HP/Compaq :: HP DV64650 GPU/Heatsink Pics

Oct 12, 2009

Whats that red stuff on corners of the GPU - Glue?


Heatsink 1

Heatsink 2

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Dell :: M1530 Gpu Heatsink Screw Hole Melted Off (pics)

Dec 3, 2009

I am thinking of just getting a nut and bolt to try to fix this problem, anyone have any ideas for a quick fix? Attached is a picture

btw: I tried superglue to glue the screw hole back on and let it dry overnight before putting the heatsink on.

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HP/Compaq :: Heatsink For DV9000

Sep 14, 2009

i just took apart my laptop yesterday to change my cpu on it. i was running T7500 and changed it to T8300 and man.... that T8300 is so cool. with AS5 my idle temps are down to 25-27*C thats a HUGE jump from my old T7500 which was a mini baking oven.

but anyways.... it took me 3 hours to take everything apart watching videos videos on hp.com but onc ei took it apart, i looked at the HSF and man its one of the weakest hsf i've seen. the only part thats copper is just a tiny square base thats on top of cpu. everything else is crap. and there were some pads on the end of the hsf to i guess cool the little things on the side. (forgot what they were called) i wanted to apply the AS5 to all the places that the pads were touching, but that part of the HFS was not copper. i'm not sure what it was.

i'm sure everyone that ever replaced cpu on the DV9000 had taken the whole laptop apart... have you guys ever thought about replacing the HSF with an aftermarket HSF thats better than the stock? i tried searching and found none that were any better than the stock. none of them are all copper.

and i did not want to put AS5 on the other things that has that white/beige pad on, since the bottom of the HSF looked weak and i did not want to fry the chips/what ever the pads were supposed to cool... can you guys help me find a better HSF for the laptop? or that stock crappy hsf is the best/only thing for me?

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV2 Initial Impressions (Pics 56K Warning)

Apr 2, 2009

I first started with an MSI wind which I liked alot the big selling point at the time was the 10" screen which wasn't quite "standard" on the netbook scene. While I liked the wind I found the keyboard too small to enable quick typing. I had it long enough That I got used to it however it just wasn't cutting it.

I then moved onto an N10J and threw in a 500GB HDD and it was my main computer for about 2 months until I got a desktop, anyhow I loved it mainly becasue it had a nearly full size keyboard. The addition of the 9300M was great for watching HD videos and some light gaming. As it stands I love this notebook however the geek in me always wants to try new things and I couldn't wait to see the response from AMD's side, and this is where I begin with the DV2............

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Dell :: Heatsink Replacement...

Feb 9, 2009

Have finally got Dell to agree to replace my motherboard (my 3rd in 18 months), but they say I also need a new heatsink/fan to fix my overheating GPU problems (100 degrees + under load).

They are doing the motherboard under warranty, but refusing to pay for the heatsink. According to them, the two issues are not connected...

My question is, is there any point having the heatsink replaced if it's just going to be the same defective component?

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Dell :: E6500 Heatsink -- Old Vs New

Sep 14, 2009

I took pictures of a refurb E6500 I got from the outlet (Regal Red) and my new E6500 (black).

They appear to have different heatsinks, with the new one having a larger one

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 -- New Heatsink

Feb 18, 2010

I should have said microprocessing cooling unit, not heatsink!

My Dell Vostro 1400 laptop has been running hotter with age (it's two years old). About 5 minutes after startup the core temp hits 50-60C, the fan kicks in, the core goes down to 30C, the fan kicks off. This cycle occurs about every 5 minutes or so. I've cleaned the fan area thoroughly and am using i8kfanGUI. I'm wondering if replacing the microprocessing cooling unit will help keep the core temp down. They're pretty cheap, about 15 on eBay. Here's what I'm looking at:

What do you guys think? Will a new microprocessing cooling unit make a significant difference in keeping down my core temp?

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Dell :: Has Anyone Used AS5 On Their Studio 15 3450 GPU Heatsink

Apr 9, 2009

I tried but there is a small gap so I had to stick with the thermal pad. I'm not sure whether AS5 would do a better job of cooling considering the design. I'm just wondering if anyone was successful in eliminating the gap and noticed improved cooling.

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Dell :: Heatsink Mod M1330 XPS By BlackRussian

Jun 24, 2009

Above the two types of cooling units with standard heatsinks of the M1330 XPS

M1330 XPS Heatsink Mod by BlackRussian.

This mod is to provide a better cooling system on my Dell M1330 XPS laptops which already has a cooper plate on video chip.
The main mod is concentrated around the nVidia video chip, the CPU will be done at a later date for all you overclockers out there!

3x Aluminum Heatsink. I use a heatsink taken from an old desktop PC motherboard and cut/file to size.(Chipset or Video card)
1x L 38mm x H 6mm x D 11mm for the bigger heatsink and 1x L 38mm x H 6mm x D 8mm for smaller heatsink.
1x Thermal paste (AS5 etc to your fancy)
1x Thermal adhesive kit (Aritic SilverThermal adhesive) Warning! See foot note below.
1x Copper plate.
Cleaning agents (Pure alcohol or something like Aceton) , cotton face wipe..
1x Junior hacksaw
Set of flat files
Clean work area.
Oven. (Preheat on high temp 5mins before placing cooling unit inside oven)
Set of screwdrivers size #0 and #00 Philips or Pozidriv
Optional tools. 2 mini G clamps

Thermal adhesive Do not use this product on your CPU or Video chip as it will bond to it and you will not be able to remove the thermal adhesive once it set's on the chips without damaging the chips.

Measurements had been taken with the cooling unit still in place and allowing enough space from Ram cards & base plate inner edge for removing the final cooling unit. See
All done and back in my M1330 XPS laptop photo.
Once you have your heatsinks cut/filed and cleaned to the right size maximum height 7mm (5.5mm should be used to be on the safe side otherwise final adjustment with a flat file will correct any over high problem) we need to open up our laptop.

Before under going any services to your laptop make sure that you ground yourself or be very careful of static change while workings on your Laptop refer to your handbook or service manual.....................

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Dell :: XPS 2 Northbridge Heatsink: E1705

Feb 27, 2008

I'm buying either a FX2500m or 7900GTX so I'll need the heatsink to complete the mod of course.

Is there anyway to tell if I already have the heatsink without dismantling my laptop and peeking inside? (I know if I have a dual-pipe card I'd of course have it, just wondering if there was a way to assume). I have a 7800GS in this thing so I'm not 100% sure if it's a single pipe with no heatsink or a dual pipe with a heatsink.

So I just wanted some opinions on if it was safe to assume that I need the heatsink. (I would rather only dismantle the laptop once, when I'm putting the heatsink and card into it, figured some people who have opened them up a few times would know if I'm more likely to have a single pipe or dual).

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Dell :: Vostro 1720 Heatsink

Mar 6, 2010

does anyone know if the nvidia (9600GS) chip and the cpu are on the same heatsink on the vostro 1720?

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Acer :: Aspire 5584 Heatsink

Mar 19, 2009

on this 2 heatsink above, different would be the heatpipe near the end. but the end part heatsink on my laptop mainboard below is the nvidia graphics.

so would the "missing" heatpipe causes big difference in temperature? (this 2 heatsink is stated on the web that it is compatible for my model)
when i was playing game, graphics temp could hit 80 to 90. i'm very scare tat the graphics would up lorry again.:mad: current heatsink is the 1st pic which heatpipe is extend to the end.

i hav it disassembled(thanks to Andy for the youtube vid).
this is the heatsink after i hav send it for repair.(i knw they change the whole board). but there hav several layer of copper pad.

now wat shld i do to bring down the temp? i hav jus apply thermal grease to it. but the temp no difference.

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Acer :: Aspire 5672 Heatsink/fan

Jan 22, 2009

My fan on my Aspire 5672 recently failed and I need to get me another one. I've looked all over these forums and all the links that I have found with any help were out of stock.

I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction of where to buy one, as I'm really desperate at this point. (I even bought one from a website and they failed to inform me that it's out of stock even tho it was in stock on their site.... They still haven't given me the refund yet!)

I've contacted Acer Canada and they told me part is discontinued cause the laptop is out of warranty and they sent me to a place which was also out of stock.

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Apple :: Unibody's Are Like A Big Heatsink, Does That Mean Its Ok To Let Them Burn

Jul 27, 2009

Like, not worry about them feeling really hot to touch? Going by the logic that if you can feel the heat then its a good thing cause its not stuck in the case.

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Dell :: Pics: 2707

Aug 17, 2007

Here's a quick review (I'll try to get a more detailed one up soon and add it to the original post)

When the 2707 first came out, it was more expensive than the 3007!, but now it is $100 cheaper on the dell site. imho it is still way over priced considering you can get a westinghouse 37" for $999.99 but I couldn't pass up this particular 2707 b/c I got for really cheap.
I've owned several different LCD's:

17" Envision
19" Viewsonic
19" hyundai L90D+
24" gateway
24" Dell

Pros: It's great, although some people may complain about the dot/pixel/inch (ie. 2407 vs 2707)
-great size (I loved the 24" it was absolutely perfect, but now experiencing the 2707...I would definitely opt for the 2707 since it is bigger =D & watching HD clips/movies on it is even more amazing than on a 24"...I'm sure it would look even better on a 37" or bigger LCD)
-price (well the price I got mine for, since it was 2nd hand...not sure if you can pick these up from Dell outlet yet, but I roughly half of what it's going for now =D w00t!)
-aluminum framing vs. plastic: wow the brushed textured/polished aluminum framing makes it look so classy & clean vs the black plastic on the other dell lcd models, plus it has a black glass base that is thick and sturdy
-card reader & usb hub (the same on all the upper end dell lcds)
-easy tilt/ergonomic arm...since it uses a different type of "arm" than the other dell lcd's, it does make adjustments rather easy

-no portrait mode: unlike other dell lcd's, the dell 2707 does not have portrait mode =(, but then again you could always get an aftermarket "arm" to do this
-colors are not as accurate as a 17" lcd display, although it looks great

Here are some side by side pics: (Dell on left, AW on right (I believe it's the LG 17" lcd that Dell XPS use as well...no flash vs flash)

no flash


2nd Desktop w/ more color (no Flash)


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Dell :: Studio 17 With Pics

Dec 22, 2008

dose any one knows have any idea about this floral...blossom art on the studio 17.

i have a jet black but it has only the topo pattern on the palmrest like a wite lines, but this one is cool i found htis form a website but i have noticed it was only there on the midnight blue, if anyone already owns a midnight blue please let me know whether they have this blossom patterrn on the palm rest am about to order another studio so it would be helpfull...

here are few samples...


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Dell :: M1530 Differences In Parts (especially Heatsink)

Oct 9, 2008

I received a new M1530 because the one I received have a couple of cosmetic flaws that were due to poor worksmanship (dents, scratches, etc.). I've been playing and comparing these two M1530's and I've noticed several things. My old M1530 came with the Optiarc DVD+/-RW drive and the new M1530 came with a Matsh1ta DVD+/-RW drive. I know a lot of people have complained about the DVD drive being noisy. Well.. the Matsh1ta drive is quiet! The Optiarc drive is super noisy. On to more things.. The old M1530 came with a Samsung 5400rpm 250GB harddrive, the new M1530 came with a WD 5400rpm 250GB hardrive.

None of that matters though because it has been replaced by a Seagate 7200rpm 320GB hardrive, and stuck the WD 5400rpm 250GB into my PS3.

OLD M1530:
Optiarc DVD+/-RW drive (SUPER NOISY)
Samsung 5400rpm 250GB harddrive
MADE IN CHINA 6-Cell battery
Cheaper Heatsink Assembly (Metal alloy transfer surfaces)

NEW M1530:
Matsh1ta DVD+/-RW drive (PRETTY QUIET)
WD 5400rpm 250GB hardrive
MADE IN JAPAN 6-Cell batter
Better Heatsink Assembly (Copper transfer surfaces)

The heatsink assembly is a big deal because we all know these things can get pretty hot, and we all know that copper has very good heat transfer properties. On the old M1530, the transfer surface is copper ONLY FOR THE CPU, leaving the GPU and Chipset with some metal alloy. Well the new M1530 I received have copper for all the transfer surfaces! COPPER IS BETTER!

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Dell :: Heatsink Part # From 1340 With G210M GPU

Mar 23, 2010

Dell just upgraded my faulty 9500m mother board to the latest rev with the G 210M. Problem is the old heatsink and fan combo (part number U943D) will no longer fit as the screw post location has changed.

Images below reflect the changes.
1st 1340 w/9500m with dell part #U943D
2nd 1340 w/G210m (just cant read Part#)
3rd My mainbaord and fan the tech said would work (without a heatsink on gpu. Yeah I know.. )

If you look close the heatsink right under the fan (and fan is different too) is different on the right side as the screw moves up.

Can anyone with the G210m give me the part number of the fan and heatsink?
Dell for the life of them cant figure it out and have sent the wrong parts 4 times already. Its really getting frustrating. Any and all part numbers or High detailed readable pictures would be greatly apreciated!!!

-= The part has been identified!! Dell Part#C755T =-. See post #11 for more info

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Dell :: Changed My Heatsink/fan Unit On My M1530

Nov 7, 2009

So as far as I know fan behavior can be determined or changed via the following:

1) The bios determines behavior and it can be changed if the bios supports such features
2) Through software that can monitor and change fan behavior such as SpeedFan.
3) Through hardware such as a fan controller, where the user can control the voltage that reaches a fan, thus the speed.

I recently changed my heatsink/fan unit on my M1530 and the fan does this annoying "speed up cool down and stop then heat up" cycle rather than retain a constant temperature.

I dont want the 10C cool/heat cycles to constantly wear down my components. Someone told me that the fan on my old heatsink/fan unit would not have variable speeds like that and retain a constant temperature and speed.

I can not tell from the past as the heatsink was terrible and the temperatures where always high (thus the fan was constantly going full blast).

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Heatsink Copper Or Aluminum?

May 10, 2009

There are 3 known revisions of the heatsink. The first and second shown here while the third being another copper one but with smaller heat plates.

I know technically copper should be better since it is a better conductor than aluminum.

I have the aluminum revision but was thinking of buying a copper one off ebay. However before doing so I found a thread which noted some differences I didn't notice.

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Dell :: Is Replacing Motherboard, GPU, Heatsink, Fan..on 1530

Jul 19, 2009

I have onsite....When they sent the Technician to replace the Motherboard before, it took him less than an hour.

How long do you think it will take to replace the Motherboard, Heatsink/GPU/Fan..on my 1530? They are also bringing me a new AC.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1318 Heatsink Fan Not Working

Jul 11, 2009

Does anyone know how to figure out what model is my heatsink, or where to buy them? i looked in ebay but can't find it.

i noticed that my laptop kept running hotter and hotter until i decided to look if the fanswhere even working and saw that the heat sink fan is not moving.

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Dell :: Vostro V130 Is Overheating On Heatsink

Mar 8, 2013

My Vostro V130 is overheating on heatsink and video out port. I open, clean thermal paste, add new thermal paste and the problem continues.

I change the OS to Windows 8 Pro.

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Dell :: My New Skin For XPS 1340 W/ Pics

Nov 5, 2009

just wanted to post some pictures of my new SGP Skin for my SXPS 1340. It has a silicon adhesive so you can reapply w/out messing it up. It looks way cooler in person and I have already gotten a few compliments.

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Dell :: M6400 Owner's Pics Please

May 20, 2009

I am reading the Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge (only on page 85 ) and I still haven't seen 1 owner's picture

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Sony :: Z11LCD Disassembled (pics)

Apr 5, 2010

In support of a project I'm doing, I removed and disassembled the LCD.

I'm going to take more pictures before I reassemble it.

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Sony :: Second Hardrive On Vaio Z (w/ Pics)

Aug 31, 2009

i finally able to install the secondary hard drive on my Z570 replacing the DVD drive in it. item that i use are:

1. Mini-sata to sata converter from newmode usa ( the 9.5'mm);
2. cushion foam;
3. Samsung 320GB hdd with 8Mb cache;
4. hard drive screws;

tools that i use:

1. precision screwdriver;
2. double-tape;
3. drill;
4. tweezers;
5. insulating tape:
5. power glue;

I'm still working on the how to guide but here is the pictures of the second HDD in my vaio


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Sony :: Waxing The VPCz1 (before And After Pics)

May 23, 2010

If you have the glossy carbon fiber version, try waxing it.

I taped off a section of the lid to see before and after results. After that, I applied 3 coats of wax.

Pretty compelling:

I used Dupont Teflon car wax.

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Apple :: Application To Take Pics In Bootcamp

Feb 27, 2010

i have the aluminium body mac book and i use bootcamp ( with windows 7) Is there any application to take pictures using the built in webcam (something like photobooth for mac)

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Apple :: New Macbook Pro Vs XPS1710 Pics

Jan 6, 2009

Just received the beast the day apple announce the new 17 inches pro...

i put my XPS side by side to compare. Enjoy.

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