Dell :: Inspiron Vs. Studio (help Me Decide)

Apr 30, 2010

Well I am considering 2 different laptops. I am mainly wanting a laptop for school to type notes. I will use Microsoft Office, web surf, and store music,documents,videos, and pictures. I was trying to keep my budget under $850.

I really like how the the Studio 1558 offers a 9cell battery, better screen, and backlit keyboard but is it really worth the extra $100?

Also if I were to get the Studio I would add the backlit keyboard. Thats just an addition $25.

Inspiron 15 (1564)-$599.00
Processor-NEW 2010 Intel®Core™ i3 - 330M
Operating System-Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit
LCD Panel-15.6" HD WLED
Combo or DVD+RW Drive
Memory-4GB2 Shared Dual Channel DDR3 at 1066MHz
Hard Drive-320GB, 5400 RPM
Video Card-Intel® HD Graphics
Sound-High Definition Audio 2.0
Wireless-Dell 1397 Wireless-G
Battery-Lithium Ion Battery (6 cell)
System Color-Obsidian Black

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 Or 1647 Last Day To Decide

Jan 28, 2010

I currently have the Studio XPS 1645. My uses for the machine are client visits, presentations, and occasionally gaming on the road.

I probably only log 5 hours a week on the laptop 3 weeks a month and 30 or so in the other week (when I am not at home).

I have read about the throttling issue and this is my last day to return. So knowing my usage pattern. Would you keep the quad core or change out for the 1647.

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Dell :: Cant Decide Which One To Get ;( Help Me!!

Apr 3, 2009

well this is going to be replacing my desktop since i have had mine for 5 years and this will also be my first laptop.

i would like something all around which is bisically what the studio xps has. The only problem is i dont know if the 13 inch is too small for me or if the 16 inch is too big for me.

I have searched everywhere and could not find a side by side comparison between the two.

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Dell :: Trying To Decide Between E6400 And T400...

Aug 15, 2009

I'm a graduate student about to start a master's program in a field of engineering. I need something that is sturdy, dependable, non-intrusive, quiet, cool (temperature), light and compact. This is why I'm interested in the T400 and E6400.

For around $750 (incl. tax) this is the T400 I want to get:

2gb, 1DIMM ram
250gb hdd
14.1 LED WXGA w/camera
Intel 5300 Wifi
Intel graphics
Media card reader
6-cell battery
Vista basic (will buy vista ultimate and upgrade with student discount)

1-year warranty ...

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Dell :: Why Can't My M6500 Decide What's The First Drive?

May 5, 2010

I have a problem I've never had with any stationary computer (I have never had a dual hard drive laptop before...):

I have one 320 meg drive which I use as little as possible in drive bay one and another, larger drive in drive bay two.

An expensive program I use for work is registered to the drive in bay one, and I can't get a new license, so I would like it to last as long as possible, which is why I only use it there as a kind of dongle.

For the software licensing stuff to work it has to be seen as the first drive by Windows, but not necessarily the one I boot from

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Apple :: How Did You Decide Between The 13 And The 15

Nov 27, 2009

How did you decide between the 13 and the 15? Any difference in the screens other than size?

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Apple :: Still Can't Decide On Mbp17

Mar 31, 2009

I was already to purchase the mbp 17" But I can also get the HP Pavilion Elite m9600t for 800.00 less and have double the memory, HD4850 1gig video, 23" hp monitor, tv tuner. What should I do?

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Dell :: Studio 15, Inspiron 15, & Inspiron 1525 Quick Case Comparison Pics & Video

Mar 29, 2009

Here are some quick pics and a youtube video at the bottom.

All closed. Left to right: Studio 15, Inspiron 15, Inspiron 1525. Lol, chicken and artichoke pizza in the background xD. It was lunch, I was hungry.

Inspiron 15 & Inspiron 1525 Side By Side. Inspiron 15 on left, Inspiron 1525 on right.

Studio 15 & Inspiron 15 Side By Side. Studio 15 on left, Inspiron 15 on right.

Studio 15 Keyboard

Inspiron 15 Keyboard

Inspiron 1525 Keyboard

HD Youtube Video I Made: [url]

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Dell :: Studio 15 Or Inspiron 15?

Apr 5, 2009

I have a budget of £500 to buy a new laptop for my birthday

I want it for light casual games (WoW and a bit of CoD)
And messaging and internet browsing

Here is the spec for the Studio 15:

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Dell :: Studio 15 Vs. Inspiron 13

Oct 4, 2008

I've narrowed my laptop choices down to Studio 15 and Inspiron 13. I've heard a lot about the Studio and its problems but nothing about the Inspiron . But before I make my final choice I want to weigh the pros and cons of each system and go from there. so, what are the pros and cons of each and which would you recommend?

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Dell :: Inspiron 15 Vs Studio 15

Mar 6, 2009

I am choosing between Inspiron 15 (I) and Studio 15 (S).

From what it looks to me, the difference lies in follwing specs.

1. Screen size and resolution I = 15.6" TFT 1366 x 768, S = 15,4" TFT 1 280 x 800

2. Graphic Card, I = Intel Integrated GMA 4500MHD, S = 256 MB ATI® Radeon™ HD 3450-graphic card

3. Installed RAM, I = 4GB, S = 3GB

4. Optical drive, I = DVD RW with Blue-ray, S = DVD RW

5. Ports
a. S= HDMI
b. I = 3 USB, S = 4 USB
c. S = Audio Line out
d. I = 7 in 1 Memory card reader

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Dell :: Studio 15 OR Inspiron 1525

Sep 23, 2008

There both basically the same. Which one would you get? Im going to be getting one of them from best buy in the new few days but dont know which one to get. Im going to be financing it so it has to be from there. They got the 1525 for $750 with a core 2 duo t5750, 3gb ram and 250gb hardrive. I dont know if they got the Studio 15 but on the dell site the configuration seems the same!

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Dell :: Why Is The New Inspiron Design Better Than The New Studio?

Jan 26, 2010

I'm looking into a 14"

The Inspiron 1464 looks thinner, lighter, better designed than the new studio.

The studio is heavier, bigger.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 VS Studio 1747

May 25, 2010

After putting up with countless BSOD's and failed harddrives on the Inspiron 1720, they send me a refurbished Studio 1747. Bigger hard drive space, HD screen, and twice the ram are very enticing to keep this machine. But the Inspiron's GPU AND CPU processors are faster (compare Intel Core i7 720QM processor and ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 graphics to the dual 2.0GHz centrino duo nvidia geforce 8600m GT). And I also found it silly that they would include an HD screen but not a blue-ray disc reader. So since DELL told me over the warranty phone line that they would "match the specs of your [my] old computer," should I just keep this or run some benchmarks on some games and figure this out? I don't want to spend more time on this if I have to if it is common knowledge that I got a good ad deal.

edit: forgot to add that the studio runs windows 7 64bit and inspiron is running w7 32 bit

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Dell :: Inspiron 14, Studio 14z 900p Screen

Sep 3, 2009

Does anyone know if the 900p screen on the inspiron 14 is the same as the one on the studio 14z?

It seems like people here are saying the screen on the 14z is great and I was wondering if the same panel is used in the inspiron 14, as that would be the laptop I'd like to buy.

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Dell :: In Term Of Quality : Studio 15 Or New Inspiron 15

Mar 24, 2009

=I'm from Canada and I'm about ready to buy one of these laptop but I'm interested in knowing which laptop between the New Inspiron 15 and the Studio 15 has the better build quality, which one is less likely to eventually fail ? I've read a few topic concerning the Studio, seems like there's some failure here and there but it's tough to tell for the New Inspiron 15, doesn't seem like there's alot of people who have it.

But basically, is it worth spending the extra 100$ to get the Studio even though they have the exact same configuration ?

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Dell :: Better For Photo Editing-Inspiron Or Studio

Jan 18, 2010

I have been reading all the comments and most of the tech stuff is over my head, but you all seriously know what you are talking about.

Do you have a suggestions for a laptop for someone who doesn't game, but wants to use as a desktop replacement especially for photo editing. I don't have to lug the thing around

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Vs. Inspiron 1420

May 10, 2009

After getting fed up with my Studio 1535, I sold it and purchased an Inspiron 1420 from Dell Outlet. I sold the

Studio 15 for $445 and purchased the Inspiron 1420 for $467. I got 15% off and free shipping, so that saved me quite a bit of money. Below are my thoughts on the Inspiron 1420 vs. the Studio 1535.

Inspiron 1420 Pros (As opposed to the 1535)

-It is very lightweight. The Studio 15 was a little heavier than I wanted for carrying around at school. I carried it in a messenger bag which started to hurt my shoulder after awhile. The Inspiron 1420 is the perfect weight for school ....

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Dell :: Can I Take The Bluetooth Out Of My Mom's Inspiron 1400 And Put It In My Studio 1555?

May 26, 2009

The only time the bluetooth is used on my mom's laptop is when *I* use it so I was wondering if I can take out the chip and put it in my Studio 1555 when it comes? I'd rather not buy a new chip

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Dell :: Is There Any Build Difference Between Vostro, Inspiron And Studio

Mar 16, 2010

Assuming a vostro, inspiron and studio have the same processor + gfx card, what is the difference between all three? any upgradable components like RAM, HDD, DVDRW, mini-pci, etc doesnt count.

Is there a build difference - I am really liking the new Inspiron 1464 and its brushed metal look, but I want to figure out whether the build is better on a vostro/studio?

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Dell :: Quality Difference Between Inspiron And Studio Laptops?

Jun 1, 2009

I know inspiron is the budget line and studio is a mainstream/productivity/higher end laptop.. but what qualifies the difference if they say had the same specs?

Build quality?

What about parts used.. Will they use some parts from one company for Inspirons and another for Studios?

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Dell :: Anyone Here Who Carries An Inspiron 1525/studio 15 To College/uni

Nov 21, 2008

Was just wondering if the inspiron 1525 or studio 15 are laptops that are suitable for carrying everywhere with you.

Is it heavy, tiring lugging that ~3kg around with you?
Would it be suitable for a girl?

Laptop should be able to run Guildwars and HD anime, so thats why I can't go for the ultra portables ^^

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Dell :: Additional Hard Disk In Inspiron 1720 Will It Fit Into A Studio 17

Apr 22, 2009

I currently have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with a second hard disk I bought and fitted myself. If I get a Studio 17, will I be able to fit this hard disk into the second bay in there? As far as I'm aware the disk itself should be okay, but the caddy might be slightly different for that model - is that right? If so I'll just buy a new caddy or modify this one - otherwise I'll be £100 down for this hard disk!

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Dell :: How Good Is Inspiron 15R New Laptop (T540505IN8) Compared To Studio 15?

May 21, 2010

It comes with an Intel Core i5-430M Processor (2.26Ghz, 4 Threads, Turbo Boost up to 2.53 GHz, 3M cache) while Studio 15 has an i3 processor(2.13 Ghz). It has the same Graphics card as Studio 15 and the rest of the features are also almost the same.

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Dell :: Warning. Noisy Fan Due To Bad Control. Studio 1745/47/49 And Inspiron 1564

Mar 7, 2010

studio 17 fan problems

2nd description:

I've tried to collect all the info I can. Please add as you seem fit.

Recently returned a dell 1745 due to bad fan control. While idling the fan would rew up to max each 3-5 minutes easily detectable by speedfan (see the last link). The core temperatures would slowly ("") increase to around 38 degrees when the fan starts at horrendous pace for ~10-15 seconds and cool the cores to sub-30 degrees and the whole show starts again. This is a showstopper and noone should really by these products.

It is as though the cpu fan only has two paces. Silent and Noisy. There shoudl of course be some kind of gradient in the fan speeds at different temepratures but his has not been implemented though very easy for BIOS coders to do so. The fan vigorously tries to cool the cpu to 30 degrees each time it hits ~40 degress - we're talking intel cpus that could easily go to 60-70 degrees without fuzz.

While idling any laptop should keep a constant temperature - the current lineup of inspirons and studios (at least 1564, 1745, 1747 an 1749) cannot achieve this and unleashes fan hell very often.

Untill fixed (which dell seems very reluctant to) don't buy dell. It's simply not worth it.

This have nothing to do with throtteling. And don't even get me started on doing something "cpu intensive" like browing.

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Dell :: Spare Parts Source For Studio 1737 And Inspiron 9300

Sep 14, 2009

Dell's parts people are idiots-1 hour on hold then "Ah yes...we have a Logitech wireless USB keyboard for only $54.99 and it will be compatible with your 1737"

I need to source the following parts:
Studio 1737:
Backlit Keyboard.(Found a refurb keyboard for $90..that can't be right)

Inspiron 9300:
Bluetooth card (Dell wanted $35)
New keyboard (Dell wanted $45)
Power jack(I will solder to the mb)

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Dell :: Inspiron 13, XPS M1330, Studio XPS 13, Vostro 1320 Or Vostro 1310

Apr 5, 2009

im not sure if i want a graphic card in it, as it would just eat battery life and i would get nothing much out of it, since i have no plans in gaming with it.

i will be, however massively watching movies, and streaming movies (99.9% of the web, not dvd player) would that need a dedicated graphic card?

i would also like to know which are the best in terms of :

price, screen quality, build quality, weight, which ones have the same keyboard,current known issues, and are they any rumors or known news of any updates of any of these models in the next 6 months worth waiting for?

ive also bought a m1330 a few months back, but since i had some issues with school, i had to return it and delay my purchase to this year.

the laptop was getting extremely hot, like not even possible to put on my lap kind-of hot. is that issue fixed?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1440 And Studio 1440?

Jul 20, 2009

I just realized that both the new Inspiron 14 and Studio 14z are numbered as the "1440". Usually Dell avoids duplicating the model number- Inspiron 1525, Studio 1535, Inspiron 1545, Studio 1555, etc.

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Dell :: Studio 1569 ( Studio S15z-2249CPN) Best Buy Blue Label CNET Review

Mar 28, 2010

What I found quite interesting in the cnet review is that their performance testing of the Dell 1569 was second place just behind the Toshiba E205-S1904 (the other Best Buy Blue Label). I do not understand why, the specs are basically the exact same specs, EXCEPT our Dell has a 500gb 7,200rpm hard drive while the Toshiba has a 500gb 5,400 rpm hard drive. I would think, if anything our performance would be slightly better than the Toshiba because of our 7,200rpm hard drive. All the other specs are the same.

So, with that being said, why did the Toshiba have slightly better performance numbers than ours, since as I keep stating all the specs are the same except we have a faster hard drive?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 / Studio 1747 Wireless Configs

Dec 3, 2009

Does anyone have any idea why? Is this something affecting Dell globally or is it just UK/Europe in a mess?

I guess I could survive with just wireless G, but it seems ridiculous to be limited to that these days;

I guess I could also just order it and pick up an intel/dell Wireless N card for ~£25 and install it myself,

but again the question arises, why is it necessary? I assume some of you do have an 802.11n card of some description in your 1645/1747's have you seen any problems with it? .....

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