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HP/Compaq :: Insyde BIOS Modding (dv4,dv5,dv6,dv7 At Least)

I'm working on modding the Insyde BIOS's included in most of HP's recent laptops. At the moment I have successfully patched the boot logo and ACPI tables. A number of people have mentioned they would be interested in this and in particular patching the BIOS so other PCI devices can be added. If you are interested in this and are willing to experiment (obviously there is some risk attached) please give me a pm. (Also note that the Insyde BIOS's actually have a great bad flash recovery procedure built in so in almost all cases you'll still be okay!).

EDIT: A bit more detail into how I'm doing this. There is a tool called EzH20 (official Insyde tool) that has been leaked. This showed how the BIOS's were compressed - using LZMA comression. Now we can decompress (and recompress) the BIOS. This tool also includes a feature to replace the BIOS logo. The BIOS is split into a number of modules that have unique GUID's. Unfortunatly there is no way to tell what module does what apart from that data in it (which is obviously mostly just randomness!). However there are certain things that can be patched if we know the format. Patching the white list of PCI cards for example, may be possible by searching for the device ID's and then finding which module they occur in.

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HP/Compaq :: Modding Dv7-3188cl Bios Or Unlocking Features
I am having a very hard time getting Windows XP to install I have even downloaded the ata sata drivers for my hard drive! I used Nlite to mod the disk and add the drivers, I also tried loading the drivers via floppy drive and still no luck I keep getting the blue screen of death any ideas? Also I need to know how to fix the settings so I can install MAC OS Snow Leopard on it! I am currently running Bios That was just updated on April 19, 2010 !

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Acer :: Insyde BIOS Mod
people are modding the Insyde bios and enable some hidden menus

Insyde hacking - New Vaio Z - Advanced menu in BIOS

Will the hack also apply to Acer Insyde bios -- and in my particular interest, AS1410/1810.

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Acer :: Insyde Bios Gateway Lt2028 Update
is there any bios update for this bios

BIOS Type: Acer
BIOS ID: V1.10
BIOS Date: 2009-09-04
BIOS Vendor: Acer
BIOS Version: V1.10
BIOS Size: 1048576
Chipset: Intel 27AC rev 3
Motherboard Name:Gateway
Motherboard Model:LT20
System Name: Acer
System Model: V1.10
Base Manufacturer:Acer
Base Product: LT20
BIOS ID: InsydeH2O Version V1.11

when i went to acer bios, i found out that my bios is KAV80
the ones they have which is the ad250 is KAV60

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Sony :: Insyde HackingNew Vaio ZAdvanced Menu In BIOS
For even more advanced options (Overclocking, undervolting!) it is needed to disassemble setup executable to figure out where are those items stored. They are definitely inside the setup, but are not accessible even with this unlock.

VSS register which controls advanced menu is now: 0x258 (for old Z, it was 0x25A) - in advanced menu, you can configure SATA controller to IDE/AHCI/RAID, change lots of advanced features etc...

Now, I cannot share my bios dump as the serial number is inside. But I can give you info how to do it................

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Modding
I've bought a brand new hp HDX 16 with a P8600 , reading on the HDX 16 lounge I've find the superb performance of the seagate 7200.4 500gb, and I've bought them too! But I've a question, my motherboard is a intel cantiga PM45? I can mount a intel core 2 duo quad Q9xxx series? or I can simply jump to a T9xxx series from the my P8600?

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Dell :: Before Modding: DIY Built In Webcam
what I have here is an e1705 which I have been modding, externally it looks like a 1710, which one day it will be one when I can afford the prices, but what I want to do is I want to take a cheap USB webcam with a built in microphone, and build it into the bezel above the screen.

Has anyone done this before?

The only issues I'm afraid of are camera size, the rest should be fairly easy, tapping into a USB port, setting the mics and drilling holes etc.

Making room for a tiny cam will surely be the hardest part, and making room for it up there and having to cut apart at the lock system at the top to keep the screen from opening.

Luckily since I do have an XPS LCD back on this there is plleeenty of room for wires etc, the standard 1705 LCD back is nearly flush with the backlight making it hard to add any more wires, but the XPS LCD back has tons of room so i'm not worried about that, and I've opened this up enough to route wires down to one of the USB ports easily.

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Dell :: Modding The Quadro Fx3500m To A Geforce7950gt
I just modded my quadro fx3500m into a geforce 7950gt using the rivatuner. I did this because i thought the card would perform better while playing games. However there was no improvement and some games like NfsProstreet became slower. My 3dmark06 slipped from 5867 to 5734.Has this happened to anybody else,or did i go wrong somewhere?

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Dell :: M1730 Keyboard Lighting Modding
I'm wondering how hard it would be to add different colored LEDs under the keys. I have a feeling it wouldn't be possible to add multiple different colors, like in the speakers, so what I was thinking was simply 7 or so colors, mixed and matched under each key to look prettier

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Sony :: Vaio ZSelf Customize/Modding
Has anyone self customized their Vaio Z.

What i mean by this is buying a stock low model Z (kind of like a barebone), then modifying each component by themselves. I'm looking into buying a Z690 or z790 and possibly adding my own T9900 3.06ghz intel chip and DDR3 with self selected SSD harddrive.

Do you think it's worth the time in doing this? would I actually be saving money or would it be more of a hassle?

Now with this in mind, I'm able to get a pretty high end Z series in Taiwan.
Platform Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo processor P9700 (2.80 GHz)
6gb Ram
320gb HDD
$2,276 USD

By getting that model, all i have to do is upgrade to a SSD with something better.

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HP/Compaq :: Either The BIOS Goes, Or The Laptop Goes Whitelist BIOS For An 8710W
I've run into an issue that has stricken every single laptop, regardless of OS, that I've ran that has an intel 4965N WiFi card. Dell Latitudes, Inspirons, Acers, HPs, Lenovos, Toshibas, Gateway, Sony, XP, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, 32 bit, 64 bit.

Transfers of large files to my NAS, such as DVD ISOs, system images, or VMware images, will result in a failed transfer 100% of the time.

The issue does not occur with Broadcom or Atheros cards, or intel cards such as the the 2915ABG, 2200BG, 5100N, 5300N, 5350N. Just the 4965N.

I have an intel 5100N card I bought for a friend to use in a laptop, but he opted to use a Broadcom card that was supported in OSX. I'd like to use it in the HP to fix this issue, but unfortunately, HP's current whitelisting of WiFi cards prevents me from doing so. find a BIOS that will let me use my 5100N?

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HP/Compaq :: HP F.16 Bios
a download link for this bios? Every site I have visited linked to HP's download site, which then opens up an empty ftp page. A mirror would be appreciated. The file's name is supposed to be "sp34782.exe".

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HP/Compaq :: Dv7 BIOS F.25
I just got an HP Pavilion dv7-1273cl and was wondering if there is any reason NOT to reflash from F.23 to F.25? It's funny that HP Update Manager does not list the update, but does. Otherwise this laptop is a great machine. Working without any problems (so far).

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HP/Compaq :: NEW BIOS F.0C:dv2 (AMD)
A new BIOS update has been posted over at HP for all current Pavilion dv2 owners. note that I am posting this for informational purposes only.


SysName01=HP Pavilion dv2
SysName02=HP Pavilion dv2


Released: 2009-07-07

Version: F.0C A

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)

System requirements: No additional prerequisites

Description: This package contains the WinFlash Utility and a System BIOS image for the supported notebook/laptop models and operating systems. The WinFlash Utility is used to locally flash the System BIOS (ROM) on notebooks/laptops operating in a Microsoft Windows Vista environment.

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HP/Compaq :: NEW BIOS F.33:dv5 (AMD)
A new BIOS update has been posted over at HP for all dv5 notebooks with an AMD processor. (You may recall that this current line has been discontinued rather early on.) See the list of compatible products below for specific product information. Please note that I am posting this for informational purposes only.


SysName01=HP Pavilion dv5
SysName02=HP Pavilion dv5
SysName03=HP Pavilion dv5


Released: 2009-05-06

Version: F.33

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista Business (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)...

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HP/Compaq :: New BIOS F.23 A For DV2
New BIOS update for DV2 on driver page.

"Enhancements:Updates the Computrace OPROM to support the next generation of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems."

What does that mean? I'm already running Win7 on my DV2. Should I update my system with this new BIOS. Will make any difference?

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HP/Compaq :: Bios F.27
I've just visited the HP drivers website for my Pavillion dv2745se laptop, and strangely enough I saw a new BIOS that came out last month! I thought I signed up for the HP "new-driver" mailing list, but I didn't get any email.

I currently have the F.24 version but the new one is F.27 (sp42186.exe). The enhancements are: "Resolves an issue where the data transfer rate is low for some memory cards.". I'm not sure what that means, but is it talking about the RAM, or a flash drive or something?

So is this new release safe to try? Might there be any other updates than just the data transfer rate fix?

Also on the HP website it said it was released "2008-12-22", but when I run the WinPhlash installer it says "New BIOS F.27, 11/27/2008".

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Acer :: BIOS - They Don't Post Most Recent BIOS Versions Online
I got my laptop back from repair and the papers that came with it said that they not only replaced the LCD screen, but also updated the BIOS to the lates version--1.24

I was messing around with my laptop and the various thermal monitoring programs it has while searching the net why the hell my by-core temps always gets stuck at startup. I kept reading on BIOS, BIOS, BIOS. So I went to for hopes that a newer 1.25 or so BIOS would be available for my Ciel Noir.

Surprise surprise, they have only the 1.16 (came with my laptop when it was new) and the 1.23 BIOS (mine was presently 1.24, and they don't have it). I downloaded it anyway, and checked the readme. I noticed that the flash utility .exe was named JALA0123.exe and then I noticed through HWMonitor 1.14 that my motherboard was marked JALA0 so hmm...this prompted me to flash the BIOS.

Booted up, got into Windows, fired up HWMonitor and what do you know, now it's working!! HWMonitor reads a different TJMax though, so I adjusted it to be the same as CoreTemp's and Everest, and now it's showing (I hope) correct temps.

Now my question is this: Why does the BIOS that comes from Acer directly i.e. after purchase or repair makes the sensors not work? And why are these BIOSes not available online? Is it possible that they use BIOSes that are for different laptop models, hence rendering the addresses for the thermal monitors different from the actual ones? (I read up that thermal sensors depended on the correct addresses, too.)

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Sony :: How To Backup Vaio Z Original Bios While Flashing New Bios
Updated: Found a better way to backup Bios only, Please see the end of this message

Let say your Vaio Z is using Bios R4040M3 and you move to Bios R4041M3 to use the official VT support. Later on, you want to move back to R4040M3 to use the Advance Menu hack. Unfortunately, you cannot move back as Sony never publish the R4040M3 Bios update. This is my current situation.

I decided to investigate a way to back up the current Bios. Using a program called Universal extractor, I managed to extracted the files in the original Bios update. The bios update uses a program called Insydeflash to flash the Bios. The Insydeflash uses a file called platform.ini to control its setting.

In the platform.ini file, there is a section called [FDFile]. The section [FDFile] has a parameter called BackupName. If we put in a file name here, the Insydeflash should save your current Bios into that file. Unfortunately, I cannot make it work with the Sony supplied Insydeflash. (version 3.38).

I managed to get the newer version of Insydeflash (version 3.72). The newer version has a new ini section called [BackupROM], as the following:


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HP/Compaq :: Dv7...who Would Be Interested In A New Bios
So the white list of cards the DV7 will allow in the mini PCI-e slots pisses me off (in a MASSIVE way)

If we could find a way around or just get a new bios would any of you fellow owners be interested? Possibly make a way to use a SSD drive as a boot device on these laptops.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv9000 Bios
It all started when my dv9000 stopped detecting the DVDRW drive, i tried the same optical drive on a friend's laptop and it worked perfectly. I decided to go for an external DVD drive. After a while it stopped booting from the secondary hard drive (primary hard drive had crashed, so i installed vista on the secondary one). It detects the HDD, but it does not boot from it, the HDD is not even listed in the boot media list when you press f9 button at poweron. So i decided it was time to upgrade the bios, i entered my product number at the hp website, it gave a dv9627 as my model, in the bios its listed as a dv9500, so i downloaded the bios update for dv9500, boot from bootable USB Drive and did the upgrade. From then on my laptop never came on again. I found out about the crisis recovery tool, got a usb floppy drive, created the recovery disk, removed the battery held down the win + b first, plugged in power, powered on, left it for around 15mins, nothing happened, tried fn+b still nothing. The laptop screen just flickers once when i press the power button, power led on, hdd led comes on and then goes off, media button led are all on, other than that no sign of life, but the processor gets alittle hot so i suspect its still functioning. I really need help, i believe the bios can be recovered without sending the laptop to hp. I'm a student running on a really tight budget.

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HP/Compaq :: BIOS For F750US
I've got a Compaq Presario F750US and I'm running BIOS version F.08. This BIOS has very limited functionality. Is there a better version I can run on the F750US? If so, which one, and where might I get it?

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv4t Bios
What is the most up to date version of the BIOS for the HP DV4T?

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HP/Compaq :: NEW BIOS F.07:dv2-10xx
For owners of the dv2 notebook, a new BIOS update has been posted over at HP. Please note that I am posting this for informational purposes only.


Released: 2009-04-20

Version: F.07 A

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)

System requirements: No additional prerequisites

Description: This package contains the WinFlash Utility and a System BIOS image for the supported notebook/laptop models and operating systems. The WinFlash Utility is used to locally flash the System BIOS (ROM) on notebooks/laptops operating in a Microsoft Windows Vista environment.

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HP/Compaq :: Update To F.2D (BIOS)
Does anyone try to update his BIOS to F.2D version?

Is it safe to update from windows since it is winflash?

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HP/Compaq :: Nx 8220 Bios
I would like to update bios in my nx8220 , laptop is clean,without windows.How to play in a new bios?Someone knows? And where I can find it? I have new bios,it's work from windows only.

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Acer :: Laptop With Phoenix BIOS: BIOS MOD Request
There are a lot of BIOS MOD request forums out there but most of them only specialize in SLIC modification. Our job is to unlock hidden menu in the BIOS. We don't want to use "specialize" word here but we know the "how" to get the job done. Based on the old thread Acer Laptop with Phoenix BIOS: Enable Virtualization, we decided to open new thread which specifically deals with BIOS MOD requests.

Other BIOS modder (bob12x, Darkening & others) and I will help you to unlock hidden menu(s) such as Intel Virtualization Menu and Intel Speedstep Technology.............

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 BIOS And Drivers
I know what the website says for the DV9000t but wondered if there is a newer BIOS than the F.29 listed or if drivers for other models will work?

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HP/Compaq :: Bios Presario 2500
I just upgraded my compaq presario 2500 bios (the exact model is 2505EA) from KF.F.5 to KF.F.14 and the flasher didn't make a backup now the computer doesn't detect the momory upgrade I have anymore, it only detects the stock memory, so if anyone upgraded his/her computer bios and has a backup copy of bios version KF.F.5 and can direct me to a download link I'd be very grateful.

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HP/Compaq :: DV8230US. Hacked BIOS For It
Does anyone know of a hacked BIOS that removes the whitelist for the DV8230US? I'm getting one with no drives, a bad optical, and potentially bad WiFi (it doesn't show up) for free next week. I'd like to try to put in the B/G card from my NC10, which is an Atheros that I'm pretty sure isn't on their whitelist.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx-18t Not Coming Up After Bios Upgrade
I was trying to install HP updates yesterday and there was an insyde bios upgrade which the HP software prompted me to install.

As I accepted the license terms of the Insyde Bios. All the programs started closing and there was a dump. The PC never started after that.

When I try to power on the power led won't glow.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV7-2123 Unlock Bios
How do I unlock all settings in bios? There are only boot order selection in bios. The bios is dummed so should I flash a new one or do something else? Is there some phoenix bios on my computer?

HP Pavilion DV7-2123

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HP/Compaq :: BAD BIOS FLASH- DV6000t
I have a DV9500tCTO and a DV6000tCTO. Both of them had the issue of good hard drive to SD card performance, but abhorible SD to hard drive performance. It would run one core to 100% and 75% for the other. I contacted HP today about it and they told me about the F.59 BIOS that was designed to fix the issue. My current had been F.52. So I loaded it on my 9000 and rebooted, all good, better temps, and my SD worked as it should. So they said load it on the 6000 and check results. Everything seemed to go fine, said successful, brought up reboot message box, let the timer count down as normal, it shut down. Hit power button and fricking nothing! Black screen, and leds come on. Mute button turns orange, then goes blue and stays blue. Wireless light is orange. The fan starts up fast then slows to a quiet (like minimum speed) run. I don't know what to do. "Within the next 24-48 hours" my escalated case correspondant is supposed to call. I'm a college student. I cannot afford to replace this crap. And I can't afford 300$ charge i've been seeing float around for BIOS repair by HP. My 9000 still has 1.5 years of warranty, I wish it would have happened to it. My 6000 is out of warranty. I gotta have this second laptop for school, no way around it. But I can't afford to replace it right now, I just paid 6,500$ in tuition/rent/books. I did this according to a service techs recommendation, I don't see how I should have to pay for the ed update.

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HP/Compaq :: Best BIOS Update For DV6000T
Any one BIOS update known to be better than the rest?

I am reading a good deal on the boards, and people like F.16, but I don't know which would work best in my situation. My main issue is being able to see the 3.12 GB of RAM after I put 2 2GB sticks in.

I have XP MCE , T7200 which came with the DV6000T bought in Jan 07.

I just want it to run cooler and faster, so far it has been a workhorse.

Which would be the best choice? [url]

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HP/Compaq :: BIOS Password Protected
I got a hold of a Compaq Evo n620c in which the BIOS was password protected. I took out the CMOS battery and had it out over 24 hours in the hopes of reseting the BIOS. No luck. I was able to put in another HDD that had Windows XP installed, tne tried to flash the BIOS. I tried in the HP drivers site and was unable to flash the BIOS. The error read that the BIOS on this machine is password protected. Question is...How can I flash the BIOS or otherwise get rid of the password prompt at BIOS? Is there a generic password to do this or is there another way?

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HP/Compaq :: CQ40/CQ45/DV4 BIOS F.11E And F.31B
Has anyone tried unofficial BIOS versions F.11E or F.31B on the CQ40-CQ45-DV4 and know what issues they address?

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HP/Compaq :: DV9700 Bios Restore
There was an update for F.58 bios on hp's driver site. It was F.59.A
Well I used the win flash utility and the program verified my bios and went with the update. All good until the pc shut off. The quick lauch row of buttons along with the power button were on, the fan going full speed and the little light next to the caps lock button was flashing on and off. I gave it about 5 min and noticed nothing was progressing. So I tried holding down the power button to force it off and all it did was reset the lights and came right back on. I couldn't even get it to shut down without removing the battery.

So I tried the suggestion of pulling the battery out, holding the power button down for 30 sec and plug everything back it....nope. soon as I put the battery in it automatically turns the pc on, don't even have to push the start button.

I'm guessing this had something to do with a bad bios update and if so is there another way to get it back to default bios. I talked to HP chat.....what a nightmare....and it took me 30 min to tell who ever that i couldnt shut down the pc or get into setup when the guy kept repeating "Once you see hp logo hit F10...." um ....I can't get to that rtard that's what i've been telling you as you read you card in front of you. Then told me it would be 400 bucks to have it picked up and fixed...ya right for a bad update caused by hp in the first place.

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HP/Compaq :: DV2745se BIOS Recovery
I had to upgrade my BIOS to the latest one but I found out that I was viewing a different model. Now when I bootup my laptop, all I see is a black screen with a flashing white line.

How can I recover from this error? I've been trying out several "Crisis Recovery Methods" but they don't work. I've used all key combos for boot-block but only Winkey+B makes three beeps. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I put the right BIOS.wph in there too. I also did a CMOS reset and nothing happened. I bought a $41.99 external usb floppy drive because of this!

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HP/Compaq :: DV6-2190US BIOS Update
HP has posted a BIOS update on their website for the DV6-2190US laptop. The update is listed as F.1AA and claims to "improve system fan behavior". This laptop has a quad core I7, 720 QM clarksfield processor so anything to better control heat would be good to consider. I am usually never hesitiant to update a BIOS, even on the numerous laptops I have owned, but....I have noticed HP had some of their BIOS updates bricking their laptop lately.

Has anyone flashed their DV6-2190 with this update yet?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6500t BIOS Recovery
I've been following the thread below, but so far have not found the key to recovering from a failed BIOS update on my dv6500t laptop:


I can press Windows-B upon bootup and I hear a single beep followed by the USB floppy spinning up briefly. Note that if I turn on the computer without pressing those keys there is no activity or sound, so I think I'm on the right path towards a BIOS recovery.

The problem is (I believe), I don't know what filename the recovery process is looking for.

Also: 30CC.WPH, 30CC.BIN, 30CC.ROM, as well as 30CCF58.WPH.

I've tried this process with a USB flash drive and an SD card, but only the USB floppy drive gives me the feedback that file activity is actually happening (this means that I don't have enough disk space to try 50 copies of the same file with different name combinations).

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Sony :: How To Edit Bios With Bios Editor
Is there a guide that explains how it is possible to successfully edit a bios file for flashing? Or could a person explain how it should be done

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HP/Compaq :: Unresponsive Dv8t After BIOS Flash To F.15 E

Originally Posted by smoses799

I went to hp's website and downloaded the new driver. The installation went to the point where it erased the old bios and closed. So, I ran it adian and it said that I still ha the old bios. I tried to run it agian and it claws at the same point. I continued to use the computer. After about a hour I decided to restart the computer. Now the lights on the computer comes on and I can hear the HD start up but the screen stays black and it seems to not post or start windows. All I see is a black screen and cannot get it to respond. Just a warning for other dv8t owners thinking about updating. Posting this from my iPhone

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HP/Compaq :: Dead Screen Only During BIOS And In XP Startup
Last year I replaced my inverter as my screen was dead. I thought it was the lamp as I couldn't see the screen with a flashlight, but it was the inverter and worked fine after that.

At the same time I bought an external monitor to use for the larger size and recently I have been using the computer out and about.

So since I replaced the inverter on startup the screen will be dead most of the time. By the time it gets to XP it will turn on if I press FN and F4 several times. Sometimes I close and open the lid as I mumble obscenities, always entertaining while public. At first I thought it was the external monitor software confusing the computer into thinking it was plugged into an external but I change the screen back to notebook when I take my computer on the go.

If I boot into Ubuntu the screen will be dead during BIOS but once it gets to the log in screen on Linux the screen turns on.

Sometimes the screen will be on right from the get go. I have no problems when it is connected to an external monitor.

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HP/Compaq :: Anyone Know The Back Door BIOS Password
Had a venturous youngster tamper with my laptop yesterday, and that person managed to set a bios password. The machine will boot with out it, but it is requesting an administrator password in order to access the BIOS settings. Heh, I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't decided to load Ubuntu 10.04 for the first time.... Needed access to the boot order.

So, does anyone happen to know the back door password or any other option for me to get this fixed? It would be easy if I could pull the mobo ID from the OS, but HP thought ahead on this and I fear that they may have done the same thing with the password issue.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv9700 Rebooting Even Before Booting BIOS
I have a problem with my dv9700. When I try to turn it on, it lights up in the small blue LED's, but then reboots even before I see the BIOS booting, this it keeps on doing again and again.

I've come to the conclusion that it's some kind of hardware failure, but exactly which one it is, I don't know. I tried switching out the RAM but with no luck.
Anyone here have a suggestion to what to do?

I have A LOT of very important data on the PC and I off cause have taken backups, but not recently.

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HP/Compaq :: New Bios F.23Hp Hdx16/hdx18
A new BIOS update has been released by HP for current generation HDX notebooks. Please note that I am posting this for informational purposes only.


SysName01=HP HDX 16 Entertainment PC
SysName02=HP HDX 16 Entertainment PC
SysName03=HP HDX 16 Entertainment PC
SysName04=HP HDX 18 Entertainment PC


Released: 2009-05-26

Version: F.23 A

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista Business (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)...

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HP/Compaq :: [HP Pavillion Dv5-1125nr] Downgrage BIOS To F.11
My laptop is HP Pavillion dv5-1125nr:

• AMD Turion™ X2 dual-core mobile processor RM-72 2.1GHz
• 4GB DDR2 memory • DL DVD±RW/CD-RW drive
• LightScribe labeling • 15.4" display
• 250GB hard drive • built-in webcam
• Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with SP1

When I use Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit, I upgraged BIOS to F.20. Now, I want to downgrade to F.11 (for Windows XP), but I can not find this version.

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HP/Compaq :: 8510w Bios Password Reset
I acquired a 8510w from ebay but the BIOS is password protected, so the notebook only boots from internal hdd and I cannot change it.

Is there any way to reset the BIOS password?

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HP/Compaq :: 6710b- BIOS CMOS Password
I have a Compaq 6710b that was given to me for work. My friend put a password on it that requires me write in before the computer will boot in order for me to log-in to my work account. I believe that this is called a BIOS or CMOS or a boot password. My friend said that it is for extra security. I know the password and have no problems getting past this point, but I do not want to have to enter this first password to get to where I log-in onto my work account. The computer was not like this when I got it and I do not want to take it to a tech at work and explain to him what my idiot friend did. The friend does not know how to change it back so that I do not have to enter this password.

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HP/Compaq :: Cant Upgrade My CQ60-211DX Bios
im having a problem with my laptop and HP/Compaq techs cant fix it unless if i send it to them which is going to take along time and i use my laptop heavily

my current bios is F32 system Board ID is 3612 , and there is no way to upgrade the bios to newer versions through windows or through the Win+B on power recovery.

on windows i can only apply F32 using insydeFlash , if i tried a new bios version it gives me "verify error" and trying the latest couple i guess they are F50 and F52 using isydeFlash , when ever it starts , the insyde flash program window disaprears and the system hangs for ever " taking the battery and the Adapter power will shut it off"

using the Win+B recovery on power , i tired all the versions availbe on compaq website , the same issue , it starts beeping slowly then faster and faster then shuts down
i turn on the machine get into bios , its still F32.

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