Dell :: Extreme T7900 VS. T9300?

Aug 27, 2009

Which processor is better @ stock clocks? The older 2.8 or the newer 2.5?

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Dell :: XPS 16 Intel X25-E Extreme SSD

Feb 21, 2009

I'm wondering if it will be relatively painless to install a Intel® X25-E Extreme SSD (32GB) in my XPS 16.

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Dell :: T5750 -> T9300

Oct 12, 2008

I recently purchased a XPS M1530 and it arrived with the T5750 2.0 GHZ Processor. I decided to upgrade it soon to the T9300. I was wondering if doing so there would be a noticeable performance increase in various processes (Gaming,etc).

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Dell :: XPS M1330 T7100 To T9300

Oct 12, 2008

I bought the XPS M1330 when it first came out in the UK

I have the T7100 1.8ghx CPU and 2GB Ram and Running Vista Business

I find that authoring DVDs and playing games can be a bit slow, so I wanted to Upgrade the power of my CPU.

Can anyone suggest a good CPU to upgrade to, which is compatable with the 1st M1330 ? - I hear that the T9300 is a good one but I dont know anythiing about compatability?

Also, wouyld you recommend another 3GB of RAM? - (Even though I hear that Vista 32 bit only supports 3GB RAM?)

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Dell :: 1520 Extreme CPU Issues

Oct 30, 2009

I have had a Dell 1520 inspiron for 2 years now.
I t was working well until lately when it became slower and slower, I formated it and reinstalled everything but the problem persisted

I did a Windows experience index and the memory operations and CPU scores are 2,8 when initially they where easily over 5 in both categories, it means a great degradation

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Dell :: Upgraded CPU From T5450 To T9300

May 29, 2009

Just upgraded the CPU in my M1530 this afternoon from a 1.66gHz T5450 to a 2.5gHz T9300.

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Dell :: Overclocking Core 2 Extreme

Jun 9, 2009

You can see the processor I have in my Signature, Core 2 Extreme X9000.

Basically, I've never dabbled in overclocking before. However I have been running a lot of CPU intensive programs recently, and decided it might be time to try and overclock the CPU. I have a few queries though.

1: Is it normal for the fans to be on full blast when overclocked? I put it up to 3.4GHz, and as soon as I started my computer it sounds like it's going to take off...

2: Will this void my warranty? In the BIOS Dell says it can cause problems and run down the life quickly - However it doesn't say it'll void the warranty. Confirmation anyone?

3: In reference to question 1, if @ 3.4GHz it will continue to sound like a jumbo jet, what speed/s can I go to without it maxing out the fan?

4: My temperature for my CPU is currently jumping from between 48 and 61 degrees quite rapidly. Is this normal when overclocked?

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Dell :: M1730 CPU Upgrade From T9300 To X9000

Jan 13, 2009

I couldn't find an actual thread about this so I figured I'd start my own that can be easily picked up by search engines assuming your good selves can add some good info to it
I took the plunge after finding a final stepping X9000 OEM chip on Ebay for 269£ and I'd like to upgrade from my T9300. I'm fairly used to working on open laptops and I replaced the CPU in my old Inspiron 8000 with no problems so I figured I should be able to handle this swap as well.

However, I have a few questions.

1. I read in the M1730 thread "Dell is offering the X9000 but like ifti was saying it should be that hard of an upgrade because it looks like u can do it without removing the motherboard

the only thing is this may void your warrenty ud have to check that"
Has anyone successfully switched the CPU on the M1730, and can they confirm that you don't need to remove the entire board and the screws are accessible from the top of the board to remove the CPU?

2. What can I use to clean the existing compound that I will have to remove before applying my own compound (Arctic Silver 5)

3. Any other advice before I break open my M1730?

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Dell :: Actuall Difference Between T8300 And T9300

Sep 21, 2008

Is there any actuall difference between T8300 and T9300 ? is there very much deffrence in performace?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 T9300 Or X9000?

Apr 1, 2009

it made quite a bit of differance. Now I'm contemplating going to the X9000 2.8Ghz.

Is there any reason I shouldn't? Will I see any differance? I'm basically trying to get my computer to run as fast as possible. Not sure why, just always have the urge to work on and improve things

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Dell :: T9300 Or 8400m Gs M1330 Upgrade

May 25, 2009

Looking to get my sister a m1330 for a graduation gift and right now if you spend $1300 plus on a M1330 u get 25 percent off.

So i'm looking for ways to get the laptop to add up to $1300 and i can either upgrade the processor to

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9300 (2.5GHz/800Mhz FSB/6MB cache)

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Dell :: What Is The Objective Of Having An Extreme CPUs If We Cannot Overclock Them

Mar 24, 2009

Inside my M6400 I have the Intel Quad Core Extreme CPU (QX9300), but the Intel tools to overclock the CPU are not available, so what is the real benefit of having an Extreme CPU ?

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Dell :: Corsair X256 Extreme SSD & E6400 Compatible?

Apr 6, 2010

Is anyone running the Corsair X256 SSD with an E6400 without any problems?

I recently replaced my stock drive with the X256 SSD (love the speed) Everything worked beautifully for three day, on the fourth... "No bootable devices found, please reseat your hard drive" message appears at morning boot.

I reseat the drive and boots fine. Next day, same thing... I found myself reseating the drive every morning multiple reseats at times. Appears to happen every morning and when resuming from sleep.

I have the latest drives, chipset, BIOS, you name it. I posted on Crosair's Forum and was advised to disable sleep mode. I did and problem still occurs. Today Dell sent out a tech to replace my motherboard, I guess I'll know tonight or tomorrow if the cause was the Mobo.

Anyone successfully running an SSD on their system?

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Dell :: 2007 M1330 W/T7500 => T9300 Upgradable

Oct 19, 2009

I just wanted to double-check if it's possible to drop in a Santa Rosa "refresh" into an older M1300 (Nov. 2007, std. SantaRosa w/ T7500, latest BIOS) and if it makes sense to...

I can buy a "boxed" T9300 for about €300, which does not exactly translate into a cheap upgrade so before I do so, I'd like to know if anyone's done it and if the performance boost is worth it...

Both processors are ~35W...

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Dell :: Can A Studio XPS 1640 Support An Intel Extreme X9100?

Feb 3, 2009

Well can it? I want to put one in mine. I guess it's anybody's guess, but I would assume the motherboard will apply the right stepping. The voltage and chipset and socket requirement is the same.

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Acer :: 5920G Upgraded To T9300

Apr 6, 2009

I just upgraded to a T9300 CPU, I bought it in ebay for £120 only, brand new (not an ES), and it is great. It is much cooler than the T7300 I had. Idle temp is around 32oC where before were around 40-42 oC. Of course I don't know if that was because I put fresh AS paste on the CPU where before the T7300, I think, had a thermal pad (melted on the core).

To be honest though, changing the CPU wasn’t as easy as I was imagined. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos as I didn’t know what I was doing but in the end all went well. I had to remove the graphic card and in order to remove the heat sink I had to remove a couple of other screws of the back chassis so I lifted it a bit to slide out carefully the heat sink. Then you remove the old CPU, clean the heat sink with ethanol and then place the new CPU, put some AS paste on the core and slide the heat sink in carefully and screw it tight on its place.

It is slightly faster in the games and much faster in using other software like movie maker. The games are running much smoother now but that is with games that are close to 21-24fps. World in Conflict uses a lot of that CPU. I ran the benchmark and with High physics and the CPU usage was 98-100%, both cores. During gaming is much less around 35%, explosions produce CPU usage spikes. Temp of CPU is around 65oC most of time during gaming, but it can go up to 68oC if you demand more from the CPU. My wPrime 32M score was 41s-42s with the T7300 and now is just below 30s (29.687s). My 3Dmark06 score increased as well from 4240 to 4567. I am very pleased with the end result.

Next thing is to upgrade to fast RAM like the 4GB (2x2GB) HyperX Kingston CL4 667MHz or 800MHz, then 320GB WD hard drive Black Scorpio and maybe try to upgrade to a new graphic card compatible with Acer 5920G with at least 512MB memory (9600M GS perhaps).

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Acer :: Overclock T9300 To T9500

Dec 24, 2008

is it a good idea to get a T9300 and overclock it to 2.6 GHz-2.8 GHz? The only difference (according to Intel's sheets) is the clock speed between T9300 and T9500.

I plan to buy a T9500/T9300 and put it in my Acer Aspire 6920G. Hopefully T9300 and OC.

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Acer :: 5920G + T9300 = Overheating

Sep 23, 2008

I popped a T9300 into my 5920G which went smoothly. But it seems its getting to hot...? I measured up to 66 Degrees C on the cores under load and 47 C idle.....? I though the stock processor T7500 and the T9300 disapated the same power?

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Acer :: Upgrading From A T9300 To T9500

Sep 22, 2009

My 6920G currently has a T9300 which is 2.5ghz on the 800MT/s FSB

Is the best CPU I can fit the T9500?

By my understanding, everything quicker than the T9500 has the 1066MT/s FSB and won't work? Is this correct?

Would you consider the performance increase from T9300 to T9500 worth the money and hassle?

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Sony :: SanDisk Extreme III MS Pro-HG Duo (for Readyboost)

Jan 4, 2010

I've always been interested in Readyboost... It seems really clever to use flash memory for what it's good at, random data access. But usually flash drives and SD cards are very slow, like 3MB/sec.

Well I discovered that Sandisk makes a Memory Stick rated for 30MB/sec. I always thought Sony was foolish for creating another proprietary standard (a la Betamax), but in this case it seems to be the best for raw speed, and good for me since I can dedicate my VAIO CW's MS slot to Readyboost. I figured for $29 I might as well buy one and do some experimentation

So far I've done an HD Tune benchmark, but I can't test write speed because Windows doesn't allow you to delete a partition on a MS (HD Tune requires NO partition to exist). If anyone knows how to do this, let me know. Right now it's formatted as FAT32, but I don't know how that influences HD Tune.....

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Acer :: TM 800Hardware- Extreme Scrolling

Jul 17, 2007

I am having a problem with my TravelMate 800.

The mouse and keyboard are involved. When attempting to type (in Word or in a web-browser), the cursor will immediately scroll downdown, and will only stop when pressing the "escape" key. When you start typing again, the problem re-occurs, making typing extremely frustrating. The "page down" key also doesn't work.

When restarting, a blank screen will appear with a blinking "-" cursor at the top of the screen, and the notebook will beep nonstop until you press a key. Windows will then slowly load. It is not a virus problem as I've checked using Norton Antivirus, and removed

I believe it's most probably a software problem, and have tried to repair my system, but the recovery CDs didn't work. I got fed up and tried to format the notebook.... at first, the system CD loaded, but wouldn't go anywhere and there was a "not ready reading from drive z: abort, retry or fail" option, and none of the options worked. After attempting to reboot the second time, it would come up to a point saying:

PS/2 device found
EGA/VGA connected
Mouse driver installed

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HP/Compaq :: T9300 + PM45 (Montevina)

Apr 30, 2009

I've got a PM45 based notebook (DV7t-2080) which currently has a T6400 (Penryn 2M, 2.0ghz, 35Watt tdp)

The question is - will the PM45 chipset support the first generation penryn if i was to upgrade my cpu to T9300?

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Apple :: Airport Extreme Card

Sep 20, 2009

I work with my mac (Macbook Unibody Late 2008) and my buddy with his crappy netbook running Windows XP. It seems that his netbook is able to find significally more wireless networks than I can get with my airport card. The networks we both can find, his netbook always has a FAR better signal than what my Macbook and pull. Can anybody let me know if theres some kind of issue with my airport card or is there something i dont know about with wireless networks....

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Dell :: How Do I Overclock A M6300 64 Bit Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme X9000 Notebook

Mar 25, 2008

I'm curious if anyone knows if these notebooks can be overclocked? If so, how?

I read a review that one laptop vendor allowed over-clocking via BIOS but I'm not sure if Dell does this also and was hopeful that those of you much more learned than I could tell me if it's possible on the new Dell 6300 64 bit with the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme X9000 chip?

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Sony :: SZ680 Upgrade T9300 Which Will Work

Jan 13, 2009

i'm upgrading my Sony SZ680 with t7300 to t9300, but i found two different t9300 on the web which one is the correct one?

Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 CPU SLAQG
Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 CPU SLAPV

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Acer :: Upgrading My CPU 7738G From T6500 To T9300

Sep 24, 2009

Have a t9300 from an HP Pavillion that died, and figured I could best put it to use in my new Acer 7738g, which currently has a t6500. I've heard it's possible but the whole socket M/socket P thing has me scratching my head...

Also not sure if the 7738 is one of those take-everything-apart-to-get-to-the-CPU jobs or just uncrew the base... and then eventually the heat sink to get to the CPU...anyone with experience with this series?

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Acer :: Extensa 5230 CPU Replacement (T9300)

Apr 20, 2009

The cpu Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 SLAYY is compatibile with the intel gl40 chipset. But is compatible also with the Acer Extensa 5230? (bios 1.28)

Instead the T5750 is compatible with this notebook?

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Apple :: Printer To Print Over AirPort Extreme To A PC

Jun 10, 2009

I have a Printer, 2 Macbook Pros, and 4 Vista PCs connected to an Airport Extreme. The 2 Macs see the printer just fine. But I couldn't get the Vista machines to see the printer.

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Apple :: AirPort Extreme/Express - No WiFi

Nov 7, 2009

I had WiFi with my trusty AirPort Extreme...until I installed AirPort Express. Now I have a whopping nothing!

AirPort Express keeps blinking the amber light of death (with internet connected), and will not transmit a signal. {Yes I have troubleshooted this thing over and over again to no avail}.

I have also switched the internet cable back over to my trusty AirPort Extreme, which will give me a green light, which promptly throws my network name into the list of available networks, but there is no signal strength displayed (in bars) and the Mac cannot connect to it.

I hope someone out there in MacLand might have a possible solution before both of these non-working airport devices find themselves flying out the window!

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Apple :: Airport Extreme Base Station

May 4, 2010

I setup the dual band Airport extreme station a few weeks ago and my Macbooks Pros have been working no problems. Blazing speeds.

When it comes to my 2 desktop PCs, though, a lot of problems.

My one PC connects and says it is connected, but the internet does not work. The page does not display at all.

My other PC (which Im on right now), also connects, but only Firefox works. IE does not display the page. I think FIrefox does work on both PCs, I just dont have it installed on the first one to verify.

What is going on? Even my iphone works flawlessly.

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