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Sony :: Doesn't Provide The Vista Dvd, Need To Use The Recovery Partition

I want to get the Z, but sony doesn't provide the vista dvd, so i need to use the recovery partition.

however, i want to use my own hard drive, so is there a way to "recover" the partition onto my other hard drive

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Sony :: Is Hidden Partition Recovered After Using Recovery DVD
I am going to install Win7 RC on my Vaio TT21XN. Have made Recovery DVD. If I remove hidden partition and install new system (for example Win7) and after some time will want have hidden partition back will it be recovered after using Recovery DVD?

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HP/Compaq :: Why Can't I Make Vista Recovery DVD With MyDV2
why can't i make vista recovery DVD with my HP DV2?

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Apple :: Macbook Is Dead - The Screen Doesn't Go Grey The Sleep Light Doesn't Turn On - Fan Doesn't Start
My friend's macbook (white plastic, 2.0, napa/core2 before santa rosa platform) isn't starting, and I have no idea why. He initially asked me to replace the top and bottom casing. I accepted, and ordered the parts. Around the time they were supposed to come, I took the computer apart completely (required for the repair), but one of the parts was delayed, so the computer sat splayed on my desk for a week. I didn't exactly stack textbooks on it, but it also wasn't covered in anti-static wrap. So, now, I finally got the part and put it back together, and the computer doesn't start. At all. The screen doesn't go grey, the 'sleep' light doesn't turn on, the fan doesn't start - nothing. The magsafe light is green, so the power is going in. It's also worth noting that I have no battery for it, so it's all on A/C.

Does anyone know what's wrong? My two hypothetical solutions are (a) I need a battery, or (b) the logic board is dead due to static.

How likely are each of these scenarios - especially the logic board one? How possible is it that it was static overloaded?

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Dell :: Restoring Recovery Partition From DVD
I made a DVD as a backup of the recovery partition on an Inspiron 9300. When I run recover.exe, I can see the *.gho file and I can select it. But for some reason, it says it's 76GB in size.

I can't select individual partitions so I can't copy it to the second partition. I know it's not absolutely necessary to have it but the old hard drive was crashing.

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Acer :: Reconstructing The Hidden Recovery Partition With The DVD
I just wanted to know if there was a way to reconstruct the hidden recovery partition with the recovery dvds? The thing is that when i bought the notebook I noticed the partition and thought it was just garbage(how fool), so i totally erased everything, the good thing is that i made the recovery dvds with Erecovery before that.

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Dell :: XPS M140 Recovery Partition Deleted/recovered To DVD
I accidentally deleted the DSR partition but I restored it using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Professional, then burned it to a DVD....................................

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-Z690 Recovery DVD's
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-Z690 with windows vista home premium 64-bits. I created the recovery DVD's and delete the recovery partition after that. Today I needed to format my HD and reinstall everything, and find out that my Recovery DVD's are nor working... well, not all them, just the second one (I copy the DVD's do my HD, and there is an error when I try to copy the archive "p27.sny" in the second DVD... it was bad recorded or something, because the DVD are not scratched...). Can anyone have a similar recovery DVD from sony Z series with this archive?

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Acer :: Install Vista From Recovery Partition
I'm having some trouble with vista running some components are missing. I was just wondering is there a way to access the vista portion on the recovery partition and run it to upgrade/repair vista? or is it only accessible for a clean install?

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Sony :: If I Make Recovery Discs, Can I Remove The Recovery Partition
Will I be able to recover later with just the discs and a completely clean HDD

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Dell :: M1530Windows 7 Doesn't Recognise DVD Drivers
Hi here. 3:50 in the morning.

I was brave(stupid)enough to try to swich from vista to windows 7 tonight.

Windows 7 installation proram doesn't recognise my dvd drivers, and it asks for drivers before the actual installation begins.

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Dell :: What's On The Recovery 15GB Partition?
I've always assembled my own computers so this is the first time I went with a prebuilt computer and laptop from Dell. I"m curious what is on the Recovery partition that's 8GB (partition size is 15GB).

On my desktops, I usually partition 20GB out and leave it unformatted in case there's a system disaster that won't let me boot, I'll then use the 20GB partition to install a fresh OS

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Dell :: Vostro 1510 DVD Doesn't Recognize DVDs
I have windows vista Ultimate on my Dell Vostro 1510 and my DVD drive (OPTIARC AD-7640A) acts like cd-rom & doesn't recognize dvd's. I have tried all kind of dvds (+/-/original/copy) but all i got is a noise !

I searched everywhere & tried:

1.Uninstall/installing the drive
2.removing registry keys (upper and lower filters )
3.firmware update JD06
4.System Restore

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Dell :: Dvd-rom Doesn't Read Burned Disc
Dell Studio XPS 13 Vista home preimum 32-bit TSST D633A dvd-rom. It worked fine new only a few months old and has quit working now it only reads commercial disc and not burned disc i.e.

dvd's, cd's, or data disc. Reinstalled windows, downgraded firmware and upgraded doenst matter D400 old to D10 and D20 neither work, also deleted upper and lower filters but nothing

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Dell :: Studio 1537 DVD-drive Doesn't Work
I'm trying to install a CD-Rom game (Dawn of war fyi) on my Studio 1537 but when I insert the CD in the computer nothing happens.

When I go to "My Computer" the drive reads "BD-ROM" (What does that mean), and if I click it nothing happens.

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Dell :: Reinstall Vista And Media Direct Withhout Deleting Recovery Partition
I currently installed Ubuntu and it was good but It drained my battery so I decided to take it off. After that my computer started to act weird. The Media Direct partition appeared in next to my OS and Recovery partitions. When i would press the MD button, I would get a blue screen and eventually every time I press the button It just turns on my computer. When I try to turn it back on after putting it on hibernate, it states that windows did not turn off right and it restarts windows. I have decided to a clean reinstall of Vista and MD but I have a few questions. I found this tutorial on how to do it on the internet but i found that i have to completely delete all the partitions including the recovery partition. I was wondering if there is a way to do this without having to delete that partition?

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Dell :: OPTIARC AD-7640A DVD/RW Drive Doesn't Take Driver Update
my DVD drive is non-functional, so I downloaded the recent driver for it from the Dell site (8/19/2008, DJ06, A02). When I tried running it I got an error stating "You don't have administrator right to process or No device is recognized".

Which is weird as I'm the local admin on the machine.

Dell XPS M1530 Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

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Dell :: Forced To Reinstall Vista On XPS 1530now Internet Doesn't Work
My XPS 1530 became very slow and everytime I would click on a window I got the round symbal and the screen would go white. After many reboots I saved everything of importance to an external drive and pulled out the Vista original start up disc. So I did that but for some reason only the blue tooth light comes on and the light to the left of it does not.

I click on internet and it says nothing is found. I get confused with add a network - I don't want a network I want to get back on my wireless.

I am typing from my 4 year old HP with XP and I never have these problems and it was dead easy to get onto the internet - just type in the password and I'm on.

I have had 98SE for 8 years and XP for 4 and in 4 months with Vista I can safely say that it does nothing any better than 98SE or XP did and it crashes freezes and bugs the hell out of me far more than the others combined.

Is there anyway I can load my XP start up discs for my HP onto the Dell - honestly I really want to be able to do this. Otherwise I'm going to sell the XPS 1530 - and buy a bloody Apple.

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Sony :: Is This The Recovery Partition
under Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management there is a partition without a Volume Name that is 10.37 GB big and has a status of "Healthy (EISA Configuration)". Is this the recovery partition? If so, how do I delete it? Right Clicking on it, unlike the other two partitions I have, doesn't give me an option to delete or format.

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Sony :: Deleting Recovery Partition
I have recently purchased a Sony Vaio TT11M/N and am looking to delete the recovery partition as i have created the recovery discs.

The only problem is i cannot find the partition. I was under the impression that the partition would be under a separate drive like d:, but there is only one drive the c:. How do i delete the recovery partition and where is it?

The HD size is 120GB and it shows at 104GB. But the available amount is just over 80GB.

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Sony :: Recovery Partition Using Lots Of Space
I just realized that the sony recovery partition uses up 8gb of space and was wondering if there is a way to delete and merge this partition to the primary partition?

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Sony :: Vaio Enter Recovery Partition
i have a sony vaio sony vaio vgn fs485b. i need to format it but have no discs. i was told that i could (at bios boot stage) enter teh recovery partiion and here i have a choice to format the machine? is this true, if it is what do i need to press to enter this page?

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HP/Compaq :: Want To Clean Up/format Presario C310 -- Use Recovery Disks Or Recovery Partition?
I’ve just done a clean install of my Dell Vostro -- reinstalling vista and removing the recovery partition in the process. Outcome = a ‘cleaner’ machine with none of the preinstalled bloatware/c**p from Dell. (first time I’ve done anything like this, but followed a brill guide in the Dell section of this forum ).

I’m about to tackle my Mums Compaq Presario C310EA. The aim is to remove all the rubbish she has accumulated over the years, incl any spyware/ adware she may have, and generally have a bit of a clean sweep…. hopefully resulting in a faster laptop. I’m backing up her data, and moving some of my Dad’s stuff somewhere else.

Basically I want to clean up as much as poss, but unfortunately she has no xp disk, just the recovery disks (cds) she burned when she first got the laptop.

As she has no xp disk I guess the best I can hope for is to reset the laptop to the factory settings (?) .. not ideal, but I don’t think the (factory set) bloatware is too much of an issue for her – she’s not a heavy user.

Should I use the recovery partition for this, or do I need to use the cds she burned? .

I’d like to know the best approach – and can’t seem to find a set of instructions to follow.

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Sony :: Will Installing Windows 7 Remove The Recovery Partition
if i install the windows 7 beta, will it remove the recovery partition?

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Sony :: Partition- Reinstall The Recovery On It In The Future- SZ 750 NC
SZ 750 NC.
I wanna create some partition on it ... how can i do that as when i wanna reinstall the recovery on it in the future , the created drives I've made don't change in default factory form ? can I use this software : paragon hard disk manager 2008, if i use this software , will the partition be remained on my laptop when i use recovery DVD ?

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Sony :: Back Up For Recovery Partition In VGN SZ 75G/N
I have a VaiO SZ 75 G/N, and it has a recovery partition, which is hidden as you know. Recently, I just bought a new HDD and I replaced it with the original HDD, which contains the recovery partition. Now I use the ori HDD as external HDD but I want to copy the recovery partition out as the back up of the original windows and settings.

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Sony :: Can I Copy Recovery Partition To New Drive And Start Installation From There
I have a VGN-FZ240E that has some issues. I am sure that previous virus removal efforts have damaged my operating system beyond reasonable repair.The only real solution I believe is to reinstall Vista. 2 Problems, 1 I do not have the recovery dvds, 2 the system will not me make a recovery set. I can see a recovery partition on the disk when I ran Easues Partition Manager. In fact, I copied the recovery partition to a logical drive I created on the hard disk. So now I can see it in explorer, and browse it.

I am wondering if I copy the recovery partition to a new hard drive can I then start the new drive as a boot device and reinstall Vista from it ? If I can then my plan would be to do the transfer files and settings from original drive to get me back up and running correctly. This would also archive all my stuff in case of an unfortunate mishap. I understand I will need to reinstall apps and such I just do not want to have to dish out the extra $30 for the disks. And I have already combed this machine and cannot locate the WUA files.

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HP/Compaq :: Can't Finish Windows Vista Install Using Recovery DVDs
I bought a new MacBook Pro and am going to give my folks my 2 year old HP dv6500t. I backed up all my stuff and using the System Recovery DVDs from HP wiped out and reformatted the drive.

Unfortunately now when I try to turn on the system I get a message about there being an error in c:windowspantherunattend.xml at line 6 column 169 (I think) and it can't process the answer file.

I tried to boot into safe mode to see if I could see what is in the unattend.xml file and of course Windows Install can't run in Safe Mode.

Is there any way I can get the dv6500 to be useable again?

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Sony :: Laptop Doesn't Boot
Today I opened (only by removing the bezel) it up and saw the connector that was making to problem. I took out the screen to have a better look at it. I did this by simply unplugging one cable. I had a look at it and put it back in. During the process I saw the power indicator flash. Then when I turned it on after reinserting the screen, the laptop did not turn on at all. Also, the power indicator doesn't light up either.

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Sony :: VAIO TZ: I Reinstall Vista From Partition
Could someone help, when i press f8 at boot, it doesnt have the option to reinstall OS.

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Sony :: How To Make Recovery Dvd Set Of VGN-SZ750N
I just purchased Sony Laptop VGN-SZ750N, now i want to make recovery dvd set in case i need to upgrade HD, but i do not know how to do it, or i do not know if is possible. i only find in the control panel how to do back up, but recovery dvd like other sony laptop.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Keyboard Doesn't Work
after i disassemble my vaio z the enter key and the delete key doesn't work, however rest of the keys work.

I even order a brand new keyboard from sony still have the same problem. Can any one please help me thanks.

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Sony :: Dropped Laptop Doesn't Boot
I dropped my Sony Vaio VGN-AW125J laptop, my foot broke the fall, but a portion hit a table on the way down. My AC jack was banged up, so I ordered the part from Sony. My computer repair guy said that the new jack hasn't made a difference and still can't get power. He said it wasn't the operating system since he pulled out hard drive and it still doesn't power up. My original symptoms were when I powered it up, it would pretty much shut down after a few seconds.

Is there anything I can ask my computer guy to check before we trash it?

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Sony :: Z Doesn't Boot With 8GB RAM
I have just tried 2 x 4GB Corsair but my Z690 doesn't boot. Anyone who successfully boot Z with 8GB can suggest some other brands?

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Sony :: New ZWin 7 Doesn't See The Drive As SSD
I just got a new Sony Z with 256GB of SSD. Now, Windows 7 doesn't recognize the drives as SSD, because the Defragment options are available. Windows should have known that there is a SSD drive installed and disabled Defragment. (I have another laptop with Intel X25 and this is the case)

I'm concerned that something is wrong with my drive and this is why Windows 7 doesn't see the drives as SSD.

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Sony :: S Series- Webcam Doesn't Work
Just a quick Q about the new S series. I saw people saying the Webcam doesn't work. Is this true for every S series?

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Sony :: Factory Recovery DVD = Clean Install/Bloatware Removal
I'm trying to remove the dreaded Sony bloatware from my new TT. Is it the case that by purchasing a set of Recovery DVDs from Sony, I will be able to initialize my TT without the bloatware? (Then this might save me the hassle of a semi-clean install, and something going terribly wrong during the process).

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Sony :: VPCZ11X5E Doesn't Start Up After Windows Update
Yesterday my brand-new VPCZ11X5E completed an automatic windows update, and shut down after completing the installation procedure. Since then windows will not start up properly: it stays in the start up phase (you know, with the windows 7 logo), before the log-on screen.

or should i just do a re-install (=losing some important documents).

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Acer :: Recovery Dvds And Recovery Partition On Win 7 With Acer Tools
im planning on buying windows 7 ..

I am a proud owner of acer 7520G ,and my lappy started acting slowly after 1 year of horrible terror or windows vista...

I made those recovery cds , also i got that 10gb partition PQSERVICE...

This service works only when you got their vista+acer signed OS?

IF i install windows 7 will i be able to recover old vista via hidden partition or recovery dvds?

Will i be able to make recovery dvds and recovery partition on win 7 with acer tools?

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Sony :: VAIO VPC Z HDD Model Recovery Disk Without DVD Writer
I finally got my VPC Z with HDD/no DVD today and I thought I'd start up a thread on the subject for those like me who once receiving their Z will be trying to use Vaio Recovery Center to create recovery disks without using a DVD Writer.

Installing Win 7 from a USB stick is fairly well documented on the web but the problem above isn't, certainly not for the VPC Z anyway. I know that it's probably gonna be simpler to just create a bootable USB key/stick and copy the relevant drivers to it and use that (something I'll be doing to get rid of all the crapware sony have preinstalled) but I like having the security of an additional backup solution just in case I royally balls it up.

The main issue (i think) is with Vaio Recovery Center itself, if you try to create the recovery disk the software will complain that no dvd writer can be found. After trying a couple of virtual CD/DVD/BD-ROM/HD-DVD tools I took the advice of TofuTurkey (cheers fella) in the vaio owners thread and tried Virtual CD. I'm happy to report that this has the capability to create a fake drive with various fake media discs and does indeed fool the Vaio software into creating an ISO to the internal hard drive. I setup a DVD+R DL drive and everything went smothly. Vaio Rocovery created a single ISO 5,344,117KB in size.

Seems the next trick is to find a way of creating a bootable USB stick (again there's plenty of info out there concerned with installing Win 7) and then writing the ISO (or contents of?) it to it and filing it away for safe keeping. ZoinksS2k mentioned I should be "sure to set the partition to Active and run bootsect to make it bootable." which is going to be my next step after I've read up a little again on this.

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Sony :: Notebook Utilities Driver Doesn't Recognize Battery
I have windows 7 RC installed on my VGN-SR 430J/B. I download Sony Notebook Utilities drivers. I got an error message that battery is not compatiblie, press OK to hibernate. I uninstalled it immediaty, but I may want to install it again. How can I avoid this?

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Sony :: Caps Lock Light Doesn't Work Anymore
my CS.

sony tech did a repair on my laptop and when he was done, a piece of the trim wasn't flush near the LCD hinge. To fix this, I put a drop of krazy glue under the hinge (it snaps off) on the panel above the keyboard and was able to fix the problem cleanly.

The problem is, I noticed my caps lock light no longer turns on. I have no clue when this could have happened, since it was under a couple repairs before. But, my worry is my warranty. Do you think they'll complain about replacing it if they see I had to glue a piece together? On the other hand, the light module screws into this panel so, technically they don't need to replace this panel, just the light module.

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Sony :: VGN-CS110E- Recovery Dvd- AV Buttons R Not Working Due To No Driver Instelled
i have VGN-CS110E.i dont have its recovery dvd, first u tell me then from where i can get its recovery dvd, and secondly the AV buttons r not working due to no driver instelled... i need my multimedia drivers also...

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Sony :: Mylaptop Doesn't Display Fullscreen- Vaio - VGN-NR180E
I have a Sony Vaio - VGN-NR180E and its 1024 by 768 pixels. For some reason when i was uninstalling program it changed my laptop screen and now I can't make it stretch or move the LCD screen. Its just in the middle and it has like black margin all around it. how can i make my laptop to be a fullscreen again? Please help me. During the time i was uninstalling programs I don't know what uninstall but it did show or said something with driver and said to restart your computer and I did and when the window pops up there were black margins around my window and my mouse can only stay inside my window.

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Sony :: Videos They All Look Crappy And It Doesn't Give Me Good High Quality Or HD
i just bought vaio notebook windows vista with intel Pentium Dual Core and why the hell when i watch youtube videos they all look crappy and it doesn't give me good high quality or HD! and can this be solved i wanna see good old movies in youtube but they look blurry and crappy.

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Sony :: Vaio Z11MNB: Brightness Adjust Doesn't Work In SPEED Mode
I've just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my Vaio Z11MNB. As Google told me there is a problem with the FN + F5/F6 brightness adjust in speed mode.

All Sony software ist installed correctly and in the newest version I found.

As in many threads mentioned I followed the right order. But I still cannot adjust the brightness in speed mode

This thread Problem with Vaio Z Windows 7 brightness lead me to the right graphic drivers I thougt... Okay these drivers[url] are for the ZD790 but this shouldn't matter it's the same 9300GS chipset...

The following sony software is installed:

Another smaller problem: From time to time there is a yellow exclamation mark at the SD-Hostcontroller in the device manager. I've googled a lot but there seems to be no other driver than the windows included. VEN_1180&DEV_0822

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Sony :: Vaio Click To Disk Editor Doesn't Run Or Unable To Update
I own a Vaio FW series and I found that the Click to Disk Editor doesnt run at all as well as that the vaio update fail to update this particular application.

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Sony :: No Vista DVD. How Do I Create One
I just bought a new Vaio. I want to upgrade the hard drive to a 500GB but there is no Vista DVD in the box.

Is there a way to create a DVD and then install Vista on the new hard disk?

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Sony :: Installing Vista On New Hdd From Recovery Disks
Been nosing around the forum to try to find the answer before asking, but i really couldn't find any, so here goes!

I just got a new 7200rpm 320gb from WD to replace my old drive . I replaced it, boot the laptop (VGN-CR31S) as usual,

and put the first recovery DVD in the tray. Unfortunately, when it gets to the options menu,

I can't get it to install, it keeps asking for the right volume or cd/dvd. I thought the recovery dvds would be able to install everything from scratch ..

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Dell :: Recovery And MD Partition
I'm sitting here with a 250 GB HDD and I really need a 100 GB partition seperate from the OS partition.

I can't create a 5th partition since it's limited to 4

ATM my setup is as follows:

188 MB Utilities
121 GB OS
9,99 GB Recovery
2,50 GB ????
85 GB unallocated

So, first-off,
1)what's in the ???? partition.

2)What are the contents the Recovery partition

3) If I remove the partiton, will I be able to someh-how get the same partition settings
with discs?

4)Are all of the contents on the hdd also on the bundled discs?

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