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Dell :: Error Message While Ejecting The Dvd Drive From My Computer

Getting the following Error Message while ejecting the dvd drive from my computer..

"save any open files on this disc, and then close the files or programs using the files before ejecting the disc"

The eject works fine when performed manually.

My Nero also does not detect the Drive as a result I am unable to burn anything

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525 DVD Drive Randomly Ejecting
I have had a problem with the DVD drive for a few months now. Sometimes the light on it flashes and you here it attempting to look for a DVD (When it's empty). When it's full it sometimes flashes and runs autorun. After it flashes it also ejects half the time, and also it'll just eject randomly without any warning or loading noises.

I explained the problem to Dell and they sent me a replacement DVD drive, but the problem still happens, so I'm guessing it's not the DVD drive itself.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could solve this problem?

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Acer :: Dvd Drive Disappear From Both My Computer And Device Manager
I currently have an Acer Extensa 5620z-4801. About a month ago, I started using my laptop to burn DVDs. The DVD burner worked just fine for the first 2 DVDs. I used Ashampoo. After those 2 DVDs, it stopped working. I checked on My Computer, and the DVD drive wasn't there. At first I thought it was just temporary, so I restarted my laptop. But then after that, it's still not there, and I freaked out. I checked my device manager to find it, but it vanished from device manager also. I tried to google to find a solution, but doesn't help. I tried that regedit method, but I couldn't find neither upperfilter nor the lowerfilter or whatsoever. I tried removing prime and secondary IDE and reinstall, but doesn't help.

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Dell :: Uninstalling Game Error Message
when i go to unintstall microsoft's age of empires II game, it gives me this weird error message.

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Acer :: Black Screen Error Message
I have an acer aspire 5610 and am having a problem. Everything was working perfect then randomly one day it went black. When i log in it still has the windows sign and everything but when i am in the desktop it is black there is no start bar or Icons or backround. Basically my GUI is gone. but i can still see my mouse pointer. I found that i can run programs by opening task manager and clicking file and start new task then browsing on what used to be my desktop for the internet icon. this works and everything works as it should. but i get an error message fo most all programs other than internet.
i have attached screenshots of my desktop and of the error message that pops up.
at this point i dont care about salvaging the stuff on my comp just want to reset it back to factory defaults. I have tried recoverry CDs that were made and it doesnt recognize them, i cant get to eRecovery due to the error message

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HP/Compaq :: Pavilion Dv5- Error Message
I got the following error message.


Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance
Date: 5/13/2009 8:16:42 PM
Event ID: 100
Task Category: Boot Performance Monitoring
Level: Error
Keywords: Event Log
Computer: Laura-PC

I have HP Pavilion dv5, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.0 GHz, 4.00 GB RAM, 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS with 256 MB dedicated video memory.

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Acer :: 7720 - Error Message Status 0xc00000e9
Its telling me that i need to repair from the vista CD but keeps coming up with the same error message. It keeps repairing it and once ive clicked finish it still doesnt go onto windows from there.

The error message is:


Status 0xc00000e9

Failed to load due to this critical system driver is missing or corrupt"

I have tried to download the drivers off the Acer website but they dont seem to have any effect.

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Sony :: VGN-Z590 Windows 7 And Vista Error Message
I recently updated my bios and decided to do a new full install of Windows 7. (Previously running Windows 7 Beta).

After doing a clean install and installing the Sony Notebook Utilities. I started getting this pop up message.

"The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer.

Click OK to enter Hibernate Mode, and remove reinsert the battery
See the electronic VIOA(R) User guide for more information about using the battery"

At first I thought this was an issue with Windows 7 - so after searching the forums and no results I figured I would revert back to Vista. Now I am getting the same error.

I also have two Sony Notebook batteries here - both bought direct from Sony. One extended and one standard - both give same error message.

Could this be a BIOS issue? Is there a way to revert to an older bios?

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Acer :: Extensa 4420- Error Message (update Your ATI Graphics Driver)
Every time I start up my Extensa 4420, I get the following error message window:

"The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your adapter using the Displays Manager."

Why is this happening? If I go into the device manager, it says that the graphics adapter is working. If I tell it to check for updated drivers it says that the driver I have installed is the most current one. Everything seems to work fine on the computer. How can I stop the message from popping up every time?

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Apple :: Message - "You Need To Restart Your Computer"- Then Freezes
Last night, my Macbook Pro froze on me while I was running Windows XP on VMWare Fusion, so I forced shutdown by holding the power button for five seconds.

Ever since, I have not been able to boot the OS at startup. The Apple logo shows up, then the status dial thingy below, and then a grey "curtain" comes down with a "You need to restart your computer" message in multiple languages.

The problem is, it freezes at that point, and it won't let me restart. So I have to force shutdown again by holding down the power button, and the problem repeats.

Sometimes when I try to reboot, it freezes as the grey "curtain" is coming down and before the "You need to restart your computer" message even shows up, so I don't know what is going on.

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Dell :: Studio DVD Burning Error On Disk
I have been trying to burn some dvd's and I am having so/so luck. I get a burn on the dvd itself and it will play on my laptop, but for some reason when I put it in a normal DVD Player it does not read. In fact the player will say error on disk.

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HP/Compaq :: Computer Not Recognizing Hard Drive
i recently had a post here about my laptop being thrown up on, and looking for a new system board. Well I was able to buy the whole laptop base, with system board and power button so all i had to do was install the screen cd drive, hard drive, and wireless. I did all of this and put it back together, but when i try to start the computer it gives me a no hard drive installed error. What can I do? I ran the memory test and its 100% working, and in the start up test or whatever, the only thing with a problem is the hard drive not showing up.

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Sony :: Sticking Hard Drive Or SSD In DVD Drive Of Vaio Z
who opened I believe Z and connected a hard drive to dvd drive connector while leaving dvd drive in for cosmetic reasons. Can't find this thread. Where exactly can the hard drive go? Inside the tray?

I am afraid there will be too much vibration if I put regular HD there. For this reason I would rather put there SSD but is there a way to make this a primary OS drive? Seems like last bios allows to boot from optical drive.

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HP/Compaq :: DVD Drive Connected To Laptop With Sata To Esata Cable, Drive Is Not Recognized By Windows 7
I connected a dvd drive to my laptop using, a sata to esata cable. my laptop has a ESATA port.

I don't know if you should post some kind of config summary (if yes let me know, I will do it promptly) basically I have a HP DV6t quad edition with an Intel 5 serie chipset,
PM55 express chipset (dont really know if it make any sense but still, I will just say state it) so I installed Intel Matrix Storage and when I connect the drive I can see it, but windows 7 does not see it, it's like I didn't plug anything in. [url] also my bios is almost configurable, I don't know why I can change the time, the date, the admin password, the boot order, virtualization, fan on/off that's pretty much it. so what options do I have if I want to make this dvd drive work?

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Acer :: 6920 Bluray Drive Missing From My Computer
All of a sudden my bluray drive is missing from my computer and every other programs. What is the problem and how can i fix it? I can open the tray n put a dvd inside. It even spins but nothing comes in screen.

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HP/Compaq :: This Computer Does Not Have A Drive Capable Of Creating Cds Or Dvds

I read some other thread it points to something got uninstalled that causes "this computer does not have a drive capable of creating cds or dvds. Contact HP Support."

it mention one of the solution is to restore to an earlier version. But I prefer not to restore to earlier version if possible. is there a program that I can download from HP , to be able to create the recovery disk ?

Driver Date: 21/06/2006
Driver Version: 6.0.6001.18000

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HP/Compaq :: Remove Battery And Optical Drive While Computer Is Running
I recently purchased a new HP laptop and have a few questions.

The computer came with a lightscribe drive and is removable since it also came with a empty filler for the optical drive. Is it ok to remove the drive and/or plug it in while the computer is on ? Same thing w/ the battery... is it ok to pop the battery out when the computer is on AC power, or put the battery back in when the computer is plugged in ?

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Sony :: Error 403 While Trying To Restore C Drive
When I try to restore C: partition by using Restore C: Drive option with my Sony Recovery DVD, I always get Error 403 message. The other option, Restore Complete System works fine but that will wipe out all partitions in the drive. The Restore C: Drive option only wipes out C: partition and leave the other partitions intact.

How do I get Restore C: Drive to work? I have FW190 CTO.

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Dell :: Installed 2nd Hard Drive In Studio 1737 And It Doesn't Show Up In My Computer
I just installed a 2nd hard drive in my Studio 17 that I've had for about a year. I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

The 2nd hard drive shows up in the "Hardware Manager" but it doesn't show up as a drive under "My Computer

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Dell :: 9300 Hard Drive Error Unable To Boot O/s
using my unmodded 9300 and shut down for the night. This morning, when I tried to reboot, the process would get to the Windows splash screen, then flash a blue screen so fast I couldn't read it, then go to a black screen that gave me 5 options to start windows. No matter which one I pick, the same process happens again.

I videotaped the blue screen and it reads: a problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to my computer unmountable_boot_volume and then it gives me unhelpful advice on how to fix the problem.

I ran the Pre boot system assessment and all items passed. Then I ran the Dell Diagnostic Utility for "unable to boot O/S" with the following results: HD Read Test error: 00F0:0244 and HD Verify Test error: 00F0:1A44. Both of these were on sectors in the middle of the volume and I canceled both tests after about 10 errors. All other memory, graphics, and HD tests passed.

I tried booting from the XP CD and repairing from the CD with no change. I ran chkdsk /p and it found one or more errors on the volume.

bootcfg /list gives me: there are currently no boot entries available to display.

What are my best options on trying to recover this without losing data? I have a fairly recent backup, but would like to try to save what's on the HD. Parallel install? What is fixboot used for?

Dell lists my drive as: M7601 Hard Drive, 60GB, 9.5MM, 7.2K Hitachi, Ibm Moraga

What is the drive of choice to replace this if I need to?

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Sony :: Is Your Vaio Z Series Laptop Your Main Computer Or Secondary Computer
Do Vaio Z Series laptop owners use their laptop as their main primary computer or a secondary computer? Do Vaio Z series owners also have a desktop pc as their primary computer and use their Vaio Z Series as a secondary computer? Or is your Vaio Z Series laptop your one and only computer that you always use? Is it comfortable using the 13 inch screen for long periods of time?

Reason i ask is some people have more then one computer and some people just have one.

I'm just wondering if the Vaio Z Series laptop is a good choice as a main computer since it's got good specs and it's nicely portable but will the 13 inch screen be ok to use for long periods even at the higher 1600 x 900 resolution?

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Acer :: 5100 - Hard Drive Park Error 0200
it is giving me fixed hard drive park error 0200:

I opened it up, looked at the IDE connectors very closely and they are good, tried 4 drives so far, run LIVE Linux fine as long as there is no hard drive in, the thing is, It does shows the drives in BIOS thou, and using F12 boot menu, hard drive is in the option.

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Dell :: Do I Need A New DVD Drive?
My laptop is in my sig. It's about 2 years old now.

DVD movies and games load and work fine. No problems there.

But I have this DVD data disk that I copied 5 .avi movie files to, and for some reason my computer isn't always able to read and access the files?

Sometimes it'll load them up fine but the rest of the time my computer completely fails to read the data that's on the disk. Also, this is the second data DVD disk I've used, both a different brand, and I've experienced the same issue with both.

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Dell :: Website Error 500-Server Processing Error?
Is anyone else getting this?

I've been trying to access various pages under "My account" and am getting this error for the last week.

The phone support has no idea and is not helpful with this.

Is it just me or a general error?

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Dell :: DVD Drive Failing?
When i load a disk the drive tries to spin up three of times but then stops.

I've tried several discs and it's the same each time so it's not the disc, only started happening today.

I've tried reinstalling the driver but to no avail. Maybe some dirt got in there? I read of some utility to test the drive but i can't find it.

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Dell :: Does This Mean I Have A Busted DVD/CD Drive?
I currently talking to dell about this issues, but should talk to you guys first. all of my dvds look like that and it's not a GPU issue cause windows aero and flash beta 10 works flawlessly

and I uninstalled and reinstalled drives and firmware .....

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Dell :: M4400 DVD Drive
When I purchased my m4400 I accidentally overlooked the DVD drive and was sent a standard DVD Rom instead of a DVD RW drive.

It seams that after market drives will not fit into the M4400. Is there anyplace I can purchase a DVD RW drive without paying dell $115 for one

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Dell :: DVD Drive Firmwares
On attention on all users here
If you have some of listed in the picture DVD devices, and has have some problems with your DVD drive.

It will be better for you to update your firmware.

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Dell :: Is My DVD Drive On The Blink?
My laptop specs are in my sig. I got it in March 2007

I don't know what to think, it seems fine most of the time, but every so often it won't load a DVD movie or data DVD (never any problems with games though - so far), often enough to make me think there might be a problem.

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HP/Compaq :: CD/DVD Drive
when my recovery disks wouldn't burn, i thought it was teh fault of software or just a one time thing..

but it wasn't

i tried to even backup my swsetup folder thruogh the use of the dvd drive but it went raellllly slow (~700kb/s) and froze in the middle.. now i cant even burn a video dvd becase the software states that i hvae no recorder when i do.. (using free dvdvideosoft)

it's an hp cddvdw ts-l633m ata device on an amd turion ii m500 mobile processor, 4gb ram, 500 gb hdd laptop

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Dell :: Nmi Error. Non-memory Parity Error
i have a 1705 with 7900gs. ive been getting alot of nmi errors nonparity memory errors. so i replace my old mem stick with two brand new ones. well this did not solve the issues. so i reflash my 7900 back to default and still getting this error. i reformat my machine often so im pretty sure the os is affecting it.

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Dell :: External Dvd Drive For Mini 9
this is the second time i had a "made for dell" external dvd drive fail for my mini 9. i advise that everyone avoid this option.

dell wont give support for it and the company that sells it to dell is near impossible to get a hold of for product support.

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Dell :: Vostro V-13 External DVD Drive
Has anyone ordered dvd external drive off the built site? Agent gave me the part number (313-9874) but could not pull up item.

Wanted to know if this had the same finish as the V13 or not?

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Dell :: DVD Drive Is Not Reading Disks
My inspiron E1505's dvd drive doesn't work anymore, i ran diagnostics at the boot screen to verify it.

So is it fixable without buying a new drive and if it isn't is it easy to install?

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Dell :: M1330 DVD Drive Does Not Work?
ever since I put on Windows XP when I first got my M1330 DVD drive does not work? it plays DVDs but does not burn?...burns CD-Rs just fine...

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Dell :: How To Buy Laptop Dvd Drive?
From where I should buy dell laptop dvd drive.what is the price of dvd drive?

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Dell :: XPS M1730 DVD Drive
I am having a issue with my dvd drive. A green light is always continuosly lit and it is not detected in Windows. Also, the tray doesnot comeout when pressing eject button.

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Dell :: Problem With Studio 16 DVD Drive
I have since then uninstalled that driver and installed the standard one that it always had and the issue persists.

Basically, when the disk spins up it will go into a spasm where it will spin you will hear the read head flying around, it will slow down and spin again and you will hear the head again.

This happens maybe 5 or 6 times in a row before the drive finally settles down again. All of this happens typically when I haven't called for the DVD drive at all.

But even when I go to play BF2 lately it will do that thing with the drive. The game will start ok but it's loud, obnoxious, and probably killing the drive. Is this a common issue?

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Dell :: M1330 DVD-RW Drive Disappearing
I just recently received a warranty exchange to an XPS M1330. It's been working great up until the past few days. When I swap discs out of the drive 4 times in a row, the drive disappears from the "Computer" folder. The drive is a Matshita DVD +- RW. Dell tech support ran me through all sorts of tests, none of which solved the problem . They are going to send out a techie to replace the drive.

Does anyone know are have had this problem? If so, what was the solution?

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Dell :: Philips DVD-RW Drive E1705
I am unable to burn CDs with it. Everytime I try to burn a CD, it tells me there was a problem writing to the disc. I attempt to retry and the same thing happens.

I have already tried 6 different blank CDs and they all give the same error, I am using the software that came with the laptop "Sonic" to attempt to burn.

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Dell :: My BD/DVD Drive Has Stopped Working
This is drive name: mat s h it a bd-re uj-220 ata device

I originally had my blu-ray drive working fine and was able to play bd/dvd and install from cd-rom.

However the drive doesn't even appear as a drive anymore in Windows Explorer and doesn't play or install anything.

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Dell :: Horribly Noisy DVD Drive
Is there any way the DVD drive noise can be reduced? When I put in some DVD/Cds it is so loud I can't even here the sound coming out of the computer. And the all laptop vibrate , I am almost afraid it will damage the drive altogether.

The thiing is, it does not do it for all dvd/ cds. but when it does, it is pratically useless using them. And when I am in a public place it is outright embarassing!

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Acer :: 5920 CD/ DVD Drive
I have a 5920 with XP SP3 on it. I was trying to burn some CDs the other day and all went well. At the end I put in a CD to see what was in its and when done I tried to eject it and the drive bay would not open - I tried it ejecting it from Explorer and by pressing the button. It would not open. So I had to use a pin to eject it.

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Sony :: Vaio FZ DVD Drive
I have a Sony Vaio FZ445 which has problems with the Otiarc DVD AD-7560. What happens is that when playing audio, the sound skips playing CDs.

I have tried all the requisite diagnostics, like checking the IDE channels to see if the mode is DMA or PIO, and installing and reinstaling the drivers and firmware updates for the drive. It still happens and looks like I need a new DVD drive. I have XP Pro and Ubuntu 9 and it does this in both OS's (which affirms my suspicion that its not a codecs or driver issue). I have also always cleaned the drive every dozen uses too.

am I limited to using only a new Sony DVD drive to replace it? and... is it easy to replace these drives oneself?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv4- CD/DVD Drive
I purchased an HP Pavilion dv4 back in Feb. of this year. Ever since I've had it there has been some kind of problem with the drive. First it would burn a DVD but wouldn't read it. And then finally it wouldn't read anything. SOOO I took it Staples to take advantage of my warranty and they told me it was because I had software designed for XP on there. I haven't found anything that says you can't do that. I also had an Acer and a Toshiba laptop with the same "old" software running on Vista but never had ANY problems with either.

if this is a problem with HP and Vista or is it truly the "old" software I'm using?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX16 DVD Drive
I just received an HP HDX16 yesterday custom configured direct from HP. I'm having one problem with this machine that is giving me a royal pain - the DVD doesn't want to burn DVD discs.

It reads CD/DVD discs fine, burns CDs just fine, but won't burn any kind of DVD media - and I've got a wide variety of excellent quality discs that I use for photo file archiving. Have tried 3 or 4 different kinds of DVD-R (all Taiyo Yuden or top brands - no junk), couple of DVD+R, couple of DVD-DL... well, you get the idea. It's not the media - it's something with the drive, driver or a conflict that doesn't show up in any of the usual places - and it's just a simple DVDRW, not a Blue Ray.

This is the same disc drive as was in the DV5t I had that burned all my media just fine.

I returned that machine because the screen viewing angles were not adequate for my digital photography work, and the configuration on the HDX16 is very much the same with both running Vista 64 Home Edition. The drive model reads HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50L in device manager, and as I said it is detected readily and is functional in every way except burning a DVD (which is basically what it's there for ).

I've done some reading and have heard many other complaints about this issue, but mostly with Blue Ray drives. I've been through all the usual steps - uninstalling and reinstalling both the hardware and the drivers, re-imaged the system, checked the registry entries, cleaned up the OS as much as possible. But nothing works, and I thought I'd ask if anyone had come across this problem and knows a definitive solution before I have to send this unit back, which I really hate to do..........

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Dell :: DVD/CD RW Drive Will Not Read Or Write CDs
Dell XPS M1710. Phillips SDVD8820 DVD/CD RW Drive. Shows up in hardware manager, but all of a sudden, after writing a few discs in the morning, the drive just stopped being able to either read or write a CD.

I've tried reading both commercial audio CDs as well as audio CDs I've written on the system, and it just behaves as if there is no CD in the drive. Using iTunes, WMP, Media Monkey, and Nero 9...

When I stick a DVD in the drive and let Nero 9 check the drive out, it recognizes what type of drive it is, etc. But if I ask any of those apps to read or play a CD, they all say no CD is in the drive..

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Dell :: XPS M1710 DVD-RW Drive Vibration
Whenever my DVD-drive does any form of reading, it vibrates very... very... hard creating this really irritating sound along with it. The drive vibrates so hard that my entire desk shakes and I can feel it even when I work from the other end of my table.

It's especially annoying when I'm actually using my laptop keyboard and not my external as the vibrations are so strong, my hands get numb after a few minutes.

It's actually barely noticeable when I'm playing games because the drive usually only reads the CD for the initial load-up. But when I'm playing a music CD and the drive is reading constantly, it'll be like 2 hours of constant vibration -_-.

I've already gotten this DVD-drive replaced twice, and every single time, it does the same thing. Also, if it matters, I've had to get my motherboard replaced once XD. So even though the mobo + DVD-drive is brand-spanking new, I still get the same problem.

So if anyone could help me fix this problem, that would be great. And another question just to help me to stop worrying . Will the extremely strong vibrations damage any inner components of the laptop over time? I'm not exaggerating about the strength of the vibrations, they actually are that strong , so if its a possibility that it will cause any damage, I think I'll refrain from playing music CD's on my laptop -_-.

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Dell :: E6400: CD/DVD Drive Buzzing Noise
When I am burning a cd or dvd, the drive makes a really loud buzzing noise that sounds like its coming from some sort of vibration.

If I push the drive in and up just a bit while this happens, the vibrations stop and the noise goes away.

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Dell :: Dvd/cd Drive Problem (world Of Warcraft)
before I state my problem I should state that I do not have the latest windows updates installed (installing now) yet.

When I insert world of warcraft to install on my brand new Dell XPS M1530, I get all the way up until disc 5, and then the drive seems to freeze and it won't read disc 5.

On top of that, it won't read ANY cd or dvd unless I restart my computer (in which case it all works fine again, except disc 5)
does anyone know why this is?

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