Dell :: Crysis DX9 Very High 8800m GTX.

Aug 3, 2008

I get an average fps of 31 using DX9 Very High Cvars along with a Very High config, this running in DX9 in Vista with 8800m GTX overclocked to 625/1500/950 and this at 1920x1200 native res on my XPS M1730 ...

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Dell :: 8800m Gtx's In Sli In Xp Pro 32

Dec 30, 2008

What type of performance should I be looking at in crysis?

everything on high
dx 9

No mods or anything. And with up to 1.2.1 patch installed.

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Dell :: 8800M GTX SLI

Feb 18, 2008

I may take them apart and do AS5 but I dont think it will make a difference. I took some pictures and I will post them in a bit but I am having problems. I was able to enable SLI and I ran 3DMark06 and I got 9937 so I went to overclock my video card and RivaTuner gave me some prompt that it has not been tested with my drivers and and would not run properly. Once in Rivatuner I noticed I am not able to overclock my vid card or anything. So I tried to reinstall rivatuner and nothing. Then I uninstalled my videocard 171.16 drivers and ran drivecleaner, reinstalled my drivers and same thing. I even tried the new 174.12 from laptopvideo2go and still nothing.

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Dell :: 8800M GTX

Jul 31, 2008

I just recently bought a 8800m gtx card with part number xm888 for my m1730 to replace the 8700m sli card that came with it.

My question is whether my 8800m gtx card is sli or not. With the 8700m, when i check my display properties it tells me it has a total of 512mb memory, which makes sense since it is two 256mb cards. But when i do the same thing for the 8800m card it tells me i have 512mb video memory. Does this mean my card is single and not sli? Or is my card two 256mb cards?

Correct me if i am wrong, i read some old threads and people who got the same 8800m card with part number xm8800 said it was a sli card with 1gb memory. Physically, the 8800m i have looks exactly like the 8800m sli cards that have been displayed all over the forum.

I am also using the latest dell drivers.

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Dell :: Crysis On Your

Oct 26, 2007

how does it run?

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Dell :: How Will It Go - Crysis

Oct 22, 2007

Well the singple player demo is due on friday, and nowhere on the internet can I find how it will run on my system. Whos getting it? This is one of the main reasons I forked out so much for this thing, so I hope it plays well, even if I do have to use DX9.

Id love to hear from anyone how it goes who ran the MP demo, or plans to get the SP demo when it arrives. On a M1710 - 7950 anyway.

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Dell :: M1730nVidia 8800m

Nov 12, 2009

there are so many people with a dead 8800m gtx. Mine died a week back. Technician came yesterday.. replaced motherboard to see if it made things alright..It didnt. Now they are telling me that I will have to wait another week for the replacement parts which (is supposed) to be arriving a week later from Malaysia. (BTW I am from India.) If anybody here would be to let me know if 8800m are actually being replaced or not (especially in Asia)?

I have read many posts in this forum with most people from the USA and few in Europe having their M1730 being replaced with AW m17x. Any idea on whats the scenario in Asia?

What should I expect from dell a week from now? Any chances that I could actually get a 8800m replacement as I was told?

If they tell me to wait for, say a week or two more, do I have any other option but to wait? I asked them to provide me a temporary laptop replacement till the issue was fixed, but they said they dont have such facilities.

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Dell :: 8800m GTX Sli Benchmarks

Jan 30, 2008

System Config:
M1730: T7700@2.4 GHz, 2g ram, 200g HDD (x2), DVD-RW, Nv 8800M GTX SLI. Vista Ultimate

3dMark 06 (1920x1200) : 10163

<img src=[url]

Fraps Data: (all set max res/max settings)

2008-01-29 13:55:21 - UT3Demo
Frames: 2586 - Time: 48655ms - Avg: 53.149 - Min: 16 - Max: 62

2008-01-29 15:51:59 - FEARXP2-Demo
Frames: 54440 - Time: 430022ms - Avg: 126.598 - Min: 0 - Max: 263

2008-01-30 10:18:32 - TimeShift
Frames: 12550 - Time: 185388ms - Avg: 67.696 - Min: 41 - Max: 117

2008-01-30 10:33:33 - iw3sp
Frames: 31987 - Time: 440379ms - Avg: 72.635 - Min: 23 - Max: 195

Crysis UpDated: (F'n vista caused the setting not to save right) The following benchmarks where done using Crysis benchmark util I found over at guru3d.

2/13/2008 10:32:44 AM - Vista
Beginning Run #1 on Map-island, Demo-benchmark_gpu
DX10 1900x1200, AA=No AA, Vsync=Disabled, 32 bit test, FullScreen
Demo Loops=3, Time Of Day= 9
Global Game Quality: VeryHigh
TimeDemo Play Started , (Total Frames: 2000, Recorded Time: 111.86s)
!TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.
Play Time: 186.87s, Average FPS: 10.70
Min FPS: 4.27 at frame 90, Max FPS: 22.58 at frame 1189
Average Tri/Sec: -9011310, Tri/Frame: -841973
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.09
!TimeDemo Run 1 Finished.
Play Time: 144.52s, Average FPS: 13.84
Min FPS: 4.27 at frame 90, Max FPS: 22.58 at frame 1189
Average Tri/Sec: -11535945, Tri/Frame: -833573
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.10
!TimeDemo Run 2 Finished.
Play Time: 140.40s, Average FPS: 14.24
Min FPS: 4.27 at frame 90, Max FPS: 22.58 at frame 1189
Average Tri/Sec: -11881713, Tri/Frame: -834120
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.10
TimeDemo Play Ended, (3 Runs Performed)...

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Dell :: 8800M GS In A M1730

Apr 28, 2008

why Dell says a 8800M GS fits into a M1730? Does a 8800M GS even exist?

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Dell :: Geforce 8800m

Aug 19, 2007

When this card comes out at the end of the year, will it get the same 3dmarks scores and fps in old/new games as the desktop version or will it be a little faster then the 8700m? I hope its going to be same as the desktop version.

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Dell :: OCing 8800m GTX SLI

Mar 30, 2009

So my 1730 has the 8800m GTX SLI.

I am using the 179.48 driver from Nvidia's site directly and using the Nvidia tools from there as well.

I have both cards clocked at 600/900/1500

Is this a good OC speed? or should I lower/raise it?

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Dell :: Crysis And The FX2500m

Jan 8, 2008

I am thinking about to get a new FX2500m card.

Is it a good idea to play Crysis with it?

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Dell :: Crysis And GTA IV On M1730

Mar 12, 2009

I'm looking into getting the M1730 w/ X9000 (overclocking it to 3.4 Ghz), 9800M GT in SLi and 4 GB of RAM but I wanted to see how would it perform w/ the most demanding games out there i.e. Crysis and GTA IV.

if their settings and resolutions were maxed out. I know that X9000 is slower than the newer X9100 and QX9300 but is it gonna affect perormance a lot. Is it worth getting X9000 or is this CPU getting old now..

I still want a system that would be powerful enough for the next 2-3 years but I'm a bit hesitat to get the X9000. Can anyone let me know how those 2 games perform on the M1730 if the cpu is overclocked to 3.4 Ghz?..

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Dell :: Crysis Blows

Apr 19, 2008

I treated myself to Crysis on Friday night. What a mistake. OK, so I havent got a 3 way SLI rig, water cooled MOFO of a PC. I just have a 7950GTX, dual core 2.0 GHz 1710.

But boy, does Gears of War look amazing on 1400 resolution, so this is going to be OK.

I cant even get the thing running smoothly on low, never mind medium. I have even tweaked the system.cfg file to disable shadows etc. and it still runs like a Pig.

This is lazy programming in my opinion. To write a game that cant run on medium looking half decent, and with decent FPS is just pure lazy. They write this for the minority, not the majority. GOW on the other hand is excellent, they obviously used every trick in the book to get this to look amazing on reasonable spec PCs.

I could of course be wrong, and my computer is screwed...and you are all loving wihch case tell me your secrets!

By the way.....dont make a game that means every scene has 10 million leaves in it.....dont assume we are all millionaires

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Dell :: Crysis On 37" Lcd Tv

Jul 19, 2008

yesterday a friend asked me to connect my laptop to my tv and show him crysis
(i only got the demo).

i did that and the result was surprisingly good. i turned the settings to:

all high, no aa, 1366x768 (tv's native res). the video card @ 600/900.

the game ran really smoothly (no stuttering/slowdown) through the whole demo.
and it looked MUCH better than on my laptop screen @ 1440x900.
it looked like with aa applied and the overall picture quality and colour was much
smoother. i guess the lcd makes the picture a little bit blurry & has better colours
than a laptop screen, which makes a more realistic look overall.
in crysis on the laptop screen (native res) the picture looks too sharp making it less
realistic and when i leave the native resolution it just gets ugly.

a big surprise for me was also the great performance. unfortunately i have no chance
to try dx10 (very high), as i don't run vsta. but i heard the to-be-released-soon
crysis: warhead will allow you very high settings, even if running xp.

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Dell :: Crysis Requirement

Dec 29, 2007

how my video card ATI Radeon X1900 XTX 512MB will look on this game?

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Dell :: 8800M GTX SLI Failed In Less Than A Year

Nov 19, 2008

Are all Nvidia GPU's designed to fail?

All my systems in my sig have replaced GPU's in a less than a year.

Is this what I get for trying to get a performance GPU's?

Kind of ennoying because I hate the tech's to come to my place and rape my system - I'm not saying all techs do, but I only had one guy who was really careful w/ my system when he was replacing parts. Others just didn't give a damn, which even lead to replacing my M1330.

I caught him when some plastic part from mobo flew off my system, and when he closed the system up, the system refused to boot up lol.

my XPS gen 1 w/ ATI still runs okay at my mom's place.

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Dell :: Will The 1730 Need A New Motherboard For The 8800M GTX

Nov 27, 2007

I noticed the Sager 9261 needs a new motherboard to accomodate the 8800m gtx. Will the M1730 also need one you think?


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Dell :: Where Are The 8800m Video Cards

Jan 3, 2008

Anybody else wondering why we haven't seen anything coming out with the 8800m Nvidia cards?

Alienware had their big product release 11/19/07 for their new laptops with the 8800m cards then they pulled the link from their website.

Dell, who usually has the newest stuff doesn't mention them.

The boutique vendors like Voodoo pc and Falcon-nw that pride themselves on offering the latest hardware don't offer them. No press reviews in the print.

I've seen one on line mini review of bench marks from a clevo type laptop with an 8800m video card and that is it.

I wonder if nvidia is having a harder time manufacturing the 8800 62 nM cards than they have admitted. It would explain why the standard 8800 video cards are hard to get as well

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Dell :: 3D Mark 06 Score 8800m GTX SLI

Mar 10, 2008

I got 10485 in 3D Mark 06 at 1920x1200 with my overclocked 8800m GTX SLI and with only a 2.4 Core2Duo, not bad at all

Crysis runs DX10 all options high at 1920x1200 an Average in the benchmark test of 43 fps avg

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Dell :: Crysis: Best Driver Available To Date

Nov 13, 2008

what the best driver is to date for Crysis? And where i can get it? I downloaded the latest driver dell has but am still seeing performance issues..

This is my Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA GF 8600M GT GDDR3

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Dell :: Crysis And Resolution On E1705

Jan 24, 2008

What is the max resolution with decent performance on E1705 for Crysis?

What about latest drivers?

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Dell :: Crysis Tweak Guide

Jan 31, 2008

I'm just wondering what you guys have set up for tweaks in Crysis and I'd love some help optimizing my copy. I'm playing under Vista with the 1.1 patch and would enjoy getting a few extra frames/options enabled without the high performance cost.

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Dell :: Crysis Is Killing My M1730

Sep 20, 2008

Thought I was on the right track after getting a 14800 in 3Dmark 06 (with x9000 overclocked to 3.4GHZ). But then Crysis killed it. After tweaking away I get 10-30FPS on 1900:1200 with settings on High - which is unfurtunatley unplayable. Not quite what I expected when I decided to shell out 2000+.

System: XPS M1730, x9000 OC to 3.4GHX, 8800GLX in SLI, SS Hard drive

Software: Windows vista 32, Nvidia 175.32 driver (latest), Crysis patch 1.2

Settings: Force alternate frame rate rendering 2

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Dell :: 9800m GT BIOS On 8800m GTX Card

Feb 17, 2010

I have read in other forums that you can put the 9800m GT BIOS on a 8800m GTX card on some systems. I want to do this because I am experiencing the yellow screen problem and dell did not release a fix for all cards. I have a dell xps m1730.

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Dell :: M1730 8800M SLI OCing Tools

Apr 18, 2008

I just receive my new M1730 today and in the middle process of installation Vista on pair of 320GB HD.

What do you guys use to OC the 8800M SLI? What is the ideal clock setting?

Does Dell usually sned you 2 power supplys?

I did not order the extra PSU, but I received 2 of them and they are huge!

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Dell :: M1730 With GEFORCE 8800M SLI Runnig Hot

Mar 19, 2008

I just bought a new Dell M1730 with 4 gigs of ram and the Intel Core 2 X9000 processor.

It has the 8800m SLI video card(s) in it. I installed Everest and it consistently says that the GPU temperature is running around 160 degrees F. I am *not* doing anything other than surfing the web and haven't been. Is this normal? The harddrive and cpu temperatures both seem fine. They are 91F and 90F respectively. Any ideas why the GPU would be so high especially since I'm not really doing anything (playing games for instance) that would push it to it's limits? I did buy a notebook cooler but it isn't here yet. It's sitting on a flat surface with decent airflow.

I'm just a little concerned as I don't want it to burn up.

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Dell :: Working Drivers For M1730 (2 X 8800m GTX)

Mar 6, 2009

I have a Dell M1730 with 2x8800m GTX video cards and after trying drivers from a variety of sources,

I still haven't been able to get a solid 30+ fps in WoW (world of warcraft).

I did a clean install of Windows XP and started off with the drivers on Dell's website, which gave me roughly mid 20s fps in WoW.

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Dell :: Official Blog: 8800m Upgrade Kit For XPS 1730

May 27, 2008
The parent blog has a lot of announcements about the XPS line which so many of you are interested in. Good place to verify rumors or pick up new ones :-)

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Dell :: Is The M1730 / 8800M GTX SLI Fully Dead And Out Of The System?

Sep 30, 2009

I'm another one of those waiting for an 8800M GTX (Dell PN XM888) replacement...

Replacement was initiated by Dell in early September, was told backorder until September 21. On September 21, backorder was pushed to October 5...

I've made a bit of noise and I'm at the "Consumer Escalation" level, but I know there's the "Executive Escalation" level as well. At this point, I've got a Service Call number for a system replacement, but it's showing no activity....

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