Dell :: XPS 1710 Keeps Crashing Due To Overheating

Nov 14, 2007

When playing Bioshock my laptop turns it self off after 5min due to overheating.

I have not overclocked it in any way. I use the drivers from this forum, and have tried others, still the same resolut.

It works somewhat beter with the dell drivers. 7950 GTX.

When I feel on the back of the comp its not that hot.

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Dell :: XPS 1710 LCD

Feb 2, 2009

I've got a problem that I can not figure out.

I've got a E1705 that I upgraded to XPS 1710 (Board, Bottom Plastics, Top LCD Top Cover, 7950GTX Video card and Palm Rest...etc....)

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Dell :: 4GB Ram And XPS 1710 W/T7600g

May 26, 2008

is the XPS 1710 with a T7600G able to "address" all 4gb with Vista64bit?

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Dell :: D/Dock For XPS 1710

Feb 9, 2009

I was wondering if someone could provide some guidance with regard to which docks work with the XPS1710. When I look at the Dell retail site.........................................

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Dell :: 1710 Mobo

Nov 20, 2008

I'm thinking of modding my i9300 to accept a 1710 mobo-- if I buy a motherboard with integrated graphics, will I be able to add a graphics card later on and disable the integrated graphics through bios, or does integrated graphics preclude adding a card later on?

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Dell :: XPS 1710 Motherboard

Sep 25, 2008

I bought a Dell XPS from a friend of mine and the motherboard packed it in, what kind of motherboard is in the XPS 1710. I want to buy one so I can get this machine up and running again.

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Dell :: Laptop XPS 1710

Apr 2, 2009

I still have to say I still love my laptop my XPS 1710....I took a plunge and rather upgrade my Laptop this time I picked up a XPS 730 with the Q9650 Extream With 2X280 9900GTX SLI with blueray burner and a 24 inch widescreen display.

Theese 2 my XPS 1710 & 730 both black look awsome but doesnt leave much room on my desk tho and I have a pretty big desk but no way im gonna tuck my laptop away somewhere. I guess Old habits are hard to break but as I said still love my 1710.

Just curious of the performance playing crysis on the 1730 im looking hard at the 1730 upgrade from my 1710 but want a little input from 1730 owners does it play crysis on pretty high settings and play it well ? Crysis just choked my 1710 down to where it wasn't worth playing it on my laptop.

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Dell :: 1710 Keyboard In A 170

Oct 17, 2007

Will the keyboard out of an XPS M1710 fit, UNMODDIFIED! into an XPS M170? As in, is it a direct replacement? Asking, cause I htink the all silver look woul be cool.

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Dell :: How Can I Remove The Hd For Xps 1710

Nov 15, 2008

how can i remove the hd for xps1710.

my screens gone blank and was ready for blind flash.

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Dell :: XPS 1710 And SSD Drives

May 30, 2010

I've had an XPS 1710 for 3.5 years and am itching for an upgrade, but I'm doing my best to wait for the xps16 refresh. I'm started to get a bit irritated with the speed of my 160gb 5400 rpm laptop drive so I was thinking of upgrading to a SSD while I wait.

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Dell :: I Love 1710

Apr 4, 2008

Just wanted to say how much i love this laptop. I had numerous problems with my xps gen2, and when i say numerous, i mean numerous. I never got angry with dell and really only asked for the 7800 as i heard that it ran cooler. I went through 5 video cards, 3 motherboards (one had a bad nic when the tech installed) 3 processors and 2 screens (which i never really wanted or needed!) and 2 power supplies. All for overheating of the GPU past 90 celsius which i think was cooking all the other components. luckily i had a latitude c840 for a backup so didn't really miss the down-time. And actually there was only 2 times i couldn't use the laptop while the parts parade was going on... most times i just couldn't game on it for more than 5 minutes, but the 2 times it was DOWN was due to nothing but big blue bars / squares all over the screen from boot. And i'll give it up for the tech (most times it was the same nice old man) and the fact that he got the part and came to install within 1-3 days. EVERY TIME! Now if only that sort of service would be included with the AW experience...

I had a 3 year warranty on that which was transferred over to the new 1710 replacement i received a year ago.

This past month i extended my warranty (which obviously now covers my 1710) for an additional 2 years with 2 more years of complete care. Probably going to be the best $400 i've spent! Actually my company spent that as i was due to replace my laptop this year, but i love this thing so much that i don't even WANT another laptop right now. Well, i would accept a macbook pro, but that's another story!

So the point of this thread? well, there isn't one. I purchase roughly 75k in desktops and monitors each year for my company and around that again for servers and storage. Sure we've had a few issues. Hard drives lately have been failing after 3 years and we had a rash of desktop motherboards suffering from the "industry-wide" bulging capacitors that seemed to plague a good amount of PCs in 2005. Other than that, i'm very happy and ... yeah..

I LOVE MY 1710. I love it so much, that if i go for another windows machine it will probably be a precision with the 8800 card. by the time i will need another winblows machine for work, hopefully the precision will have a 19" screen with a 9800 based quadro!

By the way, the picture is of 18kfangui and let me tell you. i have my house at 69farenheit and this thing runs very cool. I blow out my fans about once a month with compressed air.

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Dell :: Hibernation Wonít Switch On On XPS 1710

Sep 9, 2009

I canít enable hibernation on my laptop. Iíve reinstalled system recently and installed all (at least I hope) drivers.

If I try to enable it in dell quickset feature (tick off the option), after pressing those next, next buttons and returning back to quickset, itís not enabled again.

If I try it in windows power options, I keep getting message ďthe file cannot be access because itís being used by another processĒ

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Dell :: 1710 7950gtx Upgrade

Nov 14, 2007

how to upgrade a 1710 (with a 7900gs) to a 7950gtx please?

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Dell :: Weird 1710 Boot

Aug 19, 2007

For some reason my laptop will occasionally not boot up when it is on battery (not connected to AC power source).

It's been doing this all today--I can't get it to boot without plugging it in.

If I try to boot with no AC power, it seems to start booting (I hear drives spin) but doesn't reach the BIOS screen (nothing on the display).

Now, if I put AC power in for only a second, boot, and remove it as soon as it gets to the BIOS loading screen, then there are no problems.

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Dell :: Xps 1710 Toslink, Cables

Aug 31, 2007

ive heard 5.1 is supported with the jack on 1710, what cables do i need?

im awaiting a 5.1 optical usb thing.

if the 1710 support 5.1 , i could use the usb thing on the 8600.

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Dell :: Samsung 226BW And 1710

Feb 23, 2008

I can setup my display on my samsung 226bw so that it is the only display and that the internal lcd is turned off. It displays fine at 1680x1050.

However when I restart the laptop and get to windows the signal the laptop seems to send out is 1280x1024 (which the monitor reports). Windows still sets the desktop at 1680x1050 and the result is a desktop that is oversized for the monitor.

I can correct this by turning off the laptop, disconnecting the monitor, restarting the laptop and then reconnecting the monitor.

I can't figure out why it does this?

I have the Dell 1710 with 7900GTX and am using the NBF Mobileforce drivers v169.09 M4 drivers under xp pro.

I have also installed the drivers for the monitor as well.

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Dell :: New Computer, 1720 To 1710

Feb 27, 2008

I had a 1705 and it crapped out. Got a 1720, wasn't bad, but just not me. No dell didn't repalce mine with an exchange from the 1705 to the 1710. I am an honest person and didn't feel like spending hours and hours of my life. So I picked up a 1710 from the outlet...

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Dell :: Some Thoughts On Parting With My 1710

Jul 20, 2007

I love my Dell M1710, even more now that it has a new 7950 GTX in it, but the more I think about it, the more I don't know if I really need "Gaming on the go." I really could live without playing lots of games in college. I do love gaming though. I was thinking of possibly selling the M1710 and buying in its place a smaller much cheaper laptop that could handle basically everything the the m1710 could except for of course gaming. On the side I'd also prolly buy a sweet desktop rig that I could upgrade as I saw fit (and as I got paid), possibly from

I forgot to post my question I got so caught up haha...Anyone who's had a m1710 and sold, care to give me some insight? Or if you could direct me to my next purchase, that would be helpful as well.

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Dell :: Converting A E1705/9440 To XPS 1710

Oct 17, 2007

is it possible to swap the guts of a 1705 into the chassis of a 1710, using a 1710 motherboard.

I got a 9400 through work, they paid for it and gave it to me. had a X1400, which was promptly replaced with a 7950GTX 512mb and overclocked to 666/800.
got the 4965AGN wifi card, bluetooth 2.0EDR, 1920x1200 screen, essentially maxed out the 9400.

So i was wondering if i got my hands on a 1710 motherboard and chassis, would it be possible to swap my CPU [T7200] wifi card [intel Wifilink 4965AGN] GPU[7950GTX] ram [2x1GB DRR2] speakers etc.

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Dell :: Flaw Found In XPS 1710 Design

Apr 12, 2008

have been sold units that under perform even the slowest of Walmart brand laptops!!!
Hold on, bare with me. No it's fine in games, as the CPU usage is hardly ever at above 80 usage for more then 2-3 minutes, and fluctuates up and down.

However, should you try to run a dual core test! Something that loads both your cores up at 90%+ like Sony Vegas, DIVx Converter....anything that will require more then 5minutes of processing time. The dell XPS case, along with it's worthless heat pipe cooling solution is not sufficient enough to cool the processor. I have taken off all overclocks in my sig, have had dell replace all my fans and heat syncs and NOTHING!!! Still the same result.

Putting both cores at high load, for more then 4 minutes, ie encoding a video, etc. will through the CPU into throttling mode!!! As if that wasn't enough, dell decided to write it's bios, that when that occurs at 93C, the voltage supplied to the CPU remains constant!!! Regardless of the clock!

As such, if you continue the work flow...(anything stressing the cores for more then 4-5min) you will see the processor throttle down to as lot as 1000Mhz!! effectively turning a 70+ fps video conversion into 20fps. I couldn't believe that this was happening but it does!!

Use CPUz to watch your clocks, along with Intel's thermal analysis tool, that you can find here to test your rigs.

I have called dell, and they basically, after 2 and a half hours of me demonstrating the issue to them over and over with different programs and methods, have told me that it's not a dell problem and that it's an intel problem, and that throttling at 93C is a processor issue.

I asked to see that maybe there is something wrong with my unit, but they said run the tests, and of course, the test come out that everythign is positive.

The idiot on the phone, even had the nerve to tell me, that the "event log" in windows would display any overheating issues!!! HOW?

I'm realy pissed at Dell and am venting a bit, but originally, I though that my CPU went that hot, because I had it overclocked, but it turns out, that it does it regardless and even at the stock 2.33GHz!!!

Please run some test on your systems. This is unacceptable. I can get more work done on my crappy wallmart brand POS, then on the Dell.

Please also check this link for another user experiencing the same issues, as well at even stock clock speeds on the 7600G!!!!

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Dell :: Currently Replacing 9400/1710 With M1710

Jul 27, 2007

My laptop was in a car accident and the bottom chassis cracked open, it still works but long story short I'm getting a replacement. I was scared I would get one of the new 17" models with the POS 8600 card but to my relief my approval went throuh today, I just verified it and its an identically speced M1710 to my 9400.

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Dell :: Vostro 1710 Screen Flickering

May 18, 2009

My Dell Vostro 1710 screen Still flickering.. Dell Just Replaced the motherboard for me last week. What Should I do... Is it caused by the 8600m gs....

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Dell :: New Hd For The 1710, 5400 Rpm Or 7200 500GB

Jul 18, 2009

Thinking of more storage on a 1710 with 100GB,

Choice is Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB

5400 rpm or Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500 GB 2,5 S-ATA 7200rpm. Is the speed noticable on these two

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Dell :: Vostro 1710 Video Upgrade?

Jan 26, 2009

If i get the vostro 1710 from dell. Can't I just pull the 8600M GS card and upgrade to the 8600M GT or higher video card. I don't think the are welded on the motherboard?

Has anyone even tried this? Asking cause I saw on ebay that the are selling the 8600M GS and 8600M GT for laptops and was wondering.

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Dell :: Replace My Inspiron 1705 FOR XPS 1710

Jul 19, 2007

if any diffrence between this 2 video cards for this 2 models XPS 1710 7900GS AND inspiron 1705 7900gs.

DELL will replace my Inspiron 1705 for XPS 1710 and come with 7900gs i have the 7900gs or ready in 1705 just i'm curious if the performace it's the same or more Powerfull.

And It's possible change the 7900gs for the 7950gtx, and where i can find it.

I want my XPS with the 7950 GTX

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Dell Vostro 1710 :: How To Disable The Touchpad

Mar 16, 2009

I would like to know how to disable the touchpad on the Vostro 1710 running Vista Business.

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Dell :: Xps 1710 - Charger Stopped Charging The Battery

Jan 20, 2009

i have bought dell xps 1710 after few months the charger stopped charging the battery even when i changed charger-adapter / battery. so i even cant turn on the laptop :-(
please give me advice what can i do or how can i ask for my money back.i dont know if there is some warranty.

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Dell :: New Vostro 1710 Gives Blue Screen (BSOD)

Dec 12, 2008

I bought a Dell Vostro 1710 because I needed a Windows XP notebook with a matte 17 inch screen. Only Dell and HP have such notebooks. The Dell Vostro 1710 is exactly what I need. But I got blue screens (BSOD). It happens complete randomly, sometimes after 1 hour, sometimes after 10 days. Dellís solution was that I had to reinstall Windows XP and the drivers, which cost me three hours work. After some days the blue screen appears again. Than I had to install Windows update, and new drivers from internet. Two hours work. No result. Than I had to remove the memory modules one by one and test again. No result. Each time I used the Vostro for one or two days before the blue screen appears again. Then Dell replaced the complete motherboard. After some days the blue screen appears again. Then I had to reinstall Windows XP and the drivers again, no result.

Three hours work. This al together cost me many days of work. Then I received another new Vostro 1710. I used it without problems for 10 days. Than the blue screen appears again. So there are already 6 weeks gone but I donít have a functioning Dell Vostro 1710 yet. Iím a programmer and have 20 years experience with PCís. I never had blue screens on my other PCís or notebooks. Who has the same problem with a new Dell Vostro 1710?

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Dell Vostro 1710 :: Battery Not Charging - On AC Power?

Nov 8, 2010

I have a Dell Vostro 1710 laptop that was purchased in December 2008.

I am currently having problems however with the battery/charger. The battery does not charge except when I first plug it in.  The Power Meter icon shows that it is charging but only for up to 10 seconds, then the message then goes to "On AC Power"

I first noticed that the battery icon on the taskbar in Windows XP PRo SP3 was saying "ONn AC Power" but not charging. Sure enough, it wasn't charging. My colleague who has the same laptop purchased at the same order but does not have an issue.

I have done all the things you normally do to troubleshoot a battery including reboot, check for software updates, swap the battery with my colleague, swap AC adapter, even replace the battery with a new one yet I still have that issue. 

I have now noticed that it doesn't appear to be anything to do with Windows at all as when I power it down, plugging the charger in brings the charging light on for approximately 10 seconds, then the light goes out and the laptop doesn't charge.

This morning I tried a different battery that does charge into my laptop and had the same issue, which discounts it being a battery issue I think. I also tried downloading updated drivers from this website but again no joy.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Crashing Etc..

Mar 9, 2010

I got it in November, sometimes when i go to ANY of my browsers to view pages with flash. The whole browser freezes and crashes, so i start it up again and go to the page, and crash again.. so i try to use another browser (i literally have chrome, Firefox, safari and IE) all of them do the same exact thing.. and once it crashes there's no way to get it back up unless you restart. It gets very annoying having to restart my laptop about 5 times a day. I've done everything, uninstalling flash player, reinstalling it, reinstalling browsers.. I've even reinstalled my OS because nothing else would work. I don't understand why this laptop has so many issues. Randomly freezes, crashes etc. Its basically brand new and i shouldn't have these issues. My old Compaq presario cq60-215dx NEVER ever did any of these thing this Studio laptop does. This laptop is about 400 dollars more than my Compaq.. Also, i dual booted Vista and Windows 7 and Vista is a hell of a lot faster, it boots up faster and never crashes.. It just seems as if Dell did something to this OS to make it a piece.. help?

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