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Dell :: Samsung SSD RBX Series 1 Considered Slow Now

Is the 120GB Samsung SSD that came with my M4400 considered slow by comparison to other SSDs now? I can't find any particular specs or comparisons that use this drive, but when I see other drives getting 200MB+/second, I know I'm not getting anything near that.

Also, is this a "first generation" drive that doesn't take advantage of Trim in Windows 7, etc.?

Also, I've tried searching for new drivers and firmware, but I don't see anywhere. I have Windows 7 64 on it now, and I've experienced a few BSODs, which is why I'm looking into possible driver/firmware causes. (Though I was also getting these occasionally in Vista 64.)

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Apple :: MS Office Being Considered For The IPad

"Yeah, it's something that we're looking at," said Microsoft's Mike Tedesco, who is the Senior Product Manager for WindowsBU. "Obviously the announcement (of the iPad) is really fresh and there's nothing to announce or nothing that I can talk to you about today.


Another possible positive reason in getting an iPad.

My buddy working as a Sys Admin at a local Community College District just got another buying point in getting the iPad implemented at his workplace.

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Dell :: Samsung SSD Trim
I have been looking around for the answer to this but I'm still not sure.

I downloaded HwInfo32 and it says my firmware version is "Drive Revision: VBM24D1Q"

And then below it shows "TRIM Command: Supported (Indeterminate Read After TRIM)"

Does this mean mine already has the trim firmware?

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Dell :: Samsung LED 1330
i currently have two 1330s... one with LED and one with CCFL

The LED is a toshiba LCD2306, the CCFL an AUO Optronics, the CCFL looks MUCH better which seems to me total nonsense since the LED is supposed to be better in all aspects.

I will be contacting customer service. Should i be asking specifically for the samsung LED?

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Dell :: Samsung SSD In Studio XPS 16
I was wondering if anyone else has the 128GB Samsung SSD in their Studio XPS 16 and having stuttering issues?. Lately I have been having a lot of stuttering issues in which the mouse cursor freezes up.

Also, anyone running Windows 7 on it? I cant seem to get higher than 5.9 as the HD score under WEI. Anyone got a higher score?

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Dell :: Samsung SSDs
I was wondering if anyone knows whether Dell is shipping Latitudes with anything more recent than the Samsung RBX Series 1 SSDs..

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Dell :: E6400 + E-Port Plus + Samsung LCD + LCD
just got my new E6400 and I am having a problem with dual external displays. My displays are:

Samsung 204B (20", 1600x1200)
Dell 1708FP (17", 1280x1024)

The problem is the samsung only works using an analog VGA cable. If I even plug in the DVI cable, the samsung will not detect any output from the laptop/dock. I have tried installing the samsing display drivers, but that did not fix the issue. This was not a problem on my old thinkpad T41 that this new dell replaced, so although possible, I doubt the monitor has suddenly developed a bad DVI port.

If I use the Dell as the primary with the samsung hooked up using both cables, I can see two instances of the samsung, it just won't display anything until I pull the DVI cable.

My E6400 has the NVidia NVS 160 card. Running Vista 64 with the 64-bit NVidia drivers from Dell.

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Dell :: Just Had My Grainy Samsung Replaced..
I had a 1680x1050 Glossy LCD (SEC3350). I called up and Dell, jumped through the hoops and eventually had them send me a replacement LCD. I called the tech this morning and asked him who manufacturer was, he said LG..

I was ecstatic. In my excitement forgot to check that the sticker on the LCD infact said WXGA+ across the front.

Dell replaced my WSXGA+ screen with WXGA+

The screen quality itself is really good, but there are two things I'd like clarified before I place my replacement order again.

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Dell :: 128 Samsung SSD With SXPS 16 Question?
I am planning on buying my Studio XPS 16 as soon as Win7 comes out and i really want a SSD with it. Unfortunately, Dell only sells the Samsung SSD drive which has been getting so much negative press lately on Anandtech.

So my question is, what should i do?!?! Do i give up my dream and instead go with a standard Hard drive for now, or take a chance with the Samsung SSD

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Dell :: M1730 And Samsung Monitor
my system spec are in the sig and its attached to a t260HD model monitor. When ever i have SLI enabled, yellowy orange colors causer my pixels to shift left and then return to their normal position a the screen refresh rate, so its like they are ion both places at the same time, just blinky for a lack of a better word. Now this does not happen on my regular laptop screen, and when i disable SLI this does not happen either, I just got new 8800m GTX SLI from dell because that was thought to be the problem but its still continues, Ive changed alot of drivers does not seems to be doing anything for me, going to try the tweakforce ones soon. I was thinking maybe my DVI cable is bad? Test that out before i test other monitors. Was just reaching out for any ideas about this problem, would just like my monitor to hands down work =/

OK quick update, now that i have new cards i put the original Dell baddy drivers on and its not doing it..but thats is very strange...why would a driver make an only SLI and only external Monitor issue......and on another note i really cant stay on this driver, i get SLI hitching issues in eq2 with it crysis runs better on single GPU mode, i need to find a driver that does not cause this....also i found a tendency for my white colors to turn yellow on my laptop monitor from drivers at the same time i would be having the tearing if i was on my large monitor, but on the stock one i can close the lid and open it again and the whites go back to the right color...

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Dell :: Samsung 226BW And 1710
I can setup my display on my samsung 226bw so that it is the only display and that the internal lcd is turned off. It displays fine at 1680x1050.

However when I restart the laptop and get to windows the signal the laptop seems to send out is 1280x1024 (which the monitor reports). Windows still sets the desktop at 1680x1050 and the result is a desktop that is oversized for the monitor.

I can correct this by turning off the laptop, disconnecting the monitor, restarting the laptop and then reconnecting the monitor.

I can't figure out why it does this?

I have the Dell 1710 with 7900GTX and am using the NBF Mobileforce drivers v169.09 M4 drivers under xp pro.

I have also installed the drivers for the monitor as well.

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Dell :: Samsung PM800 Performance Issues
I have this SSD in my xps1645. I have noticed that the performance has degraded and my windows experience index is 5.9 (originally 7.4). To my knowledge the firmware I have supports TRIM: VBM24D1Q. I have been using this for over a month, and have about 90GB of free space. Also I have another laptop with the same 256GB SSD drive, and the WEI is 7.4. I also ran PC Mark vantage on both, and the xps1645 has half the score of what my other laptop has. Any explanations or fixes for this?

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Dell :: 's 128gb (samsung) SSD Vs 7200rpm Drives
how does the dells (samsung right?) 128gb ssd which they put in the studio xps 13/16 compare to 7200rpm drives like the WD ones. is a little/lot quicker?

the drive dell use is the old 90mb read/70mb write ones i think,

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Dell :: D600 + Samsung 160GB PATA
That seems like a really slow place, since I have already ordered a drive last Friday off Amazon, based upon what I have read on this site:

1 of Samsung Spinpoint M Series HM160HC 160GB PATA-100 5400RPM Laptop/Notebook Hard Drive - OEM

The outstanding question, I suppose, is wondering if this drive is going to work because it exceeds 120 GB. I also read around here of a larger drive being used than what another model's BIOS supported, where it just recognized as much as it could, so that wasn't a problem (there).

It's a Latitude D600. Its a 160 GB PATA drive. I got it for $75 w/o shipping.

At the dell forums, the thread is still there, and its the only post I've put there, but they say now that my email address is not in their database?

This site is 1000 times that one for me so far.

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Dell :: TRIM Support W/ Current Samsung SSD
So I was still confused about whether or not the SXPS Samsung SSDs would be able to accept the future firmware update (and thus be able to support TRIM). I contacted Dell's tech support via email and was told that the drives will support TRIM (though on 2 occasions he called it TRIP). I am not inspired by his lack of knowledge regarding the proper term and dont think that he is right. If I save the email would this help my case of getting a SSD from Dell in the future that does actually support TRIM?

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Dell :: Best LCD Panel For 9400: Samsung, Philips LG
I need to swap out the LCD panel on an Inspiron 9400. It's the TrueLife high res (WUXGA?) 1920x1200. The current panel looks bright but a bit washed out.

Someone mentioned that there are multiple vendors for the panel, and that some are better than others. Dell said that their records show that my system has Philips/LG whatever that means (I didn't think the two companies were affilated, are they?)

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Dell :: Lattitude E4200 Toshiba Vs Samsung LED Panel
I've been researching the Lattitude E4200 and was wondering if people could chime in with more information about the screens available on the E4200.

I know that for the E6400, there is a lot of talk about screens, but it seems like there isn't for the E4200. I've read the few posts that there are regarding the two options that are available: Toshiba and Samsung.

Is there a general consensus of which one is higher quality? Does anyone have side by side comparison pictures? The information that I've read through is pretty scant in terms of not having many responses.

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Dell :: Recent XPS M1330 Buyers, Which LED Did You Get (Samsung, Toshiba?)
I just had a replacement done on my LED. I had a Samsung and now got a Toshiba. I feel that the Sasmung had better brightness and more vibrant colors. The Dell tech tells me that Samsung is not longer manufactured...

Has anyone who ordered recently gotten a Samsung LED?

To check, go to display settings, advanced setting, monitor, properties, details, hardware Ids:

LCD2306= Toshiba
SEC5441= Samsung

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Dell :: Current Status On /Samsung 256GB SSD TRIM Support ?
What's the current status? Does or doesn't it support TRIM and if then with which firmware?

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Dell :: Precision M4400 WXGA+ LED Screen: Samsung Vs. LG (with Pics)
after reading some post about the better display for the WXGA+ on the M4400, I could hardly belief that someone that only saw the Samsung screen claims the LG screen is the worse one. In the past the LG screen were the better ones. Even in the other notebooks of the E-Series the LGs are the better screens, so I went and searched someone with the a M4400 but a different screen manufacturer.

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Sony :: Vaio FW > HDMI > Samsung LNT4042H
When I first hooked the computer up to the TV it asked how I wanted to display it, yadda yadda... both the TV and the computer recognize they are connected but the TV won't display anything.

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Dell :: Samsung Drivers And MagicTune DAMAGE Internal Laptop's LCD Screens
Bought Samsung 2253BW 22" LCD Monitor

Plugged the monitor into my laptop DELL Inspiron 6400

Installed the samsung monitor drivers and Magictune ask to reboot

LCD on my laptop went blank (back light is on, no picture displaying)

Incompatible Video Controller at Diagnostics

Native resolution 0 by 0 at bios

Unistall everything samsung magictune drivers and software, uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers. Tried booting in safe mode and doing all of previous said steps.

The laptop does not even display a picture when booting up (BIOS, Post, Windows Loading Screen, etc.) in the internal lcd screen only on external samsum lcd monitor.

Tried switching from CRT/LCD multiple times with the new monitor connected and disconnected.

I think it was a casuallity and I already change the inverter NO FIX at all

I dont want to replace the full LCD display from Dell as support say, I want to Sansumg pay for it IF YOU HAVE A SIMILAR PROLEMB PLEASE POST HERE, It doensn't matter if you already fix the problem by replace your LCD from Dell or by yourself.

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Dell :: Latitude E4200: Samsung SSD PB22-JS3 TM 64GB Drive W/ TRIM Support?
I got a Dell Latitude E4200 with a Samsung SSD PB22-JS3 TM 64GB drive. Does anyone know if its firmware can be upgraded to support TRIM in Windows 7? Current

firmware version is VBM19D1Q. Seems like the version that support TRIM is VBM19C1Q. Doesnt that seem like a downgrade? I've had my notebook since October 2009 so I dont think it has TRIM support from the factory.

Firmware location I think is here:

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion DM3Z Series Or DM3T Series For Adobe Photoshop
my friend is thinking about purchasing a new laptop for his mother. The HP DM3 laptops look to the best solution so far since they are both lightweight and have great battery life, something he thinks she'll appreciate. One thing i'm not sure about is their ability to run Adobe Photoshop CS4 smoothly.

I don't use Photoshop very often and when I do, it's on my laptop, which is pretty decent in terms of specifications. Will the program run fine on a laptop with a Intel CULV or AMD Neo processor and integrated graphics? Which leads me to my next question:

Which Pavilion laptop would you recommend? Are they both similar to each other than the processors?

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Dell :: Changned My XPS 1530's Samsung 320GB To The Seagate 320GB 3G
Picked up the 320GB 3G version at, swapped it out today used seagates cloner tool, ran the test, cloned it, changed drive, rebooted, retested with new drive, let windows do a reboot ( for the drive hardware change) retested.

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Sony :: SZ Series Docking Compatible With New Z Or Y Series
My SZ430 has been a workhorse for me for 3+ years and I m now looking into the replacement of either Z or Y series....

Problem I have is I have 2 docking stations for my SZ in my home and office and would like to know if I can reuse those for the new Z or Y series.

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Sony :: New E Series To Replace NW Series
I just saw the new sony e series laptops. Are they supposed to replace the NW series?

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Sony :: F Series Versus Z Series
I am trying to decide between the F series and the Z series. Anyone else been debating between these two laptops?

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Dell :: : Old Slow SSD's Or New SSD's
when I wanted to buy a dell with a ssd drive my friend warned me and said that the old ssd's actually become slower than normal hard drives once they've been fully written.

So, my question is: does dell give the old ssd's or the new ones? They do seem rather cheap...

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Dell :: Xps 16 Really Really Slow
why is my brand new xps 16 slow as hell ? It is slower than my four year old pentium desktop.

i scanned and there are no viruses, spyware, etc.

-opening programs take forever

-i cant listen to music while browsing the internet or the songs will skip every 2 seconds

-web videos skip and are basically unwatchable

-as i am typing this, no letters are coming up...i have to wait about a minute for the text to load to see if i misspelled anything.

-i hear a clicking sound from the hdd every so often

-i have the basic windows theme(no aero)

-startup programs have been cut down to just the basics

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Dell :: Very Slow WI-FI Connection
I have an XPS M1710, 2GHz and 2Gb RAM, XP SP3 (although was SP2 when this happened).

About 4 months ago, my WI-FI internet connection became very slow - I mean slower than dial-up, on 10Mb/sec broadband connections. It takes 30 secs to bring back a Google search for goodness sake! It had been working fine for 18 months, and it just suddenly ground to a virtual halt, and has been such ever since.

I've tried it in several different offices and homes where it was previously fine, and it's the same everywhere. The LAN connection still works fine..

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Dell :: Internet Slow
I've got an e6400 and the internet is PAINFULLY slow. This started a little while ago on any WiFi network I use. I changed the drivers and recently upgraded to 7 so I have no clue what it is. Downloading a driver from Dell was downloading at 3.7 kb/sec. It is insane. A computer right next to me is fine.

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Dell :: Studio 15 Slow
i just recived my dell studio 15 and noticed when i log in it takes a long time, in msconfig startup i have only the dell dock, audio and video.

when i put my password it says welcome for about 1 minute and takes another 3 minutes until everything is smooth.

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit Slow
Does anyone else notice windows 7 64 bit being really slow?

I can't even listen to music and go on the internet at the same time or my 1640 will slow down so much that i have to reboot. The CPU is at 100% nearly all the time no matter what.

I think I got a bad one of the bunch. I already had to replace the power cord and the hdd.

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Dell :: Should Me E6500 Be This Slow
The E6500 I'm using has the P9500 (2.53 ghz, 6mb cache), Nvidia 160M, 2gb RAM, and 80gb 7200RPM HD. When I try to play a 1080P trailer from Apple's site, the thing doesn't seem like it can handle it. It's not smooth at all. I let it DL all the way too, so it's not a buffering issue or anything.

I was planning to use this on a 1920x1200 display, but if it can't even play the 1080p trailer properly...

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Dell :: Very Slow Latitude XT SSD
I have a Dual core 1.2Ghz, 3GB ram (Crucial) Dell Latitude XT with a 32gb SSD, I've been having problems with it since January,

it stalls, you can't even switch between tabs in Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla, Scrolling was very slow and glitchy. I stopped using it because

I was tired of Dell's useless CS i.e spending an hour on chat without any useful info, they replaced the HDD with a refurbished sandisk 5000 that was slightly better than the original but still too slow to use.

A couple of month ago, I asked them to send a regular hdd so I can see the difference, they sent me a refurbished 80GB that worked a lot better than the other two but started clicking a week or two afterward.

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Dell :: SXPS 16- Slow Browsing
I have a Studio XPS M1640 and I'm experiencing extremely slow internet browsing with firefox and ie. My SXPS has the Intel 5300 card, which I've read has problems such as dropouts and slow speeds. I'm also running Vista 64-bit, which I'm assuming could also be part of the problem. Web pages take way too long to load, but my download and upload speeds are the same as they would be if I plugged directly into my router. Has anyone else experienced slow browsing with their SXPS 16? I'd love it if someone could give me a solution to this.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 Slow
i just bought a new dell laptop 1720, dual core T5250, 2gb memory, and nvida geforce 8600 gs, and im trying to play some source but its really laggy, i dont know if its my internet or what but im getting about an average of 50 fps, and my internt coneection i ested is download speed at 4922kbps, and upload speed at 489kbps.

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Dell :: Slow Bios Boot
i currently have the a12 bios and when i turn on my 1530, it takes at least 30-40 seconds for the bar to load up.

It stops 80% of the way and then freezes then the dvd drive makes a noise and loads up. Like i dont know why it is slow to startup. What factors are causing this? Computer works fine.

its just the Startup dell bios screen that takes forever. I tried to go back with the A08 and A09 but all it did was make slower.

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Dell :: 780 Processor Running Slow
Today, after I started up my 9300, I noticed that things were running very slow, and my CPU temp was low, too. I8kfan is showing the processor running at exactly 800Mhz. It's a 780, 2.26 Ghz processor

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Dell :: My Webcam Reacts Very Slow
It seems my webcam react very slow. i think it's all r the same in all dell system. one of my friend bought a very lousy laptop today. even his built in camera is acting very fast and very clear as well. is there any1 who r concerned abt it as well

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Dell :: Slow USB Transfer Rate
I'm using a Studio 1535 here and I have a 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB thumbdrive. I noticed that the write speed of my thumbdrive is slow when I copy files from my laptop to the thumbdrive. However, the write speed of my desktop is very fast.

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Dell :: 1720 Slow USB Copy
I have already searched and followed any possible solutions I have found but I still only get about 4-5mbps either copying files onto a USB OR copying onto an SD card.

Before I enabled advanced performance in Disk policies I was only getting about 500kb/sec after that I get 4-5MB/sec

but I'm still not happy with that. My friends inspiron 15 copied the same files at 12MB/sec onto the same SD CARD!!!! I know I should atleast be getting 10.

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Dell :: Transfer Of Video Astoundingly Slow To Dvd
With the beta & RC I was getting transfer speeds burning avi, h.264 etc up to 10mbps. Thinking I had a bad spindle of discs I was just now trying my second back up of some films and what not. Same difference.

I am getting 668 kps max. A transfer of 3.0 GB takes about 4 hours!

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Dell :: SXPS 1647 Slow Startup
When I logon to Win7 it hangs at 'welcome' for quite a while, then goes to desktop and has the loading cursor while my desktop icons load, then my antivirus loads.

It isn't crazy slow, it is just a lot slower than my M1530 which was instant. Am I just noticing the difference between my 5400rpm drive and my old 7200rpm drive? Is it a significant difference? I will be poppin in another WD Scorpio Black

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Dell :: Slow Mouse On Battery Power
In playing games the mouse either has a mouse lag or is slow when using battery power..

Works fine when the power adapter is attached. Tried different settings in the power. This happens for both wireless through USB or wired..

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Dell :: Performance Of My Inspiron 6400 Is Much Much Much Slow ?
firstly i thought may be antivirus problm but i uninstall that one.....soooo now again same problm........after 1-2 hours

when i click on the "show hidden icons" in taskbar then the taskbar icon display is veeeery very slow...and overall performance is much much much slow .....

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Dell :: Very Slow Boot Time With SXPS 16
A week or two ago my Studio XPS 16 use to boot up fairly quickly, but now it takes about 3-4 minutes to boot up from shut down.

The only things I have running at startup are Zonealarm, Skype, Dell Touchpad, NOD32 Antivirus, and Dell Quickset. I'm running Vista 64-bit. Has anyone else experienced slow boot times with their SXPS 16?

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Dell :: Latitude E4300: Kb Not Working + Slow
I try to fix a latitude E4300.

- int. keyboard does not work (however trackpoint and touchpad work), only an ext. USB keyboard works.

- laptop is slow: in the BIOS setup the response is already slow, mouse is very slow...

- when hitting F8 on the ext. keyboard, you get the windows startup menu.
(safe mode etc.) Response of this menu is also slow.

- windows (XP) does not start at all, you see the Windows startup screen and nothing happens (no BSOD)

- even a recovery cd like "hiren's boot CD" or "I have the password" doesn't start.

Bios: A13
All settings in the BIOS are correct. Changed to default, still the same problems.
I ran diagnostics (F12), but no errors found???
I ran chkdsk on the harddisk (removed HD and put it into an external HD case), errors were found, but corrected...

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Dell :: ! XPS M1330 Extremely Slow On Startup
So lately (the last few days, just out of nowhere) I've been starting to have a problem with an XPS m1330. Every now and again the notebook starts Windows

A lot of the times it doesn't go past the welcome screen (after entering the user password etc.)

If it does get past the welcome screen it just is extremely slow for the first 5-7min then, it's normal again .....

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