Dell :: Proper Battery Care/Usage

Sep 28, 2009

I'm hoping to prolong the battery usage for my 6 cell for XPS 16 . Are there any tips I could use ?

1) Do I need to remove the battery once it's fully charged when I'm running on AC ? Some say leave it there, some say remove it, does it matter?

2) Also, can i not use my battery below 40% and recharging it back often as it will deter the battery life cycle ? meaning i should always keep it above 40%?

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Dell :: Battery Care

Dec 25, 2009

I use the laptop with it plugged in 80% of the time and do my best to ensure the laptop is cool. I dont do any gaming on it, but do watch quite a few films (with it sitting on a basket so there is a good few inches underneath to prevent over heating.

After all of this i have lost 40% of my battery life, which i find horrendous. If this keeps up ill have to replace it 18months after buying my laptop. I intend to call Dell over this ASAp but in the meantime i want to know what i can do to preserve my battery life.

Should i leave the battery plugged in all the time, i do move the laptop round quite a bit, so having the battery there to save myself from shutting it down etc would is usefull to me.

I am carefull over the operating temperatures and i very rarely 'stress' the laptop. I could also count the number of times the battery has been left to drain

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Dell Inspiron N5050 :: CPU Usage Runs Up To 100% And Freezes Whereas RAM Usage Is Only About 2.7GB

Mar 10, 2013

I have a dell inspiron N5050 core i5, 8GB RAM but when I run applications like GNS3, the cpu usage runs up to 100% and freezes whereas the RAM usage is only about 2.7GB (that is, about 33%). How can I get the RAM to function optimally?

I even had to upgrade to Windows 8 thinking it would solve the problem but here I am stuck with the same problem.

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HP/Compaq :: DV7 Battery Care

Apr 16, 2010

It's been since the DV6000t that I looked at battery & notebook technology.

From then I believed to cyccle the battery a couple times and store it out of the machine @ around 60%.

Is it still so? Will just plain leaving it in the machine all the time plugged in shorten the life or effciency? Or have things progressed?

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Apple :: Battery Care

Feb 7, 2009

I followed the instructions in the guide to condition the battery where I charged it up for fully drained it and charged it again and left it plugged in for the 5 hours, how often should I do this

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Dell :: Does The Complete Care Package Cover A Battery?

Jul 12, 2009

I opted for the 4 year complete care package and was curious if it covers a battery or not.

I would get out my paperwork but it's currently buried in boxes. I could, but is there another area online I could check?

I already tried to see it on the website under my service tag, but it just says the amount of days left on the warranty and not the actual warranty itself.

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Acer :: Lithium Ion Battery Care

Dec 19, 2009

Why does a lithium ion laptop battery degrade over time?

The reason is quite simple. The way a lithium ion battery works is by moving lithium ions and electrons from one electrode of the battery to the other. The electrons move trough your your laptop circuitry to power it, while the lithium ions move trough some fluid to balance the electrons movement. If the lithium ions can't move through the fluid then the electrons can't move through your computer either. The problem is that the fluid that allows the lithium ions to move from electrode to electrode degrade and dry over time. As it becomes more and more difficult for the lithium ions to move it also becomes more and more difficult for the battery to power your laptop.

What makes the fluid containing the lithium ions degrade?

The fluid containing the lithium ions will naturally degrade over time at room temperature, but there are several factors that will accelerate the degradation. The first one is heat: the hotter the laptop battery the faster the fluid gets dry. The second factor is charge cycles. When you recharge your laptop battery this generates significant heat in the battery and helps degrade the fluid. Leaving the battery constantly charged also has a negative effect on the life of the fluid.............

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Sony :: How To Set Battery Care- VGN-NS190D

Mar 8, 2010

I have sony VGN-NS190D. how do i set my laptop to charge up to 80% and stop charging the battery after it reaches 80% limit?

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Sony :: Battery Care (FW11M)

Mar 15, 2009

I did a clean install a while back, I don't have recovery CD's

I want to use the battery care function, so I installed the utility, but all the options are greyed out. I tried installing the Sony shared library and the utility dll, but still nothing.

Can anyone tell me how to get it working or if it's even possible, or if there is some other way I can stop the battery charging when it reaches a certain level.

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Sony :: Battery Care Lost After Win7

Nov 18, 2009

I have searched for a full solution to this but there seems to be none at the moment.

Anyway, i have a sort of quick half-solution that i can share if your battery is stuck at below 100% and can live without the battery care program.

Apparently the setting is saved in the battery memory, if you want to change the battery charge setting, stick it in another Vaio that has the battery care program working

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Sony :: Battery Care Function On TZ1xx

Mar 21, 2009

I recently bought a used TZ190N/B (32 GB SSD, US model) and I finished the basic clean install and I'm trying to install the programs/drivers that I need.

Does the Battery Care function/feature come standard with the US versions of the TZ1xx series? It is not available for download on the sony esupport site and is not listed in the programs list on my self-made recovery discs. The only thing remotely similar is "Battery Checker" in Notebook Utilites package, but that only verifies if the battery being used is a genuine Sony battery.

I ran a search and found that Battery Care can be downloaded from the link in post #4 of this thread: for the people who want battery care function after a clean installation
But I figured that if the feature isn't offered on Recovery discs or the sony essuport site, then maybe it isn't meant to run on my specific TZ... Will it work on mine?

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Sony :: FW: Missing Battery Care Function

May 8, 2009

I have a Sony FW285 with a clean install of Vista Ultimate done about 4 months ago.

I recently noticed that when I start up Vaio Control Center, Sony Battery Care and Power Management doesn't show up anymore. This is really bugging me since I have my battery set on 50% charge so I need a power outlet everywhere I go.

I've tried reinstalling Battery Care, Power Management and Vaio Control Center but like mentioned, Battery Care just refuses to show up in Vaio Control Center

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Sony :: Battery Care On My Vaio FW490

Aug 12, 2009

life of the battery on my new Vaio FW490. The battery on my previous laptop (an IBM Thinkpad circa 2004), was always connected to the laptop, and almost always plugged in. I rarely used the battery. After a couple of years, I noticed that the battery could barely hold a charge for more than 15 minutes.

Is it a good idea to regularly run the laptop off the battery? Is keeping the laptop plugged in for long periods of time OK? What should I do to ensure that my battery lasts.

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Sony :: VGN-CR590e-Battery Care Function

Dec 8, 2009

I have a VGN-CR590e, I recently upgraded to Windows 7 home premium 64 Bit (windows upgrade advisor said my laptop could support it), after some intial troubles with the drivers for camera and sd card slots (which now work), the battery wont charge beyond 50%, before the windows 7 upgrade I had the battery care function enabled to super care mode (50% charge), however with the OS upgrade the battery care function has disappeared and I cannot change the amount of charge for the battery,

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HP/Compaq :: HP Total Care Says Poor Battery

Feb 26, 2009

I am having a problem with my HP dv9000. Last week the hp total care advisor show poor battery. When I ran the hp test for it, it said to replace the battery and gave the warranty code. Anyways, I purchased a new battery and received it yesterday. As soon as the total care advisor came up again, it still said that it was a poor battery and needed to be replaced.

I thought that it may be a software issue with the hp total care advisor, so I ran a system restore back to factory defaults and reinstalled all of the updates, SP1, and it still shows the same thing. Is it possible that I got a bad replacement battery? The battery I was replacing was just 14 months old as well.

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Sony :: Power Mangement And Battery Care Functions Are Gone

Mar 25, 2009

The vaio power management and battery care icons are gone from Vaio control center. I have already desinstalled and re-installed Vaio ctrl ctr as well as pwr manag and all stays the same.

I had the battery care activated and now it does not charge over 80%.

Do you know how can I solve this without having to use the system full restore which is a real burden.

Is there a way to activate the power management, specifically the battery care function by any other means (eg: command line).

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Sony :: Battery Care On Vaio Z With BIOS Ver. R2165M3

Feb 3, 2009

if anybody else's battery care option on Vaio Z is not working anymore after updating the bios to R2165M3 version. Mine will keep charging my battery to 100% even when the battery care is set to 80%.

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Sony :: Battery Care Function On 64bit Vista

Mar 22, 2009

VGM-CR13 got Battery Care Function in its preinstalled vista. and the battery care function can limit the charge level of battery in 50% or 80%, but its 32bit version, can not be used in 64bit vista. though it can be installed, but the choice is gray, not accessible yet.

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Dell :: Where Do I Get The Proper DVD ROM Upgrade?

Nov 28, 2009

I have the XPS m1730 with PBDA DVD+-RW DS-8W1P. I would like to get a DL/Blueray upgrade.

But I noticed many "compatible drive have a flat face plate where at the existing drive fits to the contour of the laptop and the face plate has a curved angle

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Dell Inspiron 1545 :: Cannot Do Upgrade Without Proper Heatsink

Mar 12, 2010

I've purchased a new (refurbished) 1545 motherboard H314N with ATI Radeon onboard video for my son's laptop. I will install, but first I need to find the proper heatsink, as the boards do not come with the component.  I cannot find the heatsink, let alone a part number. does Dell sell these to consumers direct? since I cannot do the upgrade without the proper heatsink.  It is not part number M274K...that is for Intel graphics.

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HP/Compaq :: 6720s- How Can Get Proper Look In Xp

Jan 17, 2009

I am using Hp compaq 6720s laptop.I used before vista trial version.Then I installed Xp today.but It's fronts look are not interested to i want to know how can improve the readability.Here i attached Screen shot of some U can see there is lot of white space and it's not like to read.

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Dell :: Proper Part Number For 130 Or 150 Watt Power Supply

Nov 3, 2007

I've recently upgraded to a Quadro 2500m in my 9400. Sometimes after playing games for awhile it will freeze up for a second and then get really slow (sometimes staircase like lines will appear on the monitor). I doubt the 2500m is broken since it came in a sealed Dell box and my temps aren't too high, so I'm suspecting that the 130W adapter that I got off of eBay is not really up to it. I noticed that sometimes when it boots up it cannot recognize the adapter (Press F1 to continue, F2 for setup etc...) but other times it recognizes it as the 130W adapter fine.

I also noticed that that PA-13 that I have was made in 2004...isn't that way before any of the Inspiron 9400s came out?

So I'm wondering if anyone knows where to get a reputable 130/150W adapter and/or what the part numbers are that people have been using successfully.

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Dell Inspiron 14z :: Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device

Feb 20, 2013

I just reveived my brand new Dell inspiron 14z.  When I turn it on I get an error message.

"Check cable connection!"

"PXE - M0F : Exiting Intel PXE ROM."

Reboot and Select proper Boot device

or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

This is a brand new laptop. 

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HP/Compaq :: -1170us- Proper Defrag

Apr 9, 2009

i'm on a dv7-1170us. it's new as of a couple weeks or so. i haven't defragged a computer in several years. i've read numerous ways to do it, some which don't necessarily work, also people that say after a defrag the computer will have taken of several GB of space. i'd obviously like to do it without that.

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Dell Inspiron N5110 :: Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device

Mar 3, 2013

I have an Inspiron N5110, service tag 84J4GR1. Last month, just after the warranty expired, the hard drive failed a test and I ordered  a replacement Seagate drive. I followed the instructions to replace the old one but when the computer is powered up, a message comes up "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected boot device and press a key" I have entered the Bios screen and changed the boot up order so that the hard drive is first. I have also run the Diagnostics facility which say that all device working including replacement hard drive. How to get the machine to boot up?

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Dell Precision M4800 :: Slow Performance Without Proper Power Adapter After BIOS A8 Update?

Sep 19, 2014

I recently updated my Dell m4800 to BIOS A8 with Windows 7 64. I had been using a collection of older power adapters from my previous Dell m4400 without any issues. After the update, wow. A huge performance hit if I do not have the 19.5 volt and 9.23 amp adapter connected.

The m4400 power adapter is 19.5 volt and 6.7 amp. Pretty close right? Not any more.

I do have it connected to a Dell docking station almost all the time. Just checked. They are both 6.7 amp.

What changed in BIOS A8 and what the deal is with the performance? Looks like I need to request a new docking station, but I'm not sure IT will believe my story.

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Dell :: CPU Vs GPU Usage On 1558

May 23, 2010

I am editing some AVCHD home videos using 1558(spec in my signature). I noticed when I do that my CPU cores rempain between 45-52C range but my GPU shoots to 64C and stays there.

I am concerned about the GPU as I understand the only fan in the 1558 is on the CPU so GPU is not getting any direct cooling.

My question is if there is a way to lower GPU workload and put it on CPU for my video editing .....

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Dell :: Can't Believe This But My CPU Usage Is Spiking

Oct 1, 2009

I am now using my FOURTH Dell Latitude E6400 in 11 months. I have had verheating issues with every one of their replacements (nVidia card didnt seem to play nice with dual external monitors through the docking station).

My first and second computers alos had major issues with the CPU spiking every time I did something that was graphics intensive.

Dell FINALLY agreed to send me one with an intel chipset instead of the nVidia card. I just started using it and every time I do something graphics intensive, the CPU spikes again. It can be a youtube video or something as similar as uing my task bar and it will affect the cpu usage greatly (will jump from 20-70+ percent).

I am on 32 bit Win 7; where can I find the latest drivers for the intel chipset?

Also, the process that seems to be eating all my cpu is Firefox...

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Dell :: HIGH Cpu Usage

May 19, 2009

I know I have already asked this question, but I'm really concerned. I have a xps 16, and after it wakes up CPU stays above 80% for the entire time.

I just talked to a dell techie and they said it might be caused by a virus. What do you think? It's brand new and I have McAfee on all the time. (I ran fn+power on diagnose, everything's fine)

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Dell :: SvcHost And CPU Usage / Spike

Jan 24, 2010

my i8kfangui shows a temperature of 51*C right now. It is "idling" for the most part. For some reason a process called svchost.exe (Network Service) utilizes much of the CPU, fluctuating between 15% and 50% with 250,420K of memory usage. I've tried to just terminate the process before, but right after I do that my laptop forces me to restart it.

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