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Dell :: Two External Monitors On XPS Notebook Possible?

I have a new XPS 1640 Dell notebook with ATI Mobility RADEON M96XT 1GB video.

I am using an external 24 in (1920 x 1200 res.) monitor through VGA port.

The notebook has additional HDMI and DisplayPort.

I'd like to know if it is possible to connect a second external monitor. It would be 17 in (1280 x 1024) used as extended desktop, not mirrored. The monitor has DVI port as well as VGA.

If it is possible, which cable should I use? I assume DisplayPort might be better than HDMI. Is there a such cable that converts DisplayPort to DVI?

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Dell :: 1730 With 2 External Monitors
Does anyone have a solution for 2 external monitors running 1920x1200 with the 1730?

I know there are docking stations (USB & Express Card) that have video with a max of 1600x1200.
There are also just plain USB to DVI adaptors but are also limited to 1600x1200.

Has anyone tested a cable like this...


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Dell :: Vostro 1700 With Two External Monitors?
I have a Vostro 1700 laptop.

I'm just wondering whether there is a way to attach two external monitors to the laptop, since there is only one VGA port.

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Acer :: Two External Monitors (1810 Timeline)
I am interested in buying an Acer 1810 Timeline, given all that I read in this forum. Just one brief question for those who own one:

The 1810 has both a HDMI as well as a VGA port. Is it possible to display onto *two* different external monitors, each one connected to one of these ports? (In thinkpads one can do this by switching off the internal LCD.)

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Apple :: MBP - Utilizing Two External Monitors And The Screen
I am planning on purchasing one and wanted to take advantage of two external monitors and the MBP's screen at the same time.

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Dell :: External Monitors For Inspiron 8200/Dimension 4600
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit to spending 4 or so hours with 4 Dell support fellows (3 chat/1 phone) fiddling with my Inspiron 8200 attempting to connect the Dimension 4600's 1901FP monitor...with no success. After (I've lost count) x number restarts/restores it's a wonder the 8200 seems to be back to where I/we started earlier today
1. I would still like to add an external 1600x1200 monitor to the 8200 notebook. The Dell people say it's a no go--maybe with a lower res monitor? The notebook is used by Marilyn (spouse) who does two things: writes a few notes and edits digital photos.

2. As for myself I'd like to exchange the 19" 1901FT for a bit larger (say 23-24" monitor with maybe a bit higher res (for photo editing work.) I've had my eyes on a Samsung 2343 BWX ..with a 2048x1152 resolution...leaving me to wonder if the Dimension 4600 will support it? (Or if I'd best invest in a z590 series Sony Vaio notebook that I can take to the field/drive the Samsung 2343 at home...)

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Dual External Monitors W/Intel X3100?
I just ordered a new Dell XPS M1330 with the Intel X3100 chipset and then I saw this:

My question: Does it matter what graphics chipset I have? Can I run 2 external monitors with the Intel chipset? If so, that would be very cool!

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Dell :: E6400 & E-port Plus & 2 External Monitors & Laptop Display?
So I've just got a e6400 for e-port plus.

Is it possible to have two external monitors AND the laptop display all running at the same time? If so how?

Even better would be this: I have two external monitors - both vga with no DVI (oh well). Can I get this working?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 13 - Displayport - How Do I Connect To The External Monitors
I bought the Macbook Pro 13" on March 21st, couldn't wait for the refresh.

Now my question is, how do I connect to the external monitors, as in which Mini Displayport do I need to buy? I see a lot of displayports at Fry's for under $20 for Mac but don't know which part number exactly do I need for my MBP.

Another question is, I might want to get the Mini Displayport to DVI. Would DVI to HDMI work from the Apple Mini Displayport? Would DVI to VGA work from the Apple Mini Displayport also? I have alot of DVI to VGA/HDMI adapters so I was wondering would it work if I just bought the Mini Displayport to DVI.

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Dell :: 17'' FHD Monitors *ever* Be Available Again?
HP - No.
Dell - No.
Acer - No.
Asus - No (well, except for G73).
Toshiba - No.
Sony - No.

All are selling 1600x900 in 17" laptops. What's up with that? FHD is available in the 16s and 15s! It's bad enough I have to lose 10% of my screen real estate by going from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080 but down further to 1600x900? Not going to happen! Is there only one plant in the world making these things? Did it burn down or something?

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Dell :: Temperature Monitors
Why does HWMonitor and HWiNFO32 report very different temperatures on my Dell XPS m1530

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Dell :: Studio 1555 With 2 Monitors
I have a Dell Studio 1555 and two external VGA monitors...

Is it possible to use both of the and the laptop display (three in total), simultaneously?.

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Dell :: Enables Sli With Dual Monitors?
Is there a driver that will let you have sli and enabled while running to screens at once?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 2 Monitors Same Time...
Will it work if i connect 2 monitors at the same time and i want to use them in DualView...

One trough VGA and another trough HDM

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Dell :: E1705: How To Use Two Primary Monitors?
I am connecting the E1705 to an external LCD via DVI - HDMI.

I am however unable to use both the laptop LCD and the external LCD (37" Sharp 1080p)

You have to pick one or the other, when the internal LCD works I only get a desktop screen on the Sharp, if I close the lid of the laptop, only then the external LCD becomes active.

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Dell :: Cannot Get Dual Monitors Working
i have a m1530 with windows 7 and i cannot get dual running.

i have a hdmi to my laptop and to my vizio tv.

it doesn't detect when i plug up or anything.

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Dell :: E6400 With 2 Monitors And Laptop Monitor
Does any one know if it is possible to have 2 22" monitors on the E-Port Plus and use the notebooks display as a 3rd monitor? or is it possible to have 3 monitors attached at all?
My CFO is looking for this setup and had it on his T61.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 (8600M GT) Running Multiple Monitors
So, doing some research it seems that the Matrox dual or triple head2go is the pricey solution to running more than 2 external monitors. Are there other solutions to running 2 or more external monitors without shutting down the laptop screen?

I was thinking hdmi to one screen then 2 usb to dvi to the two other screens, but don't know if this will shut off the screen on my laptop.

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HP/Compaq :: Can I Connect To Two Monitors With 6530b
I recently got the 6530b HP Notebook but I now need to order a docking station.

Will the docking station allow me to connect to two monitors as I know there was a problem with the previous 6510b notebook in that one of the ports on that docking station was not enabled ; problem with notebook and not the docking station

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Dell :: Dual Monitors On An E5500 With Onboard Graphics Card
For some reason I can't search or I would have done that first so I apologize if this has been beaten to death. I placed an order for a Latitude E5500 with 4G of memory and the 2.4g processor.

One question that I asked of the online chat people was if it would support a dual monitor set up with the onboard gpu (I didn't have an option for an upgrade on the 5500).

The first guy said no, my salesperson on the phone said yes, absolutely although unless I buy a dock one of the monitors would have to be my laptop lcd, and just to break the tie I asked another online sales person and he said absolutely not!

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Dell :: External TV Tuner For XPS 16
I've order my XPS 16 with i5! Comes mid-Feb, but I was told that I can't hae the interal TV tuner as there are compatibility issues.

So basically I need an alternative external one for a good price 50 or less.

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Dell :: Best External DVD Burner
I use my m1710 to edit digital video i need a 100% reliable external drive to
Burn with.

whats the best current drive with best results, I know this is subjective but any thoughts would be apreciated
always heard NEC drives are good

need my customers to be able to go home and the disk to work, have had to reduce my current samsung drive down to 4 speed from 8 as getting a few clitches.

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Dell :: External Media Bay
Does anyone have Dell's external media bay for Latitude E or Precision models? I am interested in knowing whether it only works with Dell laptops or if it can serve as a generic DVD reader when I put my optical drive in it (useful for my netbook)

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Dell :: External Dvd Drive For Mini 9
this is the second time i had a "made for dell" external dvd drive fail for my mini 9. i advise that everyone avoid this option.

dell wont give support for it and the company that sells it to dell is near impossible to get a hold of for product support.

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Dell :: External Monitor (resolutions)
I'm looking to purchase a external monitor for my Studio 15

What the maximum resolutions that my laptop will support? I was told that it will support 1920x1200. I just want to double check that

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Dell :: Vostro V-13 External DVD Drive
Has anyone ordered dvd external drive off the built site? Agent gave me the part number (313-9874) but could not pull up item.

Wanted to know if this had the same finish as the V13 or not?

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Dell :: Looking For P/N 430-3099 (E-Module, External)
I am looking for the Dell P/N 430-3099, it's and E-Module, External Media Bay for Latitude E-Family/ Mobile Precision, the idea is to install a Hard Drive or a DVD-ROM unit inside, I have not been able to find it within the Dell web site,

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Dell :: E6400 And External Monitor
When I hooked up an external monitor to my E6400 laptop only narrow range of resolutions were available.

The required resolution was not listed.

Do I need to get some drivers to solve this issue?
Right now my internal screen listed as generic pnp monitor.
I have the WXGA+ monitor

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Dell :: M6400 External Monitor
I was wondering if anybody else is having issues with using 2 external monitors with their M6400?

My configuration:
I have a M6400 Covet, FX3700M, 8GB, Vista Ultimate 64, A01 BIOS, updated drivers... connected to an E/Port Plus 210W Port replicator. I have a 24" Dell 2405FPW external monitor connected to display #1 (1920x1200) and a 19" 1908WFP connected to display #2. (1440 x 900). Both are connected via DVI connectors.

My problem:
The secondary monitor never has problems... However, the main monitor (24" @ 1920x1200) goes all crazy. It has red "dots" that appear all over the screen in dark areas. The bottom of the screen sometimes has horizontal bars. I see red and black vertical bars as well. The screen constantly flickers and the image hangs off the edges many times. If I change the resolution to BELOW 1440 x 900 the screen looks fine. Anything over 1440 x 900 goes crazy. (none of this occurs when using the LCD on the laptop itself)

The 24" monitor is fine. I have swapped cables and they do not help. If I plug up my desktop computer to the montior- it is perfect in 1920x1200. If I plug up my old Dell Precision M90 using it's old E/Port docking station- it too works fine in 1920 x 1200. So it's not the monitor.

Dell support doesn't know what the problem is. They say it's probably a driver issue. (I have the latest driver) They say they will contact me in the future if there is ever a solution and they are going to escalate it to their video hardware team.

Is there anybody else out there experiencing the same issues as me?
If you are running dual monitors successfully with the E/Port Plus 210W, what monitors are you using, at what resolution and what connector? (DVI or that new display port thing) If you aren't using the E/Port Plus 210W- what docking station did dell sell you?

I need to get a resolution to this ASAP.

I've attached two photos taken from my digital camera showing the screen issues.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 & External Monitor
I am about to take delivery of an XPS M1330 with the 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS graphics card. When at my desk, I am looking to use the laptop with a Dell 19-inch Widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor [url] I am hoping to use the external monitor at the same time as the laptop monitor (for example, Outlook on one screen and Internet Explorer on the other).

- Is this possible? Does the graphics card support multiple monitors / dual view in this way?

The XPS screen resolution is 1280x800 and the resolution of the external monitor is 1440x900.

- Will the fact that the screens have different resolutions cause any problems?

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Dell :: External Speaker For 1640
I am looking to buy external speakers for this unit but I am not too familiar with what's out there and what would go well with this notebook.

Im looking to spend 60-70 dollars or so but can manage up to 100 dollars (CAD).

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Dell :: Interference With External Sound
I've found an issue that I haven't noticed before. Basically, whenever I plug in external speakers (my surround sound, for example) there is a lot of interference sound.

It seems to coincide with the hard drive light - When the hard drive is being read, interference happens.

I've tried this with the built in speakers - no interference. Also with sound muted, it still makes the noise. Anyone got any ideas why this would be, or how/if I can stop it?

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Dell :: Best External Speakers For XPS 1640
I was looking into buying a speaker set before I head out for college. I prefer at least a 2.1 set (speakers + subwoofer). I saw the Hercules XPS 2.1 Lounge Speakers from Dell. Are those good? Or can anyone recommend a better solution?

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Dell :: Connecting To An External Screen?
I somehow disconnected or broke something in my Inspiron 1150.

I was trying to clean my fan out.

I cracked it open & blew it out because I couldn't seem to completely opening it & then when I turned it on afterward the screen did not come on yet you can see that the notebook is on.

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Dell :: External LCD Monitor For XPS M1330?
I recently purchased an XPS M1330, with:Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8300 (2.4GHz/800Mhz FSB/3MB cache)Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X31004 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz (2 DIMMs)Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
I'll mostly use it for AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc.

I want to purchase a monitor, but I'm not sure about a few details:What's the difference between buying a laptop with an HDMI entry, versus just buying one with a DVI entry (which seem to be cheaper), and get a HDMI-to-DVI cable?What's WXVGA and all those 5-letter-acronyms

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Dell :: External HD Slowing Down M1530
I recently bought a 1tb external HD, formatted it to NTFS, and have noticed that any time I copy files to or from the external HD I only get speeds of about 45mbps using an express card and an eSata cable. I have also noticed that my whole system slows down dramatically. As soon as the files are copied, my m1530 is back to full speed.

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Dell :: There Is A Way To Simulate The Fn Key On An External USB Keyboard ?
I am using an external USB keyboard with my M6400 and I would like to change screen brightness from the external keyboard, there is a way to do it

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Dell :: External Monitor For XPS M1330
I am not sure if this is a dumb question or not but I was wanting to get an external monitor for my XPS M1330. It has the nVidia graphics card. Is there a limit to the size of monitor I could get.

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Dell :: E1705 External Monitor
I have a problem with my dell e1705 laptop. I was trying to set up an external monitor, after installing the drivers that came with the monitor i couldn't get the laptops internal monitor to start back up. I tried restarting with the external monitor unplugged but the laptops screen just glows with no picture. can anyone tell me how to enable my internal monitor? Only the external monitor shows up when i try to switch displays in the nvidia controlpanal.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 With External Monitor
I just got my new XPS M1330 With 128MB Graphic Card.

Now when i connect to my XPS M1330 with my External Monitor (Dell 24" 2408WFP) Resolution: 1920X1200

I don't see good sharpness in fonts and image. I have set native resolution that is 1920X1200

I also have Inspiron 1720 (256 Mb Graphic Card)

There its show very fine and sharp fonts and pictures.

I use VGA cable in both the systems.

Now when i talk to Dell Teach Department.

They gave me few reasons as below.
My laptop screen is 13.3" and Monitor screen 24" (i know this is silly reason ) (but i argued with him and then he gave me 2nd reason)My XPS M1330 have lower graphic card (128MB Geforce 8400M GS) that is the reason i can't see clear display. To see clear sharp text and images i need batter graphic card (more then 128MB).
so he said he can't help me. It is not problem of XPS M1330.

Does anyone of you using XPS M1330 with 1920X1200 Resolution?

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Sony :: USB External HD
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ210CE. My issue is that when I use my external hard drive, it works when I first start it up but then after a lil while (tonight it went around 10 minutes), it suddenly says it isn't recognizes & then goes on to install the driver & then it will work again. It's annoying, especially if I happen to be in the middle of something. The first few times I used it, it didn't do this, but it has now for quite a while.

There have been no issues with the hard drive when it's been connected to my desktop (which is slowly dying of old age). There aren't issues with my wireless mouse, flash drives, printer, or scanner. I have tried using different ports, they all do this with this device.

I tried uninstalling the usb drives through the device manager which instantly reinstalled & I even restarted the computer anyway. I had emailed Sony about the issue once & was told to uninstall the drives but lost the email somehow so I don't know if I did it the way they suggested.

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HP/Compaq :: External HDD
I need to transfer things from my laptop (not working) hard drive onto my PC.

I've taken out the HDD, and it says Hitachi SATA I found out it's 2.5" so ordered an external case.

However the pins (I think they are called) don't fit into the case.


The case I bought

Now I'm looking at this product, which says it fits all SATA drives

Does anyone know if that would work, or does HP use different pins to everyone else?

ETA laptop is a Presario F500

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HP/Compaq :: HP External Blu-Ray ROM
I'm thinking of jumping on my purchase with the $450 off coupon floating around. The thing is to get the $1399 minimum, I would probably need to include the External Tray Lightscribe Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD+/-R/RW Double Layer with my purchase. My question is - if I don't really need this, how easy is it to sell this? Is there a demand for the HP Blu-Ray ROM?

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HP/Compaq :: Does This DM3 Come With An External Dvd-rw Or Not
A lot of website seem to list a dvd-rw , but can anybody tell for sure, model number below.

What do the hp codes in the model and part numbers mean?

+REP for answers

HP DM3-1020EA , VJ388EA#ABU

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Apple :: External HDD For Mac
To me asthetics are important for the setup of my machine. Call me vain but the whole point of buying apple is the looks and i've been trying to find a external HDD that matches the setup that i have with no avail. I looked at the G-Tech External HDD but they were too expensive. I managed to find somthing by a company called Lindy that makes a HDD enclosure that resembles a Mac Mini Lindy Mini HDD

I've ordered two for my 3.5" HDD's

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Apple :: MAc - External HDD
Ive never owned or used a MAc before, but Im interested in buying a MacBook Pro....

I have 2 external HDDs.

My 2TB drive is formatted in NTFS, and is used by anyone in the house for backups etc.

Hence I would prefer to keep it as NTFS.

I understand Macs can access NTFS drive data, but cannot write to them. Will I be able to write to the drive through a Windows Boot Camp installation as normal?

My second external HDD is a portable My Passport 500GB, which would be used by the Mac only - so Im assuming HFS+ would be the best format for it?

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Dell :: I Need An External SSD To Connect With My ESata Port
USB 2.0 is slow for a back up drive and moving data.

My Studio 17 has a dedicated eSata port which moves data at 3.0GB/sec. Now I would like an SSD drive, with an eSata enclosure. So I can rapidly hookup, back up and go.

Any ideas of what I need or how to go about this.?

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Dell :: M1730 GPU (1 Core For External Monitor)
Looking for a bit of information, Ive had my M1730 for about 1 1/2-2 years its been preety good (had to replace the PSU) no real problems. I have taken it apart a few times to clean the fans.

Just today I noticed something when I went to plug in an external monitor I only have 1 GPU core.

I only play wow casually and use it for design/work so I haven't noticed the FPS drop lol. I installed new nvidia drivers 3 weeks ago and at that time I had SLI so I must of lost one of my GPUs in that time span T.T

I have re-installed GPU drivers.

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Dell :: Studio 17 BSOD With External Monitor
I've been reading this forum for a while just havent had a reason to post until now. I got my Studio 1735 in September with an ATI 3650 video card.

Recently i've started using an external monitor also from dell. Rather annoyingly every so often the screens start flickering and it says that the video driver has failed.

After that I get the BSOD. I've tried updating to the newest video drivers on dell site and it didnt change anything.

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Dell :: SDHC And External Not Working On 64 Bit Vista
I just bought a new 64 bit Studio XPS and it will not recognize any of my SDHC cards using the built in card reader, or Western Digital 250gb USB passport.

It will recognize my USB Thumbdrives (8gb)

I rely heavily on SDHC cards.

Each time i plug one in, it asks me to format, but it won't actually format.

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