Dell :: CPU And/or GPU Overheating In E1705.

Sep 27, 2009

My laptop has shut down abrubtly twice because of overheating. When I powered the laptop again, it would bring me to that overheating warning prompt with the two nasty beeps and whatnot.

Since I'm running Windows 7 x64, I wasn't able to install i8fangui, but I found a program called SpeedFan ( that I'm running right now.

Here are the current temperature readings for everything:
GPU: 73 C (there's a fire icon next to this. can't imagine that's good)
HD0: 36 C
Core 0: 50 C
Core 1: 50 c

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Dell :: E1705 Overheating

Dec 17, 2009

Our nearly 4 year old E1705 has begun spontaneously shutting-off , and I suspect thermal protection is kicking in and causing the laptop to shut off. I installed RealTemp and have found idle temperatures around 60 C, sometimes rising to over 90 C under a modest CPU load (e.g., 50 %). I believe the thermal limit on the processor is 100 C.

I have checked to be sure all the vents are clear and free of dust.

I installed the fan control GUI "I8KFanGUI" to get additional insights into what may be happening, although I have found nothing conclusive. Idle CPE core temperatures of around 65 C, with the GeForce Go 7800 graphics card at about 60 C. I did a video render for about 5 minutes resulting in a 75% CPU load. CPU core temperature climb up to 96 C, and appear to be continuing to climb at the time the render ended,

I recently update the BIOS from A00 to A10. Could that update have done something to the native fan control of the laptop? If not, any other thoughts on possible causes?

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Dell :: GPU Overheating

Dec 18, 2007

I replaced the integrated video card on my computer with a 7900 GS and it's been overheating. I looked at my case, and the vents for the GPU are there, it's just that they're solid. Where the holes are, there is metal instead. Does anyone know anything I can do to knock those holes out so I can get some air in there? WoW overheats in about 15 min,

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Dell :: New XPS Overheating Not Sure Why

Dec 5, 2008

My 2 month old Dell M1530 idles at the following temps:

I really don't know why... It's been like this for a couple weeks or more now. Power settings are all on max of course... But when I first got the laptop, it'd idle pretty cool... Now my hands sweat while typing :

Laptop is not overclocked (I did overclock a bit in October for Crysis now and then)

My room is pretty cold.

I'm going to open it up and look for dust... But I really doubt this is the problem.


Intel T9300
8600M GT 256Mb DDR3

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Dell :: Laptop Overheating

Oct 9, 2008

I currently own a dell laptop and have the problem of it overheating very quickly as opposed to other laptops I have used. Is this a normal occurance or could it be a problem with my personal notebook.

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Dell :: About Crashes (overheating)?

Mar 2, 2009

my computer isXPS M1530 with GeForce 8600m gt. When I play a game named Gunz, which is supposed to not be a graphic-intensive game, my pc will simply go black after a certain time(vary between 10 min - hours). Then, the sound of pc just stop.

I thought this is a overheating problem, but after viewing some threads about overheating, it seems like that overheat only lead to a shut down or a restart. Since my computer simply go black and turn off, I don't know if my pc is overheating. Can someone tell me if Im overheating? If not, what's causing these crashes?

Btw, my GPU and ACPI temp were around 83C five min before my computer crashes...

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Dell :: Is My E6400 Overheating?

May 1, 2009

Just got my E6400 from Dell Outlet today and i noticed it's running noticeably hot.

I've read some of the posts on the nvidia overheating problem so I decided to run the same tests other people did. The screenshot is after running 3DMark2006 on Balanced power setting.

Are those temps ok? I talked to a rep who acknowledged the potential problem with the nvidia chipset and said if i send this to the depot now they can take a look at the mobo, cpu and gpu and have it back to me in less than 10 regular days.

Since I have finals coming up, I'd much rather not send it in unless they offer me onsite or some potential freebies, which the rep refused to. So any suggestion would be much appreciated. Should I run some more tests?

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Dell :: Studio 15 Overheating

Dec 27, 2009

I googled this, and i saw i wasn't the only one, it seemed like a common problem. I heard this is a Bios update for this.

My laptop gets extremely hott and will cut off if dont hold the vent part in the air ..

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Overheating Fix

Apr 11, 2010

My XPS M1730 (Core2 Extreme, 8800M GTX SLI) started overheating about a year ago, especially if playing a game. I noticed that the air coming out if the back of the unit was getting extremely hot and it would lock up if I played certain games.

I ended up disassembling it ( **XPS M1730 Disassembly Guide** ) and found that the heat exchanger fins were completely clogged with lint.

I cleaned the layer of lint and dust off of them (it was like a layer of thin gray felt) and the laptop worked fine again. Since then I clean them every six months.

I just did it today and figured I'd post some pics of the fins after six months of use. At this point the laptop still works fine, but the air coming out of the back of it is noticeably hotter than it is with clean/clear fins, especially if playing games .....

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Dell :: Latitude- Overheating

Mar 4, 2009

I have been on these forums complaining about various issues with my Latitude 6400 for about four months now. I am on my second Latitude; the first I gave back after one month in October of 2008 b/c of the relentless fan.

This one has the following specs:
-Dual Core T9400
-Nvidia 160 GPU
-4gbs of ram
-Seagate 250gb-hd at 7200rpm
-Vista Business
*the above sits in a E-port replicator/dock with two external drives roughly 75% of the time.

So heres the problem: aside from a relentless fan that never seems to turn off (which I have just resigned to), I have a serious CPU dilemma. For some reason, at odd intervals during the day, it will jump up to 50-60-% and stay there. It actually idles at about 25%. Mind you, I use ONLY Outlook, Itunes, and internet access.

This CPU usage will steadily climb until it hits 100%, at which point I cant do anything but restart the computer.

Heres the strange part: when I look at my Task Manager in this situation, it seems that EVERYTHING is jumping around and contributing to the CPU usage. The usual, more active culprits are the Search Index and Filter and the "Host Processes". Also, various aspects of Symantec seems to bog things down as well. Whats weird is that if I end one of the processes, another random process will start to use the CPU percentage that I just shut down! It doesnt matter what I do, the computer will "find" a way to use up 100%! For example-today the "Search Filter and Index were using almost 60% of my CPU so I shut the whole Index down. My computer ran at about 5-10% for an hour and then magically found other stuff to bog it down. By the end of the day, I was back up to 75% usage again...

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Dell :: FPS, 1530 Overheating

Oct 13, 2008

I've had my laptop for about 2 months now and never really thought twice about it, but now after reading the forums and talking to a few people I'm actually pretty concerned.

Computer: m1530 3gig ram 320gHD 5400

Game: WoW
Avg FPS: 10-20 (in cities 1-15)
Settings: Maxed

Core 1: 80
Core 2: 80
VideoCard: 90
Harddrive: 45

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Dell :: Xps1330 Overheating

Feb 5, 2009

I'm having A LOT of problems lately with this pos (see sig for specs).

The thing kept on slowing down when browsing/watching movies/playing OLD games (warcraft 3 basically).

What happens is that from boot till now cpu idles at 100%.

I've scanned the pc, I got rid of services. Nada.

Today was even worse, the pc got extremely slow so I rebooted, then in the vista lading screen it took ages (about 10 minutes), sometimes it would turn off before vista even finished loading, I couldn't even get into safe-mode.

So, I let it cool off, and turned it back on after an hour. Everything was fine then but after playing a short game in warcraft it started acting up again.

I'm using Vista Home SP1, I basically turned off all the useless services and startup app. turned off indexing VAC etc.

My temp are (HWmonitor): CPU: 65, Mobo: 60, GPU: 85, HDD: 45

Sometimes I carry my laptop in my backpack to uni and tend to forget that it's in there and when coming home I tend to trop it from around 5-10 cm height (rarely happens) but I thought it might have to do something with this.

But then after noticing these weird hangups I'm thinking this pos is just overheating.

As I'm writing this everything is EXTREMELY slow I can't even open the task manager properly.

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Dell :: 7900GS Overheating

Mar 30, 2009

I have an Inspiron 1705e with a 7900GS. The GPU was replaced (twice) about 1.5 years ago under warranty due to failure most likely caused by overheating.

I installed a fan tool (forget which one) and set the fan/temp speeds pretty conservative to keep the GPU cool. Now it's running 1800rpm non-stop to keep the GPU at a reported 63C.

That's with no programs running, just after boot. If I put the system to sleep, then wake it up, GPU temp is reported at <30C, then creeps back up to 60C+ .....

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Dell :: XPS SX13, Will This Have Overheating

Oct 6, 2009

ive been reading on the Dell xps 13 and how they overheat. as far as i know its because of the nvidia 8400-8700 series cards, but i want to buy this laptop that has NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, does this also have overheating probelms?

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Dell :: T7200 Overheating

Feb 2, 2008

just got a t7200 processor to replace my t2400 in my inspiron 9400 with bios a09. All ok in setup but when booting into windows fans go mental and the machine locks up and resets. Just before it does the cpu thing on fangui reads mega high like 80 to 95. Stupid question but i didn't put a thermal pad in.. Would this account for the hi temp and lockup? Will fitting a new pad fix the problem.. Or even without a thermal pad would my cpu temp shoot up so quickly, if not is it a symptom of something wrong with the chip?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Overheating

Dec 18, 2008

I discovered that while playing video games for a bit my frame rates would all of a sudden go abysmal for about a minute or to (drop by 50-75%) and then return to normal. I finally tracked down the problem and whenever I tested the temperature and CPU speed when the frame rates went crazy, I noticed that the temperature was 85+ degrees C and that the computer had halved the CPU speed to about 1.5ghz (I have a T8300 2.4Ghz) in an attempt to cool it down. Is there any way to fix if my fans have malfunctioned or something? I'm still within a 1 year warranty, so should I just call Dell or is there something I can do about it?

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Dell :: Severe Overheating -- What's Going On?

Mar 30, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 1526 that won't boot because the CPU gets very hot in only a few seconds. I was getting a CPU failure code (blinking num lock LED) so I changed the CPU. Same problem.

In desperation, I changed the motherboard. Unbelievable, but the same problem! I tried to do a diagnostic start up (hold Fn key while powering on) and it shut down in about 40 seconds. When I went to swap the CPU, the heat sink was so hot that I couldn't touch it.

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Dell :: 1730 CPU Overheating

Jul 17, 2008

I was having computer shutdown issues with my 1730 when playing high end games like UT3, Crysis and COD4. I have a 2.8 Extreme cpu and dual 8800s. After playing for a few minutes the machine would lockup and I had to hold the power button to restart. After letting it cool for a few minuted I would get the M1004 code [system overheat].

I have Rightmark CPU utility installed so I tried to undervolt the CPU in the options menu and that seems to have solved my problem. I just played UT3 Pysics mod for 30 minutes without problem.

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Dell :: Ram E1705

Apr 23, 2009

i don't have a clear conclussion about the max ram that E1705 support. Some guys says that support 4GB and xp reads 3.5, but others says that support 2GB. and some users on this forum, in their signs, says 2GB of ram on E1705 laptops.

i wanna do a upgrade of ram , because i have 1GB. but i don't know if I will be able to put 3GB on my laptop..

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Dell :: 4 Gb RAM For E1705

Aug 18, 2007

is it possible to put in Dell Inspiron E1705 4 Gb of RAM (2x2 Gb)? Please, respond if you know it surely or if you tried to do it.

Also, can anybody reccomend me good processor for this model? Have Core Duo t2400 - 1.83 Ggz.

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Dell :: Take This E1705 To It's Max

Jan 20, 2008

I was considering selling my E1705 before but after some research and input from others I came to the conclusion that I should just stick my my E1705 because the resale value is much lower than I expected (I wanted to sell my machine, get a small laptop for mobility and build a desktop).

So now I want to just upgrade my laptop to the max and maybe just get a shitty eee pc as my 2nd laptop to carry around everywhere.

Where is room to upgrade, things I am considering so far to up is
a T7600 CPU, 4GB 667mhz RAM, 200gb 7200rpm HD, GTX is a maybe... don't know how much difference there will be. How should I change my choices and what else can I upgrade.

Inspiron E1705, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7200 (4MB/2.00GHz/667MHz)
17 inch UltraSharp TrueLife Wide-screen WUXGA
2GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm
256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS
80GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
Integrated 10/100 Network Card and Modem
8X DVD+/-RW Drive
Integrated High Definition Audio
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 802.11a/g Mini Card
80 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery
Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module (2.0+EDR)

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Dell :: E1705 CPU @ 100%

Feb 20, 2009

I've been having a problem with my computer for the past 3 days, even when i am not doing anything, no programs running or anything the both cores indicate 100% the computer gets extremly slow. I've already formated the computer and it did it again with nothing but windows installed on it.

I tought it was getting too hot or something but the temp is 47 c AVG. i ran Dell diagnostic tool and everything Passed.

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Dell :: Is All RAM The Same- E1705

Sep 23, 2007

I was readin a review on cnet last week, and there was an hp and a toshiba laptop with the same stats.. anyway, they did tests and cnet says that the quality of the RAM was probably why the test results were so diffrent.

Im looking to get more RAM for my e1705.

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Dell :: 4Gb In E1705

Oct 5, 2007

This week I finally made the choice to get 2x2G sticks for my E1705. They arrived today and I installed them as soon as I could.

But unfortunately Windows XP Pro SP2 wouldn't start completely (it froze somewhere in the screen with the logo and the moving bar underneath). Windows does start in dafe mode and reports 3.25G.

The funny thing is, Mac OS X does load completely and run without a problem. I even mentions 4G installed.

I did a quick memtest and the sticks seem to be ok. I changed the order of the sticks and no difference.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is there a setting I need to change on my Windows. Or would I need to reinstall it (doesn't seem logical).

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Dell :: E1705 With NMI

Mar 8, 2008

Purchased a e1705 in June of 2006. Started having the NMI parity errors within a month.

Contact Dell and they swapped out memory. The problem seemed to be better, but still linger for a while with the NMI errors. Installed Vista on the system and cant remember ever having an error. Then I installed Counter-strike, and started getting the error back. Recontacted Dell and they replaced the motherboard and ram. That hosed my vista install where printing, control panel, stopped working. Backed up my data and reinstalled after formating the drive Windows XP using the Dell disks I received. Now the system isnted on for more than 5-15 minutes without an NMI error.

Oh, now dell is wanting me to send my laptop to a depot where they can make sure its fixed. I will now be without any laptop, working or not for around 2 weeks.

I have the 4 year extended warranty with accident protection.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525 Overheating

Mar 10, 2009

the other day i was playing NFS.. and every 3-4 minutes the laptop would jus shut off..

i hav had a look at the temperatures and on high usage.. it goes upto 89 degrees ..

i dun hav a coolin pad.. bt if thtz wht i neeed.. can some1 reccommend one plz.. i tried mi hand at undervolting.. bt didnt work out.. as in d stress test on d cpu.

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Dell :: SXPS Overheating Theories

Jun 13, 2009

I was swept into a stream of thoughts when someone commented that only certain configurations of this baby overheat.

My theory says that people with P series processors are the cool dudes while those with the T series processors are the scorching devils.

Check out my post 'My HOT SXPS 16!' to check out my scorcher.(Sorry for not posting the link, iPhone 3.0 arrives with it's godsend, copy and paste on the 17th you see!

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Dell :: XPS M1330CPU Overheating ... Wrong VID?

Jun 11, 2009

I've just bought a Dell XPS M1330, which had Windows Vista. I've erased the Vista, installed the XP and updated the BIOS to the lattest version. As I was experiencing random freezings, I ran Orthos ...

the CPU temperature rose rapidly to ~80C and in less than 3 minutes was above 90C. After ~5 minutes, it has reached the critical value and the laptop shutted down, even though the fan was spinning above 5000 rpm.

Using CoreTemp and CPU-Z, I've seen that the VID of the CPU (T7500) is ~1.2500V, but CPU-Z shows 1.36V and even 1.40V sometimes. Using the RMClock I've found the CPU to be stable @ 2200MHz @ 1.20V (maybe even less).....

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Dell :: XPS 1710 Keeps Crashing Due To Overheating

Nov 14, 2007

When playing Bioshock my laptop turns it self off after 5min due to overheating.

I have not overclocked it in any way. I use the drivers from this forum, and have tried others, still the same resolut.

It works somewhat beter with the dell drivers. 7950 GTX.

When I feel on the back of the comp its not that hot.

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Dell :: E6400 Overheating Throttling

Jan 31, 2009

My E6400 has been suffering overheating problems with the current hot weather (over 30C degrees). When the machine overheats it begun to throttle to 75% then to 35%. Once it reached 35% the machine is extremely slow (much slower than normal 35% in power saving mode), it like the machine is put in the safe mode and it wont recover once the temperatures drops i.e. ACPI, & cpu =40s & NVS160 = 60s. The only thing fix the problem is to shutdown the machine & wait for few minutes and restarting the machine. Anyone have had experienced similar problem? I am suspecting the ACPI is triggering the machine to throttle.

I was able to replicate the problem and here is the temperatures the machine begun throttling

ACPI = 78C, Core 0 = 61C, Core 2= 72C, NVS 160 = 80CHDD = 45C
P8400 -> core speed = 1600MHz, multiplier = x6 bus speed = 266 MHz, FSB =1064MHz
BIOS = A11

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