Sony :: Z Raid Cable And Bracket

Aug 27, 2009

Im looking to buy the raid cable and bracket for my Z. I've seen old threads and saw that the raid cable is FCP-126, but does anyone know the model number for the bracket?

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Sony :: AW Raid

May 29, 2009

I purchased a Sony AW230J/H believing it would be easy to convert to a RAID 0 array by installing my 2 Intel SSD drives. Turns out on this particular model they turned the RAID options off in the BIOS so I can't access it, and install a NON-RAID version of Intel Storage! But, striping/mirroring are available in the native VISTA Storage of Manage Computer! So, how can I create a RAID on drives that are already being used to boot into the OS? Or does anyone know any tricks to turn ON the RAID Bios so I can configure it PRE-OS installation? When I right click on the 2nd SSD (unpartiioned) all options for mirrow/striping/etc are available, but no drives to add to it. My primary drive has those items greyed out?

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Sony :: Raid 0 On Vaio Z

Aug 30, 2009

I'm about to take the plunge and order the vaio z from sonystyle uk, i was looking for the fastest, reasonably portable with good resolution laptop, and while I was looking for screen little bit bigger than the vaio z (15"-16") I couldn't really find anything that would go as fast the vaio z while still being under 17" and light enough to carry around.

But all my searching was based on the fact that I want to raid 0 two fast SSDs.

But is it really worth it? will two x18-Ms in Raid0 on the vaio z raid controller be really faster than one x25-M?

Also is it possible to DIY the raid? I did some reading and while I found some threads talking about the parts used to do the raid i couldn't get a clear answer whether it's easy to do the raid yourself.

One other question is that on sonysyle uk you have the most expensive vaio z having the carbon fibre option, while anything cheaper doesn't say so, does that mean the others are not carbon fibre? how different would a carbon fibre vaio z be VS non carbon fibre?

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Acer :: 8940G Retention Bracket

Dec 17, 2009

I'm going to order an 8940G in the next week or two with an extra 640GB Western Digital Hard Drive. From one of the reviews I've read the 8940G needs an additional retention bracket to mount a second hard drive. Does anyone know where I can order this? I tried contacting Acer, but they won't reply to me without a serial number...which I won't have until I actually order the laptop

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Sony :: Is The Quad Raid 0 Ssd On The Z The Fastest

Apr 14, 2010

Is the quad raid 0 512Gb on the Z the fastest setup in the laptop/mobile world?

How does it compare to the 512GB SSD setup on the new MBP or even the Alienware 15x and 17x?

I asked this on the Alienware forum; but nobody truly knows much other than that the alienware would demolish the Z and that the ssd on the Z is a dual setup like the mbp and alienware. I know its a quad setup, but is it the fastest option availble?

I was under the impression tht it was, and it would be extraordinary on such a tiny laptop.

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Sony :: Z Series SSD And RAID/TRIM

Mar 8, 2010

Does anybody know if the SSDs on the Z series use the slower MLC flash memory or do they use the more efficient (and expensive) SLC flash memory?

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Sony :: One Drive Raid 0 With New Z1190

Mar 11, 2010

I'm thinking of purchasing the new sony Z-1190 laptop. Some of the options have only one drive (say 128GB X 1, or 256 X 1) but still supposedly have raid 0. How is this possible (I thought that more than one drive was needed)? Would there be a performance difference between the 256X1 or the 192 (64X1 + 128X1)?

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Dell :: Part Number For HDD Bracket (M1330)

May 21, 2009

Anyone, by chance, know the part number for the HDD bracket and plastic cap assembly for the M1330? This is bascially the assembly that goes around your HDD with the 'cap' on the end that mates up to the laptop case.

I've been looking on Dell's site for a bit (and ebay) and can't seem to find the part. I'd like to pick up a spare for my Win7 Drive I've been playing with, rather than swapping the HDD in and out of my existing frame.

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Sony :: Z Series With 320G SSD Raid 0 Upgrade

Feb 4, 2010

I was browsing at an online store today and I see that Intel has released 1.8" 160GB drives! These are 5mm thick.

Now I have upgraded my Z to a single 160G (2.5") but these should slip right in!
Does anyone know where I can get the required cable and the tray for the z-series notebooks

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Sony :: Vaio VPC-Z1 (HDD Option): Custom RAID

Apr 25, 2010

I've got the HDD option, which replaces the optical drive with a normal HDD, and doesn't come with proprietary Sony SSDs. I've been thinking about and testing RAID configurations, and this thread is meant to gather some thoughts on that. At some level it's probably easier to go the Sony SSD route, but... I prefer something else

There are two parts: (1) external RAID, (2) internal RAID.

Part 1: External RAID

I went down this path because I believed that there's only one SATA port offered by the HDD-option. From Intel [url], it appears that the port multiplier functionality is not implemented in the ICH8, which is what the Z1 comes with. This means we can't get two or more drives to logically share the same SATA port, which means that they have to appear as one logical device, which in turn means that some sort of external RAID/BIG hardware is needed.

I tried a number of hardware RAID solutions. The first was the Silicon Image SiI 4726, in a mini-board with a form between the 2.5" and 1.8" drives. Unfortunately, after configuration on a (old) desktop, the chip offers only its admin drive ("Config") to the bios and Windows, rendering it impossible to boot off of...........

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Sony :: Vaio Zdual Vs Tri Vs Quad Ssd Raid 0

Mar 21, 2010

how much faster are the tri and quad raid configurations compared to dual raid? I know bench tests show that the tri and quad raid are significantly faster but how does this translate into real world use? will opening programs be twice as fast or games will load twice as fast?

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Sony :: TT RAID Failed Keyboard Destroyed What Happened

May 4, 2010

My RAID failed yesterday and one of the new drives I bought is dead. I only had it for less than a day.

I don't know if it is was the drive or RAID but either way the drive does not work but the connector does so.

I'm most likely going to send a ram module I bought back as Iím unsure the voltages of that ram.

My keyboard also developed a problem. Not all the keys work. I looked at it and the connector is burnt the middle of it. The keyboard connector is what goes into the sound board. I'm not 100% certain how it happened may be it was either the ram or RAID that did that or some other unrelated fluke caused by something else. I kept on powering of and on without logging of in test mode and may be that did it. I'm not a smoker and I never physically did that.

The ram I originally had was 7-10-F1 the ram I bought was a 4GB 7-10-F2. I think what has confused me is that I googled and read that the ram I bought was CL8 when I had originally CL7 it makes no sense to me to me that ram could be CL8 when the first letter is C7?

I put my laptop on my desk like I normally do and it just turned off. I powered it on and it said no OS found. I opened it and the connector looked fine and the KB was ok at that point..................

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Sony :: How To Configure RAID/JBOD On The New VPCZ1 Series With SSD

Mar 14, 2010

How to Setup - RAID Volumes


RAID 0 as defined from this Wikipedia Article


RAID 0 (striped disks) distributes data across multiple disks in a way that gives improved speed at any given instant. If one disk fails, however, all of the data on the array will be lost, as there is neither parity nor mirroring. In this regard, RAID 0 is somewhat of a misnomer, in that RAID 0 is non-redundant. A RAID 0 array requires a minimum of two drives. A RAID 0 configuration can be applied to a single drive provided that the RAID controller is hardware and not software (i.e. OS-based arrays) and allows for such configuration. This allows a single drive to be added to a controller already containing another RAID configuration when the user does not wish to add the additional drive to the existing array. In this case, the controller would be set up as RAID only (as opposed to SCSI only (no RAID)), which requires that each individual drive be a part of some sort of RAID array...............

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HP/Compaq :: Envy2x 1.8" Drive Install/requirements (bracket)

Apr 20, 2010

What would one need to install one or two 1.8" drives into an Envy that came with a 2.5" drive origionally. I'm a bit confused since 2.5" drives are regular SATA connections, however, 1.8" drives are microSATA. That seems to be the 1.8" drives bracket must also include microsata adapter(s)? Or are there just 3 ports in the drive bay?

What bracket is need and where to purchase? Or does it come with the laptop (it should, IMO.) or is no bracket needed?

I found this at HP:

is that the right bracket, or is it the bracket that comes with the 160gb SSD replacement part? "160GB 1.8" SSD with bracket"

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Sony :: Found Part Number For The RAID Component In Z-series

Mar 16, 2009

I found the part number for the raid component in the Z-series. You just need two low-profile SSD, and you should be able to do RAID in the Z-series laptop without paying for RAID config from Sony.

Part number is A-1553-769-A
You can go here to purchase the part
You may be able to use this in the TT as well, but I'm not so sure about that.

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Dell :: [E6500][esata][RAID Port Multiplier] Raid 1 Enclosure Not Regnosized Using The Esata Port

Mar 5, 2009

Here's my story and, let's say, my analysis:

I bought a generic 2 HD sata2 RAID1 enclosure based on the chipset Silicon Image SteelVine 5744. It can be used in USB or eSATA2. This embedded chipset (named SiL5744) is known (understand "claimed") to auto-handle Sata I/II and host sata2 controllers that not support the port multiplier feature. The HD are two Samsung F1 1To. There's no jumper to rollback to SATA 1.5Go on them, you can only do it by flashing the HD's bios, however we don't need to do it as I wrote just before, the SiL5744 supports SATA 3Go natively.

The enclosure works pretty well with USB, but *not* in eSATA : the E6500 freezes/hangs just after the POST step (a potential driver issue with the installed vista 64bits is not the reason then). As soon has I disconnect the eSATA cable, the system recovers and continues as normal.

What I've tried/done so far :

Both E6500's BIOS SATA mode AHCI and IRRT mode were tested,
Intel Matrix driver and software was updated to the latest version (AHCI and IRRT),
The SiL5744 chip was upgraded to its latest firmware as well (in case of...)

In order to verify the esata cable, the HDs and the enclosure itself, I succeed to :

- Use the enclosure's RAID1 feature when using the USB connection, I could partition,format, and read/write on the logical volume
- directly connect *one* HD (Samsung F1 1To) to the E6500's esata port -(I have a sata2esata cable), Vista installed it and I was able to use it as normal, even the hotswap feature seemed to work fine (I unkindly removed it). I could so test both HD individually this way... On the enclosure hardware side, everything looks fine then.

An IMPORTANT thing : The E6500's ICH8/9-M sata host controller seems to support the Port Multiplier feature *ONLY* on sata port 0 -as a bubble message from the Intel Matrix soft sometimes shows up-, but this is exactly where the internal HD is plugged on the motherboard I found nowhere you can change the internal sata port ID (switch,bios,ect...). I think this is the key of the problem that seems to be a dumb port conflict, because the esata port is in fact the port sata 4 (the DVDRW drive is sata 1, dock's esata is 5 for instance). If somebody knows how to swap the sata port ID, I think I won't be toasted !

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Sony :: Vaio Z 690/790 SSDs RAID Drive Size And Interface Information

Jul 3, 2009

I am looking at buying the Z690/790 with the SSD RAID configuration and was looking for more information on the size and interfaces of the SSDs used in RAID configuration.

a. Are they 2.5" inch drives or 1.8" inch drives?
b. Do they have SATA interface or some other interface

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Sony :: Just Cant Get The Keyboard Cable To Stay In

Feb 15, 2010

how to fit my new keyboard, its a Vaio VGN-AR11m and its the same as the old one i took out, i push the cable in and try and push the little plastic clamp down but it just wont stay in,

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Sony :: VAIO Z: Can't Detect VGA Cable

Aug 26, 2009

I am connecting to a Samsung 32" LCD TV and it connects fine with my Toshiba, Alienware but with my VAIO Z, nothing happens only check signal cable is display (even though the VAIO Z identifies the second display as Samsung). When I restart the PC I saw the image transmitted. When it is fully restated they separate again as if it is not connected.

This occures with both graphics cards the Z has. I am running VISTA business. Is there something I am doing wrong. I do not have an HDMI cable now. Only the VGA. It this a faulty graphica card (both of them?) Both graphics cards work fine with no problem though or is it the port or the software?

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Sony ::Vaio Z Keyboard Cable Ribbon

Apr 18, 2010

Was a happy owner of the new Z (HDD model) and was looking to do some work with installing a new Intel X25.

The disassembly process went fine at first but things fell apart on the 2nd go (when I did to open it the 2nd time to fix the rubber part holding the HDD)....

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Sony :: VAIO Model: VGN-TZ130N Cable

Jan 26, 2009

said cable (image attached) in US or Canada.

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Sony ::TT And TZ .part Number For Tz Keyboard Connection Cable

Jun 24, 2009

anyone knows about the part number for tz keyboard connection cable and where i can get it.

also about to upgrade my tt. anyone know that whether a tt without wwan option will have the daughterboard and internal antenna for the wwan.

is tz's daughtboard compatible with tt? what is the part number for that board.

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Sony :: Vaio Hdmi Cable To Tv Sound Through Laptop Not Tv

May 18, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio 17 inch full HDMI laptop using Vista. I have been using a HDMI cable connected to my TV for a few months now all working fine yet today for no apparent reason the sound has started coming through my laptop rather than the TV. I have gone to the control panel and tried switching the default sound to the realtec digital however this did not work and I ended up with no sound at all.I have tried two different players both VLC and Zoom player.

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Sony :: Vaio Z555- Internel Cable That Connects The Motherboard To The Keyboard And The Mousepad Got Worn Off

Jun 21, 2009

I own a Vaio Z VGN-Z555DN

The internel cable that connects the motherboard to the keyboard and the mousepad got worn off. I have mistakenly damaged it while cleaning my laptop from dust.

Is there an online store that sells that cable so I could fix it my self?

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Apple :: RAID 0 On My PB

Apr 27, 2009

I have got 2 HDDs in my PB12". If I do a RAID0 using Tiger, would I get a performance hit instead of getting more speed from the HDDs?

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Dell :: RAID 0 Failing

May 6, 2008

Got my XPS 1730 today and as soon as windows booted, the first message I got was that a RAID 0 drive was failing and I needed to back it up immediately. Does this mean anything? Do I have a defective part?

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Dell :: RAID On M1730

Jun 26, 2009

Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to setup a RAID 1 from an existing HD and a new HD (same size)?

I don't want to reformat just to get the RAID setup. I want to keep what I have, but have redundancy..

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HP/Compaq :: RAID 0 On My New HDX18

Feb 1, 2009

I bought a HDX 18 here in the UK, it came specced with 2 x 250GB HDD's...

I'd have liked to run them in a RAID 0 config but not sure if I can? I know that in the US you were given the option of RAID HDD's?

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Dell :: M6400 Raid 0 Backup

Jul 1, 2009

I tried to backup my M6400 with Acronis. The backup works fine, but I'm not able to restore ....

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Dell :: Precision M6400 RAID

Jun 23, 2009

Can you do RAID Stripping with e 256 SSD and a 160GB 7200RPM Drive???

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