Dell :: Windows Experience Scores

May 11, 2008

With my 1730 I can get a 5.1 score. The 5.1 is because of my ram which gets a 5.1, I am upgrading and adding another 2gb so this will not be a bottleneck anymore. My next highest score is a 5.2 for my hd. Is there anyway to get a higher score for my hd? I have a 7200rpm, would adding another hd, and putting them in raid somehow make a difference? I would at least like to figure out how i could make the hd faster, after that my next lowest score is not until 5.4, and if i had a score of 5.4

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Dell :: The Windows 7 Experience

Jan 10, 2009

just got windows 7 BETA 32x today and i have to say:


the new looks, the really snappy and smooth interface, the new features, and the fast as hell startup time... WOW!

i was going to add some pictures but my connection is acting up again and i cant seem to upload anything so il just write some outstanding features:

1- the speed, its just so much faster than vista.... as simple as that, and it uses 630 megs of ram when i actually have 4gigs on this comp, while vista used 1.2 gigs, and as i said, the startup time is amazing .....

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Dell :: Windows 7 On M6400 Experience

Mar 11, 2009

Why not share how 7 run on our precisions m6400 ?

I'm using win 7 build 7048 x64 working really well (way better and faster than XP sp3, however I never thought to use Vista..).

there was some issues with build 7000 and Adobe CS4 production apps (like premiere, encore, AE) now solved with 7048

The only nvidia driver I found working well are 179.44 for Win vista x64, installed without modding nv_disp.inf

the one provided from windows update for 7 (179.43 win7 i think) was not working (the screen turn white).....

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Dell :: Windows Experience Index (WEI) On Studio 1558 W/ATI

Feb 16, 2010

Can I get folks who have the Studio 15 w/ATI post their WEI numbers? I'm concerned the Studio 15z from Best Buy is actually beating the 1558 and that disappoints me.

Processor - 6.7
RAM - 5.9
Graphics - 4.9
Gaming - 6.2
Hard disk - 5.9

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Dell :: Studio Xps 1645's Windows 7 Experience Score

May 9, 2010

Does anyone have higher Score for same Processor ?

My 1645 with:
Intel® Core™ i7-720QM
500GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
ATI Mobility RADEON® HD 4670 - 1GB

Windows Experience Score
Processor - 6.9
RAM - 7.4
Graphics - 6.7
Gaming Graphics - 6.7
Hard Disk - 5.9

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Dell :: Windows Experience Index Poor SSD Performance

Feb 23, 2010

I have been getting really poor hard drive performance since I've got my computer. It's getting a 5.9 on the windows experience index which I think is quite low for an 128GB SSD? Also, when copying and pasting large files it seems to stall for a few seconds during the process.

Has anyone else been having this problem or know a solution? What kind WEI ratings are people getting?

My machine is a SXPS 1645, Core i7 720Q, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD.

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Apple :: Mac And Windows 7 Experience

Nov 3, 2009

I decided to upgrade my Vista/Fusion installation to Windows 7/Fusion today on my Alu unibody Mac.

The experience took a couple of hours, and I have to say it was a nervous operation.
A few heads up for those making the trek....

The setup program would not run until I uninstalled McAfee completely. Just disabling does not do the trick.

The mouse button stopped working several times at key junctures, when it is asking for input. Pressing the escape key after bringing up the VMware menu bar seems to alleviate the problem.

I could not re-install McAfee after the installation from the VMware menu bar. I'll have to see if I can do it later from the Fusion install disk.

After installation, Windows 7 seems to to function OK, but I did not do any in-depth testing as I'll want to have a working antivirus before I proceed further. If I can't get McAfee back on, maybe I'll install AVG's free AV.

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Acer :: 6920G, Windows 7 Experience

Jan 19, 2009

Thought I'd put my experience with the Window 7 Beta on my Acer Aspire 6920G, for those considering it but not sure whether it works etc.

Installation: Installation went smooth, picked up alot of things out of the box, but for the things it doesn't, you can use the backup feature on the vista partition to create a disc with all the drivers etc. on

Drivers: Well there are some you'll have to get yourself, e.g. Graphics Card drivers, I've got the HD3650 flavour of machine and my drivers are found here: [url]

Another driver that didn't work, and the one from the drivers disc doesn't either is the SD Card reader, however you can get the drivers direct from JMicron here: go into the ftp ( there's a link towards the end of the text) and get the driver for the JMB38X not 36X, this driver works a charm.

I can't speak for ExpressCard devices as I don't use them myself.

Sound works out of the box.

Even after installing the drivers for it the webcam refuses to work.

With the drivers from the driver disc created in Vista, bluetooth works............

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Apple :: Low Graphic Score From Windows 7 Experience

Aug 27, 2009

running windows 7 via bootcamp on my MBP.

The graphic score from windows experience is very low (1.0). Other scores are normal.

Is there a driver that I can download to fix this graphic issue?

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Dell :: Greased GPU With AS5. Now Low Scores

Oct 24, 2007

I just greased my GPU, with AS5.

I took off the heat sink, sraped/cleaned the chip and heatskink. then put a bead down and tightened up the heatsink.

I rad 3dmark with my clocks 575/700, and I only got 4600 marks.

I usually get 5400+ marks at those clocks.

Wtf has happened?

what should I do?


I am getting way lower FPS now. this sux. I should have left her alone.

now it looks like I have to buy another card.

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Dell :: 3dmark Scores

Nov 26, 2009

My xps 1640 gets 6220 points on 3dmark06, is that proper score in comparison to my spesifications?

Intel p8600 2.4ghz 3 mb cache
ati 4670 ddr3 1gb
ram 4 gb ddr3
500 gb harddrive

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Acer :: Installing Windows 7 On An 6920G - Drivers, Experience Etc

Jan 24, 2010

Well my PC came OEM installed with Vista 32 Bit edition and I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition (as i get a student discount).

Looking around the forums and internet in general, I have noticed that on the acer 6920g there seems to always be a problem with drivers such as the CineDash, Realtek, TV tuner, Modem, Card reader, Fingerprint, Webcam, Bluetooth etc.. I have also read that you can fix the launchmanager by running in Vista compatiability mode.

If i do an in-place upgrade (going from vista 32-bit to windows 7 ultimate) will it be fine? Also is there anything I should be cautionous of such as the drivers etc..

I would actually really like to do a clean installation but I'm worried that the keyboard "quick" buttons (such as the internet,bluetooth,mail on the side of keyboard will not work)- can someone please confirm if I did a clean installation, would theese buttons still work?

Also I have two games:GTA IV, Call of Duty 5 , will theese both work on windows 7 (or on compatability).

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Sony :: Post Your AW's Windows Experience Index Score

Jan 17, 2010

Let's post AW index score :

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Sony :: Post Your FW's Windows Experience Index Score

Nov 23, 2009

I was curious as to what sort of scores Windows 7 is giving to different specs of FWs.

Heres mine:
Processor: P8700 ------>6.1
Memory: 4 GB --------->6.1
Graphics:ATI HD4650--->5.9
Gaming Graphics-------->6.6
Primary Hard Disk(7200rpm 320 gb)--->5.8 (base)

I have a 490CTO with win7 home premium. I can't remember but I think that I had exactly the same score with vista, only nothing went over 5.9. The HDD score was the same. Did anybody else get a different base score after upgrading to 7?

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Sony :: VAIO Z Win7 WEI (Windows Experience Index)

Nov 23, 2009

if anyone is willing to share their WEI result in Win7 with Vaio Z in Speed mode. Would be curious, if it'll show some differences with different CPUs, HDDs, ... You can show the additional specifics by clicking on "View and print detailed performance and system information". (Thanks NHT about the info, didn't know about that ) As the chart doesn't show, what kind of HDD you got,

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Dell :: XPS M1730 3dMark06 Scores

Oct 10, 2007

Here is my latest score. This score is different from my first as my first run involved me goofin up driver crap and not having physics card installed.... Not that the card matter, but the scores are different.

My first test was 6506 (sorry I dont have a pic)

Here is my score with plain dell drivers, no overclock, just plain old sli 8700's...

Theres not a doubt in my mind with different drivers and over clock ability, that the 8700m GT sli is not a bad vid card.... People have been stating theyve got pretty good game performace... Best part is, the upgrade for the 1730 can only get better! ehehe

I must be dumb, but if anyone comes across other 8700m GT drivers that can do SLi, I would really like to try them

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Dell :: Very Low 3dmark 05 Scores, 2500m

Sep 20, 2007

I have a t2250 e1705 with a newly installed 2500m with a 130w psu.

I did my unlocked bios mod.

with stock clocks I got 7862 on 3dmark 06 demo.

This is super low? right? a gs can do better right?

what is some good drivers I can use for XP for this card?

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Sony :: What Is Windows 7 Experience Index Score For F117FX And F116FX

May 29, 2010

Who has F117FX or F116FX ?

I want to now the Windows Experience Index Score .

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Sony :: Z And M11 X 3D Mark06 Scores

Apr 5, 2010

Z and M11 x 3D Mark06 scores ...

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Acer :: 8930 3dmark06 Scores

Oct 8, 2008

When I first purchased my 8930 I ran a 3dmark06 test and got a score of around 5500.
I upgraded the 9600m GT graphics card with the new driver from
179.13 Vista 32bit

It seem to install ok. When I ran 3dmark06 I only got a score of around 2500.

I then tried a fresh install of my system and I'm still getting the low scores.

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Dell :: Memory Speed Affecting Windows Experience (memory Operations)

Oct 13, 2008

A friend just showed me his new Dell Vostro lappy. He has 4 GB of DDR2 800mhz memory on it when compared to my 4 GB of DDR2 667mhz memory on my XPS 1530

However, under his windows experience score - he gets 5.9 score for memory operations while I just get a 5.1. I can't believe that a couple of hundred mhz can result in such a drastic difference.

Is there something optimized for his system but not for mine?

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Dell :: Experience With In A NutshellTraumatizing

Nov 3, 2009

So I decided I would stick with Dell for my next purchase since my family and I have owned a couple of their models in the past. Our old inspiron and latitudes have held up for at least 4-5 years each so this a fairly easy choice for me to make.

10/28/09 - Ordering a new Studio XPS 1340
I was on the phone with Dell EPP and configured my setup for a fully loaded SXPS 1340 after about 2 hours of back and forth with the representative and manager (I am a bargain hunter). Blah blah blah the manager finally agrees on $1350 shipped (roughly a $200 discount after EPP)......................

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Dell :: Any Experience With Red Hat Linux 5.1 ?

Feb 22, 2009

I've noticed drivers for Red Hat Linux are available, does anybody tried to install it in the Precision M6400

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Dell :: M1330 Experience

Oct 13, 2008

To date, I have had X4 Motherboard replacements, X2 Screen replacements and X2 batteries, and I'm fed up with Dell. My computer is running all latest drivers and software etc, but is running really hot. The palmrest gets really hot, even if the CPU is idle. I have to retract my hand from the computer base after a few seconds because it is so **** warm. I'm not sure what is causing the heat - it was never this warm before the latest motherboard replacement, which was due to a fried GPU.

Is it really worth getting a new motherboard and going through all that hassle, if it will just happen again? My graphics in Flight Simulator and all games have become terrible (i mean, terrible) - with few other processes running, since I bought it a year ago. This is a concern that I can no longer play games on this Nvidia Chip.

Do you guys think I am right in thinking that my GPU is just messed up and chucking out crazy amounts of heat? (It is 65 degrees celcius idle)

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Dell :: XPS Customer Service Experience

Feb 8, 2010

Well, I think it's more usual for people to leave comments over bad experiences than good experiences, so I think it would be good to do it.

Few days ago I had a problem with a XPS 1330 which suddenly stopped working. Something related with a shortcircuit with the power supply.

I checked guarantee and happily found that I bought the 3 year extended guarantee with the laptop and it was on the third year so i called customer support and after some small checks they decided it had to do with the motherboard so they ordered a replacement for me for the next day.

I even messed with the asking to come later as I wanted to backup data (just for security). Did the backup and called them again few days later. Again I had no problem, next day a technician came to my home and changed the motherboard. In matter of minutes i had the laptop working again.

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Dell :: Experience With Escalation Officers

Aug 23, 2009

Just wondering if any of you had any previous experiences with Dell Escalation Officers? One of them is supposed to call me about whether I would be able to exchange my E6400 for a different model.

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Dell :: Order Experience India

Dec 2, 2009

How many of you have ordered the laptop from India? What is your experience?

I ordered on 13th November and got an EDD of 26th November. Called them up on 26th November and they said it will definitely come on 1st December and offered me a free blutooth headphones.

I called yesterday and today and the dell representative is not picking up her phone. Called the direct number and they said it hasn't come cause of a change in shipping address. I never once changed my shipping address.

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Dell :: My Recent Order Experience

Dec 16, 2009

Ordered an Inspiron 15z from Dell EPP for $678 on 12/10. Initial estimated delivery date: 12/28.

Yesterday, I noticed a small price drop ($16, lol) with the use of a coupon code, so I called up EPP customer service about the 30 day price guarantee. The rep, a nice guy from India, informed me that technically, the price guarantee was not valid with coupon codes, but he gave it to me anyway.

Today, I received a call from the same rep saying that the system was shipping out today, with an estimated delivery of 12/18...10 days earlier than originally estimated, and that I should see the price credit on my CC statement within 48 hours.

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Dell :: M1530 And Win7 HP X64 Experience

Oct 27, 2009

I have 8gb RAM on my laptop and so far no problems installing all the programs and drivers. Win7 did detect the drivers needed and accurately targeted Dell's website for the appropriate drivers... card reader and such. Programs loaded so far:

Office 2007, Acrobat Reader 8, Adobe CS4 (both 32/64), Panorama Factory, Roxio Creator 2010 Pro, Slingbox, Quicktime. Will load more but it took me almost all day to do these ones. Future programs includes Canon's Zoom Browser and other web browsers

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Dell :: Tech Support Experience

Mar 19, 2009

This is a long story of various experiences ive had with dell tech support and dell technicians.

It all started when i was 3 years old, my mommy was out for dinner and i.... oh wait... wrong story lol.

okay so when i bought this xps m1530 i knew about all the GPU issues and i was OK with that,

becasue the m1530 is an amazing machine, but some months ago it started giving me green screens and high temperatures, so i figured i should talk to dell about it, and this is what happened .....

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