Dell :: 7950 GTX 512mb Temperature

Aug 22, 2007

can some 1 tell me wts the temperature for the M1710 with 512 MB 7950 GTX please ,,cause i just upgrade to it and i dont now whts gonna be and please tell me which program (am using 2 programs I8KfanGUI and NVTemplogger)

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Dell :: 7950 Go Gtx Voltage

Apr 11, 2010

looking to push my overclock past 700mhz now since my gpu is going to be getting a custom fan and copper heatsink. Whilst experimenting I found that past 700 the temperature no longer matters, the voltage simply isn't high enough. But I don't know of any software way to change this...
Anyway I can get it above the 1.32V for the gpu? looking at maybe 1.38-1.4.
Besides that if temperature even became an issue I'd experiment with liquid nitrogen, which being a chem student I can get pretty easily . It's a lot of fun to play with.

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Dell :: Geforce Go 7950 Gtx

Jul 21, 2007

what is the stock gpu/memory clock on the geforce go 7950 gtx for the 1710?

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Dell :: 7900 GS Vs 7950

Aug 21, 2007

I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a 1710 within the next week or so. Yeah, I know the 1730 is coming out but I really can't wait much longer and besides, the 1730 is by far one of the biggest and ugliest models I have seen Dell come out with. Sorry for that little rant but anyway, back to the main question:

There is a $350 price difference between the 7900 GS and the 7950. I have searched the forums and found a couple of relavant threads but I wanted some people who own both of these models to readdress this issue and let me know if you like the model you have or do you wish you would have gone with a different GPU.

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Dell :: 7950 Drivers

Oct 2, 2007

I have done a fairly big search on these forums, and everything seems to be pretty vague as to what drivers to use on a Geforce Go 7950GTX with windows vista.

Does anybody have a direct link to the best drivers available?

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Dell :: 8700m 512mb Vs 8700m1gb Sli

Mar 8, 2009

im wondering how much difference i would see if i bought the 8700m 512mbx2. i have the m1730 with 8700m 256mbx2. i can't afford the 8800gtx. unless someone is willing to sell one to me for $450. is the 8700m 512mb sli pretty close to the 8800m gtx 512mb in performance?

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Dell :: Monitor The Temperatures On 7950 GTX

Jan 4, 2008

i'd like to know what kind of temps to expect from a normally working card.

What are your temps on idle (normal room temp 20c-30c)
and what are the max temp it reaches when say we run the ati tool graphical view. (Just for reference - when idle, ATI Tool reports 65c on my card, and after running the 3d view of ati tool the card will reach 104c).

I'd like everyone who has that info to post it here and i'll do the math and calculate the avarage working temp of that card.

Since different monitoring progs report different tempratures please state which program is reporting the temps.

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Dell :: 7950 GPU Actual Temperatures

Nov 18, 2007

I know this as been covered a millions times but I can't seem to find a straight answer. But I am trying to figure out my actual temps on my overclocked 7950 at 650/800

Using I8kfangui my temps are 59 to 82c with out any temp offset
Atitool temps are Identical 59 to 82c
Nvidia Mview is the same 59 to 82c

Now I though there was an 8 degree of set for I8kfangui, but its running the same temps as everything else is this my actual temps or there still an 8 degrees offset making my temps higher?

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Replacing The 7950 GTX

Sep 23, 2009

I'm just about to pull my dead 7950 GTX and send it off for repair ... they say they found the problem with this card failing and have a unique fix so we'll see. They are on Ebay if intersted.

Anyhow, I would like to replace all the thermal pads with a good thermal compound ... I was looking at IC7 synthetic diamond.

I am more than capable just never done this with my XPS M1710 so I need a guide. Question is, can all of the thermal pads be removed and replaced with IC7 or is the 1/32" gap between the memory and heatsink too much? I have read that you can fill this gap with pure copper shims but haven't found any details.

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Dell :: Inspiron 9400 And 7950 GTX

Aug 13, 2007

I have Inspiron 9400 with 7900Gs card. I have 9 cell battery. I have ordered 7950GTX, 4GB of DDR2 and also 130W power pack. Is there anything I need to install and use this card? I had a look thru the forum but I couldnt find any information how to instal this paticular card and what sor of BIOS will I need for the card and the laptop.

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Dell :: Video Card 7950 Gtx

Sep 28, 2007

I have xps m1710 with 512mb 7950 gtx,2 gb ram,2.33 core due

I have some strange picture coming in my lcd some times,so can u tell me if my video card on the way to die,

also it happend a few times with Ghost recon advanced warfigter 2 during the game but if I press Alt+Esc to go to the windows thats strange picture dissapers and then I can go back to the game,its allways happen with the game but only 1 time with my windows,I reinstalled my windows and changed the driver version and still happining

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Dell :: NVIDIA 7950 GTX Question

Dec 18, 2009

My XPS M1710 started to show vertical green lines during boot up, then would go to a black screen. So I restarted in safe mode,

then disabled the video card.
It starts & runs fine now, no green lines, just reduced video performance, obviously.

This shows there is a problem with the video card. What is the best option now? New, used, or do they fix these?

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Dell :: Does 's Stock 7950 GTX Driver Allow For OC'ing

Aug 28, 2007

I'm swapping out my 7900 GTX for a new 7950 GTX. Do I need to download anything specila to overclock it? Or will the stock Dell or G-Force drivers allow me to do so through the Nvidia control panel?

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Dell :: 7950 Gtx Bites The Dust

Oct 26, 2008

gaphics card has bitten the dust.

M1710 not overclocked

was working fine at the office, when i get it home on de hybernating the screen scrambled progresivly getting worse.

On restart there is a matrix style back ground behind the dell start up logo?
isnt this VGA generated? or does graphics card handle things from power on?

If i allow to boot normally it blue screens and says its graphics driver
I have not inslalled new drivers

it will boot in safe mode but there is still pink dotts behind all images, again isnt safe mode boot in safe mode with graphics from mother board in VGA

have disembled and resembled laptop and made sure graphics card is seated properly has made no diffrence

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Dell :: M1710 + 7950 Fix FOUND

Sep 4, 2007

I'm currently jumping for joy right now. I FINALLY found a fix for those of us with an XPS M1710 and a 7950.

I was getting BSODs on drivers, nvlddmkm crashes in Vista, LCD Flickering in XP and whatnot.

I traced the problem to the way Memory controlling is handled in BIOS A07. If I would take out 1GB of DDR2, I would have no issues. Put back in the other GB and the issues would resume.

After downgrading to A06 I haven't had a SINGLE crash in Vista

For those of you that want to try A06 , I uploaded it to my site for you

XPS M1710 BIOS - A06

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Dell :: Precision M6300 With FX 3600M (512MB)

Jul 9, 2008

this short review was already posted by me in the dell 17" section,
but i'll put it here, too, so it is easier accessable for all forum users.
it is also a little different, since i added a few things, which i noticed
while playing around with the laptop.

DELL Precision M6300

a few days ago i got my precision m6300 notebook from dell.
so far i benchmarked it with 3dmark06 and took a short look at it.
i payed 1483 euro and the laptop came with the following options:

core2duo t8300 2.4GHz/3MB L2 cache
nvidia fx 3600m card with 512MB
2GB 667MHz RAM (upgraded to 3GB myself)
200GB HDD 7200rpm (seagate)
1440x900 non glare display (lg, replaced by a samsung)
fingerprint reader
vista business to xp professional downgrade (you can use both)
3 years international guarantee

1. 3dmark06

i did the 3dmark06 benchmark at stock clock speeds (i think it's 500/799) with the stock dell driver 175.75. i am running the preinstalled xp pro operation system and most unnecessary background processes are disabled. i have:

8860 3dmarks

with a light overclock (600/900) i have:

9686 3dmarks

i think that's pretty nice. considering the slower cpu (2.4GHz vs. 2.8GHz) and the 175.75 stock dell driver, which is not optimized for gaming, the performance comes pretty close to the 8800GTX in the alienware/ notebooks (~9200 3marks) and it is pretty much the same like the mySN notebook's with the same processor (~8900 3dmarks).
this fact makes me think, that the fx3600 is probably rather a modified 8800gtx card than a gts and that the info shown by gpu-z is wrong. but who knows.

as the card can be overclocked even higher and also there is a way to oc the cpu, the notebook is able to get 10.000+ in 3dmark06.

btw: overclocking is very easy, you can just do it with ntune and there is no need to flash the vbios.

2. what's new

the notebook is very similar to the inspiron 9400/e1705 i had before.

the differences are:

a. different colour (makes it look a lot better)
b. the useless media direct button is used to switch between performance and battery save mode now (useful)
c. the battery is stronger (4 hours battery life vs. 2.5 hours)
d. fingerprint reader available................................

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Dell :: Studio 15: 256mb Vs 512mb Ati 4570

Aug 11, 2009

I'm planning on purchasing a Dell Studio 15 and I want it to play games like Grand Theft Auto 4 smoothly.

Now my question is, I have $1120 to spend, and can either afford to upgrade the video card to 512mb, OR keep it at 256mb and upgrade my HD to 500gb from 250gb. So will my fps and quality increases be significant enough to justify upgrading the video card to 512mb or would the 256mb suffice.

current build specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1ghz
vista home premium x64
4gb ram
5400rpm HD

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Dead 7950 Support

Apr 14, 2009

My nVidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX burned out about a month ago and I have been running it in VGA mode here in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Because I knew that Dell did not have support in this country I didn't contact support until last Friday, April 10, 2009. I had bought a full 4 year warranty when I bought the machine and the warranty expires in Sept 2011.

Dell agreed to replace the GPU under warranty, but said that they could only ship it to somewhere in the States, so I had them ship it to my office in Washington, D.C. and the package is now on its way to Dushanbe by DHL. I'll go inside and change the GPU myself, which, though, I'm not very handy with tools, I think I can do. I have the service manual and have reviewed the procedures and many of the very helpful posts on this site.

My question is that Dell Support is sending both the GPU and a new motherboard in case I need the latter. How do I know whether I need the latter, and should I just replace the motherboard even though the existing one seems to be running fine?

Dell shipped the parts to me on Sunday April 12 and they were received in my office in Washington on April 14. The invoice listed the total price for the GPU and motherboard at $1171.24, which apparently must be paid if I don't send the defective parts to them within 10 days.

Because I'm in Tajikistan Dell Support got a waiver of the 10 day deadline for return. I might just hang on to everything until I'm back in the States in October 2009.

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Dell :: Is The FX3500 HDCP Compliant? Like The 7950 Gtx

Feb 2, 2008

My puter got messed up and I booted my delta OC'd card into Shitsta for 2 hours. and then decided to go back to XP.

my card died.

I still have a fx2500m but am lookin @ a fx3500.

Is the fx3500m HDCP compliant like the GTX?

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Dell :: Original M1710Geforce Go 7950 GTX Bios

Dec 17, 2007

Looking for original M1710 - Geforce Go 7950 GTX Bios. I want to re-flash my video bios back to the original. Is the bios on the JLMOD.ISO CD? If so can someone tell me whats the file name?

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Dell :: 7950 Debates (7900 GSX Owners In Here)

Aug 22, 2007

I haven't put in my 7950 gtx yet because when I threw the one in that I had here it was DOA so I had to send back to the seller to replace, so the new one should be here in a week. Anyways here is the deal . .

Everyone is claiming since the 7900 GSX pulls such great scores in 3dmark05 (simular to the 7950) it is about the same. Here is the difference. When yall run 3dmark it defaults to a low resolution test. So here is an example. Im pulling low 9k with my 7900 GSX at default resolution. So I got a full version serial number for 3dmark05 and switched the resolution to 1440x900 and ran the tests with that. This should really show the memory difference and power of the better card.

The 7900GSX pulled 4262 at that resolution.

From what im finding online the 7950GTX at 1440x900 resolution pulls around 6700 at that resolution . If you have a 7950GTX test it out and post that instead.

Im sure at 1920x1200 resolution the differences would become even more apparant. So there is the final answer.

High resolution gaming (native resolution on our lappys) will show a big difference.

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Dell :: Installing Fx2500m 512mb In Inspiron 9400

Oct 9, 2007

I am replacing my Dell Inspiron 9400 current video card which is a Dell nVidia 7900GS 256MB(dual heat pipes) with a Dell FX2500M 512MB video card.I want to know if it will work ok??I know I have to get a PA-13 for a XPS M1710 power supply to replace the PA-10 supply and I already modded my housing corner by removing the extra metal on the left side to fit the second heat pipe.I have the current bios of A09 in my Inspiron 9400.Besides getting the PA-13 power supply,9 cell battery(already got a 9Cell battery),and the latest Dell video drivers,am I missing anything?

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Dell :: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 (512MB) Not Compatible With I7?

Apr 12, 2010

When I try to price a Studio 14 on the website, I get the following error when I match the, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 512MB, with an i7 processor (i.e. i7-720QM).

"The Video Card is not compatible with the Quad Core Processor selected, please update one of the selections."

I've tried google-ing this but nothing has turned up.

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Dell :: 256MB Or 512MB Graphic Card On Studio

Feb 22, 2009

I don't play games too often. But I do watch videos & movies & sometimes work on photoshop or GIMP. So will 512MB graphic card make a huge difference compared to 256MB graphic card in my case?

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Dell :: XPS13 Nvidia GeForce N10m GS 512mb Now Optional

Oct 13, 2009

I've been on the fence for the XPS13 for a while and today I see that a GeForce N10m GS 512mb Video option is available.

This video isn't listed on Notebook Check so I'm unsure where this card sits performance wise.

Can somebody please chime in as to how worthwile this card is over the previous GeForce 9500m option.

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Dell :: 7950- Screen Breaks Up Into A Bunch Of Vertical Tears

Oct 22, 2007

I have a 1710 thats a couple weeks old and I have a problem. As of right whenever I install drivers other than the dell drivers for my 7950GTX and am running on battery the screen breaks up into a bunch of vertical tears. So far I have used both the Laptop Video 2 Go drivers with the tweaked INF and Geforce Tony's recommended drivers and as soon as I unplug the power I get this problem. But like I said, if I uninstall those drivers and load the current drivers from everything works great.

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Apple :: 9600M GT 256MB Vs 512MB

Apr 10, 2009

I been watching Crysis gameplay footage on Youtube and have noticed some pop up on the lower spec MBP.

Would foliage appearing as if by magic be a result of having less memory in the GPU? or would it be down to system memory, the CPU or another factor I'm unaware of?

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Dell :: Driver On Studio 1555 With Mobility Radeon HD4570 512MB

Oct 13, 2009

I've decided to try and play some games on it, only to find out I have some serious problems with it..

I've tried two different games, and the result is the same in both - the computer will hang about 1 minute after launching the game and only hard shutdown is possible (holding the power button)..

After doing a little analysis of the memory dump, I found out the graphics driver is the one to blame.................................

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Dell Studio 1555 :: (P7350 With ATI Graphics Card 512MB) Won't Boot

Feb 12, 2013

Dell Studio 1555 (P7350 with ATI 512MB Graphic card) is not able to boot.

1. RAMs seems good. (2 beeps when removed, and no beep after installation)

2. Display seems OK (8 beeps when disconnected, and no beep when connected)

3. HDD is good. (Tested with other laptop)

After pressing the power button (can see the power light ON), no display, no beep, & fan doesn't start. 

Is it a motherboard FAILURE? What do I need to do ?

I can diassemble and reassemble it ????

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Sony ::HD 4570 Series Graphics With 512MB

Dec 1, 2009

if any one have this card in his lab specially SR ,please give me windows 7 score about this card graphics and gaming

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