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Dell :: Getting A Windows 7 CD For A Refurbished Computer

The studio 17 that I bought i got from (instore) and im wondering if I can contact dell, give them some serial numbers or what ever, service tags etc would they be able to send me the windows 7 installation CD?

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Apple :: How Do You Install Windows And Mac OS In The Same Computer
How do you install Mac OS and Windows in the same computer? How does it work? Do you install them in completely separate partitions, only 1 OS can run at a time, only 1 partition is visible at a time, like common x86 Boot Manager? Or does Windows run on top of Mac OS?

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Dell :: 5150: Computer Locking Up During Windows Install
I have a laptop that has a processor microcode update failure message on startup.

It would boot fine after I pressed F1 but last week I tried reinstalling Windows and the after the computer restarts, it locks up when it gets to the windows logo and scrolling bar (before the Windows classic screen where you put in the name, date, time, etc.).

Ive tried using 2 different Dell reinstallation discs and a Windows disc but it always happens in the same place.

I checked for a BIOS update but there was never a newer revision for it...A38 or A39.

What could be wrong? I don't have a Dell resource CD to run diagnostics.

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Sony :: Is Your Vaio Z Series Laptop Your Main Computer Or Secondary Computer
Do Vaio Z Series laptop owners use their laptop as their main primary computer or a secondary computer? Do Vaio Z series owners also have a desktop pc as their primary computer and use their Vaio Z Series as a secondary computer? Or is your Vaio Z Series laptop your one and only computer that you always use? Is it comfortable using the 13 inch screen for long periods of time?

Reason i ask is some people have more then one computer and some people just have one.

I'm just wondering if the Vaio Z Series laptop is a good choice as a main computer since it's got good specs and it's nicely portable but will the 13 inch screen be ok to use for long periods even at the higher 1600 x 900 resolution?

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Dell :: How Old Can A Refurbished Be
I just bought a Dell XPS M1330 refurbished laptop. I know they have a 21 day return policy, so I figured it couldn't of been used more than 21 days by a customer. But after I looked at the specs I noticed the processor Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 is pretty old and is no longer offered for the M1330. So now I am wondering how old this unit could really be. I wouldn't want to buy a refurbished unit if it's been used for like 6 months or longer.

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Dell :: Refurbished LCD
Does anyone have Dell's external media bay for Latitude E or Precision models? I am interested in knowing whether it only works with Dell laptops or if it can serve as a generic DVD reader when I put my optical drive in it (useful for my netbook)

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Dell :: Refurbished Products
I'm looking for the link to the dell refurnished products, today I searched many times and I coudn't find it.

And the dell chat support people are so stupid, he tells me they don't sell refurnished products, I clearly saw many refurnished products for sale the other day on the dell website.

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Dell :: Refurbished M4400
I'm looking to replace a 3-year old IBM X60s that recently failed.

I'm considering a refurbished M4400 from Dell Outlet, and I have a couple of questions:

1.) How is Dell Outlet service and what quality can I expect from them? I know from Lenovo Outlet, most of the refurbished items are actually in immaculate condition. Is that the case for Dell Outlet? Is customer service and shipping times good?

2.) When browsing through the available M4400s, I see listings for both 15.4" WXGA and 15.4" WXGA LED. Are there M4400s with CCFL backlit WXGA panels? When configuring a new one, the only option for WXGA is LED.

And any other comments, advice, warnings, etc,

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Dell :: M1730 Refurbished
Just got an M1730 refurbed, and the speaker on the right hand side isnt working. Is this a common problem or a driver issue?

I called the place I got it from and they're sending a new speaker, but just wondering if I can check if its working or not

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Dell :: (refurbished) E1705
I bought my system from Dell about right at 3 years ago. I got an Inspiron 9100 with 3 years of CC for around $1700

P4 2.8 with HT Prescott
512 MB RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 with 64 MB
15 inch crappy screen
40GB 5400RPM HDD
CDR/RW DVD drive

They replaced my computer with an e1705

Core 2 Duo 1.73 T5300
2 GB DDR2-667 RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon x1400 256MB
17 inch WXGA Samsung
8xDVDRW drive
80GB 5400 RPM HDD

I was shocked that I got upgraded so much. Then I started reading some of the reviews of the x1400 and it was terrible. I benchmarked this computer and the graphics did a little better then my old system. I played some of the games that i usually played on my older computer and they ran a lot worse on this computer. I don't know if i should complain about the graphics card, since they did give me a huge upgrade and all.

Also, does anyone know about how they work their warranties. When i got this system and registered it on their website it said that i had three years of CC warranty left. Then when the warranty went dead on my other computer so did the warranty on my new one! If I knew that was going to happen i would had bought the extended warranty before it went dead.

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Dell :: Refurbished E6400
I just ordered one but I can't help but notice that the inventory is always well stocked

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Dell :: Buying Refurbished M4400
I should be aware of before pulling the trigger on a refurbished m4400?

What's been your experience with this particular m4400 refurbished model .....

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Dell :: How About The Refurbished Laptops From Outlet?
This certified refurbished Studio 1745 in dell outlet seems not bad with Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz)/ 500GB HD (7200 RPM) /4GB SDRAM/ 512MB ATI MHD 4570.

Which is $919, and the final price is $ 781 with the 15% off coupon.

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Dell :: Anyone Brought Refurbished Laptop Before
I did purchase a desktop from dell outlet but it was a Previously Ordered New, and that one was very good.

And I understand how much I will pay and what I will get,

Please tell me the truth about DELL refurbished laptop.s

(With same configuration , the price difference is about $800 for e6400 )

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Dell :: Refurbished Ownership Woes
Bought a refurb dell xps m1330 just over 5 months ago from and the screen has gone.

Works with an external monitor but black screen on the laptop. Has passed the 90 day aria warranty.

Have contacted Dell who tell me from the service tag of the laptop is registered to someone in Norway hence cannot help me

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Dell :: XPS M1530 -got A Refurbished One As A Replacement; Should I Take It?
Ok so I had a problem with my M1530 when it refused boot up. (black screen upon power up; not a display/screen issue)

So I called in for a repair and I had a technician come out on 2 different occasions to try to fix it once for a motherboard and second time for CPU/RAM. Both times the problem wasn't fixed so I shipped it to Dell for a repair .....

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Dell :: Refurbished Video Card For M90
My M90 is out of warranty and I need to buy a video card. Don't want to spend $700+ on a new one so I was looking at the refurbished.

The question is, how reliable are they, and if anyone has use one before. I found some on ebay for $250, witch is ok. Also found one that the seller claims is:
" Still Sealed In Anti-Static Bag

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Dell :: Would You Recommend A Refurbished M4400?
I'm weighing my options as I decide which notebook to go with. I really like the M4400 but it's a bit pricey (even with the sale going on now and the free screen), so I was wondering if a refurb is something to consider.

What would the warranty be like? How is it different from getting a new one besides not getting any papers/cd's, etc.?

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Dell :: How To Check A New Laptop :: New Or Refurbished?
i have got a laptop dell e6400 from outlet laptop is brand new and full box, but haven't seal (P/N 2y39z1s)

how to check laptop is brand new or refurbished?

i check some CD, DVD and i see some problem P/N in dvd different P/N in cover (does it made by dell ?) (see picture 1)

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Dell :: Refurbished Latitude E6500
I need a new laptop and in my price range started looking at the Vostro 1510, then kept reading that the Vostro fans were noisy, so I looked at the Lenovo SL500. Then after reading conflicting reports, I stepped it up a bit and started looking at the Latitudes.

I can get refurbished Latitude E6500 in the outlet for a bit more. I am fairly accomplished computer user (just don't do hardware). Is it worth it? I have been reading postings about many problems on these as well so I'm just not sure what to do at this point.

I am definitely looking for a matte screen, and Windows XP, bluetooth, and camera. If I purchase the E6500 I would like the backlit keyboard. Are there any other features I should look for? On the E6500 which graphics card is recommended -- Intel or NIVIDIA?

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Apple :: Refurbished MBP 2.4 Or 2.53
My old dell 860o died on me 2 months ago. been searching for something light and can do some gaming. Wonder if there are any video card issues like the previous generation.

So far nothing beats the mbp for the size. is mbp 5.5 lbs? so it seems the refurb is down to some decent pricing. is the 2.53 worth 150 dollars more? which is lower heat? is the 2.4 a p8600? just want to know a few tidbits of the laptops.

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Apple :: Refurbished 2.53/2.8 MBP Or New 2.66 MBP
Just wondering your thoughts on the following dilemma. I can get my hands on a refurbished 2.53 or 2.8GHz Unibody MBP through a special promotion. The prices are 1239 or 1439 respectively. Alternatively I am going through Heathrow Tax Free soon and will be able to get a brand new 2.66GHz MBP for about 1490.

So what do you think? Brand new or refurbed? And which of the two refurbs to go for? Did the recent processor bump (2.53--->2.66) bring any other changes that I would miss?

Holding off until WWDC may cost me the cheaper deal as the promotion is strictly while stocks last.

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Apple :: Refurbished MBA (Rev A) Vs UMB
I've decided to permanently park my 15" MBP on my desk, connected to an external monitor, speakers, keyboard mouse etc and use it as my torrent / wireless print server, and buy a smaller mac to replace it.

I only used the MBP for safari, itunes, messenger, office apps, and watching movies on the go.

I have spotted a first gen Macbook Air 1.6 ghz and a unibody MB 2.0 ghz for $1099 Canadian in the refurbished store. I think this is a pretty good price for either one and I get the full 1 year warantee with the option of extending it.

The MB seems ideal, but I wouldn't mind having the Air as well. I remember the first gen Air had all sorts of problems. Do you think Apple fixed the problems in this particular unit before putting it back up for sale?

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Dell :: Hardware Temperature Refurbished XPS M1730
Recently I bought refurbished XPS M1730. It was second hand refurbish i.e. no Dell warranty.

During normal work with CPU temperature ~~ 50-60C some loud fan(s) kicks in. It never switches off nor changes its RPM. Even if CPU temperature reads 42C.

Secondly T9400 CPU is throttled to lowest multiplier (6x vs. 12.5x max) and almost never goes up, regardless of CPU temperature.

Haven't notice any problems with GPUs. Air intakes: open. Room temperature: cool. Windows power savings settings: max performance. Latest BIOS, drivers etc. and so forth.

Would you say there's nothing wrong with this machine? The company that did the refurbish just told me so.

Second question. Using RMClock I locked highest CPU multiplier and got around 6.5K in 3DMark 06. Is this right for M1730 with T9400 and 2x8800gt sli?

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Dell :: Certified Refurbished Laptop From The Outlet?
I wanted to go for a previously ordered new latitude e6400, but should i trust and be comfortable getting a certified refurbished? they're even cheaper..

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Dell :: Has Anyone Canceled Or Returned A New/refurbished Notebook
I recently purchased a refurbished M4400 and have had a sizable amount of problems.

Dell is in the process of trying to rectify my problems. I am considering returning this notebook for a refund.

Has anyone had experience asking for a refund? If so, did Dell try to offer any incentives (a money discount/credit, etc.) to try convince you to keep the notebook?

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Dell :: Adding WWAN To Refurbished Studio 17
I purchased a refurbished Dell Studio 17 laptop today from Dell Outlet. I know if you buy one new, you can add Sprint WWAN, but can this feature be added to a refurbished model at a later date

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Sony :: Refurbished Notebooks
Wondering about those of you who had experience with the Sony Refurb notebooks. My understanding is that they are basically new old model, but come with only 90 days warranty.

THAT is the factor that scares me - the 90 day warranty as Sony repair is very expensive out of warranty.

Anyone comment on the risk vs the reduced price?

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HP/Compaq :: How To Identify A Refurbished HP
I'm considering to buy a factory refurbished HP DV7-2177, as I saw many people saying that factory refurbished ones are as good as a new one.

But what if it has no seal indicating that it is refurbished, that the vendor just took it off? Can I still recognize by using any program?

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Apple :: Refurbished MBP 15"
I am looking to purchase a 15" MBP from apples refurb page. The model I am looking at is the Refurbished MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. From what I can figure out, this may be last years unibody mb470 with the removable 4 hour battery. This unit also lists the dual video 9400m and 9600m gt. This is important to me and honestly it is the 1,299.00 price that is leaning me to this machine. I think the 13" may meet my needs just fine except for some layout work I do. But, with a 13" I am inclined to wait for the next refresh because the price of the current 13" may come down, or I may like the new i7 processor,(or whatever the new processor ends up being in there), and buy that. But with the 15", I want the 9600gt video and would not be able to afford the normal 1999.00 price point. So waiting would not help me get what I want/afford.

The one thing I can not figure out is if the 2.4GHz is in fact a Mb470 that includes an express card 34. It looks like it does in the picture but I can not find any test line that says this is included. I was wondering if someone has experience with Apple refurbished and knows if this unit includes the express card. I know in the new model this has been replaced with the sg card slot.....................

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Sony :: Vaio Refurbished Good Or Bad?
Just checking here to ask about any personal experiences with Sony's refurbs. Are they good, bad?

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Sony :: New Or Used/Refurbished- Vaio Z540NCB
I am planning to buy Vaio Z540NCB. I checked its specs on the internet and found them pretty good. However there is a problem. The shop from where I am buying this laptop is not an authorized Sony dealer. The shop owner says the laptop is brand new. And it looks new too. However a friend of mine says that its a refurbished laptop.

how exactly I can find out if the laptop is brand new or refurbished..........

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Dell :: Experiences Buying A Refurbished/dented Laptop From Outlet
I did not know about this Dell Outlet until I signed up here. The prices seem to be much lower than buying a new unit. I have my eye on a Dell M6400 unit..

So my question is, what are your experiences with a refurbished unit? By refurbished, are these units that have been rented out to businesses and returned? Will I be buying a 100% used unit? or does Dell replaces parts inside before selling them etc? Am I taking chances on these units or am I safe in terms of dependability?

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HP/Compaq :: Where Can I Buy Used/Refurbished Motherboard For Presario 1200
I'm looking to replace the motherboard on an old Compaq Presario 1200 XL-101 notebook. The part number for the motherboard is 169606-001. I'm looking for a cheap or refurbished one so I can get it fairly cheap ... under $50. The new ones across Google are way too expensive ... and I only found One Broken on eBay.

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Dell :: Putting A Refurbished M4400 Motherboard In A Latitude E6500. Worth It?
I am very curious with this Frankenstein-ish upgrade. I have seen both the Precision M4400 and the Latitude E6500 up close before and I do realize that both laptops use pretty much the same lower chassis and other modular internals with the only difference is the screen and screen bezel and touchpad unit.

With the exact port locations the same. Is it worth it to get a refurbished M4400 motherboard and swap it with a Latitude E6500 one and putting it in a fully working Latitude E6500?

The reason I ask about this is a friend of mine's mother works for a company that resells their ~1 year old Latitudes for a really cheap price (I think Latitude E6500's go around $250-$350 a piece!) and replace them with newer Latitudes and (rarely Precisions) from Dell the following year.

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Dell :: Is A Reliable Computer Too Much To Ask For?
Just got off the phone with XPS Support.. Not too happy.

I was on my computer earlier, and it froze. Left it alone for 20 mins before having to reboot. The HDD light was Stuck on. Got stuck on the windows start, once again with the HDD light on. Tried the startup repair, same thing.

Thought something in Windows mightve gotten screwed, so I tried launching the Dell Recovery. Nope, got same thing, hdd light stuck on.

Ok, thought it mightve screwed up the recovery partition, so I toss in the Dell windows 7 cd. Got stuck on the setup is starting with the hdd light on.

After reading the m1340 hdd light on thread, I put in my retail windows 7 cd. Got stuck at the same place, so I broke down and called support.

The rep had me do a pre boot assessment. Within 10 secs of launching it, my computer is beeping and flashing the keys indicating a failed hard drive. Even tho I can see it in the BIOs

Just ing great.

Is it really unreasonable to just get a computer that just works? I've had this computer for less than a month and have babied it. It came out of the packaging and has lived on my desk since.

Then, to top it off, my "next business day" onsite repair means the tech (which makes no sense, they won't ship it to me even tho I'm DCSE) will get the part in 2-3 days, arrange a time 3-5 days after that.

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Dell :: Massive Computer
My friend has a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium.

He got multiple viruses or his computer last week which led to many problems. While we were trying to remove the viruses, I think one of the antispyware programs deleted a system file since a system file had a virus in it. After restarting, the computer said "Missing Operating System". We've tried many things but to no avail. We would like to use the Dell Recovery Partition, but I can't seem to load up the Recovery Tool so it can boot the recovery partition. We've tried holding ctrl-F11 but nothing happens. In the mean time I've been able to boot up a live version of Ubuntu linux from a USB drive.

Is there any possible way to boot the recover partition and restore Windows?

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Dell :: Most Useful Programs For A New Computer
I've been pondering what I'm going to put on the new SXPS16 I'm getting.

I thought I'd post and see what you guys are installing for various things, like chat, office productivity, etc.

I'm looking more for things that will keep the resources down. So far, this is what I've come up with:




OpenOffice ....

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Dell :: Was This A Bad Time To Buy A Computer?
I was looking at the stuff coming out soon, and expresscard 2.0 and usb 3.0 are coming out (asus cancelled their first usb 3.0 motherboard as of yet) but with usb 3.0/expresscard 2.0, our dreams of a fast ssd insertable would quickly come to fruition. I was wondering how long it'd take, and if it'd be better to wait like a year?

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Dell :: Loading 'Computer', What...?
Maybe this is more a Win 7 issue, but anyways...

When I click 'Computer' in Win Explorer, Win Explorer starts to "load 'Computer'", as indicated by the tool tip on the cancel button (it says "Stop loading 'Computer'").

But why does this happen? What is there to "load"? If I click a drive letter the top contents of the drive are shown instantly, but not when I click 'Computer'. Also,

while loading the gray bar moves along the top of the window, but the HD lights do not flash any more than in ordinary use when not writing to the HDs. Furthermore, this "loading 'Computer'" gets slower the longer the progress...

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Dell :: Computer Beeping
once in a while, (actually rarely) my computer will beep at me once. what does this mean?

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Dell :: Specs Of A Computer-Illiterate
back in 2005 I bought an Inspirion 6000-D. A few days ago a cat spilled coke in it while I was out of the house. It was destroyed. Thankfully, I had the Dell accidental damage warranty (which I'd forgotten all about.) Here's the specs on what they're sending as a replacement.

Is this a decent machine?

1X498C Base,Notebook,Core Merom T5550,1.83,M1530
15314R Documentation,Airborne,CaptureExchange
1C912C Module,Label,Intel,Notebook Core Merom,Core Penryn
1CM279 Module,Bezel,Liquid Crystal Display,W/CMRA,Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp,M1530
1CY416 Module,Software,Dell Media Direct,3.5,Operating System
1CY425 Module,Software,Dell Media Direct,3.5,HAWKE
1D050D Module,Software,VHP32SP1 Consumer Notebook,England DAO/BCC
1D351F Module,Liquid Crystal Display Notebook,Black,Dummy,M1530
1DP434 Module,Card(Circuit),Network DW1395,Inspiron,Dell Americas Organization

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Dell :: Old Version Of Office On New Computer
I got the XPS M1530, 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 64 bit Vista & Blu-ray writeable. Also got Office, but the version is 2007.

Is that the latest available? Seems odd to buy a new high end computer & get old software.

Also, they have the hard drive partitioned into C: & D: The D: drive is called RECOVERY & uses ~8GB. I couldn't find where this is described anywhere. Sounds important.

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Dell :: Can't Start Computer From CD To Reload XP
i have done this several times before on diffrent computer, but this dell desktop is not doing what it suppose to do.

I put the Win xp pro in the cd rom and restarted the computer after I change the boot to boot from CD, and computer go to tart windows. i chnagedeverything and reset to defult and also diconnected the hard drive. nothing works. on F8 i also selected CD rom , and didn't work. this is a 3 years old computer that getting very slow and has too much junk on it from the kids and I want to format it. any ideas how i can go around this.

Dell - Pentium 4, 3.00 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP

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Dell :: Complete Care -- What Does One Need To Do To Get A New Computer?
I've had a ton of problems with this one in the past, from a cracked case (still cracked) to a dvd drive that doesn't work (dell didn't do anything, I didn't stay on them,) to a bunch of other problems.

Any way to get them to just replace it? I've had it for ~2 years, with another year left on my warranty.

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Dell :: Computer Isn't Getting Electricity From Plug
My computer isn't getting electricity from being plugged in. Is it the DC Jack that I need to replace?

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Dell :: New Computer, 1720 To 1710
I had a 1705 and it crapped out. Got a 1720, wasn't bad, but just not me. No dell didn't repalce mine with an exchange from the 1705 to the 1710. I am an honest person and didn't feel like spending hours and hours of my life. So I picked up a 1710 from the outlet...

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Dell :: Computer Throttles Down To 800Mhz And STAYs There
I have a Studio 1555

I have a core 2 duo processor with 2.4ghz each core.

But for some reason speedstep works correctly and then randomly out of the blue it will throttle down to around 800Mhz and just STAY there, no matter what settings I've put, no matter if it's plugged in or not and no matter if I NEED more power.

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Dell :: Computer Noise Coming Through Firewire
I have got a Dell 9300 that I've been using for recording for a while. I've recently gotten a new external audio interface, a Presonus Firestudio that I connect to the Firewire port on the 9300. I'm getting digital noise coming through the Firestudio from the 9300 through the Firewire port. The noise, ie. chirping, clicking and popping, happens when you move your mouse or resize a window.

I've tried running the interface into the computer using a PCMCIA to FW adapter and running it into the cardbus slot. That has reduced the noise some, but has not eliminated it.

I don't remember getting this noise always, but I certainly have been dealing with it for a while. The noise isn't recorded so I can record just fine, it's just noisy when I'm monitoring.

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Dell :: Computer Running Slower Than Normal
I have noticed that sometimes my computer is running slower than normal... how can i fix this? what are some steps that i can take?

is it true that norton really does slow down computers?

if your computer is running slow, could that just be a result of windows vista (if you have the latest update)?

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