Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Battery Options?

Feb 3, 2009

My mother's Dell Inspiron e1505 needs a new battery. However, after she did research, she said that the OEM Dell batteries are really bad, and that 3rd-party options (such as Rayovac) are better.

I've always been told the opposite--that the OEM batteries are the best.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Battery

Dec 31, 2008

I have E1505 and my battery decided to die today.

I have a simple question. Does anyone tried out those generic 9 cells battery for inspiron 6400 (E1505)? are they any good? most of them (made in China).

I ask this question because they are really cheap (90$ for 9 cells and 60$ for 6 cells) compared to genuine dell batteries (289$ and 160$).

in addition dell genuine batteries for inspiron 6400 are really bad (doesn't last beyond one year), so it is a waste of money to buy these expensive batteries.

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Dell :: 9-cell Battery Worth It For Inspiron E1505?

Jan 3, 2009

Well I have been looking to upgrade my 6 cell to the 9 cell because at most I can get 2 hours + on power saver mode. But I am looking to greatly improve that. I am running Vista Premium and Have a intel core duo, a Ati x1400 and thats all the info that should be important to know.

I was going to make a decision based on the consumer reviews on dell but some are

1/5 D3ll iz teh horrible! b@ttetry brokeded.



SO I would like to ask real people in stead of really on the idiots and trolls on dells review page.

Oh and if you have the 9 cell can you tell me what kinda of battery life you are getting on the 3 different options. (power saver, balanced and High performance)

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Dell :: So What Are Some Options On Battery Replacements?

Jan 15, 2009

130 bucks for a 6-cell battery on my 1400? Ouch!

I'm not looking for one just yet but I was curious and looked it up. Are the prices still inflated after that factory fire or something?

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Dell :: Battery Life For M1330 Or Other Options?

Mar 21, 2009

I woul like to know how much i can get with the 9 cell battery, LED display, ssd and 8400.
I am looking at a 13.3-14.1 with long battery life. Any other suggestions? I like the illuminated keyboard on the studio 1340, but it's heavier and i hate that leather part, plus the airflow problems.
Lenovo u330 is nice, but have some battery problems as i saw.

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Dell Latitude E6520 :: Battery Management Options

Apr 14, 2013

I've heard there is a possibility in e6530 laptop to set the battery to only charge to certain level (what would extend li ons battery life). I have updated my bios to A17 in my e6520 but haven't found it.

Is there any way to reach it on my laptop?

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV7T Battery Options

Mar 11, 2010


running reasonably solid (and still on Vista!) I have definitely got my money's worth out of it like 1000X over .

Only a couple of issues - first, my charger went TU about 3 days before the 12 month warranty expired. I ran out and quickly snagged a Kensington replacement: pretty nice slimline that has multiple adapters, it's actually been handy as an upstairs 2nd charger. HP for the record, also sent me a brand new OEM replacement without too much hassle, just using on online service chat

OK, the matter I'm posting about: my battery has finally gotten wrecked to the point where it's good for about 15-18 minutes on performance, maybe 22-24 on low power settings.

I'd like to be semi-portable again so I'm weighing these options:

Another "stock spec" 8 cell, which I believe it a G08

I see HP offers (through various sellers) a "green" replacement, model G04. I don't think it has longer life, but it's supposed to be warranted for 3 years, plus offer a guarantee of much less charge loss (I think it's something like 95% availability the first year) and replaced pro-rated based on use. Sounds like a better option - the only thing I find peculiar is it's indicated as a 4-cell, with "8-cell" equivalent. I don't really case as long as it works!

My 3rd option is to go aftermarket with a 12-cell battery. The extra weight size isn't that big of a deal, and I even like the idea if the rear being elevated (in my office, I usually keep it hanging off the corner of the desk for better ventilation).

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Dell :: Inspiron 15 (or 1535) & Inspiron 6400 (or E1505)

Feb 20, 2009

I am looking into replacing my old Dell Inspiron 6400, as it has been excellent -I think I should buy another Dell!

I am looking at the new Inspiron 15, which has a 15.6" display.

Can anyone tell me whether the actual laptop itself is bigger or smaller than my current 6400? I am interested in knowing width.

I see a lot of dead space on my 6400, and hopefully Dell realized this, and instead of making another 15.4" with dead space, they made use of this and gave a better display!

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505

Jan 2, 2009

My Dell Inspiron has a problem, everytime i connect the power supply to charge it while its on the monitor will completely black out on me... Has anyone had or heard of this problem before?

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Dell ::Inspiron E1505

May 21, 2009

This is a somewhat new problem but I'll be using the computer for anywhere from 10-30 minutes when I can hear the fans go on and the computer will slow to a crawl.. from like 1.7ghz to something like 900mhz... just slows down really bad. It's got a pentium dual core in it .....

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Dell :: Replacing The CPU In An Inspiron E1505

Jun 28, 2009

My computer has the Intel Pentium T2080 processor. When I talked to Dell, they said that it couldn't be replaced but I noticed that it comes out of its standard PGA478 slot easily.

I would hate to spend the money for a new processor without knowing that it will work, so my question is will a core 2 work? If not, would a Pentium from the T2000 series such as the T2130 (the T2080's closest relative) work?

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Touchpad

Apr 12, 2010

My issue is that last week I noticed that my touchpad (mouse) moves erratically (shaky), not very smooth when moving around.

I thought it was a virus so I reinstalled windows 7 and installed all the drivers and so fourth .....

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Dell :: Memory For My Inspiron E1505

Sep 25, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron e1505 that is a couple of years old. I just bought it from a guy at work and it seems to be working pretty good.

I do a lot of photo editing and while I realize this is not a top machine for this, it works better than what I had. It now has 1G of memory in it and I think that I can up that to 2G max.

What should I be looking for and where is the best place to get it? I would like to buy local, but that may not be the best option as far as price goes.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Speakers

Aug 10, 2009

I just found this site and signed up. Looks like some good info here. I have a couple of questions if you all don't mind.

I just bought a gently used e1505 from a friend at work. He just got a Macbook Pro.
The laptop seems to be working great so far. I am replacing my tower at home with this and am trying to figure a couple things out.

1. I have pair of Boston speakers with a sub that I used with my tower. I remember that in the audio settings, there was a box to tic for "Digital Output" and I had to tick that box to get the speakers to work.

I cannot find that box on the e1505 and I cannot get the speakers to works by just plugging them in. What am I doing wrong here?

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Dell Inspiron E1505 :: CPU Usage 99%

Nov 10, 2014

I had Windows 7 on Inspiron E1505, it was getting slow So I installed clean Windows 8.1.But even after installing Windows 8.1 I see sometimes CPU usage go over 90%. But CPU and Disk usage come back to around 50% after sometime. I see usage shoots to 90% when I open new tab in chrome or IE. Most of the CPU and Disk is used by Chrome, System, Service Host: Local Services / Network Restricated.

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Dell :: Ram Upgrade For Inspiron E1505... (speed Q)

Jul 19, 2009

I'm running stock 2x 512 mb 533 Mhz ram right now.

I would like to upgrade but I can't find information about my motherboard ANYWHERE. It's not listed on the dell system specs website, either.

So, my question comes down to which would be better:
PC-5300 (667Mhz) ram with 4-4-4-12 timing or PC-6400 ram (800Mhz) with 5-5-5-18 timing?

What is the maximum speed of memory that the e1505 can use? If it's 667 Mhz, I'm of course going to go for the ram with faster timing, but if it's 800 Mhz then I'll go for the speed. I'm using a 2.0 GHz core 2 if it matters, and all I could find it bios is that it's a mm061 "system

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 XP Reinstallation Issue

Apr 3, 2009

So I'm planing on reformatting my E1505, but I'm faced with a daunting problem. My laptop screen is broken.

This is the first time I'm reformatting on my own and I'm worried that the broken screen would cause a problem. The monitor I have hooked up only starts showing things from my laptop after the boot up process gets to the blueish screen that says Windows is starting up.

If I were to go into the installation menu, is there a way for me to get it to appear on my external monitor instead of the broken laptop monitor?

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Dell :: Inspiron 6400 / E1505 Need Hinge

Mar 25, 2010

In the forefront we can see the hinge, and in the background we can see the piece behind the hinge (PBTH) - I have no idea what to call it, so from now on it will refer to it as the PBTH. =)

Ok, the problem I've had - for years - is that the PBTH does not stay where it is supposed to stay.. the three plugs do not stay in their holes. This has caused the outer plastic part of the LCD cover to split when I close the lid.

After a few years of this, the bezel cracked on me... so I decide to get a new bezel, and I tried to fix the hinge problem.

I'm not sure what mechanism was used to keep those 3 prongs in their holes, but I was going to try contact cement (for a lack of better ideas) - if you have any other ideas, please let me know.

But now my problem is this:

Last night I glued the PBTH into place, put everything back together..tried close the lid - was met with major resistance - and the glue/PBTH bond broke.

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Dell :: Latitude D620 Or Inspiron E1505

Jul 26, 2009

Question, I have both a Latitdue D620 which I upgraded the RAM to 4G and the Hard drive to 320G. But I also have an Inspiron E1505 with 2g of RAM.

I want to give one of my laptops to my father because he doesn't have money to purchase a new one. Which one should I give to him? I really like both laptops. please give me your honest opinion.

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Dell :: Is It Worth Doing Either Of These To A Inspiron E1505/6400?

Apr 4, 2009

I'm currently using a Dell inspiron 6400/E1505 notebook although i wish to upgrade to a studio 15 or 17 i cannot afford it at the moment i can however afford to upgrade the notebook i have a little bit more, the 2 upgrades i'm considering are,

Upgrading the RAM to 2 x 2gb (I spoke to someone on these forums a while ago about it and apparently it is possible) but i'm unsure if its worth it because i can't see anything that'll be different enough to warrant the upgrade .....

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Dell :: Loud Cd Drive (w/ Inspiron E1505)

Jan 10, 2009

I have an Inspiron E1505 with a Sony DVD+-RW DW-Q58A cd/dvd drive. I THINK I have a firmware/driver issue with it because of a weird problem I've been having lately.

I noticed a couple times when running the DVD-ROM of a new game, the disc spun up really, REALLY loudly. And, the disc won't autoplay (I don't know if that's related to the cd drive or not...autoplay hasn't been working for a while, now). For the most part though, the disc spins-up normally and the game runs just fine. The problem comes up everytime I quit the game -- the screen goes black as if going back to the desktop but seems to freeze .....

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Dell :: Inspiron 6400 / E1505 CPU Upgrade?

Oct 21, 2009

I DID search but found conflicting information.

I have a Dell here that I just picked up free due to having a busted screen and a bad battery. Luckily I have a HUGE pile of dead laptops and had these parts!

The laptop says Inspiron 6400 on it but the service tag shows up as a E1505 on Dell's site. The service tag is 4Q38YB1 if that helps.

I put two 1gb DDR2-800 sticks in (though it comes up as 533MHz) and a 120gb SATA drive in.

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Dell Inspiron E1505 :: Get Nothing On Screen And No Sounds At All

Mar 25, 2013

my inspiron E-1505 that I haven't used in a couple months won't boot. It has power and is charging the battery. The battery is okay. I get lights on the unit when I push start but nothing past that. If the cmos battery was dead would it start anyway? I took the HD out and put it back in. I get nothing on the screen and no sounds at all. The led's on the MB all flash during start.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505, Win 7 X64, Closing Lid Screen Stays On

Jan 2, 2010

I had to uninstall the current driver. After this it auto installed the old ati driver.

I uninstalled this one as well leaving me with the bare bones driver that comes with windows. After installing the modded driver again and restarting it began to work again................................................

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Dell :: VISTA 64-bit Drivers For Inspiron 6400/E1505

Feb 9, 2009

I have a DELL INSPIRON 6400 (aka E1505 in some countries)....with the following configuration:

INTEL C2D T7200 (2 GHz, 667 MHz FSB, 4 MB L2 Cache)
120 GB HD
Windows XP Pro SP3
Rest basic stuff.

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Dell :: Inspiron 6400 / E1505 Screen Brightness

Mar 29, 2010

I've had my trusty Dell Inspiron 6400 since 2006 and it's still going strong, but over the last couple of months

I've noticed that the screen doesn't appear to be as bright as it used to be. It's as if the brightness isn't set to full, but when you try to increase it you discover it is at full brightness.

Can LCD screens become dimmer over time and would a replacement screen fix this?

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 (6400) USB Not Recognize External HDD

Aug 3, 2009

The USB ports can recognize USB mouses and keyboards. However, it will not recognize external HDDs or her Ipod. So far, I've taken the liberty of reformatting her computer but the problem still persist.

I've updated all the drivers to the latest editions and I have tried multiple methods of resetting the USB. (Complete power down of the laptop, Uninstalled the USBs from Device Manager) Does anyone have any suggestions?

Laptop Specs:

Dell Inspiron e1505 (6400)
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Intel Core Duo T2500 2.00Ghz
ATI Mobility Radeon x1400
Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller
Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG Wifi
SigmaTell HD Audio

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Display Swap With Gateway

Mar 25, 2009

I have a Inspiron E1505 I'm trying to fix for a friend...The display is broken a 1/3 of it doesn't work so I was wondering if anyone knew if a display from a Gateway MT6458 which i have just for spare parts...will swap out.. they are both 15.4" displays and both 1280x800 WXGA displays.

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Dell Inspiron E1505 :: Disk Cleanup Does Not Work

Mar 24, 2013

I have had this computer for about 6 years- all through college. I've had an issue where my disk cleanup doesn't work for a while, but it has just become serious enough to worry about. My disks are full! How do I clean them up. That's the first of the problems we'll work on.

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Dell Inspiron 6400 :: E1505 Ethernet Not Working

Mar 21, 2011

I haven't been able to connect to LAN (Ethernet) connections since I acquired this laptop, I have installed the correct drivers and tried with different OS but none of them have been a success.

I tried in different Ethernet connections (different houses too) but I still get no internet on my laptop, it recognizes that there's something connected but no internet at all. Since then I have been using a Wireless Router always...

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