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Dell :: Trouble Charging Battery With IGO

My Dell XPS 1530 can operate using an iGo everywhereMAX laptop adapter with the 202 tip, but it will not charge the battery, even when the laptop is a sleep or powered down.

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Dell :: Battery Not Charging
My E1705 battery refuses to charge. I had a bum power adapter which I had replaced. Got the new one today and it still won't charge my battery.

What occurs is that I plug in the power and the battery icon in Win7 indicates it is charging. The charging animation in Win7 continues until your battery is charged. But in my case after about 30sec the animation stops, and show a quarter charge and never fully charges.

This indicates a faulty battery I'm assuming? It wouldn't be the power port would it?

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Dell :: 1525 Battery At 92%, Not Charging
I just bought a new Dell 1525 from Future Shop. I currently have ac power plugged in, for the battery it says 92% available but it's not charging? Will it eventually go up to 100%?

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Battery Not Charging
I have a two years old XPS M1730. A couple of months ago, the battery stopped charging even when plugged in. The battery light flashes red the whole time.

I have been told this may be a charger issue - do you guys agree? I'm out of warranty, so could do with the cheapest options first

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Dell :: M1330 Battery Not Charging
My battery is not charging on my M1330. It's about 15 months old.

I've replaced the brick with no change.

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Dell :: Turn Off Battery Charging
In my replacement 1640, i have noticed there is an option to turn off battery charging.

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Sony :: SZ Battery Not Charging
We purchased my wife's Sony SZ680NWC back in May 2008. Used it mostly tethered to the wall for 10 months. We then used it on and off with battery until early June 2009 and packed it away.

Yesterday, I turned it on with the battery in and tethered to the wall so I could back up some data.

The battery light was blinking and Windows XP shows that it was charging. It remained at 0% for hours. I turned it off and left it plugged in so the battery could charge. I woke up this morning and found that after 10 hours, the battery light was still blinking. Turning it on, I found it was still at 0%! There's no power to even run for 1 second unplugged!

I've unplugged the battery and power adapter. Held the power button and put the battery and power adapter back in. Still doesn't charge.

I'm stumped. It indicated that it's charging so I assume the charger and battery connectors are ok. Can't imagine how a battery can go south while in 6 months of storage.

The battery is the stock battery I got with the system, a VGP-BPL9 6 cell Sony extended battery.

Not sure if it's the same problem as adamcirillo (without a solution in the end) or this one from danS_GER (though his did not blink to indicate charging status, mine does).

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Full: Charging Cut Off
I just recently bought a 12-Cell battery for my DV2730.

My original 6-Cell battery fails to charge anymore so my laptop would not power up just on battery power.

I'd like to know more on how to take better care for my new battery, and so my question is; does HP laptop, cuts off charging when battery is already full? Because i noticed that the "charge/lightning LED" does not stay ON anymore when battery is full. Is this a correct indicator? Or should i remove my battery when running on external power?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX9494NR Battery Charging.
I made an impulse buy while i was there a new HDX9494NR . Anyway ive come back to Ireland to discover that the battery refuses to charge .

Ive installed 7 on it to see if an os change would help but its the same as the factory os .

Im not sure if this is just a simple dud battery or a problem with the laptop .

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Stops Charging At 66%
i have a pavilion 2400 which i had sent in a week ago because there was no video. i guess they changed the motherboard, but they fixed that issue.

however, ever since getting the laptop back, the battery doesn't fully charge. only goes up to 66%.

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Not Charging While Plugged In
i have my computer (win 7) set to high performance. I also keep it plugged it but it hasnt been charging my battery, its down to 35%. Does it have some sort of a cycle function where it waits until the battery is drained and then charges it back up? I dont want it to do this because when i need to use it on the go i would like a full battery.

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Plugged In, Not Charging
I've got an HP Compaq nw8240 and when I move the mouse over the battery icon it says Plugged In, Not Charging. It only shows a 40% charge too, and if I unplug the AC adapter the battery will drain and then recharge back to 40% again.

I'm running the latest version of Windows 7 also.

I've also tried updating the BIOS but when I download the file from HP's support site it and run it all it does is restart my computer and nothing changes.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv9500 Not Charging Battery
I just brought my friends Laptop home today, a HP dv9500. I happen to have the same one. Her's would not start i notice that when you plug the power adapter in the blue ring lights up, although the battery is not being charged. If i swap batteries it will run until that battery is dead. If i remove the battery while plugged in it will not start.

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Dell :: Xps 1710 - Charger Stopped Charging The Battery
i have bought dell xps 1710 after few months the charger stopped charging the battery even when i changed charger-adapter / battery. so i even cant turn on the laptop :-(
please give me advice what can i do or how can i ask for my money back.i dont know if there is some warranty.

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Acer :: Aspire 5100 - Battery/charging
my Aspire 5100 laptop has ben fully-charged but the ePower icon in the system tray says it's as low as 1% charged, and for the past several months has altogether stopped giving me the warning baloon regarding the impending need to charge or else it'll go into hibernation.

i've had this laptop for one year now.

just tonight, though, i've realized something else too-- the orange 'battery' light on the front of the laptop is blinking steadily instead of a solid green (fully charged) or solid orange (charging). then i scrutinize the ePower battery icon in the system tray and it says the laptop has 15 of battery power left, and in paretheses "plugged in, not charging". yet i can be on the laptop for hours upon hours in this state, and it never shuts down.

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Not Charging --HP Pavilion Dv5000
Battery will no longer take a charge. I can use a different adaptor and I have the same problem. I can take the battery out and re-charge it in my Presario v5000 without any problem using same power brick. ergo no battery or power brick problems.

HP will only run on battery power. When power is plugged in green lite flashes and battery icon says it is charging, but it is not.

It will not run on AC.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion DV6-1160en Charging/Battery
I bought this HP Pavilion DV6-1160en laptop about 4 months ago and it was working wonderfully until recently. The problems started a few weeks back when I was playing NBA 2k9 and the screen started going dim and back to fully lit and back to dim every 20-30 seconds...

I rebooted as I expected it to keep doing that even with the game off.. and when it came back on it worked just fine. There are no problems with it until I start playing a game (any game, not just nba).

When playing I kept an eye on the light next to the charger connector and that was blinking along with the screen... so when I got annoyed I just changed the battery settings to keep the screen fully lit while on battery.. until a few days back the laptop went to hybernate in the middle of me playing a game because the battery died (although the charger was plugged in and the light on). The battery charges to 100%, holds a solid hour and a half, HP battery check rates it at 'good'..

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Apple :: Aluminum MBP13 Battery Not Charging
My battery is at roughly 50% charge and I only have 7 cycles through it, yet I get a (Not Charging) message when I plug it in to the wall.

I've tried a few other bricks that other people own, all of which work to charge their MBP13s, but it doesn't work on mine. I even tried booting to Win7 and it still doesn't charge.

I tried shutting down then holding the power button for a long time, but didn't work.

I tried shutting down then holding shift-control-alt and hitting the power button once, then waiting 5 seconds before turning it on and that didn't work either.

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Dell :: Inspiron 5100 Intermittently Stops Charging Battery...
I know about the DC Jack problem the 5150 has and I don't think this has that it works great with the AC adapter plugged in.

I have already tryed another battery and same results. I ordered a new AC adapter and I am (albeit impatiently) waiting for the arrival. So in the meanwhile I thought I'd ask here if anyone has any ideas (And if the AC adapter doesn't work)????

I have already done a search and the only relevant item I found was something about the LVC14A chip issue and was wondering if it could be that?

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Acer :: Aspire 5622WLMi- Battery Stopped Charging
I have a 3 year old Acer Aspire 5622WLMi which has caused me no major hardware or software problems until now. About a week ago the battery stopped charging so it has to be constantly connected to the mains. 2 days ago i switched it on and it managed to boot normally, loading windows xp home edition, everything looked fine, including the desktop, without any error messages, but when i went to move the cursor it wouldn't move, then realising that neither the touchpad mouse, keys, usb ports and cd rom drive were completely non responsive. I tried resetting it a few times, and trying to put it into safe mode on initial boot was unsuccessful as the keys are constantly non responsive. I attempted to used the backup boot disk but this didn't work either as the machine refused to boot from the CD ROM drive and just booted as normal from the hard disk.

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Apple :: New Macbook Pro - Battery - Charging My MBP While It's Fully Charged
Should i keep charging my MBP while it's fully charged? Or i should unplug the ac power and wait until the power ran out then charge again?

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Apple :: Unibody Macbook Battery And Charging Time
Two questions:

1) Is it normal for the battery to take several hours, i.e. 4+, to fully charge after being mostly depleted? For example, my battery says it's like 95% charged, yet has 40 minutes to go.

2) Is it normal for the battery time-left indicator to jump all over? When I run it on battery, the amount of time remaining constantly changes. It goes from 5 hours to 3 hours to 4 hours, etc, etc.

The first time I ever used the computer when I got it in December I charged it up fully, kept it plugged in for several hours, then let it completely die out overnight and fully charged it again.

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Acer :: 3810t Timeline Battery Charging Orange/blue LED
Is there any way to disable the blue LED that stays on once the battery is finished charging? It only stays on when connect to AC power. The light is very annoying in the dark.

If it makes a difference, I'm running windows 7 64-bit.

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Apple :: Black Macbook - When It Is Charging The Screen Feels Different Than When It Is Running On The Battery
On my Black Macbook is it when it is charging the screen feels different than when it is running on the battery. For example, when it is charging and I run my finger along the screen there is more resistance and it is not as smooth as when it is running on the battery. Is this normal?

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Dell :: M1530 Bios A12 Battery Problem "plugged In, Not Charging"
i installed the Bios A12 for XPS M1530, my battery has been giving me the "plugged in, not charging" message. I've read in other threads that going back to Bios A09 fixed the problem for some people. I want to try that myself, but the problem is i can't install Bios A09 because my available battery left is only 4%. And the only way i would be able to install the Bios A09 is if i have at east 10% battery available. Since my battery can't charge,

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Dell :: Trouble With Gears Of War
i'm having performance issues with Gears of war. I can play "Maxed" at 1920x1200, plays around 29-40FPS, very smooth during firefights and all. But when I move around it pauses severel times, and my 2.6Ghz Merom at 100% of both cores! It also happens when I switch everything to low, people with the cheap 2.2Ghz could run this game at medium-high.

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Dell :: M1730 + 186.03 = Trouble?
Just installed the 186.03 nVidia driver on my M1730. Then tried to view a movie and it took forever to load (mkv/avi/mp4). I have seen a couple of people bashing the 186.03.
I am now wondering what the optimal driver(s) are for my SLI config of 8800GTX.
My other question is how do I uninstall the previous drivers in a correct matter?

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Dell :: H Key Giving A Bit Of Trouble...
I own a Dell Inspiron 1525 and I've had it for almost a year. Now the "H" key is giving me a bit of trouble...

it still works...but I have to press down harder on it for it to work...which makes me type alot slower.

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Dell :: M1210 Motherboard Trouble
Has been soo long since I post anything on this great forum! I appreciate everyone's time here, and thank you all for taking some time to help me diagnose this problem. Anyways here is the problem:
I bought a "broken" Dell M1210 from ebay. The cosmetics of the laptop looks very good: no dents, few scratch marks, and almost no blemishes. It did not came with a hard drive, only an AC adapter.
Currently, I am trying to transfer ownership to me and will be trying to buy warranty for my m1210 once the transfer is complete. My m1210 is a little more then 1 month out of warranty coverage period.
I have completely disassemble the laptop and examine the motherboard, it looks and smells new. Internally, everything is very, very clean. The motherboard model of mine is HN110, the one that has the geforce 7400gs in it.
However, the batter is bad because it holds no power. I have tried on my friend's m1210 and checked it through Dell utilities and it gave a thumbs down.
I cannot confirm if the LCD, speaker, sound card, processor, system fan, heatsink, and camera are fine, or not.
I am able to confirm the ram, wireless card, and the CD drive are perfectly functional. I have yet to test those under performance conditions.
The main problems is:
I am unable to turn on the laptop.
I have tried 5 different adapters: 2 Dell m1210, 1 E1705, 1 E1505, and 1 Targus universal adapter. All of them do not work on the laptop.
When I plugged a Dell adapter into my m1210, the AC adapter shuts off. The green light on the Dell AC Adapter shuts off.
I tried my friend's charged battery to power up my laptop;however, my m1210 still will not power on.
I have not find a way to test the circuit board on my m1210 and my friend is very, very wary of me opening up their laptop. So anything that involves me trying different parts on his laptop will be almost impossible for me to ask for, he is a noob.

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Dell :: Trouble With Power Adaptor
Now for a few days my Vostro 1500 gives me message that power adaptor isn't recognized by DELL ...

and so on. But I didn't change anything this is original power adaptor from the box.

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Dell :: WiFi Trouble (1515)
I've got a problem with a brand new SXPS 1340, and I can't figure out if the trouble is in the hardware or the software...

On Vista, the wireless keeps dropping out and loosing connection... or fails to establish connection. This laptop is the only computer in my network that's affected; all other systems run fine (including a really OLD Dell laptop with an equally old external MS WiFi card... oh, the irony!).

Also... you know how when you search for WiFi networks it takes a while? Well, when it starts to go haywire, it seems to search for networks instantly, as if the card were off.

But what makes me think this is a software issue, is the fact that when I installed Windows 7, the WiFi worked flawlessly (and seemed to have better signal strength) with the built in drivers... and went haywire AFTER I had installed the drivers from Dell's site. (I'm in the process of confirming this right now; setting up W7 again and I'm going to run a "ping router /t" for a while.* )

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Dell :: Trouble With Formating And AC Adapter Not Recognized.
I have the Inspiron 1525 which I upgraded to 2GB of ram (not much but runs smoother then the original 1GB I had). As for the 1 problem formatting will not fix it's the AC Adapter which it will not recognize.

It's the original that it came with aand it runs with the battery pulled but will not Recognize the adapter and thus charge the battery. Will that problem get fixed if I ever get it formatted? .....

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Dell :: Having Trouble With Display On External Monitor
I was getting frustrated with my external monitor because the screen color was turning dark purplish at times, so I went into Device Manager and deleted both default monitor entries instead of just one under Monitors in hopes that it would've gotten rid of the purple haze so to speak.

I tried unhooking the monitor and unplugging everything before I deleted the default monitor entries in Device Manager, but it didn't get rid of the purple screen.

I have a fairly old notebook Dell Inspiron 4000 with WinMe installed and the display is no longer working assumed due to a bad or broken LCD, which is why I'm using the external monitor.

The external monitor has been working fine for months until it started turning purple on me when it was being used with the notebook. When the monitor is hooked up with my desktop, the screen color is just fine.

The notebook has got a lot of storage on it. During the boot process on the notebook, the external monitor lights up at one point (no longer purplish), but goes blank/dark after a few seconds and says it no longer is getting a signal from the notebook

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Dell :: [E6400] BT Driver Trouble On WS2008STD X64
I just bought a Dell Wireless 370 for my Latitude E6400 and installed it. I have Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 installed on the laptop.

I tried to use the bluetooth drivers for Windows Vista x64 (for the Dell Wireless 370 and downloaded from the Dell Support website),

but for some reason they don't work. There are the following three unknown devices in my Device Manager: MS_BTHBRB, MS_BTHPAN and MS_RFCOMM

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Acer :: Lag Trouble With My Aspire 5100
ive been having hard drive trouble where it says hard drive failure iminent. but I don't think that's my problem. My internet lags so bad on my aspire 5100, like when im trying to watch a streaming video it loads 3 seconds then stops, loads 3 seconds then stops. But when I plug my wifes dell laptop or my desktop into the same connection theres no lag at all. Would this have anything to do with my hard drive?

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HP/Compaq :: Graphics Trouble With Pavilion Dv9548us
this evening she shutdown out of the blue. i figured it was odd and turned it back on and what a surprise i got.

grey, red, blue and white pinstripe vertical lines across the entire screen. i watched it for a time and it took a few seconds but i noticed that in the lower right hand corner it was more faded then the rest of the screen.

then the fade began to grow the grow before it encompassed the entire screen. the lines were still there but the screen was much lighter. it almost looked like celluloid was burning through on an old projector.

i shut it off, let it cool for a few minutes and tried it again.

this time the top 4th of the screen had the white lines and below that it was simply black.

she's never been dropped. never had a spill. so i figured id do some searching and this does not seem to be a common problem.................

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Dell :: Trouble Installing Seagate 250 Gig Hard Drive On My D600
So i bought a Seagate 250gig hard drive for my d600 and i cant seem to make it work.

It reads after the dell symbol comes up and then it says that there is no primary drives found and no bootable devices found.

And when i try to run the diagnostic it says the same thing. What am i doing wrong?

I bought the hard drive from Office Depot and the guy didnt tell me about any drivers that i needed to buy or anything.

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Acer :: Aspire 5930 Trouble Connecting With Verbatim 1TB QUAD
I bought a new ext. harddrive (Verbatim 3.5" 1TB QUAD INTERFACE) in order to connect it to my laptop (Acer Aspire 5930, Win Vista, SP1) via eSATA port. However this does not work at all. The computer simply does not detect the hard drive. The same trouble appeared when i tried to connect the drive to another machine, so it is possible its simply broken down. But the USB connection works pretty well.

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Dell :: Not Charging?? M1330
My AC Adapter isn't being recognized by my system and won't charge my battery. Windows installed a couple updates recently, but other than that

I can't think of any reason that it would be doing this... Its the same adapter that came with the system, the only one that I've ever plugged into this computer ......

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Dell :: Plugged In Not Charging
I recently got the dreaded "Plugged in, not charging" message in vista of my Dell XPS 1530.My laptop is out of warranty .I tried all the methods suggested and flashed the bios to A09 from A12.I also checked the BIOS and it says

Battery Charge = 6%
Charger = 90W

Also when I connect the charger the charging light would flash for 5 sec. and then go off.Due to this the battery charge has moved from 6% to 7%.

I cannot buy a new mbd worth $500 . Any other cure for this ????

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Dell :: My POS 1525 Is Not Charging
The case has been falling apart and now my battery is not charging.

Are all dells complete wastes of money like this? My much cheaper Acer outlasted this hunk of crap.

Anyhow, according to the computer my battery is dead and needs to be replaced, but why the hell does the battery have such a crap life? or is it something else? This laptop has spent 90% of its life on the A/C charger

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Dell :: E1505 Not Charging!!
Had an E1505 for a few years now, and with the exception of a HD failure/subsequent replacement, it's been absolutely great.

Recently though, it gave me the error message "adapter not recognized, blah, blah, blah" message upon POST...

Tried a different adapter as well, but no luck. It runs off the adapter(s) just fine, but won't charge, so I'm permanently attached to a cord until I get this fixed

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Dell :: M1530 Not Charging
I currently own an M1530 and just today I had this problem of battery not charging. I ran the laptop on battery and did a diagnostic from bios, after like 2hrs the laptop shut down,

I guess it was because of empty battery. When I plugged in and switched on, it said "plugged in, not charging" and the battery was at 0%. Then I tried to take the battery out

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Dell :: USB Charging Port
Has anyone actually seen the usb charging port work? I had one on my e4200 and one on my e6400 and it never works. I have the laptop plugged in and turned off or in sleep mode. Plug my iphone into it and it doesn't charge... Even through it is all active and setup in the bios.

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Dell :: Xps M1530 Plugged In, Not Charging
I have a dell xps m1530. Yesterday, suddenly a problem developed. The laptop charges for a few secs and then the battery icon says plugged in, not charging. I have tested the power supply and the adapter pin on the laptop motherboard its working fine. I purchased the laptop 4 months ago. i am using windows vista Ultimate with sp1.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1150 Not Charging
My friend's laptop isn't charging no matter what she tries doing..It doesn't charge when it's on or off, she tried the charger on a friend's laptop and it works..So wat's the problem?

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Dell :: Plugged In But Not Charging E6500
my battery aint been charging for a few days iv noticed i just done fresh install yesterday still no joy any ideas what could fix this

im sure im on the latest bios could i try flashing it again ?

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Dell :: Issue With Charging Laptop,
Recently my laptop charger stopped working for no apparent reason. When i plug it in the light will shine green on the charger like normal until i insert it into the laptop and it will shut off, thus not allowing me to charge my laptop or use it

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv2 Gets Hot- When Charging
i did the undervolt and it works awesome when running on battery however when you plug it in and use it, it gets hot as hell.

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Dell :: SXPS 16 Not Fully Charging When Turned Off
My SPXS 16 will not charge to 100% unless I have it turned on.

When it's turned off and charging, the lights on the hinge of the screen will go off, meaning it's fully charged, but it's only charged to about 90% when I turn it on.

I'm assuming this is happening because the battery is not calibrated with the BIOS correctly..

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