptop?

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Apple :: 17'' Macbook Pro - What Size Ssd

Apr 19, 2010

I have already figured out what i want on my 17'' macbook pro I'm going to buy except about the storage drives. I work with huge databases and after seeing the improvement other people I know have had after switching to ssd drives, (people who are running the same program(s) I do), I have decided that is what I need. But I really need help figuring out what size ssd I need to get, and whether to do something goofy like remove optical drive & replace with ssd or plug ssd in to expresscard slot(if even possible?)
details below:

I will be running windows via bootcamp, as the programs I mainly use only work on windows. I was looking at the 128gb ssd, and the 256gb ssd. I am not sure if 128gb is enough though. When I'm not working in windows I figured i could use the mac os for basic web stuff etc. and I would like to learn to use some of the mac music making programs for fun eventually, but I don't think I'd need much space for that(right?). I'm not a huge gamer, but i would also like room to throw a couple games on my pc, i mean mbp to play once in a while, and figure 2-3 games is going to take up around 20gb at least. I need my music, that's going to be like 10gb probably. And then I also need some room for some random movies and videos that I like to play in the background sometimes while I'm working. I figure that's prob around 20gb. So would 128gb drive be enough or should I go for the 256? It's a huge cost increase, but I figure, it's already costing me around 2700, so an extra 600 is worth it for being able to use it the way I want to, and I would just consider it an extra business expense. I read that windows 7 takes up around 30gb and could not find out how much space mac os takes up, so I would really like to hear from ppl with experience here.....

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Apple :: Mac Mini - What Size Lcd

Mar 7, 2009

I just ordered the basic Mac Mini tonight. Picked up 4GB of ram from newegg and a 500gb HDD. Shopping for a LCD now.

Is the GPU good enough to power a 26'' monitor? I'd be willing to go to 24'' at the lowest.

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Dell :: 9-cell Battery Size

Nov 3, 2009

Is the 9-cell battery larger than the 6-cell? ie. does it stick out the back?

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Dell :: Backpack Thats Of A Decent Size ...

Sep 4, 2007

I need a backpack thats of a decent size to carry both the e1705 and a couple decent sized books. I'd also not like to look like a huge dork!

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Sony :: Maximum HD Size One Can Cram Into A TT

Apr 9, 2010

Have a Sony TT. Great machine.

The greatest problem is the small HD size.

What is the absolute LARGEST hard drive I can cram into a Sony TT while keeping the optical drive

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Acer :: 3004 Max Disk Size

Nov 18, 2008

We are trying to upgrade a 3004wlci to 250GB and having great problems.

The bios is 3A32 which is later than the website ate 3A27. The m/c does not seem to like 250GB. On initial install it formatted at 128GB, but I could not find the missing GB.

Acronis can format it to 232GB on my HP laptop, but the 3004 only sees 128GB if I try ACT on it.

Tried formatting FAT32 and 232GB and then using install disks and now get "system disk not found".

Basically I'm asking "does anyone know if a 3004 will take a 250GB single partition".?

Laptop is out of warranty and after waiting 35mins on billable line got disconnected

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Sony :: Page Size- Fw351

May 25, 2009

I just bought a new sony laptop fw351 which has a 16:9 screen.

I have an older sony 15.4" and even though the new computer has a bigger and wider screen, the pages in the 16:9 are narrower and smaller. They occupy less space on the screen with white borders on the sides. Can it be fixed? I tried to change screen resolution but that does not help.

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Apple :: Partitioning Size W/ Bootcamp

Feb 17, 2009

I am pretty new at this partitioning thing and only plan on putting windows on for gaming....I will only be putting games Empire, Medivial 2, Rome, Total War and Age of Empire III on it along with a virus scan for potential online problems with online gaming w/ these titles.

How much HD space should I dedicate to windows with this being the direction I am taking?

I have just bought the Macbook 2.0 Aluminum w/ 4GB upgrade

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Apple :: Mac - How To Check The File Size

Feb 22, 2010

just got my mac last week, been using windows since forever. It's definitely a pleasure and exciting experience to us Mac OS. However there was a problem, I like to put my files on the desktop, but I couldn't figure out how to check the size of them.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 V. Studio XPS 16 (Size Comparison)

Oct 31, 2009

I recently took the plunge and purchased a new Studio XPS 16. I searched online to find images comparing the size difference between the two without any luck. Now that I have both systems in my posession, I took a few quick shots for any interested in seeing the physical difference. You'll have to forgive the fingerprints as I didn't bother to wipe either down.

With the configurations I have, the weights are 5.8lbs for the M1530 and 6.6lbs for the XPS 16.

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Dell :: M1340 Graphics Memory Size

Apr 6, 2009

I bought a 1340 very recently with a GPU. when i checked its display adapter properties its showing that its has got approx 1GB memory in it (GPU MEMORY) But GPU comes with 256 MB dedicated memory.

I want to know whether it is sharing my system memory? if it is sharing Please tell me how can i stop it from sharing my system memory. it is sharing approx 856 MB of system RAM.

I checked it when i'm NOT using any heavy graphics applications or games

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Dell :: Maximum Hard Drive Size

May 7, 2009

I have an Inspiron 700m and the hard drive finally died. I saw a few posts on what type of hard drive to get, but does anyone know what's the maximum size I can use?

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Dell :: E6400 4/6/9 Cell Battery Size

Jun 10, 2009

Just building an e6400 on the site. How much larger is the 6 cell compared to the 4 cell? I dont want a battery that sticks out at all. The 9 cell is ugly, and I was hoping the 6 cell doesnt stick out the back.

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Dell :: Windows 7 Laptop Install Size?

Nov 3, 2009

I have a E1705 with an 80GB hard drive. It took me three years to fill that guy up with XP. Still have XP buy the way.

Was considering purchasing a new laptop with a 128GB SSD. Would love to go higher ... too rich for my blood.

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Dell :: Mini 9 Vs Lenovo S10 Size Comparison?

Feb 2, 2009

Have any of you been able to find any pics of size comparisons between these two nb's?

I tried punching the numbers into sizeasy but I'm not 100% certain that I had the correct dimensions, would be great to see an actual photo.

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