Sony :: Vaio Wireless Bluetooth Laser Mice?

Apr 20, 2010

Has anyone tried the Vaio Wireless bluetooth laser mice?

I have a sony Z and I really want a small BT mouse.

I do know that those mice are fullsize, anyone have an suggestions on a nice looking mouse for the Z?

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Dell :: Wireless Mice, BT Or USB Wireless

Apr 16, 2008

I have a $70 i need to spend at dell and am looking for some wireless mice.

I have a 9300 with bluetooth and my wife has a m1330 with it as well. I would like a mouse for while i am traveling and can just keep in my bag as i have a nice gaming mouse at home.

First question, if i got 2 of the same mice, would there be a conflict or does each have some type of ID.

The two mice i am looking at are th following ones. Any first hand reviews?


USB Wireless

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HP/Compaq :: HP Bluetooth Laser Mobile MouseHDX Series [Mini Review]

Jan 24, 2010

Just had to share my experience with HP's Bluetooth mouse they currently offer because I can barely find any information regarding their mouse, just that they offer it and the specs. I just recieved it, I've gotten about an hour or two of full use with it after an awful installtion on Windows 7. So yeah my thoughts so far, pretty nice once you get it working.

Another thing, if you have EPP discount, or Academic discounts, and some other coupon codes you can get this at a nice deal. I was able to get it for about 44$ with a retractable mouse (20$) and free shipping at that point. So I got about 81$ (including shipping) worth of stuff for 44$, almost 50% off with all the discounts I had. Not bad I would assume for a nice looking mouse.

I'm just trying to provide an informational post with this mini-review. I hope it helps some people who are looking for a BT mouse.

In a couple words, pretty bad. Being bluetooth, I'd thought I'd fire up my bluetooth adapter, then just hit pair using native Windows, and let Win Update do it's thing if needed. Everything went through fine, choose no pairing code, and things installed, but things didn't work. Threw in the disc, followed instructions, no worky still. After a restart, and trying again, seemed to work....


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Sony :: Vaio FW Bluetooth

Aug 27, 2009

Everytime I turn off the bluetooth on my new Vaio FW it goes to blue screen and restarts

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Sony :: Vaio NW- Bluetooth

Dec 3, 2009

I have recently acquired vaio NW notebook. I am not confirmed wether it contains blue tooth or not .

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Sony :: Vaio Bluetooth

Jan 12, 2010

I bought yesterday a Sony Vaio VGN-NW20EF/S. I think its excellent but i was told it has bluetooth, it seems to have bluetooth option when I press star and go in to startup folder but it does nothing. I can go to the program files WIDCOMM, and the bluetooth software is in there. BTtray and other files. I also have bluetooth exchange folder. Does anyone have this model and any idea if it has bluetooth,it seems to have....

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Sony :: Vaio SR (where Is The Bluetooth)

Sep 19, 2009

I just bought Sony Vaio SR, but I couldn't find how to activate Bluetooth. I'm pretty sure that the notebook has bluetooth.

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Sony :: Bluetooth Problem In Vaio FZ-190

Dec 20, 2009

I've had my Vaio since 2007 with Windows Vista Business installed. For a time, the Bluetooth adapter worked perfectly and I was able to connect to my phone,

whatever. For the past year or so it stopped working and I could not turn it on in the wireless switching utility. I attempted installing different drivers with no avail.

Since then, I installed Windows 7 Pro x64 and had hoped that it would remedy the situation. No such luck. I've installed the

Toshiba stack as listed in a post concerned with a Win7 64 bit install on the FZ-190, but it fails to install the drivers saying "Plug in or turn on Bluetooth adapter

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Sony :: Vaio FZ260e Bluetooth

Mar 16, 2009

I am having trouble with my bluetooth adapter on my Vaio FZ260e. The hardware is not functioning, I goto device manager and it dosen't even read that it is installed. I know it used to be, because I have used it to transfer files between computers. When I check the specs for my computer , it reads that there is a bluetooth antenna installed.| Link for specs |. Does anybody know any possible fixes?

I have also tried reinstalling drivers, also not successful.

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Sony :: Bluetooth Mouse For Vaio

Feb 4, 2009

I am planning to buy a bluetooth mouse for my Vaio FW. On ebay, the most listings of BT mice are devices manufactured by Microsoft, DPI, Sony, Logitech, Hewlett Packard, Dell, IOGear, and Kensington.

Which brand(s) of bluetooth mice would you recommend for use with the Sony? (participate in the poll above)

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Sony :: Vaio CW2S1E Bluetooth

Mar 13, 2010

After much decided on what laptop to get, I bought a CW on Wednesday. I couldn't be done with all the Norton and McAffe crap, so reinstalled Windows 7 using one of the brilliant guides on here. All the drivers have gone back on perfectly (the GT 330M drivers, HDMI, FN keys and everything), all apart from the bluetooth drivers. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, and even tried enabling bluetooth through SmartWi (didn't want to install it, but decided I had to to try - to no avail), but no luck. Saying that though, USB bluetooth adapters work flawlessly. Anyone got any idea how I can get the built-in bluetooth to work?

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Sony :: Vaio FW Bluetooth With Windows 7 Upgrade

Nov 13, 2009

I have a Vaio FW450 and I just finished the windows 7 upgrade. Just the upgrade, not a clean install. Everything works flawless except the bluetooth. The computer can't detect it's bluetooth hardware. I tried installing the driver from esupport, but still no luck. how I can get this working?

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Sony :: Toshiba Bluetooth Driver For Vaio

Jul 29, 2009

Anybody know what the solution is to the toshiba bluetooth driver that keeps causing explorer errors? I have a VGN-SZ660N. Toshiba makes a update to the driver, but it is only for Toshia brands. As of now I do not know of a solution to this problem from Sony.

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Sony :: New Vaio Z11 Bluetooth Firmware Update For Mouse

May 10, 2010

If you use bluetooth mouse and don't have vaio update

Now the bluetooth patch is avalible to download


Bluetooth Firmware Update Ver.

This program will update Bluetooth Firmware to version and will resolve the following symptom:

- Bluetooth mouse may not respond after a period of time

Bluetooth Firmware Update Ver. : Sony Asia Pacific
Sony eSupport - VPCZ119FX - Software Updates & Drivers

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Sony :: New Vaio CW Wireless Not Working

Feb 12, 2010

I recently got a sony vaio CW at bestbuy yesterday. The link for it is below. Brought it home and started using it.

Everything worked perfectly for the first hour, and then the wireless just went out. It will no longer allow me to search for wireless networks. Two other laptops in my house are working fine so its not the router.

The wireless switch on the front is ON, however the little light is not lit. When I go to the SmartWi Connection Utility in the taskbar, it only lists an on/off option for Bluetooth, no Wifi option

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Sony :: Wireless Connection- VAIO SR 390

Mar 4, 2009

My new Sony VAIO SR 390 arrived yesterday. When I turn on the computer, restart, awake from sleep, etc, I have to manually disconnect and reconnect to my wireless network. If I don't, I have the little yellow triangle in the tray saying "unidentified network" and the internet doesn't work.

I have turned the wireless switch on and off, disabled and enabled the connection, updated the driver, and changed the power settings in the device manager. All of this has not helped.

Other than that, I have had no problems and I'm very happy with the computer. I haven't noticed the battery drain issue either.

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Sony :: Vaio Fw245 And Wireless

Jul 13, 2009

everytime i go to use my laptop it will wirelessly connect to my router but then a minute or two later some times even shorter time it disconnects and then reconnects and it just repeats the procedure and ive tried updating wireless drivers of intel and sonys website and still does if anyone has had these problems and resolved them or someone has any insight on what it might be please let me hunch is it might be the router if it is can you let me know what a good router is?

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Sony :: Vaio Z Cannot Detect My Wireless

Mar 20, 2009

My 4 week old Z is unable to detect the wireless device. The switch is on and the green light is on, but the wireless device is not detected. I checked the device manager and installed the newest drivers from the Sony website, but the computer still fails to identify the wireless.

I contacted ESupport and they were completely worthless, telling me to reinstall my program and drivers and, when that failed, told me to do a full recovery. I did that and it still failed. I live in an university area and there are tons of connections. It worked fine until today when I forced the computer to shut down due to its lack of response.

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Sony :: Vaio Z 690/790Wifi And Wireless WAN Adapters

Jul 3, 2009

I was looking for the more information on the wifi and WAN adapters on the Z 690/790.

a. What is the wifi adapter? Is it Intel 5100/5300/5150/5350 or something else?

b. What is the wireless WAN adapter (website indicates only support for verizon in the CTO model? Is it Gobi or something else?

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Sony :: Vaio Z-540 Wireless (Intel 5100 AGN)

Mar 7, 2010

I've been using my Sony Vaio Z-540 without a problem for about a YEAR
until recently (about a month?), my wifi has been acting up.

My wireless card is Intel 5100 AGN

The problems are:
1. Sometimes, I do not get wireless from the startup . my wireless isn't even in the Device Manager...

2. When I do get wireless (Device manager confirmed), wifi connection disappears with even the SLIGHTEST MOVEMENT!

3. When I do lose the wireless driver (no more on the device manager), I put it to sleep, wait 5 seconds, wake up, and my vaio detects it. [but this isn't the case for ALL the time, sometimes I have to restart the vaio]

I thought it was a loose wire or loose card, so I opened it. The wireless card is bolted down with 2 screws. So i put everything back and it still has the SAME issue.

Also, I've updated the Intel 5100 Driver to the latest (When I finally got my Wireless driver seen on the device manager) but still the SAME problem, so I'm back on my OLD driver. still same problem, of course.

when I do have my wifi, my wifi just disappears with the SLIGHTEST MOVEMENT on my laptop. It has to be still...

Ethernet connect, however, works 100%

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Sony :: Vaio Z21, Wireless Not Working After Drop

Mar 10, 2010

Some days ago my wife dropped my Sony Z21 from about 1 meter. Everything seems to work fine except Wlan, Bluetooth and HSDPA. I don't think that any of those modules are broken or something as everything else survived the drop. Does anyone know if all 3 wireless options are connected through some kind oa board? If so then I assume the connection is loose and that causes the wireless to drop. At the beginning it turned on and off the wireless ramdomly...

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Sony :: Vaio N130G Wireless Driver

Jan 12, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio N130G that has the original drivers for the wireless card.

Is there a way to get something like PROset/Wireless software to work on my model?

Or anything that helps get a better signal than the standard software/drivers?

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Sony :: VAIO SZ-650N/C- Wireless Switch

Mar 7, 2009

I have a VAIO SZ-650N/C laptop and I cannot turn on wireless. The switch doesnt work, switching it in the on and off position doesnt light up the WLAN indicator and every time i try to connect to the internet it says "Please turn on the hardware switch and try again"

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Sony :: Vaio Zseries Wireless Adapter Lost.

May 15, 2009

I have a Z570N (Vista Business) and suddenly the integrated wireless adapter dissapeared.

The wireless switch is on but, no WLAN option in SmartWi , no wifi adapter found in Device manager, no card found in linux (lspci)

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Sony :: VAIO Z-Series Wireless Connection Drops

Mar 27, 2009

I own a Z series Z540. After multiple Vista reinstalls and driver reinstalls, the wireless connection always drops. It would maintain connection for about 5 minutes, then it drops again. The wireless light stays on though.

I tried going on XP and ssee how that works out. Same problem, except that it drops when I MOVE it. And when it drops, the wireless light turns off, and when I move it back into a certain position again, the wireless light goes back on, and the wireless is back.

However, when I am on vista, the connection just drops for no reason, even without touching it, every 5 minutes. The light does stay on, though.

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Apple :: Mice Don't Get Along

Mar 22, 2009

i never feel the "mouse experience" the same as under windows and much worse in comparison even when they are needed

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Sony :: Vaio Z Wireless Speed Decreases And/or The Internet Will Stop All Together

Feb 1, 2010

I have a sony vaio Z, its the vgn-z650n. I have it loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate.

I am having a strange issue with the wireless. I will have sudden speed decreases and/or the internet will stop all together.

The wireless connection is never actually dropped. When I have it hooked up with ethernet, it works perfectly fine with no issues

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Sony :: Which Wireless Mouse Is Good Yet Small / Compact For Vaio Laptop

Mar 27, 2009

I am a proud owner of a used SZ650N and would like to get a decent wireless mouse for this laptop, any recommendations ?

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Apple :: Back/forward Button On Logitech Mice

Feb 17, 2009

im missing from windows is the ability to use the back/forward button to navigate between webpages on my logitech mouse. anyone know how i can get this feature to work? right now it only works as a scroll - you click in and move the mouse up/down to scroll along the page.

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Dell :: Does Laser Etching Void A Warranty

Jan 20, 2009

I am planning on buying a Studio XPS 1640 when the prices come down, hopefully run a little cooler temp wise, and maybe a different vid card option (doubtful) later this year.

I was browsing today and they had an article about someone who laser etched the world maps from Super Mario Land for the Gameboy on their Eee PC. I thought that was very cool! I was wondering about doing that to a laptop when I buy a new one, to personalize it and make it my own.

I have found a website that does it, and I saw a few designs that I found interesting. I was wondering if this would void my warranty if I bought a Studio XPS 1640 like I am planning. I personally don't think it would, since it would be cosmetic and wouldn't damage the lid of the LCD screen. Any thoughts?

Also, can anyone recommend a specific site that lets me upload my own image to have it etched on the laptop? Or maybe an actual store that I can bring it to?

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