Apple :: Speed Of The HDD

Sep 3, 2009

I have just ordered a Mac Book Pro with the HDD upgraded (from 500 GB at 5400 rpm to 500 GB at 7200 rpm). My question is, when I finally get the Laptop, how can I make sure that is is the right HDD?

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Apple :: MBP - Speed While Transferring Files

May 19, 2010

Is it normal for my MBP to be sluggish when I am transferring large files to my external via firewire?

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Apple :: Get Fan Speed - Fixed Yet In Windows

Feb 23, 2009

I was curious if Apple has got its fan speed problem fixed for windows yet.

I know alot of people need their fans working good in windows for games and I would hate to have to boot into osx to set fan speed to high just so i could boot to windows to play a game.

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Apple :: Mac Boot-up Between Windows -OSX Speed

Mar 2, 2009

I purchased a used macbook pro 2.6 a couple of weeks ago from ebay and it had a screen problem, IMO> anyway I sent it back and got a refund, I just purchased a NEW 2.66 MHz and I'm expecting it at the end of the week, I was impressed how the first mac booted up so fast with OSX so my question is if I had windows XP dual booting would it boot to the windows as fast as it did with the OSX or will the anti-virus slow it down ?

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Apple :: Superdrive Read Speed

Mar 5, 2009

I'm recently doing a lot of video editing stuff so...

I burned a video file to a CD and tried to play it off the CD to test it, but the read speed is so slow that it keeps on lagging. And when I try to copy the file back to disk (me and my paranoid testing), it also says its gonna take like 2 minutes even though its only ~160MB.

And when I'm importing a CD into iTunes, it won't go much faster than like 8x.

Is this normal? I'm plugged into the wall if that makes any difference. I ask especially because the rated read speed according to the Apple website is 24x.

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Apple :: Controlling Fan Speed In Windows

Dec 28, 2009

with a native Windows boot... has anyone found a good option for controlling the fan speed?

Right now I have to set a minimum speed in SMCfancontrol and reboot...

The only two options I know of to control fan speeds in Windows is..

Input Remapper: Never worked for me... Vista or Windows 7... it freezes and causes all kinds of problems with the machine no matter what I do.

Lubbo's Fan Control: doesn't work, just gives me and error that it can't load the IO driver. I read that it currently doesn't work right with Bootcamp 3, and to kill bootcamp.exe in order to run it... but that doesn't help either, still the same IO error and it launches and cant detect fans or temps. is there something else out there anyone has tried... or know how to get around the issues with these other two?

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Apple :: MacBook - Fan Speed Just Go Up To As High As 5k While I'm Surfing The Web

Mar 25, 2009

My MacBook has been acting weird lately. Its fan speeds just go up to as high as 5k while I'm surfing the web (Firefox), 3k on average. No embedded flash videos, etc. I've searched the net for solutions and none of them work for me. I tried checking my Activity Monitor, and the app that uses the highest CPU % is Firefox at 12% at most. I happened to see Quicksilver go up to 97% for a second then it disappeared. I tried looking for any hidden Print Jobs but I had none. I have 1 stuck process according to Terminal, but that's basically it. I have a 2.4ghz white MacBook, 10.5.6.

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Apple :: MBP - Increased Fan Speed With Software Update

May 15, 2009

I recently updated my MBP with the newest patch and im getting higher cpu temps by just doing my usual web surfing and itunes. I see the cpu raise and my fans will kick on well above 2000 rpm. Before this my computer would normally be stable around 1999-2000 rpm. I can clearly tell by just typing that my mbp is runing hotter.

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Apple :: Safari 4 - Speed Diferrence When Loading Websites

Jun 8, 2009

Anyone here trying safari 4? I think i actually do notice a speed diferrence when loading websites.

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Apple :: Home-Made Cooling Pad With Speed Control

Feb 18, 2009

well last night and this morning i was busy making my self a home made cooling pad, with some crap laying around the house. I don't know if there is already one but i'll put this one up. I will upload pictures tomorrow. The total project was about 1 hour and cost less than $10. It also has a speed control which is cool (it is built on my ac/dc adapter so you will make yours). My mother-tongue is not English but French, so excuse the words i might use or not use. Also their are some tools i couldn't translate the name, but when pics are up I'm sure you will know..................

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Apple :: MacBook Pro 17" (Core I7-620M + GT330M) And RAM Speed

Apr 26, 2010

I've finally got my MacBook Pro 17" specced with Glossy screen, Core i7-620M and GeForce GT330M fully up and running!

I've been replacing the 5400RPM 500GB hard drive with a Intel X25-M 80GB Gen2, along with replaced the 2x 2GB 1066MHz RAM with a pair of nice Kingston 1600MHz @ CL7 2x 2GB ones.

is the fact that Windows7 computer rating tells me that my RAM is the slowest hardware in my machine? So I was checking it's settings, and the MacBook Pro keeps them at 1066MHz @ CL8?

Which is insane considering the potential of these Kingston memory modules!
Is there no way (as there obviously is no BIOS to deal with on Mac hardware) to somehow improve the memory settings?

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Apple :: Mouse Pointer Speed On AutoCAD - Parellel Desktop

Apr 19, 2009

I run autoCAD2008 on macbookpro by parellel desktop. (I use apple wireless mouse)

I've found some problem, pointer speed on autocad screen is very slow. That's not work. But pointer speed on other app. in windows is OK. It's only lack on autoCAD screen.

I've tried it on VMware. It's a same problem.

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Apple :: 13" MacBook Pro - 15" MacBook Pro - Processor Speed

Dec 1, 2009

equipping 2 machines:

1-a 13" MacBook Pro, primary use will be Internet and e-mail and manipulating music files. Will my husband really notice a difference/benefit between the basic 2.26 and the 2.53GHZ (and is it worth about $250 more)? If he uses it for video downloading will that make a difference?

2- a 15" MacBook Pro- here I'm debating between the 2.66 and 2.8. My daughter uses it for Office apps, PhotoShop, music, Internet and e-mail. Again, would video downloading make a difference?

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HP/Compaq :: DV4 & 5t Speed

Jan 7, 2009

I bought a pretty basic DV4t for my daughter for Christmas. Did a fresh Vista 32 install and everything is working nicely as advertised. However, when I check through CPU-Z (v1.49) it only indicates a down clock to 1595Mhz. The Vista CPU meter gadget though shows one processor at or near 0 at idle with the second at about 28%. I also have a DV2700tv in the house, also with a fresh Vista install, and it down clocks to 800Mhz.

CTO Spec’s are:
DV4t, P7350, 4GB ram, 160GB HD, Webcam, 802.11n w/Bluetooth, Lightscribe,12 Cell, BIOS F.24 (factory).

Unlike AMD systems, my understanding is that there is no driver required like there is for AMD Cool-n Quiet and that the speed steps are initiated between the BIOS and the OS with the correct chip-set drivers installed. My thoughts are that either:

(1) There is a problem with the BIOS F.24
(2) There is a problem with CPU-Z and this config
(3) The is a problem with the processor
(4) Or the P7350 doesn’t down clock like the T8100 that is in the DV2700tv

I re-installed the chipset drivers just to make sure all was correct. Device manager is clear and no problems there. I checked Intel and the P7350 supports "Enhanced Speedsteps" and it at least is down clocking from 2Ghz to 1595Mhz. I’ve also searched the forums and no luck there either.

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Dell :: My Laptop Only Allows Me To Use 1/3 Of The Speed

Aug 20, 2009

I just reinstall windows xp pro on my dell inspiron 9200 and it show that I only useing 600MHZ CPU speed eventhough I have 2GHZ...

I used to change it back to 2GHZ nad I forgot how to do it..

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Dell :: PC SSD Vs Mac Boot Up Speed

Oct 15, 2009

I have a dell sxps 13 right here alongside a white 13" macbook from 2007.

I bought a ssd not too long ago for the sxps and just tested the boot time between the two.

now HOW in the *insert cuss word* world does the macbook still beat the ssd in boot up time? Anyone care to elaborate on this .....

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Dell :: How Do I Change My Fan Speed

Aug 30, 2009

how do i change my fan speed?

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Dell :: Ram Clock Speed

Jun 4, 2009

i am looking at dell laptop, inspiron vs latitude (both have lots of promotion going on recently)

according to wiki, both e6400 and e6500 can support ram clockspeed at 800mhz, but i can't find similar information about the inspiron models.

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Dell :: ESATA Speed On XPS 16

Feb 20, 2009

Is this reasonable? Please see HDTune screenshot.

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Acer :: Need To Overclock My Cpu Speed

Dec 16, 2008

i tesed if my pc could run cod4, well everything was working i meeted minimum but i failed recommended, it said my cpu was not fast enought, so should i get adriver to overclock my CPU speed,

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Acer :: What Can I Take Off 2920 To Speed Up

Dec 27, 2009

What can I take off to speed it up a bit? Its runing vista at the moment

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Sony :: Slow Rip Speed

Jan 1, 2010

When I try to rip a CD, I'm getting some very slow rip speeds. Here's what I'm using:

Windows 7
Winamp Pro 5.571 & Windows Media Player 12
Sony Vaio Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P7450 (2.13GHz)with Intel® Centrino® processor with Blu-ray Disc(which seems to be a Pioneer BD?), 4GB RAM.
Lame version seems to be 3.98

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Sony :: Vaio Z At 1/2 Speed

Apr 8, 2009

Ive had a vaio Z 2.53Ghz for a few months working very well. Lately Ive been noticing that the system feels really slow. I just ran a CPUZ and got the readings that the CPU is operating at 1/2 speed (around 1.26Ghz). I ran a few benchmarks (SySoft Sandra/Everest) and was confirmed again that the system is running at 1/2 speed. I remember that runnig on batteries usually the CPU slows (lower CPU multiplier) down to conserve batteries but mine is plugged-in and it does not make any difference. I opened it up and took out the CMOS battery for a few seconds to re-set the BIOS to see if that would fix it. Same problem.

Also I noticed that my power settings Tab incontrol panel are all grayed out so I cannot change or access them... this is all so weird... I know that setting power settings in XP's to the maximum performance profile, turn off Intel SpeedStep which is what I suppose is forcing my system to permanently using a lower multiplier...

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HP/Compaq :: Speed Up PC With ReadyBoost

Apr 25, 2010

I just found out about ReadyBoost. I have a 2 gig that it can use.. Has anyone tried this.. does it do more than just prefetch?

Again, I am reading a LOT of great things about using the exFat file system on your Flash drives with ReadyBoost.. anyone tried this?

You see, my thinking is I have a CQ61 with 2 gigs of ram and on board video with 128 ram shared up to 1 gig. Windows needs a gig and the games need a gig. At some point memory should get sluggish and effect either windows performance, the running game, or both.

I am trying to minimize the processes and services windows runs, and leave more available Ram for the games to make them run as best possible. The ReadyBoost thing is just one trick I am trying to do this as well as disabling tons of unwanted processes and services using tools like Autoruns by Sysinternals, Smart Utility by TheWindowsClub and IoBit's GameBooster.

(I do plan on getting more ram when I can afford it but this is just a temp measure)

Also your thoughts.. isn't a USB Flash drive faster than your hard drive? if so, why not use one for your page file? If that works.. wouldn't that be better to help out those times when you run low on ram?

Also, what do you think of using a ram drive with a USB drive to simulate extra ram in general? (Like with Ramdisk)

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Dell :: Studio Ram Limited Bus Speed

May 24, 2010

I just ordered a Dell Studio 14 today, and it comes with 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz ram but in the Order Status page is says that it runs at 1066MHz. I was wondering why it is underclocked. Is it limited by the bus speed? Also, if it is limited to that speed, why would they sell 1333MHz ram if the max speed is 1066MHz?

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Dell :: E4200 128GB SSD Speed

Oct 30, 2009

Does anybody have HD Tune or HD Tach benchmark for 1.8" 128GB SSD that comes in E4200 ?

I originally ordered refurbished E4200 with 64 GB SSD because I read it has better performance compared to 128GB model, but canceled the order because I realiezed 4 cell battery might be too small and the one I ordered does not come with fingerprint reader and bluetooth.

I ordered another one with 128GB SSD, fingerprint reader, 6 cell battery and bluetooth for just $40 more. (at cost of a little slower processor and no DVD-RW and latitude on capability )

I found HD Tune bechmark result for 64GB SSD, but I don't see benchmark for 128GB model.

I will be great if someone with 128GB SSD post HD Tune benchmark or at least post its modem number so I can read specifications.

R173J Module,Solid State Drive,128G S2,Thin Micro Sata,Samsung,XLO

This is what it says on my order, which is not very helpful in figure out what this SSD really is, other than its samsung model.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 CPU Speed

Apr 17, 2009

I ran several system checking software suites which showed errors in the hardware configuration because the motherboard is only capable of supporting a FSB of 800MHz.

Does anyone have a similar issue or can provide an explanation about this?..

I know the memory is 800MHz but I expected this deluxe CPU to be supported by the motherboard and run at 1066MHZ...

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Dell :: Low Wireless Connection Speed

Jul 29, 2009

Does anyone else have a low wireless connection speed with their dell latitude e6400? I have full signal strength and yet the speed is only 5.5 mbps.

All the other computers/laptops in the house that uses the wireless gets 54 mbps while my latitude gets 5.5 and sometimes it will go up to 9 and down to 6 or 2 and it's just not constant.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Dell :: Monitor Fan Speed On Studios?

Jul 15, 2009

my fan has been going off erratically. Sometimes I'm not even doing anything and it'll turn on.

I'd like to hav ea program that will recognize and monitor the fan speed over a period of time, not necessarily regulate the speed

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Dell :: Studio Fan Speed Controller..?

Jul 15, 2009

So does anyone know of one that actually works? I have tried i8kfangui, but it no longer works with Windows Vista 64 bit, due to the unsigned drivers issue.

I disabled the signed drivers thing by booting while pressing F8.. and it installed perfectly and worked until I restarted Windows normally..

Then it said fanio driver not found or something, and refused to work unless I boot by pressing F8..

So anyone have a solution? Speedfan doesn't seem to work either.. I want to set the fans not to kick in so load until a certain temp .....

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