Dell :: XPS Refresh

Oct 6, 2008

If there is infact an XPS refresh how much of a change would moving to a 9xxx vid card make over the current 86xx

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Sony :: FW Refresh- Refresh In General

Jan 29, 2009

How exactly often do they happen? I plan on getting an FW very soon, I could buy one early Feb, or wait until middle march will be the best times for me to buy one financially wise. My question is if I wait until middle March sometime, do you think there will be some upgrades on it opposed to the current FW390CTO?

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Dell :: When Is The Xps Refresh

Apr 20, 2009

Any word on the refresh? The hardware on the XPS line is looking a bit dated.

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Dell :: Xps 13 Refresh

Apr 6, 2010

Anyone have a clue as to what and when we are going to get with a NEW XPS 13.
I would love to see an i core CPU and a5000 series GPU.

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Dell :: Adamo XPS Refresh?

Apr 7, 2010

I'm a somewhat pleased (after months of displeasure) SXPS1645 owner *points to sig* but after 5 months of carrying this thing with me to my campus daily (and pretty much everywhere else I go) this machine is heavy and big and bit overkill since when I'm outside I rarely use it for video editing and gaming which I tend to do at home. So for the Fall(ish) I'm going to be in the market for an ultraportable, but after using this machine it's going to be hard to go to a machine with a wimpy atom processor or even a ULV C2D. So I found the Adamo XPS and it appeals to me in the same way the SXPS did, an eye catching design that isn't bulky and still performs well. However looking at the specs currently available for it I was disappointed. It's using a hodgepodge of outdated parts. I wanted to basically start a thread on potential component refreshes for the Adamo XPS, in the hopes that by the time I'm ready to purchase one some of these things will become reality. Also I'm curious about other brands of ultraportables (NOT netbooks) that people use/have used and would recommend.

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Dell :: Any Rumbles On A XPS 13 Refresh?

Jan 12, 2010

Maybe I missed it? Since I'm sending my 1645 back and my wife likes her 1340 a lot I was curious if anyone heard anything at CES or otherwise about a refresh of the XPS 13 line.

Would really like to see one with an i3 or an i5 and a 335nvidia ro better with 1gb... but i sort of wonder if they'll wait until after the Alienware m11x is out and loses hype so that it doesn't have any competition.

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Dell :: Studio 17 Refresh Soon?

Jun 18, 2009

Is dell going to refresh the dell studio 17 soon with a 4xxx series ati card?

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Dell :: Vostro Refresh

Mar 29, 2009

Dell's has been very quiet on their successful line of business laptops. Is there any news or rumors on yet to be released Vostro's? I would like to see something new other than the A860, 1510/2510, and 1710.

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Dell :: Notebooks Are Due A Refresh

Sep 16, 2009

since most of the e series amd precision m series have been out for over a year does anyone sense a new refresh coming its usually anually they do it so ...

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Dell :: Studio 17 Refresh

May 9, 2009

When do you think the Studio 17 it's going to be refreshed?

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Dell :: Will The XPS Series Be Getting A Refresh?

Jun 30, 2009

I'd like to buy an M1530 but it hasn't been refreshed in forever. Does anybody know if Dell is phasing out this series to replace it with the Studio XPS series?

I'd like to get any computer of comparable build quality, i.e., with a magnesium alloy frame but options around this price range seem limited. I don't want a Thinkpad

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Dell :: Vostro Refresh 4/2/09

Apr 2, 2009

New Vostro 1320, 1520, 1720 have arrived and they are sporting the 9300 GS.

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Dell :: Refresh On Studio XPS Anytime Soon

Aug 19, 2009

I've been thinking of getting a Studio XPS 16.

However, before I buy one I want to know if there's been any word on dell refreshing the CPU or chipset on this model? I would rather wait 6 months to buy a new laptop than to buy it and have a newer model come out.

It's been a while since I kept up with the latest mobile processors and chipsets. I found a powerpoint presentation that indicated Intel would release the T9900 in the second half of 2009, but not sure if this would also include new chipset.

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Dell :: Precision M4400: Refresh Soon?

Nov 25, 2009

I'm a bit out of the loop. Is the M4400 due for a major refresh any time soon? If so when, and what major components will be replaced (gpu, hopefully)?

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Dell :: Studio 17 Refresh Rate

Dec 24, 2008

I have LED screen, and in Display Settings it is recognised as: "Generic PnP monitor on ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650" , and the only refresh rate possible is 60 Hertz. Question is - isn't it a bit low? Is it normal for that screen?

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Dell :: M6400 RGB LED Refresh Rate

Dec 1, 2008

Can anyone tell me what the refresh rate on the RGB LED screens that Dell is putting in their new m6400 precision line? Is it the same 60hz that their screens usually are or is it higher now that they are using LED?

I need to know this answer to decide on if it will work for my application. (viewing stereo images)

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Dell :: Refresh Of Studio XPS Line? When?

Mar 21, 2010

Well im currently using the Dell XPS M1330 since 2008 let me say it has been awesome! The only problem has been the battery which has been dead since early February I believe so I have been operating using the adapter.

The dead battery is still in the laptop.

However, now my idle temps are over 75 c and often over 80 c, so im thinking about selling this in fact I will be selling this shortly. Especially given the fact that the warranty ran out in February of this year.

Anyhow, im wondering if the XPS line will be refreshed in 2010 and when can we expect some new XPS models.

I only purchase my computers from Best Buy and currently they really do not have anything which really grabs me

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Dell :: M11x Refresh With I-Core But No XPS 13 Yet?

May 22, 2010

M11x to get upgraded to low voltage I-Cores less than 6 months after the M11x was introduced. Still no refresh of the XPS 13 in sight?

If then can put arrandales into an 11.6" unit, they can figure out how to do it in a 13.3". Ya think?

Dream specs:

I5-540M - I7-620M
HD 5650 (5670) or GT 335M

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Dell :: Is The Studio XPS 1647 Due For A Refresh Any Time Soon?

Apr 5, 2010

Im thinking about picking up this bad boy but I dont want to get caught like I did with my Inspiron 1520 when I bought it 3 years ago (I bought it and then 3 days later they bought out the 1525 which was 20% lighter etc).

Also i've heard lots of things regarding XPS machines running very hot, is it very bad? Or is it one of those things that are just blown out of proportion?

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Dell :: The Official Operation GPU Refresh Thread

Mar 27, 2010

We are all waiting on a refresh of the Dell Studio XPS 1645/1647 to include the 5000 series ATI graphics cards. So to get the message across I have come up with a little thing called "Operate GPU Refresh". If you have been following the iPhone/AT&T you should know of the "Operation Chokehold" that iPhone users took part in to try to get the message across the the AT&T network needs upgrading.

But instead of trying to take down Dell, we will simply be trying to get the message across to them that we want the new cards, and since every other manufacturer pretty much already offers them we "would" rather buy their competition.

On March 30th of 2010 all users who want to participate will visit the "Dell Chat" PC/Laptop sales chat and ask when the 5000 series will be available. Also chime in on the fact that competitors such as HP already have these newer graphics cards available and you are tired of waiting, and if they can't give a solid reason just say "I guess I will go with HP" or whichever company you feel is the next alternative to you.

Get the message across that we as customers want the latest hardware.

Get the message across that Dell is lagging behind their competition and if we have to wait any longer we will forget about Dell and buy their competition (in theory).

So set your calendars for March 30th. Dell "D-Day". Us notebook review members telling Dell what we want, and that we want it NOW.

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Dell :: Refresh Rates On Notebook LCDs

Oct 31, 2007

About two and a half years ago, I bought a Dell notebook for work and play. Overall, I was rather pleased with it. However, it's now time to start shopping for a new notebook.

The "ghosting" effect is one of the few downsides of my current notebook - the refresh rate of its LCD is apparently not that good. I now see that some stand-alone LCD displays are claiming refresh rates of around 4ms. That rocks.

I've tried to track down the refresh rates for the current Dell notebook displays, but I've had no luck. Can anyone provide such info?

Can anyone provide info on the refresh rates for displays used in other gaming notebooks?

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Dell :: Still No Update On XPS Refresh Or Studio W/real Gfx Card

Jan 2, 2009

Been lurking the boards over the last 9 months and every month (at least used to be) there was a "Just around the corner Dell is refreshing their XPS line" or "releasing a new Studio with better graphics card" post.

Now they either seem to have died entirely (i.e. people realize why there has been no XPS refresh with Montevino) or I'm missing where those posts have gone.

Before I put some $$$ towards an HP, any news?

I like the Studio line but their graphics cards are quite low and the XPS are about as old as an Apple ][e :/

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Dell :: New Latitude, Precision Machines Coming Out Or Refresh

Jan 10, 2010

I want to know since no one has actually been talking about it. Are there any new precision, and latitude updates coming out? Any new quadro cards for the precision m2400, like the new hp elite book with 512mb graphics.

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Dell :: Latitude Refresh: Any New Updates Coming Down The Road?

May 18, 2009

I'm going purchase a new laptop sometime around July and will be considering the Latitude E6500 as part of my choices. any idea if they will refresh the model by then?

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Sony :: No SR Refresh

Jan 6, 2010

I just finished watching the keynote and I didn't see a S in the lot of them? Anyone know if it is going happen, or should I start saving for the Z?

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Sony :: FW Refresh

Nov 1, 2009

Now that new windows 7 and new intel processor came to market, do you think Sony will upgrade VAIO FW? I really like it, but want to take it in white + I really hope NEW video card arrives + DDR3 RAM is available. I'm not hard core gamer, but still want to play from time to time.

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Sony :: SR Refresh

Jan 11, 2009

On the SonyStyle site the SR can only be configured in 2 colors and you have to order silver to get the ATI card.

Are they just clearing mass stock to come out with a new SR refresh?

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Sony :: When Does Usually Refresh- Vaio Z

May 7, 2010

My friend is thinking about pulling the trigger on a new vaio Z. He needs it for the fall school semester so he doesn't need it now, but it would be nice to have. I know no one knows when Sony will do a refresh but do they typically refresh this early? I read others talking about a refresh coming in May or June, but that's only 3-4 months after the Z was actually released. Is this a realistic refresh time frame or should he just buy it? Really don't want to buy and have a refresh two weeks later.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Lineup Refresh

Mar 23, 2010

The dm4 is green lit, its going to have AMD and Intel CPUs, and ATi hybrid/switchable graphics (possibly the intel models could have optional Nvidia graphics not sure). The dv5 is coming back (in a much different, new style form), and the dv6 and dv7 will be overhauled so that styling wise they are somewhere between the new G62 and the Envy (dv5,6,7 will be closer to the G62 but with an imitation Envy one piece "clickpad" that in my opinion is not very good). The big news is that there will be AMD quad core CPUs available in HP notebooks for the first time, AND some models of the dv6 will feature touch screens. They are also going to have different color schemes and some of them will feature a metallic shell. Also they now will have island style keyboards, like the dm3s.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX18 Refresh Due When

Jun 14, 2009

Its been almost a year since the HDX18t was released. Isnt it time for an upgrade?

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