Dell :: How Do The Graphics Cards Of M1530 And Studio 16 Compare

Apr 7, 2009

how much stronger one is over the other. The m1530's is a 256mb card, but it's ddr3 and seems a lot more powerful than the typical 8600M.

Oh, and does anyone know when there'll be new colours for the studio 16? =)

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Dell :: E6400 Battery Life Compare To 2 Video Cards

Aug 24, 2009

I'm interesting in buying a Dell E6400 and I would like to know the battery duration time different between using a Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator against using NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M?

Another question regarding performance, is there a visible performance gap between P8600 and P8700 CPU's?

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Dell :: Studio 15 Lets Compare Game Performance

Feb 5, 2009

For all the dell studio 15 owners please post the games you have testing and what framerates you receive. Tell us what settings you use to play the game.
Please list the specs of your studio 15.

Let me be the first,
Studio 1537
256mb Ati Mobility radeon 3450
Intel core 2 duo t-5800 2.0ghz
250 gb 5400rpm harddrive
3gb of ddr2 800mhz ram.

My games I play.
Left 4 dead- Medium/high at 1280 by 800 resolution. I have everything on high besides shadows, which i set to medium, and I tuned download AA to 2x. Antrofic filter is on 16x. It runs around 20-35 fps. Average around 30 .....

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Dell :: DirectX 10 Graphics Cards For E1705

Jul 31, 2007

Is there going to be any DirectX 10 capable cards ever available for the e1705 ?

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Dell :: Removing Those Thermal Pads On M90 Graphics Cards

Mar 18, 2009

Can I remove those pads and use AS5 in place of them or no?

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Dell :: Two Wireless Cards In M1530?

Feb 28, 2009

I have the m1530 with the iwl 4965, I have another card, dell (Broadcomm) 1390 mini card.

I was wondering if I can install the other one alongside my 4965? If I am not mistaken, there are more antennas to use.

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Apple :: New Midrange Laptop Graphics Cards From Nvidia

Jun 17, 2009


any chance that apple will put some of the new graphics cards in the macbooks/macbook pros?

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Acer :: Timeline 3810T/TG Modified BIOS Fix For Both Graphics Cards Powered On

May 15, 2010

Modded BIOS 1.27 for Aspire TM 3810.

Version with Intel/Ati/Switchable options in Switchable Graphics menu:

Extended version with additional unlocked options:

Don't forget to change User Access Level to see all options

advan20092 is AWESOME!

Just to explain how awesome this modded BIOS is: It enables a new INTEL-ONLY graphics setting in the BIOS for the TG models. This disables the ATI chip entirely, basically making the Switchable Graphics TG models act like the T models, which "fixes" the bug where both graphics chips are active after a Resume from Standby.

This gives 3810TG owners the promised battery life of 8+ hours. One caveat - it disables the HDMI port. For HDMI you have to use Switchable or ATI-ONLY modes.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Other Graphic Cards Than ATI 4760

Mar 24, 2010

I basically wanted to ask if there will be any new graphic cards coming up for xps 16? I really like everything else but the graphics card.

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Dell :: Studio XPS Can I Upgrade Video Cards?

Apr 25, 2010

Tomorrow I will be ordering the Dell Studio XPS 17.3" for 1.5k.

It comes with EVERYTHING I've always wanted such as i7, 1tb HD, blu ray, 6g ram, etc.

My only quarrel is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670.

1) Can this card handle all current games on high/max?

2) Can I upgrade it in the future by swapping it with something better?

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Switching Wireless Cards

Dec 30, 2008

Would I see a boost in performance, if I went online and bought an Intel Wifi 5300 card and switched out the current default one?

I have the studio 1537 with a Core 2 Duo p8400, would I notice any performance difference with my computer rockin the Centrino technology?

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Dell :: Pc Cards Vs Express Cards .. Why The Complication?

Jan 4, 2009

I am in the process of building a new del on the website, is has really been sometime since I did this and there seems to be alot of new technology that i am not familier with...

the first one is the graphics card.. i have 4 options...

Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD With Express Card

Mobile Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD with PC-Card

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M, 256MB With Express Card

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M, 256MB With PC-Card

i would assume that the following cards have different perfomances, but what is the difference between a Express card and a PC card... and what is the better one to have?
And what card would be better for some gaming.. "i am a command and conquer addict"...

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Dell :: M1530 Graphics

Mar 2, 2009

I was just wondering if anyone thinks that my graphics (8600GT 256MB GDDR3) in my M1530 is going from the following:

1. Laptop is 8 months old, I use it mainly for gaming and on average over those 8 months I would say I play games for at least 3 hours a day.2 weeks ago I bought Fallotu 3 to play it with mods, thats when these issues turned up which are:After playing for a little while, the graphics went all 'strange', moving in game was impossible, alot of the textures went purple then BSOD. (15 days ago)The game crashed on exit (not unusual if you know FO3 or Oblivion), then BSOD. (8 days ago)Similar to the first one, however the screen went 'speckly' and you could see different parts of the level (as if I had noclip on). I exited the game, but the 'speckles' were still present in Vista, including the shutdown screen. I turned it off and then on again and it was fine then. (Yesterday)Finally, similar to the above with the noclip style look, just no speckles, but I managed to exit the game, shutdown, restart and everything was fine again, infact I played for 4 hours straight after that. (Yesterday)
Unfortunatly I didn't get chance to read the BSOD errors.

Also bare in mind that I have played Fallout 3 for several hours each day since I got the game (16 days ago) without any serious issues (a few CTDs, but thats normal for FO3).

Apart from these issues I have never had a BSOD with this laptop, and very few other crashes that weren't 'understandable'.

So my question is; is this the starts of the NVidia GPU issue? Should I get a replacement or wait for more information?

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Dell :: Studio 1555 W/4570 GPUlow Desktop Graphics Score But High Gaming Graphics Score From WEI

Dec 17, 2009

Just purchased a 1555 with the radeon 4570 512mb GPU, Windows 7 64-bit, and performance is generally very good apart from one strange result. Windows experience index reports the following -

Processor - 5.7
Memory - 5.8
Graphics - 4.9
Gaming Graphics - 6.3
hard disk - 5.9

So the only low result is the desktop aero graphics performance at 4.9, which seems strange when the 3D businnes/gaming graphics score is 6.3. Other results i've seen posted on forums of the Windows 7 WEI scores are usually the same for desktop graphics and 3D graphics in Windows 7, which I would have expected as I understood that aero uses the GPU similarly to games. If anything, it looked like in most results the desktop graphics scores were slightly higher than the gaming graphics scores.

Does anyone know why I could be getting a lot lower desktop graphics score compared to gaming graphics?

I've checked the graphics drivers are up to date.

Can anybody else post their Windows 7 WEI scores from the 1555 with the 4570 512mb GPU?

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Dell :: M1530 Dying Graphics

Jun 19, 2009

I've had my m1530 for around 15 months or so... and while going old school and playing nfsu2, i got this!

Is the graphics card dying? Was it a driver issue?

Problem was solved when i restarted the computer....

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Dell :: XPS M1530, Best Graphics Card

Nov 19, 2008

My M1530 came with the Geforce 8400M GS card and I was wondering what is the best one I can upgrade to? I read somewhere it won't accept newer graphics cards or something like that? Just trying to make it a little faster.

Also as far as upgrading the CPU, in the device manager it lists it as an Intel Core 2 Duo T5550. I'd like to upgrade this also but as far as newer CPUs go I'm not sure which models would work

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Dell :: M1530 Update Graphics Driver To 185.20

Jan 14, 2009

I'm thinking of updating the graphics driver on my M1530 from Dell's 176.44 version to the latest 185.20 version from Laptopvideo2go.

Wanted to ask a few questions before doing so, mainly:
Are there any problems when "waking up" from sleep with these drivers?Anyone got any benchmarks or comments on performance for these drivers? Mainly play COD4, Fallout3, Farcry 2...Notice any difference in temps.?
Anyone who has installed them i would appreciate your comments!

Should mention I'm running Vista SP1, 4GB RAM, T7250 and i usually overclock my card to 610/902.

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Dell :: Xps M1530 :: Heat Issues With The Graphics Card

Jan 11, 2009

i heard there were several heat issues with the graphics card and stuff.

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Dell :: Can A XPS M1330 Even Remotely Compare With A Sager Np2096

Aug 22, 2008

My friend wants me to bring him oblivion, as he believes it will run it well (high or max settings). He has a Dell XPS M1330 laptop.

I recently ordered a Sager NP2096 pretty much specifically for oblivion, but also for hauling around a uni campus, so i wanted something light. I was told the NP2096 would run it at medium-high settings.

His dell XPS is very light, which confused me, as i thought that the XPS gaming laptops were very heavy (11 pounds), then i looked up the specs and found that his XPS isn't a gaming model.

When talking to him i was under the impression that i made a mistake ordering the Sager, because according to him, his XPS was lighter, slightly cheaper, and would even play oblivion better. I don't want to regret my purchase.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15 TempsLet's Compare

Apr 4, 2010

Just got my new Envy 15... I'm kind of on the fence right now whether I want to keep it or not once the MSI Gx640 comes out. It really comes down to temps... this thing is hot (also the touchpad is horrible). I reinstalled Windows, and did everything but update BIOS (still default).

When I boot the computer and it's idling both palm rests get lukewarm almost right away. This is weird considering it's not doing anything.

Right now my CPU (520m) is at 30% load and my temps are between 65c and 70c, running the Battlefield Bad Company 2 updater. The right palm rest is noticeably warm and the left palm rest is hot (still usable). The bottom of the laptop in the front is too hot to touch for more than 10 seconds.

Is this "normal"? I thought this thing was supposed to run cool idle and not get too hot with the i5. I haven't even stressed it to 100% and it's getting hot. I want to see other people's temps (JJBs temps seem way low, even at max load).

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HP/Compaq :: HP 8740w- How Does It Compare To A Thinkpad

Apr 5, 2010

The specs seem great. Magnesium chassis (compared to ABS plastic for Thinkpad), durable aluminum finish, and a coated keyboard.

How is the sound compared to the Thinkpad (My W500 is VERY quiet)?

How is the track point and keyboard compared a Thinkpad?

How is the screen compared to a Thinkpad (I can't imagine it is worse!)?

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Dell :: Studio 15 And Graphics Options

Mar 12, 2009

im a pretty average college student and i need to replace my laptop, ive deteremined it down to the studio 15 b/c i like its battery life, but i cannot decide what to do about the graphics card

i will put flatly i do not game, however i do run alot of sort of UI fancy up stuff like topdesk, windowsblinds, and so forth, and id like to be able to run aero and output using hdmi

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Dell :: Studio 15 Graphics Stuck Low Resolution

Jul 16, 2009

I can't get Vista Business x64 to recognize the graphics driver. Both Catalyst and XtremeG install fine,

but when I reboot the highest resolution I have is 1400x1050 and Windows only displays 'Standard VGA graphics adapter' in device manager.

Is this a common problem or do I need to do something else? I know the XPS m1330 had a quirk where you needed to install the SATA driver before installing windows which had me baffled for hours...

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Dell :: Graphics Card In Studio 1737

Sep 13, 2009

I recently purchased a Dell Studio 1737 for mainly college, everything about this laptop is great, except the graphics card, the infamous Intel Media Accelerator.

I would like to know if there's anyway to replace, or would I have to get another motherboard to replace it, and if I have to replace it I would like to know a estimate of how much it would be,

and personally I would like a high end Nvidia card =], not so much ATI.

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Dell :: Which Graphics Driver To Use Fr Studio 1555?

Oct 12, 2009

Dell is offering driver version 8.631.0.0000 (A09) for the mobility radeon 4570HD on their site.

I'm currently running modded catalyst 9.9 and the current driver installed is 8.632.1.2000.

Any reason I should use the Dell driver in this case or should I just keep on using the modded AMD one (which will probably be updated on a more regular basis)?

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Dell :: New XPS Studio 13 Graphics Drivers Released

Feb 10, 2009

Drivers are available here for Vista x64.

The are NVidia version 178.75 and should help with stability when using Hybrid SLI.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Graphics Issues

Sep 6, 2009

I purchased a Dell Studio 15 last June, and since I have gotten it has yet to continually play any game.

I have installed Call of duty 2, and call of duty 4. I can play call of duty 2 for about 30 minutes before I begin to have graphical issues.

On the other hand, call of duty 4 experiences graphical difficulties immediately when i begin playing.

The strange thing is though that I have played call of duty 4 without any difficulties. I have called dell and installed/reinstalled the drivers and it doesn't work

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Dell :: Graphics Card On Studio 1737

Feb 18, 2009

Just bought a 1737 yesterday but the dell website crashed after I'd made he specification, so I had to do over.

Long story short, second time I selected the components I managed to miss upgrading the graphics card from integrated intel to dedicated ATI.

The status is currently "preparing for delivery" and I need to have the order amended to include the dedicated graphics

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Dell :: Studio Xps 1647 Switchable Graphics Support?

Jan 11, 2010

It looks like Dell will be upgrading to the mobility HD 5730 (which is lame, by the way, since there will amost certainly now be no gddr5 memory but thats for another thread).

But my question is whether they have enabled the switchable graphics or are making us pay for an IGP we will never be able to use.

I'll bet the lazy engineers at Dell wont bother with it and argue that you dont need intergrated graphics if you have discrete graphics and so on ......

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Dell :: Studio 15 No Longer Offering Discrete Graphics?

Apr 27, 2009

I just went to the Dell US site to configure a 15 Studio laptop and notice when you go to configure the laptop the only choice for graphics is the integrated 4500HD!

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