Sony :: MKV And Team Fortress 2 Performance On FW With 512mb Card

Sep 23, 2009

I'm looking at the Vaio FW with the 512mb card, 2.53ghz processor, 4gb of RAM, and the 1900x1200 screen.

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Dell :: SXPS 16 And Team Fortress 2

Oct 11, 2009

I bought a Dell SXPS at these specs:Core 2 Duo P9700 2,80 GHz4 GB DDR3 RAMATI 4670 1 GB320 GB HDDThe first thing I did was to fire up Team Fortress 2, of course! The first 30 mins of gameplay: Awesomeness, my best TF2 experience ever, amazing graphics, v-sync on, AA on 4x - simply amazing... but after these 30 wonderful mins I suddenly had some FPS lag, for 30 seconds, then back to normal for a bit, then lag again and so on... now what is this? I just ordered a Zalman NC2000 in hope of making the gameplay better and avoid these FPS drops. This has to be underclocking issues right? Can I achieve lower temps by undervolting my CPU/GPU?

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Dell :: Team Fortress 2 :: Do I Need A Cooler?

Aug 20, 2009

I have an xps 16 and was wondering if I need a laptop cooler. I do play games but the most intensive one is probably Team Fortress 2.

When I do play it, the laptop does get pretty hot on the bottom with the fan running and everything. Besides that I pretty much use my computer for web surfing, word processing, and stuff like that.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 And Steam (Team Fortress 2 And COD5 World At War)

May 16, 2009

I have a dell XPS M1330 and I am having some problems with some games, namely Team fortress 2 and COD5 world at war, both downloaded through steam.

I'm posting here because I had these games running before, but I have no idea how and I'm guessing someone must of had the same problem as me.

I am guessing both issues are due to the sound driver, as I can run TF2 perfectly with the -nosound command line switch, but without it the game just crashes during startup. I have tried all the nvidia video drivers from 163 to the latest, and tried all the sound drivers I can find but no difference ......

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Dell :: 256MB Or 512MB Graphic Card On Studio

Feb 22, 2009

I don't play games too often. But I do watch videos & movies & sometimes work on photoshop or GIMP. So will 512MB graphic card make a huge difference compared to 256MB graphic card in my case?

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Dell Studio 1555 :: (P7350 With ATI Graphics Card 512MB) Won't Boot

Feb 12, 2013

Dell Studio 1555 (P7350 with ATI 512MB Graphic card) is not able to boot.

1. RAMs seems good. (2 beeps when removed, and no beep after installation)

2. Display seems OK (8 beeps when disconnected, and no beep when connected)

3. HDD is good. (Tested with other laptop)

After pressing the power button (can see the power light ON), no display, no beep, & fan doesn't start. 

Is it a motherboard FAILURE? What do I need to do ?

I can diassemble and reassemble it ????

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Sony ::HD 4570 Series Graphics With 512MB

Dec 1, 2009

if any one have this card in his lab specially SR ,please give me windows 7 score about this card graphics and gaming

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Sony :: FW GPU Clocks And Battery Life (512mb 4650)

Dec 5, 2009

let me know what the:

core clock: 450
memory clock: 600
memory type: GDDR3
(use GPU-z)

6 cell battery life:
extended battery life:

on the Sony FW with the 4650 mobility (512mb) is?

I'm looking at the VGN-FW510F/B model.

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Apple :: Performance On The New Mac's NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Card

Apr 13, 2010

Can the New Mac's NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M equal in performance as compared to the mobile 9800GTX ? or is the 330M worst off ? what actually is the 330M's performance like ?

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Acer :: Will Allocating More RAM To My 5920 G's NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT Graphics Card Improve Performance

Feb 11, 2009

I have a Acer Aspire 5920G (Vista Home with SP1) laptop which I use for general purposes as well as occasional DVDs and a little games.

With the kind help from members of this forum I upgraded the RAM from 2GB to 4GB a couple of months ago but of course my 32bit Vista only uses 3GB which leaves 1GB unused. The laptop's processor is a T7300 at 2.00GHz.

Its NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT graphics card (with latest driver installed) seems to work quite well but a friend who I occasionally game with said I could go into the BIOS and allocate the unused 1GB of RAM to the card which will improve its performance.

I googled this to check but the articles I read (with my limited technical knowledge!!) seemed to say that allocating extra RAM in the BIOS does not work with dedicated cards and attempts to do so could in fact reduce performance.

I would be very grateful if an expert in this excellent forum who is knowledgeable about graphics cards could please clarify the situation for me.
Basically can I go into the BIOS to increase the card's RAM allocation to improve performance as my friend suggested or is this a waste of time and/or dangerous ?

Looking at the NVIDIA system info, I see that it says Total Available Graphics is 1535MB but dedicated video memory is 256MB. Does this support what my friend says or is it unrelated ?

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Sony :: VAIO TT Performance

Feb 20, 2009

Does anyone out there own a VAIO TT? I frequently work with relatively graphics-intensive PowerPoint presentations and I wonder if anybody knows how the TT290 performs with graphics-related tasks.

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Sony :: The Best Way To Restore SSD Performance

Mar 20, 2010

I'm getting my new soon with the SSD. The SSD is fast and would like to keep it that way. Since there's no trim support and defrag is really bad?

What should I do to keep performance up? Been following all the threads, but there doesn't seem to be a clear cut way to restore the SSD to out of factory state.

Wouldn't a restore to factory defaults using the restore discs do this? Whats the best way?

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Sony :: How Much Of A Performance Upgrade Is This

May 29, 2010

I just ordered a customized Sony Vaio E series laptop from SonyStyle! How much of a performance boost should I expect to see when my new laptop arrives? (For games and general use).

From my current laptop (HP G60-115EA):

Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200 @2GHz
Intel GMA 4500mhd
160GB 5400rpm hard disk

To this laptop I have just ordered (Sony Vaio E series):

Intel Core i5-520m @2.4GHz
Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5650
500GB 5400rpm hard disk

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Sony ::VAIO P Performance Difference With Win 7 Or XP?

Aug 26, 2009

I am aiming at buying VAIO P. I am thinking of the 2GHz as the 1.33 in the UK retail shops is pretty slow. I am thinking of Dynamism/conics?

Is there a performance difference with Win 7 or XP? or do you recommend

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Sony :: Game Performance Of VPCF115FM/B

Jan 26, 2010

picking up the Sony VPC115FM/B at Best Buy:


I realize the 330M GT is not a tier 1 video card for gaming...but I'm curious if this card can drive the native 1920 by 1080 res of this laptop in modern games (MW2, Mass Effect 2, etc). I'm not looking for 60 frames per second...would be satisfied with 30...just trying to gauge if this is a reasonable expectation.

Closest answer I've found in the owner threads indicated that one person said it could run native on Left 4 Dead 2 and COD: World at War.

Very impressed by the performance of the i7 core and DDR3 memory...just hoping the video card can at least hold its own.

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Sony :: 3GB Vs 4GB Performance On VAio Z Series

Apr 25, 2009

I know that Z-series has dual channel memory controller so does that mean 4GB performance is way better than 3GB? and did anyone check the performance difference between 3GB and 4GB on vaio Z.

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Sony :: New Vaio Z Performance Numbers

Mar 20, 2010

My z arrived last week but was out of the country. Spent the past few hours getting settled in.

Here is what I'm looking at on the Windows Experience Index (along with my computer's specs):



If anyone has any other stat software you want me to run,

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Sony :: Vaio Z + Ssd Intel X25-m. Poor Performance.

Jan 26, 2010

Installed in my Vaio VGN-Z11XRN solid drive Intel X25-M. In all tests it shows one of the best performance results. 0

It should read up to 220mb/sec and write 70mb/sec. But not in my machine

Bios: hacked R4043
Drive firmware: 2CV102HD
ACHI mode is set.
OS: Windows7 x64

In my case I can see just 150mb/sec maximum.
Where is the bottleneck ?

Tried to test in my stationary comp. Intel P35 in AHCI mode. Read speed was about 200mb/sec

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Sony :: Vaio X Video Performance & Upgrades

Jan 27, 2010

I'm curious if the computer is powerful enough to handle fullscreen 720p x264 playback from iTunes and XBMC.

Also, is the SSD drive easily upgraded? (Is it a 2.5" model?) I find the 128GB limitation somewhat cramped.

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Sony :: VAIO Z- Lagging Stutter Performance

Apr 14, 2010

Specs: Core i5 540, 4gb ram, freshly formatted and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

Running apps: Firefox, msn, skype, foobar, microsoft security essentials.

This is seriously becoming a real nuisance! Website pages are suffering real laggy scrolling and loading things up. Even pages without images are just as bad and much worse performance scrolling than my desktop e4300. Scrolling this page alone is treated like i have completly maxed out my ram (4gb) when i'm only on 1.7gb by having firefox and 4 forum tabs opened. My old core2duo could handle way more than this and run smooth on 2gb of ram. My friend said it could be the nvidia drivers, but i downloaded all the latest drivers from sony site.

I can't believe that an i5 could perform so badly for simple web browsing with no apps installed and the latest driver. I even switched the AC powered Z to speed mode with no help whatsoever.

I'm just wondering if anyone is getting any stutter, jitter, laggy issues browsing with their i5? It just doesn't make sense after a clean format to get such shoddy performance.

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Sony :: Vaio Z: Poor Graphics Performance

Jul 16, 2009

I have owned my Vaio Z21WN/B since april.

Over the last few months the graphics seem to have deteriorated dramatically, particularly when using the 'speed' mode. The laptop will not play any high definition videos (even with a resolution of just 720p as well!) remotely smoothly, videos which play without a hitch on my 7 year old Pentium 4 with 1gb of ram and 256mb graphics! In fact, graphics and the whole PC itself seem to run much more smoothly when using the 'stamina' setting. This really makes no sense in my mind. It's quite irritating and disappointing since I wanted to be able to attach this laptop to the 42inch plasmascreen with the HDMI cable and watch films!

I upgraded to a new driver to see if it would help (using one of the driver packs made by nautis/dox in the 'discoveries on Vaio Z hybrid graphics' thread) but it has not helped at all, just made the 'stamina' setting even slower!

Will I get around a complete re-instal to factory settings?

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Sony :: Vaio Fw 400 Series Game Performance

Jul 4, 2009

how well can the new fw hold up against games like fallout 3, bioshock, devil may cry4, crysis(all directx10/1600x900/max settings, AA), i get anywhere from 39 to 75 FPS. I played Aion( an mmorpg, max settings, 1600x900, AA, directx10) and got between 60(in the fields fighting) to 45(running to new places) to 35(in towns crowded with people).

My specs:
windos 7 evalution copy/build 7100
Dual core 2.53ghz
ATI radeon 4650 1GB

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Sony :: Performance Improvement Moving From DDR2 To DDR3

Mar 23, 2009

I got my system over weekend with following config


Vista 64bit premium

I'm planning to upgrade RAM and I'm thinking if it is worth upgrading to DDR3 instead of DDR2 4GB. Price difference between two seems to be like $20-$30.

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Sony :: VAIO F Performance Drops To A Very Low Level When The Unit Is Not On AC Power

Jan 18, 2010

I have a new Sony F Series with an 820QM CPU. I notice the performance drops to a very low level when the unit is not on AC power.

I have chosen the high performance power profile, and set the Min and Max processor states to 100% both when on AC power and on battery, this didn't help at all .....

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Dell :: 7950 GTX 512mb Temperature

Aug 22, 2007

can some 1 tell me wts the temperature for the M1710 with 512 MB 7950 GTX please ,,cause i just upgrade to it and i dont now whts gonna be and please tell me which program (am using 2 programs I8KfanGUI and NVTemplogger)

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Dell :: 8700m 512mb Vs 8700m1gb Sli

Mar 8, 2009

im wondering how much difference i would see if i bought the 8700m 512mbx2. i have the m1730 with 8700m 256mbx2. i can't afford the 8800gtx. unless someone is willing to sell one to me for $450. is the 8700m 512mb sli pretty close to the 8800m gtx 512mb in performance?

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Apple :: 9600M GT 256MB Vs 512MB

Apr 10, 2009

I been watching Crysis gameplay footage on Youtube and have noticed some pop up on the lower spec MBP.

Would foliage appearing as if by magic be a result of having less memory in the GPU? or would it be down to system memory, the CPU or another factor I'm unaware of?

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Sony :: Vaio Smart Network Utility- Required? Start-up Performance

Mar 3, 2010

I have a Vaio Z36GD (Asian version of the Z69). I recently cleaned the hard drive and reinstalled the OS from the recovery CD's I created when I originally purchased the machine.

I have run all the updates for Windows, BIOS, etc. Running VISTA Business 64 bit SP2.

For the most part, the machine is performing well.

However, the Vaio Smart Network utility seems to slow down the start-up process (it is always the last thing to become available...with a pause and the cursor clocking for about 10 seconds before it is complete). I don't have much else running at start-up (NIS 2010 and other standard utilities...pointer, etc.).

Anyway, can I remove or disable the Vaio Smart Network utility and still effective use and manage Wifi, Bluetooth, and LAN connections? Has anyone else noticed this performance issue and addressed it?

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Dell :: Precision M6300 With FX 3600M (512MB)

Jul 9, 2008

this short review was already posted by me in the dell 17" section,
but i'll put it here, too, so it is easier accessable for all forum users.
it is also a little different, since i added a few things, which i noticed
while playing around with the laptop.

DELL Precision M6300

a few days ago i got my precision m6300 notebook from dell.
so far i benchmarked it with 3dmark06 and took a short look at it.
i payed 1483 euro and the laptop came with the following options:

core2duo t8300 2.4GHz/3MB L2 cache
nvidia fx 3600m card with 512MB
2GB 667MHz RAM (upgraded to 3GB myself)
200GB HDD 7200rpm (seagate)
1440x900 non glare display (lg, replaced by a samsung)
fingerprint reader
vista business to xp professional downgrade (you can use both)
3 years international guarantee

1. 3dmark06

i did the 3dmark06 benchmark at stock clock speeds (i think it's 500/799) with the stock dell driver 175.75. i am running the preinstalled xp pro operation system and most unnecessary background processes are disabled. i have:

8860 3dmarks

with a light overclock (600/900) i have:

9686 3dmarks

i think that's pretty nice. considering the slower cpu (2.4GHz vs. 2.8GHz) and the 175.75 stock dell driver, which is not optimized for gaming, the performance comes pretty close to the 8800GTX in the alienware/ notebooks (~9200 3marks) and it is pretty much the same like the mySN notebook's with the same processor (~8900 3dmarks).
this fact makes me think, that the fx3600 is probably rather a modified 8800gtx card than a gts and that the info shown by gpu-z is wrong. but who knows.

as the card can be overclocked even higher and also there is a way to oc the cpu, the notebook is able to get 10.000+ in 3dmark06.

btw: overclocking is very easy, you can just do it with ntune and there is no need to flash the vbios.

2. what's new

the notebook is very similar to the inspiron 9400/e1705 i had before.

the differences are:

a. different colour (makes it look a lot better)
b. the useless media direct button is used to switch between performance and battery save mode now (useful)
c. the battery is stronger (4 hours battery life vs. 2.5 hours)
d. fingerprint reader available................................

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Dell :: Studio 15: 256mb Vs 512mb Ati 4570

Aug 11, 2009

I'm planning on purchasing a Dell Studio 15 and I want it to play games like Grand Theft Auto 4 smoothly.

Now my question is, I have $1120 to spend, and can either afford to upgrade the video card to 512mb, OR keep it at 256mb and upgrade my HD to 500gb from 250gb. So will my fps and quality increases be significant enough to justify upgrading the video card to 512mb or would the 256mb suffice.

current build specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1ghz
vista home premium x64
4gb ram
5400rpm HD

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