Dell :: Are They Updating The XPS Line Anytime Soon?

Jul 18, 2009

Anybody know ?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Getting Gpu Upgrade Anytime Soon?

Feb 20, 2010

Is the Dell Studio XPS 16 getting a graphics card upgrade anytime soon? I'm thinking about buying one soon, I really like 'em but the graphics card is the slowest thing in it for me. I know it's a multimedia laptop, not a gaming laptop but cmon now. On Dell's page, GAMING is the biggest keyword for this laptop. ATI HD 4670 is last gen and DX 11 is upon us. Competitor HP Envy 15 is already using the HD 5830. So can we expect a graphics card upgrade anytime soon from Dell?

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Dell :: Refresh On Studio XPS Anytime Soon

Aug 19, 2009

I've been thinking of getting a Studio XPS 16.

However, before I buy one I want to know if there's been any word on dell refreshing the CPU or chipset on this model? I would rather wait 6 months to buy a new laptop than to buy it and have a newer model come out.

It's been a while since I kept up with the latest mobile processors and chipsets. I found a powerpoint presentation that indicated Intel would release the T9900 in the second half of 2009, but not sure if this would also include new chipset.

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Dell :: Are Adding A ATI 4XXX GPU Is The Studio XPS Anytime

Mar 11, 2009

iv notived that the studio 15 (1555) is getting a upgrade soon and a slight design change, and maybe the 17" studio too. the studio 15" is getting the 4570 soon and maybe the studio will get a better one too.

so will the studio ps get a new GPU too?

it would be amusing to see a low budget 15" multimedia laptop perform near dells high end gaming/multimedia made for performance and quality.

also even more funny to see a studio 17" maybe beat it.

i find it stupid how only MSI have started using the 4XXX ATI cards when they are so good.

some companies are on 3XXX still, its been like over ayears and a half now.

the FW wont get a 4XXX GPU and i need a upgrade now at my pc is a pain.

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Dell :: We'll Never See A 8800 Decent Performer Anytime Soon

Jul 15, 2007

You look at the wattage of the desktop versions of the cards and its insane. 165 watts for the 8800 gtx. [url]

the 7xxx cards didn't drain anywhere close to that much, the 78xx around 90watts peak and the 79xx 80watts.[url]

Nvidia and ATI have both been criticized for their lack of performance per watt in their dx10 cards over any previous generation, and its seems to be directly turning around in the mobile market.

It seems they can try and severely limit the stream processors (32 in 8700m gt compared to 128 in 8800gtx) and the memory bandwidth to compensate on a technology that is just built on power consumption.

And of course, even if notebooks can give that much AC power, the problem of heat still remains. People may be waiting for nothing, at least not in the near future until the next round of nvidia cards are released (maybe the jump from 88xx to 89xx will provide much more power savings than 78xx to 79xx) and allow dx10 tech to truly hit the mobile market.

corrected 8700m gt processors

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Acer :: Vista Clean Install (Anytime Upgrade Disc)

Jan 28, 2009

Has anyone done this on an Acer laptop? I recently bought a 5515 for my parents and after seeing all the bloatware that came on it I figured I'd do a clean OS install. I backed up the CD Key using the ABR utility and backed up all the drivers. I then started the new OS install and get all the way to "completing installation" and it sits there spinning for a good 20-30 mins before it freezes. I tried the 32 bit version first followed by the 64 bit and had no luck either try. I eventually reinstalled the factory settings using the recovery disc.

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Dell :: Updating My Beloved XPS

Apr 12, 2009

I'm a bit embarassed to bring this post to the forum as looking down the list nobody's posting about these lappies these days!

Basically, my hard drive's full of stuff I don't want to delete (or move to external), my dvd writer needs a paperweight to keep it closed up and the keyboard is like it has glue under the keys!

So, I can't afford to replace it at the moment and I still love the screen and the occasional Doom3 etc (sad I know). I've done some research here - but would appreciate some guidance on which bits to buy.

The drive - I know it's got to be PATA(?) but which drive should I aim for if any? Also, will all the PATA 2.5" drives fit, do I take the bits off the existing one to put on the new? Is there a limitation on the amount of hard drive memory the system will recognise?

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Dell :: After Updating The BIOS

Dec 31, 2008

After I updated the BIOS on M1210 the laptop doesn't start again. The power light start for seconds then goes off, I cannot hear the hard disk movement or any hardware except the power light....

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Dell :: Updating The Mobility 3450

Oct 11, 2008

How can I update to the latest version on ATI's site properly?

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Dell :: Updating Drivers, First Time

Sep 26, 2009

I Would Like It If Someone Could Give me A Step By Step Guide Of Updating Component Drivers and Bios, Especially The Graphics Card

I used To Own an HP And That Had HP Update Which Use To Work Nicely.

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Dell :: Updating BIOS And Drivers

Jan 28, 2010

My new studio 15 (1555) arrived today and the instructions advised to update the computer with the latest Bios and drivers.

I followed the instructions and all was going well (I could see various things being downloaded) until my son clicked on a window that had popped up (believe it was from McAfee) and the computer switched off.

I went back to the Dell support to ascertain if everything had been downloaded properly and attempted to download the files again unfortunately I kept getting a message that no files have been selected .....

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Dell :: Updating BIOS (from A02) E1705

Oct 27, 2009

I have a problem with my Dell E1705. I would like to upgrade my BIOS but unfortunately i cant.

I try to upgrade from A02 to A09 with no results. Every time I try to do it the error was always popin up:

What you suggest to do? I try with different version on BIOS because i thought maybe it's impossible to upgrade from A02 to A09 but I have the same results

I even tried to downgrade to A01 the same I try to update to A02 which I already got. I had no positive results at all

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Dell :: New Xps Line

Nov 1, 2008

I recall reading a couple of months ago about a new xps line coming out. In fact it was one of the reasons i passed on the m1330 but i havent seen any news about any new ones.

Anyone know if/when they are scheduled for?

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Dell :: Novice Updating 1525 Drivers, Bios Etc

Jan 6, 2010

Thing is I don't think that the previous owners updated anything... ever... lol and I was wondering if, for instance bios updates are like Windows service pack updates in that they are cumulative?

I went to the Dell download site and it had 17 driver updates for this service tag. The original bios version for this machine was v.09, I did the update and it's is now v.17 - but the question is, should I have done a bunch in between somehow?

On their website Dell says the v17 bios update just changes the pre-charge timeout from 2 to 6 hours (whatever that means lol) and what I'd like to know is have I missed better - as in more useful - bios features by not doing all the bios updates that must have come between my original v.09 and the current v.17? .....

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Dell :: When Updating The Studio To Windows 7 Audio Drivers

Nov 2, 2009

When updating to Windows 7 the audio drivers look like the right ones for the studio 15 or any with the IDT,

it is not it is generic and you will need the updated driver from the Dell support site, it adds the surround and bass that will be missing and I noticed a big difference.

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Dell Vostro 3546 :: Usb 3.0 Not Working After Updating BIOS

Nov 23, 2014

i am using dell vostro 3546. After updating bios , usb 3.0 stopped working. Now reverting back changes is not working. it is prompting message that you cannot install the lower version of bios.

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Dell :: XPS 1730 Line (Next?)

Sep 8, 2009

I have been a SUPER happy customer with my M1730. I originally owned an XPS Gen 2 (way back in the day). My question is, are they going to make a new successor to M1730? It's been a while, I've seen DELL come out with the new lower XPS line (13/16). Also now with the Adamo. However, I see no mention of further XPS 17XX. Have they discontinued it?

I know they purchased Alienware, but I just don't like Alienware, it looks a little to geeky for me.

If they took the M1730 and just upgraded the board so we could get the 1333Mhz RAM + G270M Video card + QuadCore (However, I'm pretty happy with my X9000)

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Dell :: Inspiron Line Z Or Not To Z

Oct 2, 2009

I'm a bit confused and not too knowledgeable on the latest line:

what are the major differences, and/or the pros and cons between the differences of the inspirons and inspiron Z notebooks?

i.e. Inspiron 14 vs Inspiron 14z

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Dell :: When's The New Line Of XPS Coming Out

Aug 14, 2007

wondering when you guys speculate the new line of XPS laptops will come out?

I'm anxious to see if they'll have an upgrade to the 2010.

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Apple :: Updating The MBP's With I5/i7

Oct 26, 2009


fter examining the configuration files included in the latest build of OS X, a new report has discovered references to two new MacBook Pro models.

The 10C531 build of the 10.6.2 update contained the configuration files in question, according to Spanish-language site The models referenced are the MacBook Pro 6.1 and the MacBook Pro 6.1b. The current crop of MacBook Pros have a 5.(x) designation, spanning 5.1 through 5.5.

The MacBook Pro line was not updated during the latest Apple refresh, when Apple introduced Intel's Core i5 and i7 processors to the newly redesigned iMac line.

The Intel Core i7 mobile processors, formerly code named Clarksfield, reportedly offer better performance with multi-threaded applications and can increase the processor clock speed up to 75 percent to match workloads..............

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Dell Inspiron N5050 :: BIOS Updating - Same Version Can't Be Flashed

Jan 27, 2014

I am using n5050 model from last 2 years, now i increased memory to 8GB and also changed intel celeron to core i3 processor, now when i plug in AC adaptor my screen goes to blank for just 2 seconds, a technician said you update bios, i downloaded, but it says " same version can't be flashed " .... I am using A05 version of Bios....

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Dell Inspiron 1525 :: Updating Driver And Keep Getting Error Message

Feb 22, 2013

I have an Inspiron 1525, running Windows Vista (legal copy). Im trying to update the drivers and keep getting the following error message..

The Dell Driver Analyze Utility currently does not support your operating system. To search for drivers, please enter your Service Tag or choose your product model. Click on “Back to Results Page”.

to return to the Drivers & Downloads page.

It detects my service tag, but gets no further.

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Dell Alienware M17X R3 :: 8 Beep When Starting After Updating BIOS

Mar 20, 2013

I was updating my bios last night after reinstalling windows downloaded all the drivers that dell recommend fir Alienware M17X R3.everything when great until the bios! burned the bios drivers on cd restartet laptop and bios updating started and when it was done it said i could turn off my computer. so i did! no it wont start i cant see anything on screen only 8 beep! i read around on the internet and i understand that this is a video card problem?i tried to connect it to another monitor and press fn f6  when i turn it on but it didn't work.

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Dell :: Studio Performance Line?

Oct 4, 2009

Trying to use Dell Financing to get a laptop and had a question.

Dell has 12 months no payment for "Studio Performance" laptops. I cannot find the perrformance line. Is this the same as the regular Studio 15 and 17 line?

They also have 12 months no payments for Sudio XPS and XPS but they are a bit out of my price range.

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Dell :: When Will Release CENTRINO 2 Line

Sep 12, 2008

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 9200 in Janaury 2005. It has been an excellent laptop since day #1, but an upgrade is now in order!

Can ANYBODY have a clue as to when Dell will release laptops based on the new CENTRINO 2 line? I'd love to buy another Dell, but if they don't plan on upgrading the hardware soon, then I'll have to go to another brand.

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Dell :: Refresh Of Studio XPS Line? When?

Mar 21, 2010

Well im currently using the Dell XPS M1330 since 2008 let me say it has been awesome! The only problem has been the battery which has been dead since early February I believe so I have been operating using the adapter.

The dead battery is still in the laptop.

However, now my idle temps are over 75 c and often over 80 c, so im thinking about selling this in fact I will be selling this shortly. Especially given the fact that the warranty ran out in February of this year.

Anyhow, im wondering if the XPS line will be refreshed in 2010 and when can we expect some new XPS models.

I only purchase my computers from Best Buy and currently they really do not have anything which really grabs me

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Dell :: E6400 -- Any Benefit To Updating Intel Display Adapter Driver

Apr 9, 2009

The latest version of the Intel Intel Display Adapter Driver available on the Dell website is dated 08/25/2008..

The Intel website shows Version dated 01/21/2009 is available..

Has anyone updated their E6400 to this new driver? Does anyone know of any specific benefits or problems with this new driver?..

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Dell :: S-XPS 1640 And 1645 Bottom Line!

Feb 3, 2010

The bottom line is that this laptops are not worthy to buy!

1. Throttling Issue (No real fix so far)
2. Random freezing (Speculations about driver fix)
3. Brightness control stops working randomly (remove batery to fix)
4. Sub-buffer rattles (nobody knows why)
5. Stereo leaks between left and right (no fix)
6. System runs extremely hot (1645 a little bit less than 1640)

All-in-all nice looking and feature complete laptop with a lot of issues.

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Dell :: Did Drop The Ball On The New Precision Line

Feb 16, 2009

new precisin line (M4400 and M6400).

Most of them are solvable, but they require some effort.

A bit disappointing since I wish dell had come out with their top precision line which worked flawlessly "out of the box". Precision laptops have some great hardware and I would like to see dell kicking MBPs butt.

So, did drop the ball on the precision line ? Should it demand more from the device driver development team ?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520, Line 6 USB & HD Speed?

Feb 5, 2009

I have a 1520, 2Ghz Duo, 2.5 Gb Ram, running XP.....I also have a Line6 Guitarport USB audio interface. When I use this the audio often drops out a lot, especially when acessing the hard drive - what can I do about this? -

it's a 5400RPM drive - will upgrading to a 7200RPM improve things? It seems something is effecting the USB data stream.

The hard drive I have is a WDC WD1200BEVS-75UST 120GB

Also, is the drive running in SATA mode - when using HD tune it says:
Standard: ATA/ATAPI-8 - SATA I

Supported: UDMA Mode 6 / ATA/133
Active: UDMA MODE 5 ATA/100

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