Dell :: XPS 1730 Line (Next?)

Sep 8, 2009

I have been a SUPER happy customer with my M1730. I originally owned an XPS Gen 2 (way back in the day). My question is, are they going to make a new successor to M1730? It's been a while, I've seen DELL come out with the new lower XPS line (13/16). Also now with the Adamo. However, I see no mention of further XPS 17XX. Have they discontinued it?

I know they purchased Alienware, but I just don't like Alienware, it looks a little to geeky for me.

If they took the M1730 and just upgraded the board so we could get the 1333Mhz RAM + G270M Video card + QuadCore (However, I'm pretty happy with my X9000)

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Dell :: Bottom Line Are You Happy With Your 1730

Oct 18, 2007

I know people have stated that they are liking there new laptop. My question is more of a what would you do type deal. How does the 1730 perform in vista with wow and world in conflict etc? are u guys having any studdering issues? Reason I'm asking is that im getting ready to pull the trigger on this or a alienware 9750. I have never used vista, my desktop is running xp.

I have read the forums and searched but i want to know how it performs in game. Are you guys missing the horsepower from the 7950? Im just looking for a some advice on what i should do.

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Dell :: New Xps Line

Nov 1, 2008

I recall reading a couple of months ago about a new xps line coming out. In fact it was one of the reasons i passed on the m1330 but i havent seen any news about any new ones.

Anyone know if/when they are scheduled for?

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Dell :: Inspiron Line Z Or Not To Z

Oct 2, 2009

I'm a bit confused and not too knowledgeable on the latest line:

what are the major differences, and/or the pros and cons between the differences of the inspirons and inspiron Z notebooks?

i.e. Inspiron 14 vs Inspiron 14z

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Dell :: When's The New Line Of XPS Coming Out

Aug 14, 2007

wondering when you guys speculate the new line of XPS laptops will come out?

I'm anxious to see if they'll have an upgrade to the 2010.

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Dell :: 1730 Os

Jun 4, 2008

which os are you guys running on your 1730?

im running 32 bit vista, but im just wondering how xp performs on this. any faster performance in games? and how is sli support?

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Dell :: Two XPS 1730 P

Mar 24, 2009

I'm having 2 issues with my 1730 and I was wondering if anyone here could provide me with some advice.

First, these issues are both intermittent, I cannot reliably reproduce either issue on command.

Second, my machine shipped with Vista32. Both issues existed in Vista32 and have persisted into Win7. The Vista32 HDD was removed and set on the shelf and a completely clean install of Win7 was performed to a new HDD.

Issue #1. Memory Parity Error, System halted. This happens as a BSOD less than 5 secodns after the post at boot. The wording was different in Vista but it said the same thing. It claims it's a hardware error and contact the Mfg. This happens to me once or twice a week always on the first power up. It is extremely rare that power cycling it does not solve the problem. It does not appear to be getting any worse, or better.

Issue #2. When gaming (windowed or full screen) the screen goes black and I get a notice that the video card stopped responding and has been reset. 10-15 seconds later the directx picture reappears and the game continues with no interruption.

I'm pretty sure these are in fact hardware problems, but how do I prove it to Dell? I can't demonstrate it reliably, and my machine passes every diagnostic I throw at it.

It sounds like a cold solder joint somewhere. I would think step 1 would be replace the video card and the RAM, and step two would be replace the system board. I don't see myself being able to convince Dell to just send out a guy with all the parts though...

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Dell :: New XPS 1730

May 26, 2008

I finally got one. Dell XPS 1730.

Dual 8800M
2 gig Ram
200 gig HD
Vista Ultimate SP1

So far its great. I'm running 175.75 for drivers.

Idle temp sits around 72C and 3D Mark is 10785.

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Dell :: Best Cpu For 1730

May 16, 2009

I'm not sure, but what exactly is the best cpu for the xps 1730? Can it use the t9800? Or is that a different chipset? And if possible can you list both the dual and quad (if such exist) that's the best for the laptop?

And on a side question, I'm coming from a MSI gt725 that has the radeon 4850. If both are non overclocked with theoreticaly same speed cpu, which would perform better overall on a real life situation, the radeon 4850 or the sli 9800m gt?

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Dell :: Studio Performance Line?

Oct 4, 2009

Trying to use Dell Financing to get a laptop and had a question.

Dell has 12 months no payment for "Studio Performance" laptops. I cannot find the perrformance line. Is this the same as the regular Studio 15 and 17 line?

They also have 12 months no payments for Sudio XPS and XPS but they are a bit out of my price range.

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Dell :: When Will Release CENTRINO 2 Line

Sep 12, 2008

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 9200 in Janaury 2005. It has been an excellent laptop since day #1, but an upgrade is now in order!

Can ANYBODY have a clue as to when Dell will release laptops based on the new CENTRINO 2 line? I'd love to buy another Dell, but if they don't plan on upgrading the hardware soon, then I'll have to go to another brand.

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Dell :: Refresh Of Studio XPS Line? When?

Mar 21, 2010

Well im currently using the Dell XPS M1330 since 2008 let me say it has been awesome! The only problem has been the battery which has been dead since early February I believe so I have been operating using the adapter.

The dead battery is still in the laptop.

However, now my idle temps are over 75 c and often over 80 c, so im thinking about selling this in fact I will be selling this shortly. Especially given the fact that the warranty ran out in February of this year.

Anyhow, im wondering if the XPS line will be refreshed in 2010 and when can we expect some new XPS models.

I only purchase my computers from Best Buy and currently they really do not have anything which really grabs me

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Dell :: Are They Updating The XPS Line Anytime Soon?

Jul 18, 2009

Anybody know ?

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Dell :: 280M In A XPS 1730?

May 2, 2009

it will work in my XPS 1730 or not? I am unhappy with the my 2 8700m...

and i am willing to change for 1 280m but i dont know if it is going to work. And if it does, i dont know if 1 would be better than my 2 8700M..

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Dell :: XPS 1730 And Windows 7

Feb 1, 2009

I am planning on installing windows 7 on my xps 1730 this week. Is there anything I should watch out for during install or afterwards?

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Dell :: XPS 1730 Warranty

Mar 31, 2009

I have a 4 year warranty on my 1730, I was considering getting a x9000 processor and installing it myself. Would this void my warranty at all?

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Dell :: No Fan Blowing (XPS 1730)

Jul 15, 2009

I just got my XPS 1730, and upon turning it on I noticed there's NO fan blowing at all. Is this normal?

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Dell :: XPS 1730 Spotted

Aug 5, 2007


I want some of what Dell is smoking. They are obviously on some heavy stuff to even consider coming out with this ugly thing. Sure the specs are nice, but that casing is hideous!

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Dell :: Xps 1730 Gpu Ungradablity

May 17, 2009

i just ordered the xps1730 which is on sale, and im just wondering is it possible to upgrade the sli 9800s to sli 260 gtx? and does the pm965 chipset of 1730 support ddr2 800? or 667 is highest i can go?

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Dell :: Q9100 Fit A 1730?

Jan 15, 2009

Can a Q9100 quad CPU work in a 1730?

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Dell :: XPSGen2 Vx 1730

Jun 7, 2008

I have an XPS Gen2 that I upgraded shortly after purchase to a 7800GTX video card.

2 Nights ago, my video card started acting flaky, i get strange lines during POST, text mode has incorrect glyphs for letters and Windows BSOD's with nv4disp when i try to boot non-safe mode. I'm fairly sure the vram has given up.

So I'm planning to reinstall my old 6800 (woot for being a packrat) this weekend and prep the machine for sale if it works after the reinstallation.

I've never been video-limited with this machine, in fact I've been CPU-limited for quite some time. Is a single 8700GS roughly equivalent performance to my 7800GTX?

I had a lot of money when I bought my Gen2, but sadly that is no longer the case so I am going to be stalking the refurb site for my 1730. I do occasionally see rare 8700GT SLIs and I've seen 1 8800GT SLI refurb show up, but as I said I'm trying to keep this a bit cheap.

For my real work I'm quite confident any modern Core2 processor will be a wonderful upgrade, but for Video/Gaming I'm just not so sure. Primarily I still play multiple sessions of EQ1, some NWN and WarCraft and I'm planning on playing some Starcraft2 when it comes out. I almost certainly will upgrade the DVD drive to a BD unit at some point in the future so compatibility with that is a must.

Also, I've read some comments here about 8700GT SLI driver issues, are they pretty much resolved? Are the 3rd party "tweaked" drivers compatible with the Dell SLI setups?

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Dell :: Xps 1730 Cpu Upgrade

Oct 15, 2008

just wondering if a CPU Intel core 2 extreme x9000 2.8ghz ,socket 478, 6mb L2, FSB 800 could fit into my 1730 (see below)

I could call a technician to install it... my question is what else should I change?

I trust you so before spending one cent I want to be sure this is feasable!

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Dell :: Warranty On The 1730

May 23, 2009

How reliable are these? Would you say it is a good decision to have more than a 1 yr warranty?

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Dell :: Odds For Getting A 1730

Apr 20, 2008

well i have a e1705 the original specs are listed below

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=gridCell vAlign=top></TD><TD class=gridCell vAlign=top>U9625</TD><TD class=gridCell vAlign=top>PROCESSOR..., 80539, YONAH, T2400, 1.83, C0</TD></TR><TR><TD class=gridCellAlt vAlign=top>1</TD><TD class=gridCellAlt vAlign=top>7146C</TD><TD class=gridCellAlt vAlign=top>SHIP GROUP..., MEDIUM TOWER..., PWS610, UNITED STATES..., NORTH..., DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION...</TD></TR><TR><TD class=gridCell vAlign=top>1</TD><TD class=gridCell vAlign=top>C8586</TD><TD class=gridCell vAlign=top>MODULE..., SOFTWARE..., WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER..., 10</TD></TR><TR><TD class=gridCellAlt vAlign=top>1</TD><TD class=gridCellAlt vAlign=top>CF874</TD><TD class=gridCellAlt vAlign=top>MODULE..., ADAPTER..., ALTERNATING CURRENT..., 90W.....

now i have updated the video card to a dual pipe 7900GS and 2 GB ram and a 2.0 Core 2 Duo and a 200GB HD but off course dell is not going to count these upgrades so a vostro is not going to cut it for me

how do i push dell for a 1730 or 1710 or some? How about the missing DVI option how many people have gotten a 1730 or 1710 due to this?

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Dell :: I8kfangui On 1730

Feb 2, 2008

1730 users, do you use this program on your laptop? i used it on my 1705, installed on my 1730, and i had to reinstall my audio drivers, dont know what happened there. anyway, does the bios (a03) do a good enough job on its own of keeping the temps on the sli cards down? or do you guys recommend using this program or any other? also, do you know which fan cools the gpu? the first or second?

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Dell :: DriversXPS 1730

Oct 11, 2007

I wanted to test the battery life of XPS 1730.

I have a Doctor Who Season 1 DVD (Its a BBC science fiction program)
I started the first episode in WMP and for some reason, only at full screen I have like multiple frames showing at the same time(basically its unwatchable, kind of 2 same files running together, one slightly slower than the other)
This problem only happens in XP and is with all video players (VLC, Cyberlink DVD)
It works fine on A/C power.

The strange thing is it works flawlessly in VISTA.

By the way, I could watch two episodes, thats like 90 min and had 10% battery life left.
So, I suppose a movie would run on the beast on battery.

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Dell :: BSOD On My XPS 1730

Feb 6, 2010

new to this forum but not to pc's / laptops

im having a problem while playing games on my XPS 1730 with 8800gtx Sli while playing WoW..

its only started happening in the last couple of months.. while playing all will be well then after an hour the laptop will just BSOD!!

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Dell :: Xps 1730 And Wimax

Jul 11, 2009

I got an intel 5350 wimax card (not an engineering sample) and installed it in the WLAN slot but wimax adapter is not detected,

I googled problem and couldnt find anything about wimax in 1730, just stuff about USB power needed in other laptops. So I put the card in the WWan slot and it showed in device manager, but not in the intel wimax utility.

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Dell :: XPS 1730 And The 8800's

Nov 22, 2007

Regarding the NVIDIA 8800, I would suggest that we all call and e-mail Dell and hope that pestering them enough will result in an answer. I myself am in the middle of wanting to purchase a new gaming laptop, and I don't really like the look of the new Alienware, so I'm sticking with the idea of purchasing a 1730. But the fact that I will be paying over $4,000 for a new gaming laptop with GPU's that are already outdated (and by a significant margin judging by the 8800 benchmarks) does bug me a bit.

I've contacted Dell by e-mail/chat and I get the usual "I don't know anything" answer but the interesting part is that the a few of the techs I spoke with said that other people have brought up the 8800 issue as well. I've also called and spoke with a sales guy who told me he doesn't think the 1730 will EVER be able to have the 8800 because they have to custom fit it to the motherboard and that will take months and months and by that time another GPU will probably be out which may not even fit into the 1730 and all that.

But again who knows and he may have just been trying to make a sale...but the point is that someone who is interested in, or already owns, the 1730 is not a parent shopping for a computer for their kid. A person who has come across the 1730 is an advanced user and savvy enough to know that the 8700's in there are already outdated. So if Dell begins to see that they are receiving returns/cancellations and calls/e-mails about the 8800 issue, and they are smart enough to know their target audience for the 1730, I'm sure they will give us some answer as to when (if) the 8800 will be available for the 1730 and what the deal is in regard to a possible upgrade path.

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Dell :: Using XPS 1730 Without A Battery

Jul 9, 2009

Well since about november last year my laptop has been playing up (XPS 1730).

It first started when I turned it on and the 'laptop can't find a battery' or 'undertermined battery so system will run slower' (Well whatever it is) message popped up asking me to press f1 to continue or f2 to enter setup.

Now when i pressed the charge meter on the battery it was weird. Like the first light was on, 2nd off, 3rd on, 4th off. For me to use the laptop properly i had to wiggle the power cord in the laptop until the battery light came on (that panel on the side of the laptop with hdd/power/bluetooth light). When that light came on, then the computer would perform fine and the no battery message wouldn't show up.

The funny thing is that if i went into system bios and looked at the battery info, it would say 'no battery detected'. But like I said the system ran at full speed.

Anyways... the battery held no charge, as soon as the power cable unplugged it turned off, couldn't even turn it on with only the battery etc etc.

I tried my brothers xps 1730 battery in my laptop and it worked perfectly,

So I'm going to buy a cheaper battery than what dell sell for (seriously over $200 for a battery! im buying one for $92).

Basically long story short. How can i use my laptop without the battery being in or detected (the wiggling power cord trick no longer turns battery light on and i keep getting the no battery detected message and the laptop runs like crap).

Yeh, so battery is now completely dead and i want to use lappy while other one is on its way.

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