Dell :: E4300 Case

Nov 21, 2009

What type/brand of case is everyone using to tote around their E4300. I just got mine in yesterday and I need something to protect her!

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Dell :: How To Disassemble E4300? Can't Remove Case

Nov 30, 2009

I would like to install a backlit keyboard into my e4300.

I removed all the visible screws but the case is still intact.

Are there screws behind the rubber pieces?

Has anyone successfully disassembled the e4300 before? I wasn't able to find any documentation or photos anywhere.

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Apple :: MBP 13 - Skin/sleeve/cover/case Sleek Padded Case To Carry The Unit And Typical Accessories (charger- Adapters- Mouse)

Oct 17, 2009

I'm a proud new owner of a MBP 13-inch. couple of matters.

(1) A good skin/sleeve/cover/case to protect it on the go. Ideally I'd like a very lightweight and elegant skin or shell that's on all the time to protect the exterior from wear and tear, without trapping too much heat.

(2) I need a sleek padded case to carry the unit and typical accessories (charger, adapters, mouse) and other small items.

(3) I'm looking for a convenient laptop stand for my desk to set the MBP alongside an external monitor.

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Dell :: Different, Better Case?

Jan 14, 2009

The build quality on my Studio 1535 is really, astonishingly poor. All cheap plastic and case creaks and noises. Very flimsy, even for a budget laptop.

My question is this- Would it be possible to purchase another case- a better case, perhaps and XPS or something similar,

and move the internals from the Studio to the new case? Or would that just be a logistcal nightmare not even worth attempting?

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Dell :: 1530 Case Mod?

Mar 7, 2009

Has anyone here done an XPS m1530 case mod? I'd like to take off the front panel of my 1530 and do a custom paint job on it, but from the few sites where I've seen instructions for disassembling the 1530 it seems like a huge hassle.

If I weren't using spray paint, I suppose I wouldn't need to take it apart. But I'm new to case modding, and I haven't seen any mods done with anything other than spray paint.

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Dell :: 1640 In A 15.4 Inch Case

Feb 19, 2009

I just received an email from dell to receive 25 % off my new purchase on a system over 2.6k or an accessory. So i wanted to order a laptop case this one in paticular [url]but im not sure wether or not it will fit anyone know?

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Dell :: Perfect Case For The Studio XPS 16.

Aug 11, 2009

I use to own one with my XPS M1530 too..

I didnt think the Studio XPS 16 would fit but its an actual PERFECT fit.

it's the best case on the market in my opinion. And it retails for $99.00 but I got it through amazon for $55.00 brand new. It's awesome!

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Dell :: Perfect Case For The SXPS 16!

Dec 8, 2009

I'm putting this in this forum because of the difficulty many have had finding a good case for the SXPS 16..

But I figured more SXPS 16 users would see this here .....

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Dell :: M4400 Case Design

Nov 9, 2008

Whats your opinion on the case design? Im looking to purchase and looking at the case it looks kind of frimpy and ugly, and that ripple effect on the outside seems very cheesy!

But i've been fooled many times by pictures online vs. the look of something in person.

By contrast, the 6400 series look like they have beautifully elegant case designs with aluminum look to them.

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Dell :: New M6400 And Case Cleaning

Jan 28, 2009

I removed a label from the palm rest of my M6400. Unfourtunately it left behind a sticky residue. In my defense it was the "regulatory information is under the battery" sticker and I am pretty sure it is supposed to be easy to remove.

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Dell :: M1710 Case Badges

Aug 18, 2007

Got them off a seller on ebay for about $1.50 each $2.50 total combined postage. The 2 Vista and 1 Firefox ones on the left side were ones the seller threw in for free.

The four I ordered, Graphics by Nvidia, Nvidia - The Way Its Meant To Be Played, Intel Core 2 Duo and G.Skill Ram. The Nvidia and Intel ones were Offical badges, the G.Skill one was a custom design by the seller but looks equally professional.

Thought the palmrest looked very bare.

Decided to place them vertically with the originals. I do realise theres 2 Intel ones but I didnt want anybody thinking I only had an old Core 1 .

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Dell :: Best Case For Studio XPS 1640?

May 24, 2009

What do you guys use?

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Dell :: 1720 Which Way Up In Laptop Case

Feb 8, 2008

I just got my Dell 1720 laptop and I'm impressed, very nice.

I also purchased a Belkin laptop case for it.

Just wondering which way down into the laptop case do I put the laptop. the back of the laptop has the battery sticking out because its got the 9cell battery.

Do I put it down in the case battery side so the wieight of the laptop is on the battery or on the front side where the buttons are?

Dont want to break it.

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Dell :: Anything Like E4300 But With Better Screen?

May 11, 2010

I broke my XPS M1330 at work and one of the laptops the computer dept is suggesting as a replacement is the Dell E4300.

I played around with one that my colleague has. The size of 4lbs is okay, the performance seems okay for my usage pattern. However, there's a major show-stopper: the screen. I'm none too impressed by the screen, in terms of contrast and black levels. This review confirmed my impression:

Notebookcheck: Review Dell Latitude E4300 Laptop ). And it seems this laptop does not offer any screen upgrade option.

Also resolution was okay, but I wouldnt mind a bit more, although that is not a deal breaker like the other two issues.

So is there any Latitude or corporate Dell unit that would basically be an E4300 with a better screen?

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Dell :: E4300 + Windows 7

Dec 16, 2009

Windows 7 runs amazingly on this machine (specs in sig). Though, it ran fantastic with Vista as well.

Despite my overall good experience thus far, there are a few things to note:

1) The webcam. Yeah, it works fine with AIM and what not out of the box, but I'd like it if Dell released an official Win7 driver + Win7 Webcam Central to better support the Latitudes.

2) The Ambient Light Sensor. It's a bit wonky under Win7, so I've left it disabled for the time being and manually change the brightness when needed. Again, I'd like to see Dell release a Win7 version of the ALS Utility found under their Vista drivers.

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Dell :: E4300 Nightmare

Jun 20, 2009

I posted here earlier this year after I had received my E4300 and I promised to come back and give more feedback once I had a little more time.................................

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Dell :: E6400 Or E4300?

Mar 19, 2009

I'm in the process of trying to decide between getting an E6400 or E4300 to replace my aging Toshiba A105-4074. I'm somewhat surprised by the lack of discussion here about the E4300 compared with the huge number of threads about the E6400.

I have an E4300 here at work that I have been impressed with, so I have hands-on experience with it. I haven't had any hands-on experience with the E6400, and have only seen one briefly. While I've read lots of good things about it, I wish I could use one for a couple of days in order to get a feel for it .....

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Dell :: E4300 Keyboard

Mar 17, 2009

I just received my E4300 from the Dell outlet, it's in great condition with one exception.

The keyboard has a bulge or slight rise in the center. I have the back-lit keyboard.

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Dell :: Is The E4300 That Bad Of A Machine

Sep 20, 2008

The Dell E4300 for example is generally inferior (IMO) to the Vaio Z (heavier, slower, uglier, lower quality screen, lower quality build materials, etc.) yet it costs just about the same."

Sony Z here in Canada: $2614 before tax ($45 shipping)

If you make the warranty the same (3 years), $2943 before tax + $45 shipping

Same specs, I paid $2100 before tax (and free shipping) for the Dell E4300. Is it worth the difference when the keyboard (I don't like the Z's keyboard)?

I have to wait the same week (Oct 14/15) to receive either.

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Dell :: 4GB E6400 Or 2GB E4300

Jan 15, 2010

I need to replace my D610 and I have two options:

Option 1: E6400
Intel Core 2 DUO T9600 2.80GHZ Processor
14.1: UltraSharp WXGA (1440/900) display
4GB ram
Dell wireless 1397 802.11/b/g Mini Card

Option 2: E4300
Intel Core 2 DUO SP9400 2.40GHZ Processor
13.3" wide WXGA screen
2GB Ram
Dell wireless 1397 802.11 b/g Mini Card .....

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Dell :: Just Got My Refurb E4300, Few ?'s

May 1, 2009

I love the way it looks and feels so far, but I think I have a problem.

1.The screen is really dark. My current comp e1505 on the lowest setting is brighter than it.

I tried messing with dcp to no avail, toggling on/off the ambient light sensor .....

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Dell :: E4300 GPU Driver

Apr 2, 2010

Any idea if Dell will ever release an updated GPU driver to support Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration?

Currently the driver is

EDIT: Never mind. According to the Adobe release notes PDF, support starts with driver version Looks like we're outta luck until Dell releases a newer driver.

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Dell :: Buying An E4300

May 30, 2009

I'm interested in buying a good portable notebook and the E4300 is one of the main contenders because of the solid build, good batterly life and its weight and size

So I've been reading many mixed reviews about the latitude e4300 where many people thought it didn't live up to what you would expect from a premium business notebook with a premium price.

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Dell :: Windows 7 On E4300?

Jan 9, 2009

I was thinking of putting the beta on when it comes out later today. Will any of the Vista video/trackpoint/??? drivers work? Or will I be SOL?

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Dell :: E4300 Negatives?

Jan 29, 2009

Curious what the main issues, complaints, etc. have been with the e4300 now that it's been out for a while. (Also, I'd love confirmation of it's actual weight.)

I was originally considering this the only potential competition to a Sony Z (as I am after light, slim but powerful/normal components). However, I've since backed off the idea of a e4300. Still

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Dell :: E4300 Or E6400

Dec 27, 2008

I need some advice on picking the E4300 or E6400. The pricing in my country is a little different from the US I guess. I'm stuck on deciding with which machine as the pricing is about the same (see below).

I'm studying in a university where my course is about 50% programming, and can spend about 5 to 8 hours a day in school....

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Handrest/case Temperature

Apr 4, 2010

I noticed recently that the area of the laptop on the left of the touchpad and the touchpad itself have been getting quite hot to the touch.

I've read the temperature survey thread, and I don't think my temperatures are that bad.

When idle, I get around 50-55 C for the cores, and 60-65C for the GPU. It's higher than that under load, (GPU/CPU can go into 70's) but as far as I understand it's not atrociously bad.

(These are SpeedFan temps).

But I am bothered that the handrest is getting so hot, I'm not sure if it used to get this hot because I use a laptopstand that has its own handrest so I rarely touch it.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Case, Skin Or Cover

Mar 7, 2009

Well I acquiered my Laptop last december and im noticing a few scratches, I googled for cases and covers but I didn't find anything amazing,

I've noticed people with macs that hace sweet looking covers but I haven't found any for my Dell, do you guys know any web page that sells them?

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Dell :: Studio 14z Screen Case Alignment.

Nov 6, 2009

I recently bought a 14z from dell outlet. I had actually bought a 14z a few weeks ago, but was very unhappy with the 720p screen. I arranged for a return, and began looking/waiting for one with a 900p screen. I was able to find one for not much more than the first one, with all the same specs. However, it had the black chain link cover.

I knew I didn't want this cover, as I already have my Sager 9262/fingerprint magnet. I very much liked the red textured finish on my fist 14z, so I bought a refurbished red cover with my purchase.

Let me first say that I am fairly experienced in taking apart, and reassembling notebook computers. I have replaced several parts, including motherboards, and screens in several previous dell models and my Sager/Clevo D901C.

To get to the point, I took my new 14z apart, removed the screen, took that apart, and replaced the black chain link cover with the red one I purchased. I made sure to follow the service manual instructions to the letter. Everything seemed to go fine, except that now when closing my 14z, the top right corner of the screen does not come down all the way. There is an obvious gap, maybe 1/4 inch or so on the right side, while the left is completely flush.

This may be something I just have to live with, but I'm hoping maybe someone has experienced this, either on a new laptop, or after working on one, and was able to find the culprit. so far, I can't find anything that would hinder flush contact.

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Dell :: Colored Case For Inspiron 1440

Jul 26, 2009

I have a inspiron 1440 that is my daughters and I would like to change the case top to pink.Has anyone changed that cover and does anyone know where to get a Dell cover?

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