Dell :: M2400: P8600 Vs. T9400

Sep 19, 2008

Image you're using your notebook for things like 3D CAD, photo and video editing and of course for travelling. For my purpose I think the M2400 with its 14,1" monitor should fit perfectly. The perfect combination between mobility and performance.

Now I have to decide between 2 processors. As you know the P8600 isn't available and even Dell couldn't tell me if it will be available in the next weeks.

As you know the M2400 can only be ordered with the following processors:P8600 (2,4 GHz, 25W, 3MB Cache)T9400 (2,53 GHz, 35W, 6MB Cache)

So which one would you choose and why? The price difference is about 100$ (71,4 EUR).

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Dell :: P8600 Vs T9400, Which Is Better?

Mar 21, 2009

After doing some research and reading,I'm looking to purchase a Latitude E6400 from the outlet.

I can't decide which processor to get. I found two configurations with the same price but different processors.

One has the T9400 and the other has the P8600. Should I go with the T9400 since it has a 6mb cache? If you had to chose , what would you guys consider the best option?

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Dell :: T9400 V P8600 In Studio Xps 16

May 1, 2009

Is there a big difference between the 2 not in games and in games(RTS games)?

T9400 - 2.53ghz, 6mb cache, 1066mhz bus..

P8600- 2.4ghz, 3mb cache, 1066ghz bus..

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Dell :: P9500 Vs T9400 (e6400 Vs M2400)

Jan 26, 2009

I'm considering to buy an e6400 or M2400.

I use my laptop about 10-14 hours daily (job and home/university), so itís very important for me that the laptop will be cool and quiet. The tasks which I do are: programming (C++, PHP...) with Eclipse and other IDEs, UML programs, databases, surfing a lot... I don't use CAD or similar, only a bit a photoshop.

I got the same price for e6400 with P9500 and for m2400 with T9400.

I know that one difference between P9500 and T9400 is the power consumption. There are more differences? What is better for my tasks? T9400 are more powerful?

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Sony :: P8600 Or T9400

Jan 6, 2009

P8600 (2,4 GHz, 25W, 3MB Cache)
T9400 (2,53 GHz, 35W, 6MB Cache)

Sony FW 290 CTO:

1. Which should be a better CPU for like normal use (ex. Photoshop, Movie/editing, Gaming, etc..)?

2. How much a different on battery life.. ?

3. Or should wait for a new model FW 300 series.. to come out.. ?

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Dell :: Upgrade T9400 -> QX9300 = BSOD

Nov 10, 2009

I have upgraded my M4400 with a QX9300 processor...but all I get is BSOD on boot.

I can run the BIOS memory test without problems, and I can boot in safe mode.

If I attempt a normal boot, I get a Blue Screen Of Death complaining that the BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant

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Dell :: Intel WiFi 5300 Not Compatible With T9400

Oct 31, 2008

I chose the Intel WiFi 5300 over the WiFi 5100 as I understand it is the better card. However, a few hours later I received an email telling me my order was cancelled because the 5300 was 'unavailable'.

I contacted Dell chat this morning, and was told that the part was available but was incompatible with my processor choice. Apparently the 5300 is a Centrino 2 part, and is only compatible with a Centrino 2 processor. I thought the T9400 was a Centrino 2 processor?

If it's true that the parts are incompatible should I go with the T9400/WiFi 5100 or the P8400/WiFi 5300? The Dell chat guy told me that these were the only compatible configurations. If I try to order T9400/5300 again will my order be cancelled again - anyone else tried this?

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Dell :: M2400

Dec 8, 2008

3 questions about the Dell Precision M2400...

1. Popularity
I wonder why there are so few threads about the M2400 on! There are way more threads about the similar 14" Latitude D6400 or the 15" Precision M440! Why is this?

2. Quality
If you have a M2400, are you satisfied with it? Do you have problems? What would you improve?

3. Price
I'm from Canada and it seems there are less coupons for Dell Canada than for Dell US. The default M2240 is currently listed as (1670$ - 251$) = 1419$CAN, which is 1,133.40$US.
What would you do to get a better price?
Wait for a chistmas discount?
Call a rep and try to get a better price (how much can I save doing this?).

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Dell :: M2400 Or M4400

Nov 6, 2008

I plan to buy a Laptop within some days. It comes down to M2400 or M4400, as the T500 has no LED screen here in Europe and T400 no digital screen connection. I'm product designer but will attend business school next year, so I will do a lot of office stuff and traveling. The only difference in these systems is the GPU, I wonder how do they compare? Rhino should work fine on both I guess? Anyone able to compare those systems?

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Dell :: M2400 With Win7

Nov 16, 2009

I've upgraded my precision m2400 about 2 weeks ago and noticed that the battery life has gone down significantly even when adjusting the power options / screen lighting / keyboard backlight and wifi.

Wasn't windows 7 suppose to improve battery life on laptops? The battery life has gone down by about an hour with variation on different power option settings. Anyone know how to fix this or anyone else having this problem? I'm using it with a 9cell battery.

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Acer :: T9400 Running On A 10.5 Multiplyer (6935G)

Jan 20, 2010

CPU-Z is showing that my T9400 occasionally changes to either 10 or 10.5 multiplier. SiS Sandra Lite also lists it as a 2.79GHz processor.

I thought it was locked down at 9.5. Guessing it's due to it being an ES... Is there a way to control it?

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Dell :: 2 P8600's Have Different Videos?

Oct 11, 2009

so a replacement 14z that they sent me no longer can go down to .875v, but only to .9250.

I've tried changing between 32 and 64 bit, between vista and windows 7, and it even between different drivers.

I'm beginning to think that it's the cpu itself, because everything inside should be basically the same.

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Dell :: I7-720qm Vs P8600?

Sep 28, 2009

I got a studio 1555 a few months ago, with p8600, now they are coming with the i7-720qm

Which is better, why, and how much better is it?

Do you think I am at a big disadvantage?

Is the i7-720qm core 2 duo as well, sorry I don't fully understand processors.

And what exactly is the i7 technology?

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Dell :: Q9100 In E6400 Or M2400 ?

Mar 11, 2010

is this possible the chipset and FSB are corect for the proc to work on the board anyone tried this or know if it will work or not ???

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Dell :: ESata HD On A M2400: Not Detected!

Jan 9, 2009

I just received a WD 1TB hard drive and a Icy Dock enclosure. I close my M2400, plug the HD, reboot, and I don't see the HD.

I don't think I can see the hard drive in the bios either, but I don't know the bios a lot, maybe I'm not looking at the correct place.

My bios has "IRRT" for the "Sata Operation" section, I run Windows XP that has been installed with the sata drivers slipped on the installation disk.

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Dell :: Successor Of The M2400 And M4400?

Aug 24, 2009

does anybody know some news abou the new models of precision line from dell? i checked that the last two series were announced after one year and the 4400 was releases in august 2008...

i'd like to buy a m4400 but i don't if it worth is to wait...

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Dell :: Precision M2400-quadro Fx 380?

May 11, 2009

Why is a lot of people on ebay selling the m2400 with a quadro fx 380
Dell dont have the 380 on their homepage and i cant find it on nvidias homepage eiter

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Dell :: Should I Buy The XPS 1640 (P8600, ATI 3670)

Apr 28, 2010

should I buy the Dell XPS 1640 (P8600, ATI 3670). I intend to use the Dell XPS 1640 for web surfing, watching movies, and play some light games online. Would my Dell XPS 1640 with ATI 3670 will have these problems like overheating and throttling?

After reading those horrible stories about XPS 1640 like overheatinga and throttling). I am not so sure about buying them.

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Dell :: Cinebench R10 M6400/M4400/M2400

Nov 15, 2008

it is only 51mb.

Specviewperf is probably a better openGL benchmark,particularly for the common openGL software used,but is a rather unreasonable download size compared to this,which does a short openGL test as well as cpu rendering tests.

So if some owners of any of the Precisions can post a score here,it will probably be helpful to prospective owners as to what sort of comparative performance between models and specs there is.

here is mine,specs ...

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Dell :: Returning My M2400 For A Refund, Any Tips?

Jan 14, 2009

I bought a M2400 some days ago. I like it for most of the features: eSata, nice docking station, nice LED screen, backlite keyboard, etc.

But I can't live with the noisy fan that is on way too often when the laptop is docked.

I mean, I'm not using some CPU intentive programs here, I'm browsing the web and listening to music and the fan turns on!

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Acer :: Upgrade 8930G-584G32Bn T5800, To T7400 Or T9400 If Possible

Apr 12, 2009

I have 2 indetical laptops dell 9400, 2 years old and well getting a bit 'done' used every day for at least 8H in weeksn around 12 so under a lot of stress.

I bought the Toshiba X300 myself
and for my girlfriend the Acer Aspire 8930G-584G32Bn

Now I'm looking to upgrade both.

X300 currently holds a T9400, would like to upgrade it to the QX9300. Shouldn't be a problem I think, saw the X300 fitted with this processor (but with 2X 9800GTS instead of 1x 9800 GTX.

But for the acer I'm absolutly not sure what I can do with that one....

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Dell :: Studio 1537 P8600 Idling In 50s

May 18, 2009

Just got a refurb Studio 1537 with a P8600. Using Core Temp, it idles around 50-55 C, and when if it gets to 60 the fan comes on to knock it down to around 45ish, and then it climbs back up.

Should I be using a diff temperature monitor, and also, are those temps high?

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Dell :: P8600 Undervolting Results XSPS16

Aug 15, 2009

Since the P8600 is a fairly common CPU on the XPS Studio 13/16 I thought this would be worth posting.

Stability was confirmed at each FID with Orthos for 60 minutes. I chose to disable SuperLFM and IDA. Under 100% load, at 2.4GHz the reported CPU temp dropped almost 12 degrees C. Obviously the difference was less at reduced speeds, but still worthwhile.

I do not notice any difference in the way the computer responds or performs, so as far as I am concerned this is free cooling. I was able to get 4hr 15min on the 9-cell battery with screen brightness @ 30% and low CPU demand (IE8 with wifi) so it probably modestly improves battery life too.

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Dell :: LCD Land (M2400/4400 & E6400/E6500)

Jan 11, 2009

Can't believe I scanned through the whole owners threads for the M4400, E6500, M2400, E6400. Can't believe I still have questions, but they are listed below:

Background: I'm a pro photographer and am looking for a road machine that has a decent, accurate display. Won't be used at home, won't be used for games. I have looked closely at the MBP (older matte and new glossy) and could live with the screens but the smug gets to be excessive and it would be demeaning to live in bootcamp or lose the touchpad by loading just windows (no interest in switching to OS X). I have also looked at the sony sr & z 13" and could live with either if I gave up and went size over power and durability.

I have not seen any of the LCD choices for the Latitude or Precision in person unfortunately and have no place to view them, which leads me to this post. What got me here is that I have read that the macbook pro shares LCD panels with the WXGA+ LED screen of the M4400 and E6500. Now there are other choices namely the WUXGAs and possibly problems with the WXGA+ displays on both the 14 and 15 inch dells, or maybe with specific samsung or LG models of either though it isn't really clear which one is superior.

Question 1) Truelife = Glossy? AG= anti glare? Ultrasharp = high res?

2) Is the main functional difference between the latitude and precision the video card choices and possibly a display option for the 15"?

3): I would prefer to go with the smaller 14 inch model but looking at the comments on this forum and the review on left me thinking the 14 inch LED screen was not up to the level of the 15inch model. Am I wrong on this?

4) The M4400 thread refers to several tables with Contrast, gamut and brightness data for the 4400 --- does anyone have a link to this data for the M2400, E6400 and/or E6500?

My other questions refer to the M4400 and E6500:
5)Is the Canadian website's ultrasharp UWXGA CCFL display the same as the 2 CCFL display mentioned in the M4400 thread? Anyone know if the RGB LED display is available in Canada?

6) Is the UXWGA CCFL monitor the same on the E6500 as the M4400? Is the UXWGA RGB LED monitor available on the E6500?

7) From the specs banded about is the following true:
WUXGA CCFL -- 75% of ARGB gamut, 350 cd brightness 1:400 contrast MATTE finish
WUXGA RGL LED -- 100% of ARGB gamut 300 CD 1:500 contrast GLOSSY finish
WXGA+ LED 45% of ARGB (or similar) 300CD 1:500 contrast MATTE Finish

8) Is the WXGA+ LED display really equivalent to the MBP lcd quality? Are there still problems?

9) How tiny is the text, icons, etc on the WUXGA screen? At home I have a 22" CRT running at nearly the same resolution and I am worried that I'll have to use the "special" features of windows to read.

10) There was brief allusion to problems profiling the RGB LED screen on the M4400 thread -- I've got the older xrite DTP 94 colorimeter-- will there be problems?

11) For those with the LED RGB WUXGA display --> are there banding problems from the wider gamut and (presumably) still 6-bit display?

12) Finally given all the above I didn't seem to find a consensus on the best fit for a monitor for my purposes. The choices being A) E6400/M2400 with WXGA+ LED, B) E6500/M4400 with WXGA+ LED, C) E6500/M4400 with WUXGA CCFL, and finally D) M4400(E6500?) with WUXGA RGB LED.

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Dell :: 5530 WWAN + GPS Card Working In A M2400

Nov 16, 2008

has anyone manage to get a 5530 WWAN + GPS card working in a m2400?

I can get the mobile broadband working but i cant get it to turn on the GPS, tried most drivers.... and Controlpoint...

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 With P8600 Replace With I-820QM?

Mar 19, 2010

Is the i7-820QM or 720QM accptable as a direct replacment for my P8600 in my Dell Studio XPS 1640 that is now out of warranty?

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Dell :: Gaming Comparison Between X9100 And P8600 In M4400

Apr 9, 2009

As the title say's,the fastest core duo against the second to slowest choice,as there seem's a fair number of people here who play game's on their M4400's,I thought this might be interesting to some.

Empire total war,I'm sure still carry's out control instruction's much better with the X9100 despite framerates being pretty much identical.....a bit hard to tell as the game AI is soo buggy....

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16: Overclocking P8600 Intel Core 2 Duo

Oct 30, 2009

how to overclock the P8600 processor but had no good luck, I know I can't overlclock through the BIOS, but I've heard of using programs such as SETFSB, but I don't know how exactly how I can use this program for my processor specifically. Does anyone know how to overclock my processor P8600 (1006 Mhz)

Here is some additional information:

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8600 : 2.4GHz/1066MHz FSB/3MB Cache
1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 Video Card

If there is any other information that you need please ask, I would really like to overclock make it to 2.8 Ghz or

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Dell :: Can I Enable Vt Technologia In A Inspiron 1525 W/p8600 Processor

May 1, 2009

Is possible to enable the Intel Virtualization Technologia in a Inspiron 15 or Studio 17 with p8600 processor

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Sony :: Z Line, And P8400 Vs. P8600 With An SSD

May 9, 2009

In looking to pick up a laptop and have it in my hands by late next week, I found that I had to go with the 2.26 GHz processor from the P-series. I was hoping for 2.4 GHz or better.

The reason I was willing to do so was that the notebook is coming equipped with an OCZ Vertex SSD at 120 GB.

My take is that the hard drive is still the bottleneck, so a mere 140 MHz difference in the presence of an SSD isn't going to be felt, and that a 2.4 GHz processor + SSD isn't going to really be snappier compared to a 2.26 GHz one with an SSD for most things.

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